Review of Norwegian flight Stockholm Berlin in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY4507
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 23 May 16, 19:30
Arrival at 23 May 16, 21:05
DY   #12 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 85 reviews
Rl 777
By 733
Published on 7th June 2016
Hello and welcome to another short series! This series will cover my classtrip to Berlin that took place in late-May. The first part will cover the first flight between Stockholm ARN and Berlin SXF.

I'm about to enjoy my last days with my current class before I continue my studies in a new school with new people from August 2016. I've been with my current crazy class since August 2012. I've had lots of amazing experiences with my fun but crazy class until now, I've shared so many memories with these people over the years and it was time for a 'grand finale' before we would split up to different paths this summer. Since grade 6 (in 2012) my class has done a lot to save up money for a class trip that was planned to take place in May 2016. We've sold cookies, clothes, food at special events and more. My class is very diverse, we literally have one person from every category. Almost everyone is friends with each other. In general we're pretty loud but still nice to each other. My class is also filled with a lot of cultures, most of us are born in Sweden but have parents from other countries. We have people in my class that have parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Sweden, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Belgium, Syria, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh (me) India (me) and more!

Some of us were pessimistic about this planned class trip (including me), the pessimistic ones never thought we'd manage to get out of Sweden for the class trip. Some of us were very optimistic and were sure that we'd able to save up for an international trip. I remember when I joked about getting to Norrköping a few years ago (a city 163 km from STO). Time flew by and all of the pessimistic classmates (including me) were proven wrong, we would go to Berlin, Germany with our class. I was the one that booked the tickets with Norwegian. My class would finally go on a class trip, internationally after years of hard work! We also had two parents with us and one of them would be my mother.

NOTE: Some pictures are taken with my phone and some with my camera

Part 1 - ARN-SXF DY4507, Norwegian, Boeing 737-800, LN-DYE - You are here
Part 2 - SXF-ARN DY4508, Norwegian, Boeing 737-800, LN-DYT - Coming soon

Our class had school on this day (23 May) until 14:15 (2:15 PM), some classmates living far away were allowed to go home earlier. I quickly went home after school had ended to take a shower and to do some final packing. The majority of the class would get to ARN by bus and train together with our class teacher, some of us including me would get there privately. I planned to arrive at ARN before everyone else to check-in earlier and to be able to help everyone else with the check-in process when the rest of the pack arrived. I had one medium-sized bag with me, we were allowed to check-in two bags per person as part of a special group booking.
photo 20160523_154746

Me and my mom would get to ARN by bus (Flygbussarna, Airport Coaches), the bus stop is only 7 minutes away by walking distance from our home.
photo 20160523_155903

Here comes the bus!
photo rsz_20160523_160620

The bus was pretty empty and this seems to be normal for this route (Brommaplan - Arlanda), the economical viability of this route is questionable. My options of getting to ARN would reduce if this route got axed in the future. Anyway, we left 'Norgegatan' at 16:07 local time as you can see on the picture.
photo 20160523_160759

On the E4 motorway to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.
photo 20160523_161147photo 20160523_161442

There was a decent amount of traffic to Arlanda at this time of the day, lots of people going home after work.
photo 20160523_161959

Taking the exit to Arlanda Airport, at 16:34 local time.
photo 20160523_163358

Welcome to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport!
photo 20160523_163721photo 20160523_163752

Terminal 5 departures is seen on the upper level with arrivals on the lower level.
photo 20160523_163756_hdrphoto 20160523_163803

Terminal 5 departures.
photo 20160523_163815

Our Volvo 9700 came to a stop at 16:39 local time, the trip took 32 minutes. The friendly driver helped us to get our bags from the luggage hold.
photo 20160523_163916

Walking to the departure hall.
photo 20160523_163920

ARN didn't seem to be too busy at this moment.
photo 20160523_163941

FIDS, you can see our 19:30 departure to Berlin SXF.
photo 20160523_163954photo 20160523_164001

Me and my mom walked to the Norwegian check-in area, it's located next to the security control for gates 11-24. We checked-in our bags using one of the available check-in kiosks. The process was very simple and was done without any hassle.
photo 20160523_164033

Placing my bag at the bag-drop area. You just place your bag on the belt and scan the baggage tag with a scanner. The system calculates the weight of your bag and then the belt starts moving and you're good to go. Staff is always available to assist you in case something gets wrong or if you don't understand how this works.
photo 20160523_164542

Norwegian bag-drop and check-in area.
photo 20160523_164626

My mom decided to sit somewhere after check-in, I walked around SkyCity awaiting the arrival of my fellow classmates. SkyCity is the name of the middle section of Arlanda, there are shops, restaurants, other stores and hotels here. The train station (excluding Arlanda Express) is also found here.
photo 20160523_164950

The majority of my classmates arrived at 17:22 local time, with a slightly delayed train from Stockholm. I directed them to the DY check-in desks and check-in began for my class. I managed to help 35-40% of the class with the check-in process, the rest helped each other.
photo 20160523_165924

We went through security after everyone was done with checking-in, security was smooth for everyone except for two classmates. Unfortunately two classmates had brung lots of drinks with them in their hand luggage despite all of the warnings and information they'd received from our teachers. They had to throw away all of their drinks before we moved on.
photo 20160523_175721

Boarding was scheduled to commence at 19:00 local time, our assigned gate was gate 16C and is located before the passport control for gates 17-24. Gates 11-16 are Schengen gates and are frequently used for DY's (and other airlines') Schengen flights from ARN. Gates 17-24 are usually used by TK, SU, B2, PC, DY (long-haul) and more. We were allowed to wander around in the terminal until 18:55 when we had to meet up at the gate for boarding.
photo 20160523_182059

I don't have many spotting pictures to share this time, I wasn't on a spotting mood this day. However, most of my classmates were very supportive of my hobby which I am very appreciative of, some of them even offered to go spotting with me. 'Rohel! Let's walk around to look at airplanes and show us when you photograph them with your camera!', comments like this were given to me several times haha
photo dsc_0832_edited

SK 736 pushback, backlit.
photo dsc_0835_edited

Backlit DY 738.
photo dsc_0837_edited

My 55mm lens was used for all of these shots, I was too lazy to switch to my 200mm lens. A lot of cropping was done to make these pictures slightly more pleasing to look at. SK CR9.
photo dsc_0844_edited

LH A320.
photo dsc_0845_edited

DY B738.
photo dsc_0849_edited

Thomson B763.
photo dsc_0860_editedphoto dsc_0862_editedphoto dsc_0871_edited

I was notified by Norwegian at precisely 18:45 local time, 15 minutes before the scheduled time of boarding. There had been a gate change for our flight, from gate 16C to Gate 11. I quickly notified my teachers of the gate change and walked around the terminal to notify the majority of my class of the gate change.
photo dsc_0881_edited

There was a DY 738 at gate 11 but this was not headed for SXF, this was DY4531 to Amsterdam AMS.
photo dsc_0882_editedphoto dsc_0884_edited

Pushback for the flight to AMS took place at 18:52.
photo dsc_0887_editedphoto dsc_0890_edited

Here's our ride to Berlin! This 737-800 arrived from Helsinki HEL at 19:19, we were supposed to board this plane at 19:00 but that would never happen with a 19:19 arrival of our bird. Meanwhile, DY notified me of a delayed departure of 20 minutes (from 19:30 to 19:50)
photo dsc_0926_edited

This particular plane LN-DYE, was delivered to Norwegian in 2010 and is almost 6 years old today.
photo dsc_0932_editedphoto dsc_0938_edited

Flight information:

Airline: Norwegian Air Shuttle

Flight no & route: DY4507 ARN-SXF

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 19:30 (19:59) UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual) : 21:05 (21:16) UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1h 35 min (1h 17 min)

photo dsc_0943_edited

SAS-painted Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. A guy from my class told me to take a picture of these, I wouldn't have taken one if he hadn't asked me to. In the end, I'm glad he did haha.
photo dsc_0944

Boarding finally commenced at approximately 19:30. My class was one of the last ones to board as we were seated in the front rows.
photo 20160523_192736

Passengers seated at rows 15-31 were obliged to board from the rear. My class was seated at rows 7-11 which meant all of us boarded with the jetbridge.
photo capture_2016-06-06-12-26-04-1

There was an FA greeting all of the passengers upon boarding, she seemed to have a genuine smile today. A classmate behind me told her that we were on a classtrip to Berlin, she replied 'How fun!' but in Swedish of course ;). I later went and settled into seat 7F, DY selected the seats for us and I'm glad they gave me a window seat.
photo 20160523_194119

LN-DYE was equipped with overhead monitors but without BSI (Boeing Sky Interior).
photo capture_2016-06-06-12-46-45-1photo 20160523_194316

Acceptable seat pitch for a flight of this length.
photo 20160523_194330

The heat in the plane was killing most of the passengers, it took a long time before the crew adjusted the ECS.
photo dsc_0947

Overhead bins.
photo capture_2016-06-06-13-04-40-1photo capture_2016-06-06-13-02-31-1photo dsc_0950

Safety card of this Boeing 737-800.
photo 20160523_195000_hdrphoto 20160523_195007

The safety video was shown on these overhead monitors, pushback commended a few minutes later at 19:50.
photo 20160523_195025

Pushback from gate 11.
photo 20160523_195127

'In a while you will be fine bag', or just a barf bag.
photo 20160523_195305_hdr

Martin1405 made sure to track my flight, thank you so much!
photo img-20160523-wa0004

The weather was good in Stockholm today, it was warm and pretty sunny.
photo dsc_0951photo dsc_0952

LX1254 from Zurich, my friend Martin1405 will be on this flight on August 1 this year. I hope he writes a flight report of that flight :).
photo dsc_0956

Taxiing to runway 19R as DY4507 to Berlin SXF.
photo dsc_0957photo dsc_0958

Swiss A320.
photo dsc_0960

Aeroflot A320.
photo dsc_0963

Primera Air B738.
photo dsc_0966

There were a lot of mixed feelings about flying in my class. Some were scared, some were calm as they had already racked up a decent amount of flying experience, some were excited and some were chatting with each other.
photo dsc_0967

Holding short of 19R.
photo dsc_0971

Lining up with runway 19R.
photo dsc_0973

Takeoff from runway 19R at 19:59.

photo 20160523_200208

We had a healthy load today, I couldn't count many empty seats. The flight must've been close to full or full.
photo 20160523_200214photo 20160523_200227

Climbing out of runway 19R.
photo dsc_0975_edited

I'm aware of the fact that this screenshot is in full-size. I tried to resize it but the screenshot didn't get smaller in length/width here. All screenshots are provided by Martin1405.
photo img-20160523-wa0011

We departed at 19:59 and our ETA was 21:16 as you can see on the picture, not too bad.
photo img-20160523-wa0014

There wasn't much to do on this flight, I couldn't see much from the window because I was facing the sun.
photo dsc_0978

Most of my classmates used Norwegian's free Wi-Fi or chatted with each other throughout the flight. There wasn't much else happening.
photo dsc_0979photo dsc_0980photo dsc_0981

The DY menu, some menu items were only available on flights over 2 hours in length.

There were some other menu items in the N by Norwegian magazine if I remember corectly. The prices are typical Scandinavian-prices. 25 SEK (USD 3) for a cinnamon bun, approximately 80 SEK (USD 9,85) for a sub with a drink. These are normal prices in Scandinavia.
photo 20160523_201458photo 20160523_201539

A friend seated at 7D bought a can of coke and offered me to take a picture of it, they all know that I make flight reports haha. All of them are very supportive of my hobby as I mentioned earlier :). Thank you so much!

My other friend seated next to me on 7E bought a cinnamon bun and also offered me to take a picture of it, thank you!. It was good but it took a while for him to get it because they had to heat it up. The FAs were very friendly on this flight, friendlier than the crew on my CPH flights.
photo 20160523_202621

The tray table.
photo 20160523_203140photo 20160523_204913

Our initial descent began at 19:56, 22 minutes before our estimated time of arrival at SXF.

photo dsc_0992photo dsc_0995photo dsc_0996

Lining up with the runway, getting closer to SXF.
photo dsc_0997

I bumped up the ISO to get shots like these.
photo dsc_0999photo dsc_1000photo dsc_1003

Landing at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, at 21:16 local time.

Slowing down on runway 25R.
photo dsc_1005

Taxiing to our stand.

Company 737 from Copenhagen.
photo dsc_1011

Officially at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport.
photo dsc_1012

We disembarked by stairs at 21:25 local time.
photo 20160523_212522

Thank you Norwegian for another smooth intra-European flight! They got me from point A to point B safely for a reasonable flight without too much hassle. Most of their planes are pretty new as well.
photo capture_2016-06-06-21-22-42-3

Baggage claim area.
photo 20160523_212716

It took a while before everyone got their bags, we went to the S-Bahn station shortly afterwards.
photo 20160523_214316photo 20160523_220710

We got to our hostel by S- and U-Bahn, we arrived at approximately 23:10 local time. That's it for this FR, thank you so much for taking your time to read it!
photo 20160523_230941


Pictures from Alexanderplatz

Parts of East Berlin with all of the Soviet-style buildings.
photo dsc_0057-01photo dsc_0061-01

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0028

Views from the Fernsehturm.

All of the Soviet-style buildings on the Eastern part of Berlin.

Brandenburger Tor
photo dsc_0673-01photo dsc_0721-01photo dsc_0812-01

The Reichstag building.

Other random pictures from Berlin

See more



Cabin crew8.5
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Stockholm - ARN


Berlin - SXF



This was another smooth intra-European flight with DY. They get you from point A to point B safely, efficiently and for a good price. Their planes have pretty nice cabins and most of them are quite new. The BOB may be on the high side for some but those prices are normal in Scandinavia. Not bad for an LCC.

Cabin - Pretty good cabin, not extremely clean but not bad at all. This was an older frame and did not offer BSI.

Cabin crew - Attentive and friendly cabin crew

Entertainment - Free Wi-Fi, what more can you ask for? I had no issues connecting to it this time.

BOB - Decent selection, limited selection for flights under 2 hrs (like this one). Prices aren't on the low side.



  • Comment 352067 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Have fun on your school trip! I am a big fan of DYs intra-european flights. I've flown BOD-ARN (that was in July 2012, before anybody had heared of DY), OSL-VIE, and have booked my Mom on CPH-LGW for $30, which I lowered to $16 by paying partially with the FF miles she earned w/ DY on her OAK-OSL-CPH flight. I've also flown OAK-OSL in Y+ with DY, which was very disappointing. I'd rather fly Y with another European airlne (ex AF, KL, BA, LX) than Y+ on DY. The food is small portions, and is terrible, the IFE has bad veriety, and they charge you for EVERYTHING! Unfortunatly, I wasn't able to report any of these flights because I hadn't yet heard of this website.
    Thank you for this FR!

    • Comment 352130 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your nice comment :).

      That is a good amount of DY flying on intra-European flights, I wouldn't hesitate to fly with them again in Europe! I wouldn't fly with them long-haul for the exact reasons you just mentioned, other European airlines would be preferred instead. I completely understand, I wish I could've shared my bad experiences with TK in 2011/2012 but I found this website in late 2014- or early 2015.

      Thank you once again for your comment! I appreciate it a lot :).

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 352078 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR with us! Sounds like a great school trip, beats anything I ever did!

    Getting 2 bags for free on DY through a group purchase is a very interesting perk.

    “we were supposed to board this plane at 19:00 but that would never happen with a 19:19 arrival of our bird. Meanwhile, DY notified me of a delayed departure of 20 minutes (from 19:30 to 19:50)”
    - This happened this past weekend on a IAD-LAX flight, they never accurately give updated information and way to aggressive in predicting departure times. Based on the plane arriving at your gate at 19:20, I wouldn’t expect your flight to depart before 20:00.

    “The heat in the plane was killing most of the passengers”
    - Good thing you have never been to PHX or LAS when it is 40-45C outside, you’d melt in the summer ;) Those airports are notorious for scalding cabins on the tarmac.

    Nighttime tarmac shots are always my favorite, the planes always look great.

    For being a LCC, DY seems to offer a very nice product and is better than most US legacy carriers. The free Wi-Fi and humane seat pitch are very nice features. DY has healthy operations at LAX to various destinations in Europe, but the lack of alliance deters me. And as MrMax said the long-haul DY suffers from long-haul SK-syndrome^^ Either way, for shorter intra-European flights, DY looks like one of the best LCC carriers out there by far.

    Great tourism bonus of Berlin, fantastic city, but grey weather for your stay.

    • Comment 352135 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your nice comment :). I was surprised of how it went, I had mixed feelings of this trip before it took off haha.

      “Getting 2 bags for free on DY through a group purchase is a very interesting perk.“
      - That is definitely overkill for a 3-night stay in Berlin haha.

      I guess some airlines are a bit too optimistic when it comes to boarding and departure times for some flights.

      “Good thing you have never been to PHX or LAS when it is 40-45C outside, you’d melt in the summer ;) Those airports are notorious for scalding cabins on the tarmac.“
      - Thank you for the warning! I'll keep that in mind if I visit LAS or PHX in the future.

      “Nighttime tarmac shots are always my favorite, the planes always look great.“
      - I completely agree with you! However, I'm crappy at night photography and rarely manage to take any decent shots.

      DY has impressed me a lot for being an LCC, I would gladly fly with them again on European sectors. I don't think I would like to fly with on long-haul flights for the reasons MrMax mentioned. They are also pretty low on frequency when it comes to long-haul flights (short-haul as well) as they are mostly catered to the leisure market which reduces flexibility.

      Thank you so much! We were unfortunate to have gloomy weather for the whole stay but I'm thankful it didn't rain.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 352483 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you RI777 for sharing this exciting FR and it looks like you were the leader at the airport helping your classmates check-in. There's nothing like traveling with a "pro". ;)

    As a kid I remember looking forward to school field trips but in your case this seems like the ultimate field trip. What a great way to remember your class one last time before everyone continues on their way. Great pictures all around and lovely spotting at ARN. I am glad that some of your classmates were supporting of your hobby and went along with you for plane spotting. Our hobby is more exciting when it is shared with others, don't you think? Who knows, you might have converted a few already. ;)

    DY seems like a very decent airline and it's always nice to fly with a friendly crew.

    See you later and have fun in Berlin. Great bonus of the city.

    • Comment 353652 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you so much for your nice comment!

      Haha, it felt very exciting to have that position. Even my teachers trusted me :).

      It was indeed a very nice end to some amazing years with this class :).

      Thank you so much!

      Me too! I'm extremely appreciative of that, almost everyone in that class was very supportive of my hobby. I completely agree with you, it was a nice feeling when some of them spotted planes with me and I told what kind of aircraft it was, where it was going/come from etc :). Hahaha, some of them actually know a lot more about aviation thanks to me.

      They get the job done nicely in intra-European flights, long-haul might be a different story though. I agree!

      Thank you once again for your nice words, I really appreciate it! Thanks!

      Have a good one, see you!

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