Review of Hong Kong Airlines flight Auckland Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Hong Kong Airlines
Flight HX22
Class Economy
Seat 54B
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 11:46
Take-off 03 Nov 17, 10:10
Arrival at 03 Nov 17, 16:56
HX 24 reviews
By 2956
Published on 3rd December 2017
Hi readers! This will be my return trip from Auckland back to Hong Kong. Flight itinerary is as follows:

HX21: HKG - AKL, 24/10/2017, 15:50 - 08:00+1 (15:49 - 07:29+1), 11H10M (10H40M), A330-200, 52D, Y
HX22: AKL - HKG, 03/11/2017, 10:15 - 16:30 (10:10 - 16:56), 11H15M (11H46M), A330-200, 54B, Y

As this is an early flight, I have to wake up at 04:15, do a final check on my luggage, have breakfast, and leave for the airport.

I guarantee I will miss the view
photo imag1260 edit

I arrived Auckland Airport about 20 mins before check in.

Flight panel
photo imag1262

I completed the immigration form and lined up for check in at 07:21 (since the load for today is high, so there are many people waiting). Finally, at 08:00, my turn to check in!

Waiting for check in
photo imag1263 edit

Check in has started
photo imag1264 edit

Flight ticket
photo imag1265 edit

After checking in, I went to pass immigration. I passed the metal detector successfully, but my belongings almost did not. My belongings was stuck in the middle of the the metal detector for almost half a minute. Luckily, it came out successfully.

Successfully crossing the immigration, I first headed to the gate to check its location. Then I walked around the mini terminal and did some plane spotting.

ANZ B787-9
photo imag1266

Bye, ANZ B777-219ER!
photo imag1269

Sorry for no photos of the terminal, but nothing special: A lounge, 10 gates, a fast food shop, and a souvenir shop, which is terribly expensive.

After a while, I returned to the gate. Boarding is about to start.

Aircraft for today's flight, an A330-200.
photo imag1267

I was one of the economy passengers boarding first, as I am sitting at the back of the plane.

We pushbacked 5 minutes early, at 10:10am. At 10:16am, taxiing was approved. We headed to runway 05R. 10 minutes later, at 10:26, "Bauhinia 22, you're cleared for takeoff." We took to the skies and Hong Kong, here I come!

On the takeoff roll
photo imag1271

After takeoff
photo imag1272

We broke through the clouds.

Clear skies
photo imag1274

I started my first and only movie, Sherlock episode 1. I am a Sherlock fan (Shorter way to say, I am Sherlocked).

Let's start!
photo imag1275

Good morning Hong Kong. Breakfast time!
photo imag1278

A passenger in front of me did not upright his seat upon knowing that I am about to start eating. The FA saw that and told him to upright his seat. She's very observant!

photo imag1279

photo imag1280

As expected, the passenger recline his seat fully after meal service, making it extremely inconvenient for me and my seatmate to access the aisle.
photo imag1281

Until half the flight, my seatmate cannot tolerate it. I then told the inconsiderate passenger with my Hong Kong accent mandarin "Excuse me sir, can you please upright your seat a little bit? We can't access the aisle." He then reluctantly upright his seat. I could clearly see his dissatisfaction, but this is not the important thing. The important thing is that what I want to happen, happened.

After he upright his seat, I went to the toilet.
photo imag0826photo imag0827

Soon, the seat belt sign turned on. We are crossing one of the most turbulent places on earth: the Equator.

Here we go!
photo imag1282

Successfully crossed the Equator.
photo imag1283

Soon, we flew over Philippines.

The islands
photo imag1287

Luzon island
photo imag1289photo imag1291

2 hours prior to landing, lunch started.

photo imag1292

photo imag1293photo imag1302

Finally, my destination, Hong Kong, appeared in the distance info!
photo imag1294

Descending initially to FL 350
photo imag1295

Descending through about 8,000 ft
photo imag1302

Descending through about 3,000 ft. The reflection of the sea is so beautiful!
photo imag1303

Descending through about 600 ft. Cleared to land.
photo imag1307

We did a smooth landing at 16:50 HK time, then taxiied to gate. We arrived gate 210 at 16:56. Flight time 11H46M.

After leaving the plane, I took the automatic train back to the main terminal, crossed the immigration, and waited for my luggage.

Damn, luggage delay!
photo imag1308

At 18:02, the display said all luggage arrived, but my luggage isn't here! I thought it was left in AKL Airport. Finally, after a long wait, my luggage arrived!

Thanks for reading my flight report! Stay tuned for more!

Little story in the middle of the flight

Some time into the flight, my seatmate was uncomfortable. He seemed to have caught a cold. As I went into the galley, the seat belt sign turned on. I asked the FAs "Can you give me a hot cup of tea?" She replied "Sorry Sir, the seat belt sign is on." "My friend caught a cold and he is feeling very uncomfortable. Please, give me a cup of hot tea." Finally, she gave way and I got the cup of hot tea for my seatmate. Thumbs up for that FA!
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Hong Kong Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Auckland - AKL


Hong Kong - HKG



Flight: Nice and enjoyable flight. Food is decent, coffee is smooth and tasty! In Flight Entertainment is easy to control, and there is a wide range of films, movies, shows, and music! Last but not least, observant, polite, caring, and nice FAs! Definitely will choose HX again!

AKL: Terminal that is small. Product in shops are ridiculously expensive! Immigration is strict, which is a nice thing. Crossing the immigration requires a lot of time. It is recommended to arrive the airport earlier for your flight.

HKG: Clean and convenient airport. However, luggage delay is too often...... But overall, nice airport!

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