Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN598
Class Economy
Seat 35D
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 28 Aug 16, 18:10
Arrival at 28 Aug 16, 21:55
VN   #90 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 194 reviews
By 1007
Published on 18th September 2016
Hi, readers! This will be my 3rd report. This report is about flight VN598 from Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat International Airport to Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport. Hope you'll enjoy!

Arriving into Airport:
I arrived Tan Son Nhat International Airport at about 2:20 pm, 2 hours 55 minutes before my Scheduled Departure Time. We queued for 15 minutes to get our luggage delivered because there were many people and the staff was as slow as a snail. After checking in, we passed security in 15 minutes and I am airside before 3 pm.

Tan Son Nhat Airport's Control Tower
photo sgn control tower

Check-in place
photo ready to board

My Boarding Pass
photo 14316702_1577516459222189_167819666839121852_n

How to spend my time in the airport:
Since Tan Son Nhut Airport is a small airport, there is not much to see. I first went to our gate to check its position, then walked around. To spend the time, I ordered a cup of coffee at Illy, then did some plane spotting there.

Vietnam Airlines' new aircraft: A350-900
photo a350-900

Eva Air B777-300(ER)
photo eva air 77w

Phillipine Airlines' A321 and Singapore Airlines' A330-300
photo pal 321 and sia 772er

Eva Air B777-300(ER) and Kalitta Air B747
photo kalitta air 747

There is also a lounge for Skyteam members and Business class passengers.

Lounge for: Skyteam members and Business class passengers
photo skyteam lounge

At 4:45 pm, I went back to gate 9 and get to the toilet before boarding commenced. Information for flights departing from gate 9
photo gate 9

Wait for boarding:
When it was 5:05 pm, I felt strange because we should be boarding at this time. There was still NOTHING on the FIDS Panel. At 5:15 pm (STD), finally, the status showed up on the FIDS panel. The flight was delayed! There were NO announcements. Tan Son Nhat International Airport is EXTREMELY RESPONSIBLE. I am so amazed (sarcastic). Then, finally, at 5:50 pm, we started to board.

Delayed… you should told us earlier…
photo fids departure

Taxi and takeoff:
At 6:11 pm, we started taxiing. After 10 minutes, we entered the middle of the runway and stayed for 3 minutes. At 6:24 pm, "Vietnam Airlines 598, cleared for takeoff." Takeoff was smooth. The views of Ho Chi Minh City is amazing.

Seeing another Vietnam Airlines flight on the plane…
photo taxiing

Control panel for listening to different things (ONLY in Vietnamese)
photo channel control

5 minutes after departure, the seatbelt sign was off, and meals were distributed. Same as last time, flight crews' mouth are stuck with AA Glue, handing out menu and meals with one hand and without a word, and since there is only ONE menu, delaying the meal delivering progress. Despite this is a 2 hrs 30 mins flight, you still should not have so fewer menus! You should have at least 28 of that menu (because there are 28 rows in the economy class section). If you want a bun, ask yourself, please. A drink, same as last time's choices, and a plain yogurt is also distributed. This time, the meal served is dinner, and the choice of rice and congee is provided. The rice is a lot better than the noodle last time. There are no improvements about the fruit. Flight crews also distributed tea and coffee after the meal service.

12 minutes after departure, the seatbelt sign was on again because of turbulence. It was on for 28 minutes. At 7:06 pm, the captain came on the PA, and told us about some flight information: We are at 33,000 ft (10km, 10000m, fl330), it is 30 degrees in Hong Kong and winds are blowing at 270 degrees (West) at 8km/h. The flight is eventful. 38 minutes later, seatbelt sign is on again, then off after 12 minutes. Another 24 minutes passes, it was on again! A lot of slight turbulence along the way. The seat belt sign was on until landing. There are lots of traffic in Hong Kong airport, so we did 2-3 loops.

After 2 hours 23 minutes in the air, we landed very bumpily and I almost bumped into the seat in front of me despite I wore my seatbelt. We taxied for 8 minutes and arriving at gate 109 at 9:56 pm, a 1 hour and 1-minute delay. We will have to take the bus to the terminal since this is a remote stand, pass through immigration, reclaim my luggage, and pass through customs before arriving landside.

Thanks for looking at my flight report, Hope you enjoyed it. Please give comments!
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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew2.0

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


Hong Kong - HKG



Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat International Airport: A very small airport. The immigration officers (departure) side are not friendly. No announcements about delays, very responsible. Check FIDS for your own good.

Flight: Better than last time, but still not good. No one welcomed passengers despite we are boarding on a jetbridge. Flight is bumpy, we experienced much turbulence and the seatbelt was on and off for many times. Takeoff and landing are perfect and smooth. Food is a lot better despite the fruit is still sour. The seat is very normal (Seat width is 18 inches and Seat Pitch is 32 inches). I will not travel with them except if the airfare is really cheap and if I am forced to do so. They had lost a customer.

Hong Kong International Airport: Clean and hygienic. Buses are ready for picking the passengers up to the main terminal for immigration and baggage reclaim. We had to wait for the luggage for 30 mins, which is quite long. Overall, Hong Kong International Airport is good.

Information on the route Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Hong Kong (HKG)


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