Review of American Airlines flight New York Los Angeles in First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA3
Class First
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 06:25
Take-off 29 Feb 16, 12:30
Arrival at 29 Feb 16, 15:55
AA   #66 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 459 reviews
By 2373
Published on 30th March 2016
Hello Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by this review, the eighth and final installment of my American AAdvantage miles purge.

It has been clear for several years that the American Airlines Advantage frequent flyer program was out of sync with the other major US carriers. It has remained very generous on the redemption side while the others have had significant devaluations. Smart money was on a correction coming sooner before later. It was with this in mind that I decided to structure a grand adventure and cut deeply into my AAdvantage miles inventory.

The final tally was SNA-PHX-LHR-CDG for 62,500 AA miles, CDG-DOH-DEL for 40,000 AA miles, and DEL-AUH-JFK-LAX for 90,000 AA miles.So 192,500 AA miles lighter, I was off.

The reports will be broken down as follows:

Admirals Club SNA and American Airlines SNA-PHX (A320) (First)
The Club PHX and British Airways PHX-LHR (747) (First)
Concord Room LHR and British Airways LHR-CDG (A319) (Business)
Salon Lounge CDG and Qatar Airways CDG-DOH (A380) (First)
Al Safwa First Class Lounge DOH and QR DOH-DEL (787) (Business)
Plaza Premium Lounge DEL, EY DEL-AUH (77L) (First), and EY Arrivals Lounge AUH
Etihad Airways Premium Lounge AUH, EY US Lounge AUH, and EY AUH-JFK (A380) (First)
American Airlines "Flagship" Lounge JFK and AA JFK-LAX (A321) (First) (This Report)

I was still reeling from the spectacular Etihad flights and the oddity of deplaning an A380 from the Abu Dhabi as a domestic passenger. With my head still in the clouds I manage to find the Air Train to T8 and visit the AA premium check in to obtain my boarding pass. Security is quiet at this time and pre-check has me through in 5 min.

Cool evolution of the AA logo.

photo 20160229_100148

Entrance to T8 airside.

photo 20160229_100153

I decide to head to the "Flagship" lounge. It's a good thing they have committed to a remodel as this ship is sinking.

photo 20160229_100234photo 20160229_100242photo 20160229_100351

I have the pleasure of being welcomed in to the Admirals Club and then subsequently the Flagship Lounge by a staffer who manages to not utter a single word. That takes some skill! It's almost reflexive to greet someone when they present themselves before you so to be able to overcome that instinct is rather impressive.

The lounge is a dump. It's a room full of worn out furniture.

The breakfast spread is out, which is far more substantial than one would find in the adjacent Admirals Club.

I pass of the food and opt to take a shower. This means going back out to the charismatic staffers at the entrance. The desk in the Flagship Lounge htat is usually staffed, was not. O boy were they thrilled to have to stand up and walk me to a shower suite.

Turns out it was all for naught as the shower was so gross and infested with mildew that I thought better of using it.

I returned to the Flagship Lounge and tok one of the comfy seat by the window. There is a good view of the ramp.

photo 20160229_114312

The buffet was switched to lunch.

As departure time approached I left for the gate. On my way out I overheard a couple of AA "suits" talking about the new Flagship Lounge. If you're familiar with the Admirals Club/Flagship Lounge complex there is a large "bridge" that is just outside the lounge. Apparently this space it to be the new Flagship Lounge.

photo 20160229_115112

Off to the gate via the underground walkway. A 777 getting some service.

photo 20160229_115340

The aircraft for AA3.

photo 20160229_115903

Boarding for First Class was called shortly and I did the "pardon me" and "excuse me" dance to navigate through the lice and to the gate.

photo 20160229_120058

On board the cabin is still in top shape and still the best commercial airline way of getting across the USA.

Great IFE screen size and resolution.

photo 20160229_120715photo 20160229_120720

Pre-departure beverage service is offered promptly and I opt for champagne.

photo 20160229_121047

The lunch menu for today's flight is offered.

Offers to top up the champagne pre-departure were made and appreciated.

Soon we were off the gate for an on time departure and taxi over to 13R.

photo 20160229_124601photo 20160229_124637

Bar service started eventually and I requested a gin & tonic. Served in a "heritage" glass.

photo 20160229_132918photo 20160229_134811

The table was set for lunch again after some delay. Interesting wrapped salt and pepper shaker.

photo 20160229_135617photo 20160229_135623

Over Ohio and only a table setting so far.

photo 20160229_135920

Warm bread was offered from a basket and I chose the sourdough roll.

photo 20160229_135933photo 20160229_140923photo 20160229_141058

Wine was offered for lunch and I opted for the Argentinian red blend. It was very nice and perfect for consumption at altitude.

photo 20160229_141353

After what seemed like an inordinate delay and to my surprise I was presented with a salad to start. I expected the salmon starter that I had selected. The salad was simple but good fresh ingredients.

photo 20160229_142647photo 20160229_142652

When the flight attendant cleared the salad I inquired about the starter. She thought she had already served it. Oops, no matter, she apologized and delivered the salmon. The salmon was extremely salty.

photo 20160229_143923photo 20160229_143936

For the main I opted for the Thai Beef Red Curry. It was a fine dish. The curry ad a nice balance of sweetness from the coconut milk and some heat form the chilies. It was overcooked, of course.

photo 20160229_144751photo 20160229_144801

To finish the meal I requested the cheese. Nothing special here. The wine was kept topped up throughout the entire meal.

photo 20160229_150140photo 20160229_150148

The table was cleared and I put the seat in bed mode and snoozed the rest of the way to LAX. I declined the warm cookie service prior to arrival.
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American Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

American Airlines Flagship Lounge - 8


New York - JFK


Los Angeles - LAX



Thank you for joining me on this American AAdvantage miles purge.

The Ground Service: The premium AA check in at JFK is quite spacious and entry is controlled by one AA's finest and angriest staff. The process was very quick and efficient.

The Lounge: The Flagship Lounge is quite dated and run down so news of the new lounge is welcome. It's still miles ahead of the Admirals Club.

The Cabin: Full flat bed and direct aisle access on a domestic flight are fantastic. The seat is great with many storage options and good padding.

The Crew: Rather indifferent and a bit scatter brained but of no malice. The service seemed slow. I guess that qualifies as good in the US!?!

The Food and Beverage: The food is definitely more of a Business Class quality but there is an adequate amount of selection and portions are good.

Overall: The only First Class among the US3 in the transcon market. The seat is conducive to work and/or sleep so it's a valuable product that seems to have a good following.

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  • Comment 161297 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Looks like a nice flight with AA across from JFK to LAX in F. Food looks pretty good!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 161350 by
    Nick 171 Comments
    I loved your review of the lounge, haha. It's tough to go from an ME3 level of service back to the states. I had a similar experience in January when I spent time in the MIA Admirals Club after experiencing the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan business lounge. US airlines can complain all they want about ME3 subsidies, but it doesn't cost anything to smile at your customers.
    • Comment 338159 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Greetings Nick and thanks for the comments.

      It's tough to go from an ME3 level of service back to the states.
      -So true. I'm sure the experiences with QR and EY influenced my opinions of the AA lounge.

      US airlines can complain all they want about ME3 subsidies, but it doesn't cost anything to smile at your customers.
      -Very well said. It's an unfortunate situation in that we U.S. consumers don't demand better.

      Thanks again Nick and happy flying.

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