Review of Amaszonas flight Sucre Santa Cruz in Economy

Airline Amaszonas
Flight Z8221
Class Economy
Seat 2A
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 12 Sep 15, 09:25
Arrival at 12 Sep 15, 10:05
Z8 4 reviews
Published on 18th April 2016
After a busy day in Sucre, (yes, it was a day trip really), that i walked the city from extreme to extreme, reaching even 3.000 meters above sea level by foot (luckily despite my bad shape, i resist it), i had to return to Santa Cruz, to continue my south american adventure to Asunción.

By the geographic features of Sucre' location, a cloudy day means not so good news. And that saturday morning, the ceiling was with lower clouds, so my flight to Santa Cruz had a higher probability to be delayed. Indeed, the flight departs from Santa Cruz depending of weather conditions of Sucre.

That day i had to wake up earlier, because i planned to save some money going to airport by bus, but after being ignored by them, i had no choice but to take a taxi. Anyways, isn't expensive, just 4 dollars, and we make the curvy road from city center to the airport. I arrived quite earlier (07:00), even before the Amaszonas staff arrive to open the counter for the flight. But i wasn't the first. I had no other choice than to wait, until the counter was open.
photo 11998552_10153775043272122_384237937_nphoto 11988698_10153774899917122_2140974683839378781_n
As i saw in Santa Cruz, in Sucre, also the Government doesn't waste opportunity to make propaganda about their claiming against my country for their mediterranean condition, this time using some words of the Pope Francis in their visit to Bolivia

A bad thing of this earlier flight, being of Saturday, was that there's no shop open in the airport, and in the nearby, wasn't any place open to buy something to eat. But prepared for the case, at least i had some cookies and cereal bars for the situation.

The counter was opened at 8, but we were informed that because of weather conditions, the flight would be delayed, but if not cancelled. That scenario would be dramatic, because if from Sucre wouldnt be flights, i would be stranded there, and i would lose my flights to Asuncion, and all the subsequent booking until my return to Santiago from Sao Paulo. In the moment that i saw that the sun started to appear, i was calmed. Really, to have a delay wasn't problem, because i had some 4 free hours of layover at Santa Cruz.

photo 11997267_10153775024302122_622910668_n
After make my check in, i went around to kill the time. And really was hard to kill the time, because there wasnt even some planes to make pictures there.

photo 12016709_10153775031777122_633587590_n
Outside the airport

photo 12006149_10153775051382122_5814045250199538963_n
When the plane coming from Santa Cruz was approaching, we were called to pass security check and go to the airside.

photo 12007165_10153775048532122_490737967_n
Bolivia's Diversity, flying among indigenous people and Menonites

From here we watched the passengers arriving and then we were called to go to the tarmac walking to board the plane.

View from the window

Bye bye Sucre

As the route from Cochabamba, to Santa Cruz, the view after take off is quite scenic

And then mountains

During flight there was just a drink service, juice or coffee. I asked coffee, but when it was served, it dropped out over a book that was reading a woman in the next seat. It's not harding to imagine how angry she became, but well, that's something that could happened always. Anyways, i avoided to looked at her until i went out the plane in Santa Cruz

photo IMG_0816
Testing an app during flight, we were descending in that moment.

photo IMG_0819photo IMG_0821
when we were descending we could see the flat geography of Santa Cruz, and that intense green of the landscape

These guys remained there while my time outside Santa Cruz

Copa 737 in remote position waiting for a later flight.

photo IMG_0849
The 757 of American with One World Livery

The plane parked in remote position, and we were carried to the terminal by bus. The baggage was released with a bit delayed, but really i wasn't worried, still i had a lot of time until my next flight with Tam to Asunción.

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Cabin crew5.0

Sucre - SRE


Santa Cruz - VVI



The flight was normal, nothing exceptional. The crew was correct, and the drink service could be joined at least with a little snack, because if the airport shop are closed, you can arrive hungry and angry to Santa Cruz haha. But good experience with the Bolivian commercial aviation.



  • Comment 162254 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

    Qué bonito informe!!! Qué nostalgia!!

    Estuve en Bolivia en 1994 (sí, ya había aviones en esa época!) y fue una experiencia inolvidable!

    En ese tiempo me fui en LAN (en ese tiempo LanChile) y tuve que volver en el ahora difunto Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano porque perdí el Lan de regreo, pero fueron cinco semanas de puras maravillas conociendo La Paz, Cochabamaba y la región del Chapare (donde casi me morí de calor!)

    Veo que la historia sigue igual, con el gobierno boliviano metiéndole a la gente por las narices el tema del mar. Pero cuando estuve allá toda la gente fue sumamente amable a pesar de saber que yo era chileno. Tengo muchas ganas de volver y aprovechar de probar el servicio de la sucesora del Lloyd, Boliviana de Aviación.

    Oye, y este es el primer informe de Amaszonas en flight-report. Felicitaciones, y gracias por compartir!

    Saludos desde Valdivia. :)

  • Comment 162329 by
    Wingslover 672 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    Looks like Z8 hasn't much improved since July...

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