Review of American Airlines flight Saint Martin New York in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA382
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 04:42
Take-off 17 Apr 16, 12:40
Arrival at 17 Apr 16, 17:22
AA   #27 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 526 reviews
By 2280
Published on 26th April 2016
Hello and welcome to this short two-part series on my trip to St. Maarten - Planespotter heaven!

The routing:

4/9/16: JetBlue 787 JFK-SXM, Airbus A320, Economy (
4/17/16: American 382 SXM-JFK, Boeing 757-200, Business (THIS REPORT)

Of course, I have to start this report with a few planespotting photos. I got a brand new DSLR with two new lenses for this trip, so I was very excited to take some pictures.

photo IMG_6673_zpsoamszmxu

photo IMG_6717_zpsmghxpeu2

photo IMG_6907_zpseygazoj5

photo IMG_6963_zpszs0lol2x

A great story is behind this photo. I was messing around on FlightRadar24, and saw that Roman Abramovich's 767-300ER (the bandit!) was 5 minutes from landing. In a normal situation, I would've been super mad, but crazily, the condo I was staying at had an airport view, so I jumped up, put the longer lens on my camera, went onto the balcony, and here it is!

photo IMG_6754_zps2zyg5qnk

Now for the actual report! This was my first ever flight in business class, so I was very excited (although it was sad to be leaving).

The captain on our JetBlue flight told us we had to arrive ar the airport 3 hours before departure. I was a bit skeptical, but we arrived at 9:30.

photo P1040103_zpssprzuugq

While we waited for my dad to drop the car off, I attempted to figure out our boarding pass situation. Of the 4 people on the trip, 2 people checked in online and got boarding passes, 1 person checked in online but their boarding pass had to be printed at the airport, and 1 person couldn't even check in online. Great work, AA.

photo P1040105_zpsztfw6jbb

Once my dad arrived 20 minutes later, we went to drop our bags. Of course, nobody else on this flight had been informed to arrive 3 hours prior to departure, so we were literally the only people in the line. It only took 2 minutes.

photo P1040106_zpserp1bzjk

After that, we made our way towards security (with no signage for where to go…).

Similar to something I experienced at Amsterdam at few months ago, they checked our passports not once, not twice, but three times before we got through! Must be a Dutch thing…

photo P1040107_zpshvcvfwyh

Although we were mixed in with a busy Sunwing flight to Toronto, it still only took 12 minutes to complete security.

photo P1040108_zpsek041qe0

Once through security, there was a myriad of stores to choose from…

photo P1040109_zpsb2pm0cnn

photo P1040113_zpsfewh10nk

…complete with a shiny camel!

photo P1040114_zpspcjy9np9

We set up shop at this cafe but took a look at the prices. A general note about St. Maarten - food prices are ASTRONOMICAL. Everything in the grocery stores was double (or more) the price of food in the US. A gallon tub of ice cream was over $20!! In terms of the cafe, a slice of cake and a coffee was over $10. No thanks.

photo P1040111_zpszdncfeiy

A view of the apron from the terminal.

photo P1040110_zps49q9xhdw

Not sure why this massive (tv placed for comparison) ad was inside the passenger terminal.

photo P1040112_zps3thzcdrh

After a failed breakfast, we walked across the terminal towards the B gates (our flight was at gate B2).

We were met with this sign - saying we could only access the gates an hour before departure.

photo P1040116_zpsgevbwujq

We found some seats near a JetBlue flight that was boarding.

photo P1040117_zpsw2yn3viu

I also found the lounge. Interesting that business class pax couldn't enter for free. Even so, there was a steady stream of people going in and out.

photo P1040115_zpschcblgut

Some spotting from the terminal. I was too lazy to get my DSLR out, which is why the pictures aren't good quality.

photo P1040120_zps6cqhygjm

photo P1040121_zpsupwyhvd6

photo P1040122_zpslm2c2wkc

Finally, our plane arrived. There are announcements throughout the terminal saying that the inbound plane of a flight has arrived - interesting concept.

photo P1040124_zpskfq1ybby

The announcements were one of the worst parts of the terminal. Not only were they extremely loud, every announcement made was broadcast throughout the ENTIRE terminal. Thanks, but I don't need to know that rows 1-5 are boarding on Winair flight 664 on the other side of the terminal.

We finally made our way downstairs at 11:30. I'm not sure why we weren't allowed down before, as there was PLENTY of extra seating.

photo P1040125_zps47j2x0nc

photo P1040126_zps5mscq92u

Boarding began at 11:54, and was a disaster. Gate B2 is a bus gate. Boarding started with those seated in business class, but since the rest of my family was in Y, I decided to stay with them. Group 4 was then called, followed by group 1, then group 2, then group 3. To make things more complicated, the rest of my family was in seats 32ABC, but seats B and C were in group 2, and seat A was in group 3! Nice work, AA.

Me and my dad were also selected for additional security screening, so we were the last ones on the final bus. This just consisted of opening up all of our carry on luggage and patting us down.

Finally, an airplane! I guess boarding on a remote stand has its advantages. Today's plane was N188AN, a 14 year old, internationally configured 757-200.

photo P1040129_zpsqf6krw5o

photo P1040130_zpsbw37qnbo

photo IMG_0744_zpscuyczave

I got on board at 12:15, and went to turn left to get to business class, but a flight attendant was blocking the way. I stated that I was in row 3, and without even verifying, she let me past with a smile.

The guy in 3E was already comfortable in his seat, so I did some acrobatics and settled into a surprisingly comfortable 3F. (travel backpack made another appearance!)

photo P1040132_zpshutzviwr

The back of the seat in front of me. Small TV and big tray table made for a strange appearance.

photo P1040133_zpsonlekh3k

A blanket awaited me, but I didn't bother even unwrapping it as it was 85 degrees outside and equally as hot inside the plane, plus I was wearing jeans anticipating it to be cold in NYC. I had read a review of an AA 757-200 international service which said Bose noise canceling headphone were provided. I had buried my own headphones in the bottom of my backpack, so I waited and waited and waited for the headphones to be provided, but no such luck. Lesson learned - don't trust everything you see on the internet.

photo P1040136_zpsmmktyr0s

The FA came over and offered me a cup of orange juice or water. I was the last person in my seat, and yet, she still had a tray with at least 4 cups of each. OJ for me.

photo P1040135_zpsf3ykzckj

I opened up my window shade to take one of my final glimpses of paradise.

photo P1040137_zps4huzob4w

Once the main door was closed, the main FA welcomed us on board our flight to "New York's International airport". Hm…which one? JFK? LGA? EWR?

We pushed back at 12:35 - ahead of schedule! The TVs powered on shortly after that. The screens were touchscreen, but they were a long way away so I just used the remote instead. I also found it interesting that the screens were in English and Spanish, and the flight was from an island where Dutch and French are spoken. Then again, everyone I met spoke English, and the majority of the pax on the flight are from the states, not St. Maarten.

Our captain announced the flying time to be 3h48m, and that we'd be cruising at 38,000 feet.

photo P1040139_zps3xbjjnng

photo P1040138_zps2kemf5nm

Still on the ground (not moving), the flight attendant took our orders for lunch and drinks. There was no menu, but our options were ravioli with white sauce or pecan crusted chicken. I almost went for the chicken, but then remembered my experience on VX a few years prior when I ordered a yogurt parfait which did not specify that it had walnuts in it (I'm allergic), and that did not make for a fun flight. I played it safe and ordered the ravioli. Daniel: 1, Allergies: 0

We began our taxi towards runway 10 at 12:43. If you were wondering, the buildings all the way to the left of the picture housed the condo that I stayed at with the airport view.

photo P1040140_zps2ezp7drw

It was funny seeing Maho Beach from the airplane side, having spent so much time there during the previous 8 days.

photo P1040144_zps1s7nhwwd

We lined up and shot down the runway at 12:46, only 6 minutes behind schedule.

Goodbye St. Maarten!

photo IMG_0746_zpsxveglopl

photo IMG_0747_zpshad5zbmv

photo P1040145_zpsiu4nxgey

I started playing around with the seat controls, which proved to be a bit confusing. It took me a while to figure out that you had to hold down the buttons to get it to move to the preset positions, instead of just simply pressing it once.

photo IMG_0749_zpspazlrplm

My seatmate got up to use the bathroom, so I quickly snapped a picture of the seat, as I had failed to do so getting on the plane.

photo IMG_0750_zpsnrsy93nk

Our flight attendant distributed a hot 'towel' before bringing out the food. Not the nicest quality…

photo IMG_0751_zpsaw4m69fv

Some warm nuts were distributed at 1:09, and remembering to check, sure enough, there was a lone walnut in my dish. I ate around it, and everything else was tasty. Daniel: 2, Allergies: 0

photo IMG_0753_zps9p6gclxd

2 minutes later, my glass of sprite that I ordered before takeoff arrived.

photo IMG_0754_zpsmdvoerij

I decided to investigate the IFE before my main meal arrived. Video, Audio, Games, Flight Path, and… Survey? That's new (more on that later). There was an excellent selection of Movies as well as TV shows, music, and more games than I've ever seen on an airplane before.

photo P1040143_zps3i0t69uu

I rigged up a movie and waited for my meal to arrive. See what I mean about the small screen looking a bit weird with all that space?

photo IMG_0752_zpsk3jn9ed5

I guess the only good thing about not having a menu is the surprise of what else comes with your meal. My ravioli arrived at 1:29, accompanied with shrimp, a salad, and another sprite.

photo IMG_0755_zpsafdvla2p

photo IMG_0756_zpspvyhcddx

Despite not being particularly pleasing to the eye, all of the food was quite tasty. The ravioli was good, but lacked a bit of flavor, and the tomatoes mixed with the white sauce didn't really work. Decide AA - white sauce or tomato sauce? The shrimp and marinara sauce was delicious, and the salad was above average by airplane standards. The FA also offered a mini baguette or pretzel roll. The mini baguette was actually really nice, like something you'd get in a bakery.

I savored my meal, and once the FA cleared my tray away, she brought back a piece of carrot cake.

photo IMG_0757_zpsscxdabls

Reminding myself that carrot cake normally has walnuts in it, I slice it open, and sure enough - walnuts! I picked them out, but the cake was meh at best. Daniel: 3, Allergies: 0. I think AA is out to get me.

I let my food digest while finishing my movie, then put my seat all the way flat (angle flat, that it, put my headphones on, and closed my eyes for a while.

Speaking of the seat, I found it to be very comfortable. I've seen a lot of complaints about angle flat versus lie flat, but I personally had no problem with it. What I did have a problem with was storage. I kept my backpack with my anticipating that there would be space to put it, but when reclined, the space in front of me was gone, so i had to keep the backpack on top of the seat, reducing the area I had to move around. My only other complaint would be that there wasn't enough room for your feet when the seat was fully flat.

Zooming over the Atlantic.

photo IMG_0758_zpsvc7cl8yh

In terms of service, there was only one flight attendant for the entire 16 person J cabin. She was nice and very professional, so no complaints in that field.

Some more ocean.

photo IMG_0760_zps9gqxucka

I got up to check out the bathroom about an hour before landing, but it was just the standard bathroom.

photo IMG_0759_zpsrgqbjiau

I didn't expect more food before landing, but I was a bit hopeful. My expectations were correct, and all we got was a mint.

As the flight winded down, I decided to click on the survey. Sure enough, a very long survey appeared asking you to rate every single aspect of the flight. I completed it, but it glitched out at the end and deleted everything I wrote. So much for that.

We began our descent at 4:00, and much to my excitement, followed the Canarsie approach to runway 13L (this is the best approach to JFK, with a turn right before the runway).

We touched down at 4:35 - a full 47 minutes ahead of schedule.

We taxied towards T8, but stopped short. Our captain announced that since we had been so early, our gate had not been vacated. I took advantage of the seat and reclined a bit, and we eventually hooked up to the gate at 5:01.

photo IMG_0765_zpszgsfxwav

photo IMG_0766_zpshi5yzjyy

I got off the plane quickly. Thanks for the ride N188AN!

photo IMG_0768_zpssl1al3wx

Unfortunately, the worst part of the trip was the last one. Security was an absolute mess. There was no clear indication of what line different people should be in, and more importantly, nobody telling you where to go. It took for ever, and customs took equally as long. In total, the mess took 1h10m. It almost ruined a very positive trip back.

That's all for this set of reports!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment - I love reading and responding to them!

Future reports to look out for - a possible trip to Chicago in June, a trip to South Africa in July, and a trip to Europe and Senegal in August. See you then!
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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Saint Martin - SXM


New York - JFK



SXM Terminal - Clean and modern, lots of shops, loud announcements, crazy boarding

Seats - Comfortable, plenty of space, good for sleeping, poor storage space

Food - Great overall

Crew - Only one for J class, professional and smiley

IFE - Great selection on a poor quality, small screen

JFK Terminal 8 - SLOOOOWWW and unorganized



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    marathon GOLD 9849 Comments

    You put you new camera to good use; I guess the bonus is only a tiny selection of the pictures you took at Maho Beach. Nice catch of that 767 !
    I wonder if the captain on a flight is the best reference for passenger check-in procedures, which they do not go through that often.
    That shiny camel is so local ! :)
    Quiet terminals, with few announcements if any, are indeed much more comfortable.
    There has been quite a lot of research about whether it was faster to board the rear of the aircraft first, or the window seats first, or some combination of the above. I am skeptical about them; the result can be that apparently nonsensical separation of passengers traveling together (and in some cases, it makes thinks more complicated with regards to their hand luggage).
    When there is no stupid no picture regulation, and when there is no rain, a remote stand is a distinct advantage IMO.
    I wonder why walnuts are so pervasive in AA food ?
    Thanks for this very comprehensive and interesting report !

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    eminere™ 274 Comments

    Love your writing style, was engrossed the whole way. The walnut score keeping count was hilarious!

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