Review of British Airways flight Stockholm London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA781
Class Economy
Seat 32A
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 25 Jul 16, 18:05
Arrival at 25 Jul 16, 19:50
BA   #64 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 793 reviews
Rl 777
By 1008
Published on 30th July 2016
Hello and welcome to another short series of flight reports, covering my recent trip to London. This part will cover the outbound flight from Stockholm to London onboard a Boeing 767-300ER operated by British Airways.

There was no actual reason to why we booked this trip, me and my dad just had random plans for a quickie to London sometime in July 2016 and spontaneously booked a trip with British Airways to London between July 25 and July 28 2016. The trip was close to being cancelled 5-6 days before departure due to some last-minute changes to my dad's plans for these days. He reviewed his situation a day or two before departure and told me he would still be able to head out to London as planned from the start. Norwegian, SAS and BA were the options for non-stop flights to London (or Ryanair from Skavsta). British Airways won the game at last, the deciding factor was to try out the Boeing 767-300ER that flies to Stockholm on the BA780/BA781 rotation. We chose BA781 as the outbound flight (despite unfavourable timings for us) and BA786 in an A319 as the inbound flight to Stockholm, BA786 is BA's last flight from London to Stockholm which meant we would be able to make some decent use of the last day in London before heading back to STO.

NOTE: Pictures used in this report are taken with my camera and phone.

Part 1 - ARN-LHR, BA781, British Airways, Boeing 767-300ER, G-BNWA - You are here
Part 2 - LHR-ARN, BA786, British Airways, Airbus A319-100, G-EUPE - Coming soon

There were 7 BA flights to LHR on our date of departure, we selected BA781 with the main reason being to try out the B763.
photo fireshot capture 3 - british airways - choo_ - https___www.britishairways.com_travel_fx_public_sv_se

The last flight back to Stockholm is BA786 and departs LHR at 20:10 local time, we chose this inbound flight in order to make the most out of the last day in London. The flight arrives at Stockholm ARN at 23:40 local time, an appropriate ending to a trip for us.
photo fireshot capture 4 - british airways - choo_ - https___www.britishairways.com_travel_fx_public_sv_se

Parking was extremely expensive and parking at the long-term parking lots were fully booked according to Swedavia, a taxi would be expensive as well so we opted for the bus to Arlanda. Flygbussarna (Airport Coaches) serves my local bus stop every 20 minutes, me and my dad purchased two one-way tickets to Arlanda Airport for 89 and 99 SEK respectively (USD 10,5/USD 12). We originally thought about catching the 15:52 bus for our 18:05 departure but later opted for the 16:12 departure because of a late inbound aircraft from LHR. This screenshot shows trips from the bus stop to Arlanda Terminal 5, the trip to Terminal 2 is listed at 28 minutes instead.
photo rsz_screenshot_2016-07-25-15-50-02

Our B763 was late coming in from LHR.
photo screenshot_2016-07-25-17-08-00

Swedavia predicted a 30 minute delay from 18:05 to 18:35.
photo rsz_screenshot_2016-07-25-15-28-43

We arrived at my local bus stop after 10 minutes of walking, we were early by 11 minutes to keep a decent margin as the airport coaches can be early sometimes. Here's a Volvo B9S 8500 operating line 554 to Råby.
photo 20160725_155842_hdr

Another Volvo B9S 8500 operating a blue bus line 179 to Vällingby, there were three of these buses going to Vällingby within 10 minutes. Security staff can be seen on the picture.
photo 20160725_155854_hdrphoto 20160725_160124

A VDL Citea XLE 145.
photo 20160725_160225photo 20160725_160654

A MAN Lion's City G (A23) just completed line 523.
photo 20160725_160742

Our bus finally arrived with a delay of 5 minutes this time. Two buses operated by Flygbussarna came in at the same time, one to Bromma Airport and one to Arlanda Airport. The bus in the back was our ride to Arlanda.
photo 20160725_161758

I scanned my barcode ticket located in my phone and settled into one of many available seats.
photo 20160725_161930_hdr

A Volvo B9R 8900 and a Scania Omnilink in front to the left.
photo 20160725_161950

A last look at the bus stop (or bus terminal) before heading out to Arlanda via the E4 motorway.
photo 20160725_162021

Joining the E4 motorway to Arlanda Airport.

Taking the exit to Arlanda Airport 20 minutes after we left my local bus stop/terminal.
photo 20160725_164031photo 20160725_164127

The ATC tower at ARN.
photo 20160725_164404

Driving up to Terminal 5 departures where the majority of the international flights are handled, we would continue to Terminal 2 as BA operates from Terminal 2.
photo 20160725_164432

The arrivals section is located here below the departures area.

Terminal 4, SK's and DY's domestic flights are operated from this terminal.
photo 20160725_164714

The last stop is Terminal 2/3, this is were we'll get off.
photo 20160725_164901photo 20160725_164906

We arrived at Terminal 2 at 16:49 local time, a delayed arrival of 9 minutes.
photo 20160725_164942

Terminal 2 landside.
photo 20160725_164958photo 20160725_165018

Security at Terminal 2, the queues for security were minimal during our short stay in the landsida area.
photo capture_2016-07-29-15-55-26-1

Pretty empty BA check-in desks, I wonder what the load will be in the 763.
photo 20160725_165213

I always issue a spare BP from the check-in kiosks, here I am issuing spare BPs for me and my dad with one of the newer check-in kiosks.
photo 20160725_165237

There was nothing to do before departure, me and my dad walked to security after I issued our secondary BPs. Security was very smooth and efficient as always.
photo 20160725_165958

Our flight was scheduled to depart from gate 86. Gates 70-87 at Terminal 2 are used for BA's, KK's (AtlasGlobal) and DL's flights out of Terminal 2 as these are the only non-Schengen airlines operating out of T2. There was a huge mess around gate 63-64 where the KL flight back to AMS and AB flight to DUS would depart from. I just walked past that area and went upstairs to the non-Schengen gates.
photo capture_2016-07-29-16-08-27-1

A restaurant was found upstairs before walking to the passport control.
photo 20160725_170300photo 20160725_170314

Passport control.
photo 20160725_170354

ET 788, DHL 752, HP (Amapola flyg) F50.
photo dsc_0332jpgphoto 20160725_170521

Most of the time was spent sitting by the gate before boarding would get announced, we sat next to a few power ports. I took the chance to charge up my phone instead of using my power bank.
photo 20160725_170851

Seating area around gate 86.
photo 20160725_171000


Our 767 from London LHR finally arrived at gate 86 at 17:42 local time. A veteran in service with BA since 1990.
photo dsc_0336jpgphoto dsc_0339jpg

Flight information:

Airline: British Airways

Flight no & route: BA781 ARN-LHR

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 18:05 (18:43), 6:06 PM (6:43 PM) UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual) : 19:50 (19:58), 7:50 PM (7:58 PM) UTC +1

Scheduled flight time (actual): 2h 45 min (2h 15 min)

photo dsc_0340jpg

KL B738 heading back to AMS as KL1116.
photo dsc_0342jpgphoto capture_2016-07-29-20-29-44-1

Priority boarding commenced at 18:10 local time, Swedavia's predicton of a delay till 18:35 might not be inaccurate.
photo capture_2016-07-29-16-19-46-1

Getting my passport and boarding pass ready.
photo capture_2016-07-25-20-10-28-1

Boarding for the rest of the pack commenced a few minutes later, me and my dad were one of the last ones to line up for boarding.
photo capture_2016-07-29-16-20-00-1

We had no kind of priority, boarding for Y was done on both sides at the end to keep the efficiency up.
photo 20160725_181910

Walking down to the jetbridge.
photo 20160725_182017

Our 763.
photo 20160725_182053

Walking down the jetbridge.
photo 20160725_182056

Two cheery FAs greeted us upon boarding before we continued through the business cabin to row 32. The light in J was very light today.
photo capture_2016-07-25-20-06-17-1

photo 20160725_182351

Seat pitch was great in this 763, better than conventional A320s and B737s. More than doable for a flight of this length.
photo 20160725_182441

The load in Y was healthy with only 2-3 empty seats. The overall load on today's flight was around 90%. The cabin was very clean and well-maintained.
photo 20160725_182455photo dsc_0344jpgphoto dsc_0345jpg

View from seat 32A. My dad was originally assigned to this seat but we switched, he knows I write flight reports and love to take pictures. I'm very happy that my dad is so supportive of my hobby, most of my flights these past years wouldn't have been possible without my dad. Appreciate it a lot dad! (He'll never read this though).
photo dsc_0346jpg

Boarding is almost completed.
photo 20160725_182550

The seat's armrest.
photo 20160725_182742photo 20160725_182748

Boarding was completed a few minutes later and the safety video started running on these overhead screens.
photo 20160725_183040

Pushback at 18:31 local time.
photo dsc_0351jpgphoto dsc_0352jpg

The Jumbohostel in the distance.
photo dsc_0353jpg

DHL 752.
photo dsc_0354jpg

HP (Amapola flyg) Fokker 50.
photo dsc_0355jpgphoto dsc_0356jpg

Nordica CR7.
photo dsc_0357jpg

Taxiing to runway 19R.
photo dsc_0358jpg

Lufthansa A321 rolling down 19R as LH2419 to Munich.
photo dsc_0359jpgphoto dsc_0360jpg

Starting our takeoff roll.
photo dsc_0362jpg

photo dsc_0364jpgphoto dsc_0365jpg

Terminal 4.
photo dsc_0366jpg

Terminal 2 and 3.
photo dsc_0367jpg

Cargo City Arlanda.
photo dsc_0368jpg

The Alfa and Beta long-term parking lots, it was fully booked according to Swedavia but I could still see a number of empty spots….
photo dsc_0369jpgphoto dsc_0370jpgphoto dsc_0371jpg

Stockholm Nord logistikcenter (Stockholm North logistics center) in Rosersberg.

Martin1405 managed to track my flight once again, thank you very much for tracking my flight! All FR24 screenshots provided in this series were taken by Martin1405.
photo img-20160725-wa0078

The safety card of this Boeing 767-300ER.
photo 20160725_184903_hdrphoto 20160725_184913photo 20160725_184919

Barf bag.
photo 20160725_184935

Business life magazine. 'Who says cash is dead?' on the cover. Card is definitely king in Sweden, I'm under 18 years old and NEVER pay with cash in Sweden, I haven't gote any notes and barely have any coins (I have more Euro coins than Swedish coins). I pay by card even if we're talking about buying candy for 5 SEK (USD 0,6/EUR 0,5).
photo 20160725_184954

Highlife shop magazine.
photo 20160725_185034photo dsc_0376jpg

Overhead bins.
photo dsc_0377jpg

Service began approximately 25 minutes after takeoff. Service consisted of a tiny chicken, salad and bacon roll with a muffin. OJ and coffee were selected for drinks. Me and my dad can't eat bacon so we asked if they had anything vegetarian, the first and worst FA on this flight just answered with 'No', another attentive FA said he'd check but later told us they had ran out of them. Catering was done in LHR, you are unable to pre-book special meals on most short-haul flights in Y (including this one) so there was nothing I could do about it. Air France's offering was more extensive even if I could have eaten that tiny chicken/bacon with salad roll.
photo 20160725_191337

The tiny roll with the muffin, I only had the muffin as I was unable to eat the roll with bacon. The muffin was pretty good and not too sweet. The diameter of these were approximately 2-3 cm (0,8 - 1,2 inches).
photo 20160725_191403

BA High Life magazine.
photo 20160725_192400

The High Life shop magazine with a different cover found behind dad's seat.
photo 20160725_192602

I charged my phone with my powerbank as always (since 12 July 2016).

Shots from the lavatory.

Cabin shot. Nothing was displayed on these overhead screens during the flight, except for BA's safety video.
photo 20160725_194259photo img-20160725-wa0085photo dsc_0382jpg

Slowing down and descending into London-Heathrow.
photo dsc_0384jpg

Air-to-air shot with a DY B738.
photo dsc_0386jpgphoto dsc_0388jpgphoto dsc_0389jpg

Looks like floating windmills.
photo dsc_0391jpg

photo dsc_0392jpg


photo dsc_0401jpg

Thames River with East Twickenham to the right and Richmond to the left.
photo dsc_0403jpg

Twickenham Stadium.
photo dsc_0405jpgphoto dsc_0406jpgphoto dsc_0407jpg

Landing on runway 27L, slowing down.
photo dsc_0409jpg

We took off from ARN 38 minutes late but managed to arrive with a minimal 8 minute delay.
photo dsc_0410jpgphoto dsc_0411jpgphoto dsc_0412jpg

Aeroflot A321.
photo dsc_0413jpg

Vacating runway 27L.
photo dsc_0414jpg

British Airways A321.
photo dsc_0415jpg

Taxiing to Terminal 5.
photo dsc_0417jpgphoto dsc_0418jpgphoto dsc_0419jpg

British Airways A319.
photo dsc_0420jpg

British Airways A321.
photo dsc_0422jpgphoto dsc_0424jpg

British Airways A319.
photo dsc_0425jpg

Iberia Express A320.
photo dsc_0427jpg

British Airways widebody planes at T5B.

We came to a final stop at 20:05 local time.
photo dsc_0435jpgphoto 20160725_211043

Walking to passport control.
photo 20160725_211122

Over 90% of the passengers from our flight seemed to be ending their trip in London rather than connecting to an onwards connecting flight.
photo 20160725_211342

It took roughly 15 minutes to go through the e-passport gates. Most of the passengers struggled getting through and seeked help from staff.
photo capture_2016-07-29-15-58-07-1photo 20160725_213218

Going down to the arrivals hall.
photo 20160725_213612

My dad had to visit the toilet before continuing to our hotel using the London Underground, the estimated travel time to our hotel was 1 hour 15 minutes.
photo 20160725_213637photo 20160725_214237

We purchased two Oyster cards for our stay in London and went to the Underground station located a few floors down.
photo 20160725_214542

Taking the lift to the station.
photo 20160725_215228photo 20160725_215643

Taking the Piccadilly line train at 22:00 local time, we would have to connect twice before arriving at our hotel.
photo 20160725_215911photo 20160725_220432

Connecting to another train.
photo 20160725_223345

Arriving at another station.
photo 20160725_224849

Connecting for the last time to a bus.
photo 20160725_225921

We finally made it to our hotel at 23:07 local time. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR :), have a good one and see you later!
photo 20160725_230752

Bonus from London:

Bonus : Click here display

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British Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Stockholm - ARN


London - LHR



A standard flight with BA, the main highlight of this flight was the Boeing 767. Most of the FAs were very attentive and friendly (except for one). The catering was okay, couldn't try the chicken and bacon roll. Seats were comfortable.

Cabin - Comfortable cabin a 2-3-2 layout, great amount of seat pitch for a short flight. Better than your standard A320s and 737s.

Cabin Crew - Very attentive and friendly cabin crew (except for one FA which seemed to be uninterested in everything).

Entertainment - Window view.

Meal/catering - The muffin was tasty and not too sweet. The chicken and bacon roll was tiny, I couldn't try it anyway and nothing vegetarian available on this flight. I was not able to pre-book anything on this short flight. Catering was loaded in LHR.

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The airline with the best average rating is British Airways with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 19 minutes.

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  • Comment 360434 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR! :)

    You were so lucky that you got a B763 on an European flight!

    I am glad you were able to do this trip because I was close to being canceled.

    90% LF on a B763 from ARN to LHR, that's really cool!

    Cabin doesn't look bad and it seems comfortable!

    "Entertainment - Window view" Hahahaha

    No problem for the screenshots! It's your turn on Monday ;)

    Card is definitely king in Sweden”
    - Unfortunately, I will pay with cash in Sweden. I can’t use my card for free there unfortunately. Cash is king in Germany, though.

    Well, it's unfortunate that they had no vegetarian meal for you and your dad....

    Thanks again!! See you (in 2 days)!! :)

    • Comment 360803 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you so much for your nice comment :).

      I'm very happy BA still sends it to ARN!

      Thank you, I really wasn't sure if we'd make it or not but we did at last :).

      "Cabin doesn't look bad and it seems comfortable!"
      - It was definitely more comfortable than your regular 320/737, seat pitch was great as well!

      "No problem for the screenshots! It's your turn on Monday ;)"
      - Yep, my turn today!

      Catering was only loaded in LHR, they usually have a salad but had probably ran out of it this time.

      Have a good one and see you tonight!

  • Comment 360807 by
    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Great FR buddy.

    Nice, deciding flights purely on the basis of aircraft type is the correct way to go! :D Good to know you had your B767 flight, its a pretty nifty aircraft.

    Great pictures, especially those of the wings! Rare to see a B763 without winglets these days. Unfortunate to know that food ran out on your flight and you could not have your choice of meal, while also being turned down by the crew member.

    Nice pictures and descriptions of the public transport systems, both in Stockholm and London. Having traveled on various public transport systems around the world, 'The Tube' remains elusive!

    Thanks again!


    • Comment 361954 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      Hahaha, thank you :).

      Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot :).

      "Rare to see a B763 without winglets these days."
      - Definitely!

      "Unfortunate to know that food ran out on your flight and you could not have your choice of meal, while also being turned down by the crew member."
      - Thankfully it was a short flight so food wasn't too important, I was slightly unlucky with that one crew member. The rest of the crew was very attentive and friendly though.

      Thank you so much once again! The tube is such a classic, I adore it haha.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 367000 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this series with us. 1300 SEK is not a bad fare from BA.

    I’m surprised the load was so heavy on your flight. When I did LHR-ARN, the Y load was close to 50%. Although the B763s are quite prehistoric, the pitch is very good on these planes.

    “Card is definitely king in Sweden”
    Different countries have very different cultures when it comes to this matter. Japan, for example, is still a cash first country and it isn’t uncommon for people to carry >$500k cash in their wallet.

    I thought I’ve seen more comprehensive catering on BA in the past. The lack of an option is a step back from what other carriers offer. Even though LH offers less quantity, they have always offered an option for the snack. I’m not surprised that they don’t offer pre-ordered special meals on short hops since it might be a nightmare for their catering, but this issue is usually resolved by offering more than one option or a very “PC” option that is tolerant of many dietary restrictions.

    T5 is definitely a sea of BA.

    You are lucky you are able to use the ePassport lines, my immigration experiences have been a nightmare the times I haven’t had the Fast Trak passes.

    Great bonus of London, too bad the weather was on the grey side while you were there.

    • Comment 368138 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      The pitch is definitely great in this plane, much more comfortable than flying with a 320 or 737.

      That is very true, wow that is very interesting! Thank you for sharing that info :).

      They were supposed to have a salad as a second option as offered on the inbound flight but they had ran out of them on this flight. All of the catering was done in LHR, I wonder if they would have loaded something in ARN if they arrived without the delay?


      Oh well, I can imagine how long that could have taken. The normal lines were EXTREMELY long if I remember correctly.

      Thank you very much!

      I thought I had replied to your comment but it doesn't look like it actually got posted.

      Have a good one, see you!

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