Review of Air Serbia flight Belgrad Athens in Business

Airline Air Serbia
Flight JU 512
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 20 Mar 16, 13:05
Arrival at 20 Mar 16, 15:40
JU   #46 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 37 reviews
By GOLD 1852
Published on 18th October 2016
We are going to push the rest of this series out quickly since it is all written and has just been sitting in my drafts folder.


This series covers a two-week vacation to Europe that will feature stops in SOF, BEG, TIV, LIS, ARN, and ATH. For background and planning, please refer back to Part 1. As a reminder, the routing for this series is:

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This report will cover the flight from BEG to ATH. This was part of an EY award ticket ARN-BEG-ATH.


After arriving from ARN, I had to rush immediately to my next flight and couldn’t stop to visit the new JU Premium Lounge. My flight was leaving from Gate A2 according to the FIDS.

photo 1

I go through the security at the gate right behind the flight crew.

photo 2

My JU A319 waiting outside.

photo 3photo 4photo 5

W6 A320 taxing by.

photo 6

LH ERJ-190 arriving from MUC.

photo 7


Air Serbia, JU 512
Equipment: Airbus A319 [YU-APF (ex-Y4), delivered November 2007]
Departure: 13:05 (ATD: 13:12)
Arrival: 15:40 (ATA: 15:27)
Flight time: 1:15

They call boarding 25 minutes before departure and I head down the priority lane.

photo 8

Down the glass jetbridge.

photo 9

2 FAs greet me in the galley and one of them walks me to my seat and places my backpack in the overhead bin for me. The J cabin.

photo 10

My beloved 2A. The load will be 4/8 in J.

photo 11

View down my aisle.

photo 12

Seat pitch is similar to domestic F in the US.

photo 13

Large entertainment box blocking underseat storage.

photo 14

Seat controls.

photo 15

The plane is leased and the overheads have not been retrofitted to account for the 2-2 J cabin.

photo 16

The seatback contents.

photo 17

The purser comes out and hands me a menu and an oshibori. She welcomes me aboard and addresses me by name. She also asks me if I would like a newspaper and what I would like to drink.

photo 18

So, the downside is that the menu is the same as what I had BEG-LHR since the flight was departing from BEG in the same month.

A glass of Mumm to start the flight.

photo 19

LH A319 to FRA.

photo 20

We push back right on time.

photo 21

During the taxi, the FA collects my empty glass and takes my meal and drink order. Since I had the veal on BEG-LHR, I went for the sea bream instead.

photo 23

This passenger, a stereotypical American, refused to put his seat up for takeoff and continued playing on his phone ignoring the directions from the cabin crew. He worked for a certain NBA team, which I won’t disclose, and was obviously scouting either in Serbia or Greece. He was also very rude to the FA throughout the flight. I almost felt like I should apologize to her while deplaning after witnessing all of this. A perfect example of why there is so much disdain for Americans in other countries.

photo 24

Lifting up over Belgrade and crossing the Sava River.

The FA came out, laid the linens, and delivered aperitifs.

photo 29photo 30

Sparking water and hot nuts.

photo 31

Snow capped mountains in southern Serbia, Macedonia, or Kosovo.

photo 32photo 33

My drink was refilled and my tray was laid down.

photo 34

The sea bream was two fillets. The top fillet was very dry from the cooking; the one underneath was still moist. I didn’t find this dish to be as good as the veal I had BEG-LHR or the lamb I had ARN-BEG. The green polenta was just weird visually although it tasted fine.

photo 35photo 38

The salad was the same as on BEG-LHR and lacked a real protein.

photo 36

No comment on the presentation of the dessert… I just scraped the top off and ate the cake part. Note the best of JU meals.

photo 37

Going to guess this is Dojran Lake on the Macedonia and Greece border.

photo 39

Flying straight over the top of Thessaloniki.

photo 40photo 41

Entering the Aegean Sea.

photo 42

Nea Poteidaia, a little canal.

photo 43

After the meal I requested a glass of the Serbian brandies they advertise in the menu. I requested a glass of plum brandy and a cup of coffee, which both delivered with a smile.

photo 45

Unfortunately, not Mount Olympus. I think this is Mount Dirfi, just north of Athens.

photo 46photo 47

Athens is visible below as we circle into ATH. You can prominitely see the Olympiacos F.C.’s Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus as we loop around the city.

Ellinikon International Airport, the former ATH.

photo 52

Descent into ATH.

Touching down a little bit ahead of schedule past a sea of FR planes, plus the MS B738.

photo 58

A3 representing their presence at their hub.

photo 59

We pull in next to a RJ ERJ-175 and a EK B777.

photo 60photo 61


photo 62

Out towards the baggage claim after immigration. Immigration was pretty quick since our flight was the only one landing at that time from a non-Schengen country.

photo 63

Welcome to Athens.

photo 64

Waiting for my bag in the baggage claim.

photo 65photo 66

A great sign in the restroom at ATH.

photo 67

After collecting my bag, I took the subway into the city to check-in to my hotel. It’s 10 euros for a ticket from the airport to the city center and takes ~40 minutes. I’ll leave off this series here while I start my stay in Athens.
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Air Serbia

Cabin crew9.0

Belgrad - BEG


Athens - ATH



JU just keeps on doing what JU does: excellent service standards on short flights. Catering was flat on this sector, but the overall JU experience is one of the best for short hops outside of Asia. It was a great set of 4 flights on JU in this series and I hope to be back to BEG next year to fly them again for my next trip to the Balkans.

Cabin comfort: The J cabin is good enough for a short flight and the light loads on JU make sure there is plenty of privacy. The seats are wide and the pitch is decent. The only negative is the lack of underseat storage.

Crew: There was 1 FA for 4 passengers so the service was very attentive. She didn't have the best of English abilities (compared to my other JU flights). They follow EY service protocols to the letter.

Meal and catering: From PDB to menus to coursed meals with linens, JU brings long-haul dining to short-haul flights. The main and the dessert were both underwhelming and the worst meals I have had on JU, but if you re-calibrate your expectations for a 70-minute flight, this is pretty impressive service.

Entertainment: Newspapers offered. Standard seatback literature. The iPad is not handed out on this flight since it is shorter than 2 hours.



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  • Comment 371026 by
    757Fan 625 Comments
    Looks like you had another nice flight with Air Serbia! Wow, that's crazy how rude the other passenger was. I sometimes encounter people like this when I travel, and I always shake my head. Too bad!

    Thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 371028 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1917 Comments
      Hi Matthew, thanks for your comments. As an American, it is always irritating to see how our countrymen often behave and misrepresent our country abroad.

      JU is a hidden gem in Europe for any class of service.
  • Comment 371478 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Weather seemed to be great in Belgrade that day.

    Nice spotting shots!

    Wow, the cabin looks really clean and fresh.

    Unfortunate to have a passenger like that onboard.

    Absolutely beautiful aerial shots throughout the flight.

    The presentation is great IMO and the meals look very colourful, maybe not the best JU meal but hands-down miles ahead of a huge chunk of the competition.

    Absolutely wonderful aerial shots, had to write it twice considering how fantastic they are.

    Nice spotting shots at ATH! I really have to visit ATH one day.

    Have a good one and see you later.

    • Comment 371862 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1917 Comments
      "Weather seemed to be great in Belgrade that day."
      - Every single time I have arrived/left BEG it has always been sunny. Unfortunately, it rained during my stay there.

      "Wow, the cabin looks really clean and fresh."
      - They cabins should all be fairly new since JU is so new, too bad the planes are all old leased planes. This cabin is actually slightly different from the other cabins I have reported. If you look carefully at the seats, they aren't the same as ARN-BEG.

      "Unfortunate to have a passenger like that onboard."
      - Not just a passenger like that, but one that represents your own country.

      "The presentation is great IMO and the meals look very colourful, maybe not the best JU meal but hands-down miles ahead of a huge chunk of the competition."
      - Yes, for a 70-minute flight, you really can't complain about the service by JU since there are no carriers other than TK that will give you more food on a flight of that length.

      "Nice spotting shots at ATH! I really have to visit ATH one day."
      - ATH really isn't that interesting of an aiport, but they seem to get a lot of traffic from the Middle East given their geographic location.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the aerials twice ;)

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