Review of Avianca flight Pasto Bogota in Business

Airline Avianca
Flight AV 9402
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 26 Feb 16, 14:00
Arrival at 26 Feb 16, 15:10
AV   #66 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 103 reviews
By 675
Published on 15th October 2016


Hi everyone, work's been a bit tough lately so I've amassed quite a backlog on FRs.

This is the return flight to Bogotá after half a week in Pasto, Colombia's gateway to Ecuador. You can check the inbound here

The day before heading back to Bogotá, weather in Pasto was awful. While this doesn't mean necessarily that PSO is going to be closed, AV's webpage showed a lot of cancelled flights (almost 4 out of 5 flights to PSO). I was fearing the worst for me. I decided to head right away to PSO and try to score an earlier flight so I wouldn't get stuck in Pasto.

At Pasto's Antonio Nariño Airport

After an hours ride on a cab to PSO, I met chaos. Flights seemed to be cancelled and there was a lot of people waiting to be rebooked in other flights. I asked if I could be moved to an earlier flight and was told I wouldn't be able to. I was heartbroken.

PSO's terminal is small and a bit run down. But they're currently building a new terminal building. Here's a glimpse of how it looks:
photo dscn0434photo dscn0435photo dscn0436


Reluctantly I accepted my fate and begin to ponder the idea of being stuck in Pasto. Two A319s arrived one after another, it seemed like a rescue operation. At the last moment I was called to the check in desk and told to board right away. Sure, the line was so long it passed from the security check, so I was de facto "boarding". With a smirk in my face I passed right away to board as I was flying business, while the rest didn't know if they'd get to board or not.

N266CT was waiting at the tarmac…it is the very same plane that brought me here.
photo dscn0437

But I was headed for an original AV A319, with PTVs and all.
photo dscn0438

Cabin and seat viewsf

One of the thrills of this trip was that I was going to try AV's domestic business class for the first time. Actually the only other time I flew on AV's business was between BOG and PTY in 2008.

Legroom was OK, more than enough for this one hour flight.
photo dscn0439

Terminal view from my seat. People are basically rushing to the planes in order to escape PSO before it gets closed.
photo dscn0440

AV's narrowbody Business seats are alike to the Business seats in the US, and include a fair sized PTV.
photo dscn0441

I expected these seats to have electric seat controls, but they were pneumatic. There's a footrest button but it is loose…checking the seat I noticed there's no footrest, now that explains why the button is loose.
photo dscn0442

The seat's got a different remote from the one back in Y, with a little screen I've seen to show the remaining time and other info during the flight…but in this flight it stayed with the "Avianca" screen all the time.
photo dscn0449

Taxi and Take Off

As soon as everybody is settled, the guys at the front office say their spiel (thanks for flying, todays flight to Bogotá will take 1hour, we will be flying over …etc.) Rain starts to pour…at this point I was relaxed as takeoff shouldn't be a problem.
photo dscn0443

N266CT isn't ready yet…
photo dscn0444

Takeoff was powerful and in no time we left Nariño Department behind, crossed the omnious clouds and we were merrily on our way to BOG.
photo dscn0446photo dscn0447photo dscn0448

En-Route to BOG

Cloudy skies, but no rain…how ironic.
photo dscn0450

I didn't feel like watching anything so I stuck to my book. Service begun. I was expecting a little entrée or something like that, but we were only offered beer, spirits and sodas. That's the difference from Y in terms of catering. A bit disappointing to be honest, nothing premium about it. A nice detail though: a FA noticed I had finished my coke, so he said "more whiskey sir"…I laughed a bit and just asked him for another coke.
photo dscn0451

Overflying Tolima Department, this meant we were on our approach circuit into BOG
photo dscn0452photo dscn0454photo dscn0455

Landing at Bogotá-Eldorado International Airport RWY 31R

The flight's 1hour passed quicky. I was expecting a regular and boring approach into one of the 13 runways, but we were treated with a landing in RWY 31R, allowing for great views of Bogotá as we glided over the city.

Bogotá Savannah's lands, quite dry due to the lack of rain.
photo dscn0456photo dscn0457

This is Suba, one of the most populated Boroughs of Bogotá, with more than a million inhabitants.
photo dscn0458photo dscn0459

Now we're over Suba Hills
photo dscn0460photo dscn0461photo dscn0462

10 years ago these lands used to be pastures, now they're filled with orange brick commieblock neighbourhoods the Carmel Country Club can be seen in the middle of it
photo dscn0463

Across from the commieblocks is Cedritos
photo dscn0464

Zoom into Bogotá's Country Club
photo dscn0465

Bogotá's zoning rules didn't allow for high rise construction for a long time, that's why this zone looks so monotonous
photo dscn0466

Zoom into Santa Barbara Mall and the little CBD in front of it. Santa Ana neighbourhood, one of Bogotá's wealthiest can see at the back
photo dscn0467

The World Trace Center zone in the intersection of Carrera 7 and 100 Street
photo dscn0468

The intersection between Autopista Norte and NQS pseudo-highway, you can also see Bogotá's trendy zones: Chicó, Retiro, Rosales…
photo dscn0469

Now a view towards Chapinero and the Centro Internacional at the background, with more highrise buildings
photo dscn0470photo dscn0471

Zoom to the Centro Internacional's skyscrapers
photo dscn0472

Now we've made a full U and are lined up with RWY 31R. We're flying over Simon Bolivar Park, the biggest in Bogotá
photo dscn0473photo dscn0474photo dscn0475

Crossing Cali Avenue means your landing is imminent
photo dscn0476

Puente Aéreo Terminal, our destination
photo dscn0477

Air Canada to Toronto, AC resently changed the route to AC Rouge, boo hoo
photo dscn0478

A silver intruder amidst in the Airbusland
photo dscn0479photo dscn0480

The International councourse of the Main Terminal
photo dscn0481

Taxiways are being improved for fast speed exits from the runway, thus allowing for faster operations and more capacity for BOG's
photo dscn0482

Cargo 727s, gorgeous aircraft
photo dscn0483

A little A318 on our tail
photo dscn0484

The door was open in no time, and I rushed to the curbside to catch a taxi, thus ending this story.
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Cabin crew10.0

Pasto - PSO


Bogota - BOG



For my first business class experience with AV, this was a disappointing one. Especially for the catering. Considering how expensive this flight can be flying in business (almost the same price of a Y ticket to Europe), I would be furious with AV for delivering such a simple I payed with miles, I didn't care much. However, the crew received full marks for being so nice, well one should expect them to be like that at the front, shouldn't we?

I hope Pasto's new terminal builidng is up for the needs of the city, the current one is a dump. Puente Aéreo was perfect for a quick plane-to-taxi trip in less than 5 minutes.

Thanks for reading, ¡saludos!



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  • Comment 370851 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8634 Comments

    Hi thanks for your report : catering or rather the lack of it is disappointing ! Avianca should at least offer warms nuts or some kind of food.
    The pitch is good but an IFE that is not working is again disappointing. It seems Avianca does not make a lot of efforts to attract passengers in the front class.

  • Comment 370920 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing Chibcha and welcome back!

    The AV cabins are not too bad in J for a domestic flight. I wouldn't have expected IFE on these planes, but I guess they also operate a wealth of other international routes.

    Pretty pitiful catering on this flight. CM Colombia was able to offer a hot snack on the BAQ-PTY flight, which is shorter than this. Do you know what CM Colombia offers in J on domestic routes?

    At least the crew seemed to be good on this flight, which is better than what you describe of AV crews in your other reports.

    Great aerials on arrival in BOG.

    • Comment 370925 by
      Chibcha AUTHOR 448 Comments

      Indeed it is more than enough for a domestic flight, but these A319s fly medium hauls like BOG-SCL, BOG-IAD and BOG-JFK, some people actually don't like them for these routes.

      I reckon CM is no longer serving domestic routes within Colombia, but when it did it didn't offer a J class. Catering was basically the same as other competitors.

      Thanks for passing by!

  • Comment 371093 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Gracias por compartir este reporte Chibcha.

    In the end you were able to get on your flight to BOG and I bet that was a relief.

    Catering is atrocious on this domestic segment. As you said, for the price paid one would expect more, at least some nuts or "bocadillos" to accompany the beverage service.

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