Review of United flight Paris Newark in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA56
Class Economy
Seat 33B
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 08:15
Take-off 03 Apr 16, 09:45
Arrival at 03 Apr 16, 12:00
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Published on 3rd April 2016
This report is the second of two parts.

UA57 B777-200ER (Fr)
UA56 B777-200ER (En) You are here

If you do not know i am a bit scared of flights in general, especially with old aircraft or low-cost carriers. Also on this flight i am travelling with my brother and my sister who are unaccompanied minorsand i will be judging the airline heavily on this as their performance last time was very bad. With this said let's start…

CDG Airport is quite easy to access (2 Highways, 1 Motorway, 1 TGV Station, 2 RER Stations and many buses going to the surrounding areas), here i take the car to Carpark Green, in Terminal 1, a lot os space is always available there.

photo IMG_2450

Arriving at Terminal 1 is an easy thing, now for the check-in. I go into the line, which dosen't take very long at my surprise and my bag is checked in quickly. I stare while the process is done at an ad from the Qatari national airline and it's majestic A380s which i still didnt have a chance to go on yet.

photo IMG_2452photo IMG_2453

My brother and my sister have to pass through the United Ticketing servie to get all the forms required for the UM measures. Once those forms are done they check-in their bags as well. Their line, however is pretty dense…

photo IMG_2454photo IMG_2459

While waiting for them i tour the toilets, which are very large

photo IMG_2455photo IMG_2456

Also, CDG offers free WiFi, an occasion for me to check my flight status.

photo IMG_2458

The Screen confirms my flight is On Time

photo IMG_2460

The gates are upstairs behind an escalator

photo IMG_2463

After passing border control, we have to walk through a long hallway to join our gates

photo IMG_2464

United is very present at this time of the day, with flights leaving to Chicago, Washington, Newark and San Francisco nearly simultaneously

photo IMG_2465photo IMG_2466

From the gate i can do some spotting… A388 Thai

photo IMG_2467

777 Qatar

photo IMG_2468

And our bird for today, a 777-200ER that already seems pretty old…

photo IMG_2469

At the back, a private 747, anyone knows who this belongs to ?

photo IMG_2470

The aircraft is organized into a 3-3-3 arrangement, which leaves pretty big aisles

photo IMG_2471

The IFE is of reasonable length/height/width

photo IMG_2473photo IMG_2474

The magazines and cards

photo IMG_2475

This could come in handy…

photo IMG_2477

The earphones, all 3/3 are on this time !

photo IMG_2478

The pitch isn't good at all, 15° at most

photo IMG_2479

The TV controller, if you intend on playing games this might come into handy as well

photo IMG_2480photo IMG_2481

A screen displaying flight information is attached to every wall on all 3 walls.

photo IMG_2482

Cussions and blankets, useless as i never sleep on flights, even 17 hour long ones

photo IMG_2483

Taking a peek outside…

photo IMG_2485

The press is distributed in the plane, i take french sports magazine l'Equipe

photo IMG_2487

The United Security video is being passed while taxiing

photo IMG_2488

It's a cloudy day in Paris, 777 Air Austral, A388 Singapore and 777 EVA Air in Hello Kitty livery

photo IMG_2489photo IMG_2490photo IMG_2492

Takeoff, my heart rate climbs every second…

Cruising altitude is initially 32000 feet but we will eventually climb to 35 and 36 000 feet.

photo IMG_2501

Lunch is served soon after passing over Ireland, chicken or pasta. My sister took the pasta

photo IMG_2502

I took the chicken

photo IMG_2503photo IMG_2504

A light snack is proposed soon after, with an ice cream

photo IMG_2505photo IMG_2506

The view over the Atlantic

photo IMG_2507

Tha cabin has gone darker

photo IMG_2508

Anyways, somehow after watching several movies, TV shows and the flight map i see us pass the halfway mark of our flight

photo IMG_2509

Another snack is proposed over Canada, two crackers and a bottle of water.

photo IMG_2510

It is followed half an hour later by a pretzel roll and a drink (the drink after the snack, the opposite way of how it was on EWR-CDG)

photo IMG_2512

Finally we are approaching Newark !

photo IMG_2513

The sky is very cloudy and there is a lot of turbulence. My heart rate sinks, drops and rises back up again by each movement of the aircraft. And i am not reassured by a bit of flap i guess ? that dangles on it's own on the wing as well as the roof shaking…

photo IMG_2514photo IMG_2515

Newark's famous approach by the Manhattan Skyline


Our gate neighbor is a small Porter Airlines aircraft (DHC-8-Q400) leaving for Toronto City

photo IMG_2526

Premature message ? We arrived just on time (12AM), but the bus that was pushing us to gate miscalculated the distance and pushed us too much forward… As a result the captain needs to reignite everything and asks the passengers to sit down. What came out as an on-time arrival becomes a 25 minute delay…nice.

photo IMG_2527photo IMG_2528

This time the crew atually pays attention ot the UMs and ask them to stay till all passengers on board have been put off the plane. Now let's go to Customs…

photo IMG_2530photo IMG_2531

I manage to take pictures of the area even though it is not allowed, but the call of the large window was too strong, as spotting as just great, unfortunately an officer saw me nad made me delete…only the photo of the Immigration Services themselves phew, i can keep this picture then

photo IMG_2533

All bagages were accounted for. Thank you for reading this Report and i hope you enjoyed it, see you soon !

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Cabin crew7.0

Paris - CDG


Newark - EWR



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  • Comment 161184 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    I completely understand you with your fear. I was also afraid of flying before I got interested in aviation. My interest for aviation helped me learn more about airplanes and I eventually overcame the fear.

    The cabin doesn't look bad and the IFE seems to be decent. The tray the meal comes in looks pretty small.

    “The sky is very cloudy and there is a lot of turbulence. My heart rate sinks, drops and rises back up again by each movement of the aircraft. And i am not reassured by a bit of flap i guess ? that dangles on it's own on the wing as well as the roof shaking...” - I'm not sure if it helps but one thing that you can do is to mentally prepare yourself that the plane is supposed to shake and that the movements are supposed to happen. I'm not sure but it could help.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 161342 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this!

    I will be having my first UA TATL flight (MUC-ORD) in a few months, and I'm anxious to know what it will be like.
    Product looks OK on UA, but nothing too spectacular, I guess.

    I hope you have safe travels!

  • Comment 161367 by
    EuroAirport68 154 Comments
    'At the back, a private 747, anyone knows who this belongs to ?'
    It belongs to Qatar Amiri Flight (registration A7-HJA).

    Thank you for this report.
  • Comment 161562 by
    tommo 15 Comments
    Thanks for sharing.
    I'm surprised to read that an aviation fan could fear flying but you can't really chose what you're afraid of. For me, some turbulence is making a flight a bit more entertaining, unless I'm eating ;)
    Planes are built to withstand even severe conditions and also older ones are very safe if they are well maintained.
    UA is no spectacular carrier but I've made no negative experiences with them either.

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