Review of United flight Las Vegas San Francisco in Premium Eco

Airline United
Flight UA 451
Class Premium Eco
Seat 12C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 03 Jul 16, 18:40
Arrival at 03 Jul 16, 20:20
UA   #37 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 338 reviews
By 1283
Published on 9th July 2016
Hi and welcome to the return portion of my weekend trip to LAS over the 4th of July weekend. So far my schedule looks like this:

SFO-LAS on UA Y - click here.
LAS-SFO on UA Y+ - you are here.

We left The Palazzo at 15:00 on our way to the airport. The taxi took us there via the freeway which resulted in a higher fare (approx. USD 9 more than our arrival for a total of USD 35 vs. USD 26). Upon arrival at the UA counter, we were checked in by a staff member and a wheelchair was called to take us through security and to the UA Club.

Security was pretty smooth and there were not too many people in line at the time. We took the train to Concourse "D" and once at the gate area we went to the third floor between gates 33 and 35 where the club was located. If by any chance you have an American Express card, you can access the Centurion Lounge located across from gate D1 by paying a USD 50 (EUR 45.25) fee. The food, drinks and shower might be worth it for some people. The UA Club charges the same so if you must pay for access to a club it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which club gives you the most value for your money.

UA Club @ LAS.


photo dsc03018 - copy

Upon entering we were warmly welcomed by the staff who proceeded to coordinate the wheelchair pick-up to the gate. We then settle into a corner. Thankfully the lounge was pretty empty with just a few scattered patrons.

Interesting ceiling detail at this lounge. Never seen this before anywhere else. I can just stare at it and meditate. Maybe not. :P

photo dsc03015 - copy

According to the UA website, one can expect the following at the UA Club:

"United Club guests can enjoy a full complimentary food and beverage buffet featuring a selection of hot breakfast items; soups, served with toppings and crackers; fresh salads, served with multiple dressing and bread options; whole-grain salads and crudités; and a Mediterranean board with a selection of sopressata, prosciutto, chorizo, salami or Mortadella, served with whole-grain mustard. Fresh fruit, desserts and snack mixes are always available, along with a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages including fruit juices, sodas and refreshing flavored waters."

Do you think that what was offered was close to the description? In my experience I have never seen a tray with cold cuts at any UA Club, much less Mediterranean in character.

My selection. The soup was pretty spicy and I was surprised that there was not a milder alternative for those who can't take any heat.

photo dsc03014

We left the club and headed to the gate at 40 min. before boarding.


photo dsc03019photo dsc03021

Plane at the gate.

photo dsc03020

Priorities were respected and we were the first ones to board the plane. The cheerful purser welcomed us aboard and even offered me a copy of Brides magazine that was probably left behind. I politely refused and kept walking to my seat. Speaking of seats, back when this trip was booked, there were not any 3 seats together so we had to split into a pair in one row and a window on another. However, there were rows of 3's in Economy Plus but UA was asking for USD 45 (EUR 40.72) per seat to move there. I was monitoring the seat map everyday in hopes of finding an open row and then 48 hrs. before I saw that the Economy Plus seats were selling for USD 29 (EUR 26.25) and I grabbed a row. I'm glad I did this because when I checked back 24 hrs. before the price has gone back to USD 45. That is just crazy.


Oh wait a second, am I in the right plane? I think change is in the air and UA has decided to update its Y cabin with a lighter color for the seats. I kind of like this change since the cabin looks brighter.

Plenty of legroom to stretch out.

photo dsc03027

The trays now feature ads.

photo dsc03030

UA has published a brochure describing the service and BOB menu.

photo dsc03031

FA's started the service with a beverage run and snack. This time we received the "ranch" flavored pretzels. I applaud UA for making an effort to rotate the snack selections.

photo dsc03033photo dsc03036

Pretty soon we were approaching SFO and the cabin was prepared for landing. We touched down early at 19:48


The Palazzo.

This property is connected to the Venetian and is now part of the Intercontinental chain. Its lobby has an air of elegance from a bygone era and the check in process was quick and efficient. One thing that is immediately noticeable is the lack of visitors in its lobby unlike the Bellagio (which is an attraction in itself). In a way this helped contribute to the serene ambiance at this hotel.

photo dsc02989 - copyphoto dsc02958 - copyphoto dsc02960 - copy


Room with view of the pool and Strip.


photo dsc02916 - copyphoto dsc02917 - copyphoto dsc02920 - copy

Views from the room.

photo dsc02924 - copyphoto dsc02923 - copyphoto dsc02928 - copy

Maggiano's - little Italy.

Originally we planned to have go to the buffet at Wynn but upon arrival we found out that the wait was about 1 hr. so we decided to go to the Fashion Mall across the street and picked Maggiano's which was a chain restaurant. You are fooling yourself if you think that you will eat authentic Italian here since the food is heavily adapted to the American palate (heavy on the sauce with strong undertones of herbs and garlic) and the caption "little Italy" hints at that. However, if you came here for a hearty Italian-American meal, then your expectations will be met. The restaurant seems like an upscale version of another popular chain restaurant - "Olive Garden" and the service was friendly and professional.

photo dsc03002 - copyphoto dsc02992 - copy

We were seated immediately and proceeded to order an assortment of appetizers to make a "light" lunch.

Warm crusty bread is brought to the table and the server proceeds to pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar on a plate for you to dip the bread.

photo dsc02991 - copy

Shrimp bruschetta.

photo dsc02994 - copy

Stuffed mushrooms.

photo dsc02996 - copy

Fried calamari with marinara sauce.

photo dsc02998 - copy

Salmon salad with a perfectly seared piece of salmon that was still raw in the center.

photo dsc02999 - copy

Italian sausage flatbread.

photo dsc03000 - copy

My selections (ticking the box for all of the above).

photo dsc03001 - copy

See more



Cabin crew9.0

United Club


Las Vegas - LAS


San Francisco - SFO



The UA Club in LAS was comfortable and it helped that it was nearly empty. The reception staff was excellent - warm, smiling and professional. The "starry" ceiling with its blinking lights was a unique feature that gave this lounge a special character.

This was another routine short flight with a friendly crew. I liked the new light color upholstery of the seats which gave the cabin a more upbeat ambiance.

Kudos to UA for implementing a rotation of different snacks instead of serving a standard one on all its flights. AA should introduce more variety in the back.

Information on the route Las Vegas (LAS) San Francisco (SFO)


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  • Comment 356900 by
    757Fan 610 Comments

    Thanks for the report, jetsetpanda! I haven't flown UA in a long time, after a few disappointing flights in 2013 and early 2014, I thought I'd give them a wide break. Looks like they're gradually beginning to improve a bit.

    Looks like you had a great time in Vegas!

    • Comment 357096 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Thanks for stopping by Matthew.

      Indeed it looks like UA is making an effort these days. So far I have noticed that the gate agents are nicer and smiling more. I've heard that UA is sending a lot of its front line employees to customer service "refresher" training.

  • Comment 357038 by
    indianocean SILVER 7174 Comments

    With no surprise, I highly prefer the AMEX Centurion Lounge. Better food and more enjoyable lounge.

    Very nice pitch onboard and very nice room at The Palazzo. I thought you were staying at The Bellagio?

    OMG, Cobra would kill himself if you invite him to Maggiano's.

    Thank you Adan

    • Comment 357097 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      " I highly prefer the AMEX Centurion Lounge. Better food and more enjoyable lounge."
      - You are the authority when it comes to the AMEX lounge in LAS.

      "I thought you were staying at The Bellagio?"
      - I stayed at both. A bit of hotel "hopping". ;)

      "OMG, Cobra would kill himself if you invite him to Maggiano's."
      - Or kill me. :P

      Thanks for your support Bernard.

  • Comment 357054 by
    aussenrist 225 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report with nice pictures!
    The United Club looks spacious and I like the star ceiling^^
    UA not only changes the seat design, but also the plastic cup which is different from my experience. The grey seats seem more spacious than the blue one and I like they add the cup holders on the tray. It is always nice to have snacks on this short flight.
    It looks like Joanna now becomes the UA version of Deltalina :P
    And thanks for the travel bonus in Las Vegas! Look forward to your next series!

    • Comment 357098 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Thanks for your feedback ashleyyau.

      "UA not only changes the seat design, but also the plastic cup which is different from my experience."
      - That caught my attention too and I think they set themselves apart from the rest.

      " It looks like Joanna now becomes the UA version of Deltalina :P"
      - She might not become as popular though. :P

      My next series is at the end of August when I fly a new airline - CM and head down to Costa Rica.

  • Comment 357089 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Flew back on Sunday already, quite the "quickie" to LAS ;) I'm surprised they don't try and just do "flat-rates" to LAS from the Strip. I also like how there are only 3 chairs at the table in the room, prevents you from playing cards in your room, lol

    "I can just stare at it and meditate."
    - Or just fall asleep...

    The UA Club at LAS is huge for the average UA presence there. The offering looks on par with the other lounge offerings by US carriers. Too bad you aren't flying LAS-PTY next month, because this is a lot better than the Copa Club! At $50, those prices are very steep considering alcohol is not complimentary.

    The new cabins so much nicer than the blue plastic ones. It's ironic that they change them right after they start putting the blues ones in their B789s. The ad on the tray table just oozes UA cheapness though. Good thing you don't get meals on domestic flights, so you never have to look at them :P

    Thanks for sharing the LAS bonus. Glad you didn't die of heat stroke working on that tan ;) I love how they give you a fruit plate, but then sneak a bag of Jelly Beans on top^^

    Maggiano's is much better than Olive Garden, a nice meal even if it is Americanized.

    • Comment 357099 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      "quite the "quickie" to LAS ;)"
      - I'm used to "quickies" :P

      "I also like how there are only 3 chairs at the table in the room, prevents you from playing cards in your room, lol"
      - They thought of everything, didn't they?

      "Too bad you aren't flying LAS-PTY next month, because this is a lot better than the Copa Club! At $50, those prices are very steep considering alcohol is not complimentary."
      - Oh you just killed my excitement for visiting a new lounge. ;) if I had to pay $50, I would head straight to the AMEX one. Indianocean did a fantastic job detailing his experience there on his report.

      "The ad on the tray table just oozes UA cheapness though."
      - At least they are UA ones and done "tastefully" with shots of the cities that UA flies to.

      " I love how they give you a fruit plate, but then sneak a bag of Jelly Beans on top^^"
      - This is Las Vegas, you have to please your naughty side. :P

      Thanks for your visit Michael.

  • Comment 360401 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    I apologize for being very late to the party but thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The cabin definitely looks good, fresh and clean.

    Interesting with ads on the tray table, never seen that before.

    A good domestic flight, nice to get a new cabin and to fly with a friendly crew!

    Thank you for the fantastic bonus at the end!

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 360405 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Hi RI 777. It's never too late for positive comments so no need to apologize.

      UA is copying the LCC's approach to marketing with the ads on the trays but at least it is confined to UA .

      Glad you liked the FR and thanks for commenting.

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