Review of Air France flight London Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1181
Class Economy
Seat 04A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 17 Jul 16, 20:10
Arrival at 17 Jul 16, 22:20
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 6117 reviews
Published on 9th August 2016
Hello everyone, this report is a little old but it was an interesting experience to fly London to Paris (I usually ride on the Euro*) so I thought it would be interesting to share it with you.

After four days in London, I head to Heathrow with the affordable and convenient Piccadilly Line :)
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I arrived at terminal 4 which was moderately busy at this time on a Sunday afternoon. Some queues for Malaysia Airlines and Etihad flight, but not really crowds near security. I had no luggage and the whole process to get airside was so swift I forgot to take a picture of it. So that's me airside of the terminal.
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I was hungry and thirsty so I decided to go straight to the Skyteam Lounge as I had an hour before boarding. It was the first time in the SkyTeam Lounge in LHR for me.
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It is a spacious lounge and the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed.

I had a cup of tea and relaxed before heading for food
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The Bar - well stocked and nicely arranged
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The Buffet - choice of vegetarian pasta, spicy chicken curry, tilapia fillets, samoussas, salad, cakes, gaspachos…
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My first plate - chicken curry, very tasty in my view. Gaspacho a little fade. Apple Juice mixed with sparkling water for the drink. It was too early for alcohol.
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I decided to leave the lounge as it got more crowded and went on for some spotting. I first saw this Korean A380, which I would love to fly on. It has the fewest number of seats as an A380, which must make it a comfortable experience.
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Next there was a Nigerian A340 Arik Air. Never seen one before!
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I had to interrupt this first attempt of spotting, as despite the sign below saying "take a seat" boarding started for E+ customers, and I like to sit on the plane early before you queue.
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The plane was the standard 10 year old AF interior on this A321 – Greeting on board was friendly. No AF background music on this jet ("France's in the air wohohououo…"). Process went smooth.
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Decent pitch as usual
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Spotting out of the window while standing.
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It got more interesting with pushback (on time) – China Eastern A330-200
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Passing the Queen's Terminal
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Preparing for take off with a BA A319 behind us
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Just us we are about to start take off, I see this brand new Virgin 787-9, beautiful bird!
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And as we take off, a BA A380 lands… so much action!
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Take off over LHR – What are these lakes/basins?
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Leaving the Island
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I was very impressed that AF served a whole sandwich on this 50 minute flight. The goats cheese and rocket salad was very nice and tasted fresh. Better than these triangular mayonnaise soaked things you get on other airlines.
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I had a look at AF magazine, of which I like the French touch. But sadly maps aren't up to date. Tehran still missing as a new destination. I have been in touch with AF via twitter on this issue and they said in May it'd be fixed in August. But isn't it in the interest of an airline to update a map asap to advertise new routes?!
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Crossing the Channel and reaching Normandy
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Descent and landing in Paris uneventful – smooth and on time.

We were at the gate 10 minutes in advance. A good performance for short haul!
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But unfortunately CDG Airport managed to waste the whole experience… Electronic passport gates were not working without a sign being put up to warn you. Meaning all French passport holders and registered users would walk up to that gate to find it shut to walk back to the main queue, which then took 25 minutes to get through. Staff very rude and not understanding customer's disappointment. Ah… Why?! I left the airport angry and squeezed into a short RER train because trains are shorter after 10pm :(
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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

SkyTeam Lounge - 4


London - LHR


Paris - CDG



A very nice flight and excellent experiece at LHR. CDG left a bitter aftertaste...

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    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The weather seemed to be great in London that evening.

    Nice spotting shots at LHR!

    That is a good offering for such a short flight!

    Sorry to hear about the arrival experience.

    Have a good one and see you later!

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