Review of United flight Newark Paris in Business

Airline United
Flight UA57
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 18:30
Take-off 26 Dec 15, 07:00
Arrival at 26 Dec 15, 07:30
UA   #115 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 291 reviews
By SILVER 3154
Published on 15th May 2016
Having flown United's pre-merger 777's in excess of 100 times over the years, I wanted to try the Continental version. So I found a flight to Paris. My expectations were low. I was pleasantly surprised.

This was a pre-merger Continental 777 business class cabin with a 2-2-2 layout. These planes primarily fly out of Newark. I sat in 2A which according to the blogs has a little more leg room. It was more than adequate for me at 6 feet tall. In the front cabin there isn’t a row 1 with 2 seats on the left side as a lavatory occupies this space. So you have some noise to deal with in seats 2 A/B and I’d definitely stay away from any row 1 seat because of the constant opening of the lavatory door and galley noise.

photo ua ewr-cdg seatguru.

The B/E Aerospace Diamond seats are very comfortable. From all the negative reviews I was concerned. But the seat was wide for a business class seat and had cushion along with support. You could be comfortable in this seat for many hours. What I did not like are the audio controls positioned up over your shoulder. The headphones supplied were not that comfortable and I wasn’t able to use my earbuds because the earbud cord was not long enough. With the buds in, any slight movement of my head would pull the plug out of the jack. These seats are also in United's 787's, which makes sense as it's Continental in charge. I flew their 787 on a crew familiarization route back in 2013 and had the same issue with the headphone jack!

photo ua ewr-cdg ua ewr-cdg foot well-1.

This was a short flight, only 6 hours due to a 125 MPH tail wind. While I probably slept an hour or so, it wasn’t due to being uncomfortable in the seat, more so to do with noise from the person in 2B. A decent pillow and blanket were provided but of course no pajamas or mattress pad. I will reiterate that the seat had nice cushion and was comfortable to sleep on.

United’s new Business/First Cowshed amenity kit. Just comparing this kit to the Lufthansa’s first class kit, this one takes first place.

photo ua ewr-cdg amenity kit ua ewr-cdg amenity kit 2-1.

The menu handed out devoted 2 pages to explanations of wines, old world, new world, vintages, etc. Yet no specific wine was mentioned. So I asked the flight attendant for an “old world” red wine. She looked at me cross-eyed. She was French and maybe didn’t understand, yet somehow I don’t think she knew the menu went to great lengths in explaining the differences. She did offer me a taste of the 2 reds on board and recommended one, which I liked the best.

photo ua ewr-cdg menu 3.

The dinner menu offered four main course selections. Notice they have changed their staple dessert for the last 10+ years from “ice cream” to “gelato.

photo ua ewr-cdg menu ua ewr-cdg menu 2.

Food reviews are difficult as everyone has different tastes. However anyone who has flown business class or first class no doubt at one time or another selected the “steak”. And it was probably wasn’t very good as cooking a steak properly hours in advance and reheated it simply is difficult to do. Wouldn’t it make sense to offer a beef dish that cooks for a long time to tenderize the meat and dress it up with some good sauce, like a short rib stew? Well United did and it was GOOD.

photo ua ewr-cdg food-1.

IFE was decent. United's safety video was creative and hilarious (wedding scene). This flight had international ATC which is fun.

This flight had an excellent crew. I know US domestic airline flight attendants get slammed constantly, but this crew was attentive and pleasant.

Overall I was very pleased with United on this flight. The food was pretty good, the seat was comfortable and the crew accommodative.

But I did have two issues.

One is the 2-2-2 seating. For single travelers it isn’t optimum and offers no privacy. A number of airlines do offer single seat arrangement in business. On this flight my “neighbor” decided not to sleep and read. So his reading light was on (directly above me) and his newspaper rustled above my head while I was imagining I could sleep through all the noise.

The other issue is the delay. We departed an hour late due to “late arriving aircraft”. That late arrival was 9 minutes late. United scheduled an international arrival and departure with a 90 minute turnaround time. It’s near impossible to deplane, clean, restock and board a 300 passenger plane in 90 minutes. It didn’t matter to my connection it’s just the point that the flight is going to be late with that scheduling.

photo 20151225 ua57 ewr-cdg.

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Cabin crew7.5

Continental Airlines Presidents Club - C3


Newark - EWR


Paris - CDG



Newark is not one of my favorite airports and the United Club was packed. I could only find a seat at one of those computer desks. Arriving at the gate on time and having to wait an hour was the low point of the trip. Overall this was a nice flight on United.

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  • Comment 348590 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Yes, I have flown UA on international flight, terrible!

    SFO-FRA (on a 747 in Y) 12 hour with no PTV, and inedible KSML (powdered potatoes and low quality margarine). It was quite easilly the worst internation flight I've been on. Seats were dismal too.

    Thanks for a great FR. I'm glad that J on UA is semi-decent though, but it looked bad to me also.

    • Comment 348688 by
      Rewardflying SILVER AUTHOR 466 Comments

      SFO-FRA in Y sounds difficult at best. Plus the 747 has narrower seats than 777. Had a flight to Europe next week on UA in global first. I wanted to try it one more time before it's gone. But changed it to Austrian business class. Flew them last month and the the food is outstanding (review coming). United's got a long way to go. They just came out with the new domestic seating chart for 777 trans con. No more first with 8 across in business class and those silly reverse seats everyone hates. But the new 777-300 are rumored to have a Recardo bus class seat that looks nice. But that doesn't address the food and service. Lots of better choices these days.

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