Review of VietjetAir flight Chu Lai Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline VietjetAir
Flight VJ375
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 25 Jul 16, 09:15
Arrival at 25 Jul 16, 10:15
VJ 34 reviews
By 812
Published on 17th August 2016
VietJet Air (VJ) is a low-cost carrier in Vietnam (or new generation carrier as VietJet Air claims). VJ network has expanded recently and it has become a big competitor to the flag carrier Vietnam Airlines.

***Video flight report is below

This time, after visiting Tam Thanh Mural Village (video below), a joint project of Vietnam and Korea in Tam Ky City (Quang Nam Province), I flew back to Ho Chi Minh City from Chu Lai Airport (that served Tam Ky City).

Chu Lai Airport is a small local airport which is 30km away from Tam Ky City. Previously, it served only ATR-72 flight by Vietnam Airlines and VASCO from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

photo vj-vclsgn01photo vj-vclsgn04

Recently, Vietnam Airlines left the Ho Chi Minh City - Chu Lai route to its sister carrier, the Jetstar Pacific (BL). So now Chu Lai serves Ho Chi Minh City route with 2 carriers VietJet Air and Jetstar Pacific. They both operate Airbus A320s. For Hanoi - Chu Lai route, there are 3 carriers: Vietnam Airlines (operates Airbus A321), VietJet Air and Jetstar Pacific.

Since the airport is new to Airbus A320/321 (with Vietnam Airlines Business Class seats and VietJet Air Skyboss), Chu Lai Airport established CIP lounges. They're Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge anf VietJet Air Skyboss Lounge.

I arrived at the airport quite early in the morning so that I could take photos and shooting videos for my flight report. Not many people there and I quickly finished my check-in and passed the security clearance. The check-in staff was very friendly.

photo vj-vclsgn02photo vj-vclsgn03

My seat for VJ flight was 3F in Skyboss rows. I didn't buy Skyboss ticket, just the seat. I went straight into the Lotus Lounge and there was no one there. The check-in agent told me that if I want to access the lounge, I can pay a small amount of money. I went out and asked the staff if anyone took care of the lounge. A lady came in and she said I could pay 150,000 VND (6,7 USD) for lounge access. Since there's no restaurant or cafe in the airside of the airport, I think this price is acceptable for a quite place to relax while waiting for the flight. If I fly with Vietnam Airlines, I can access this lounge easily since I have Platinum card but unfortunately, there's no Vietnam Airlines flight from Chu Lai to Ho Chi Minh City.

The food in the Lotus Lounge is simple. Just some plates of fruits and snacks. There was tea but no coffee. Soft drinks and beer were also available.

The interior of the lounge is kinda funny also. It looks like a living room of a ordinary house in Vietnam, doesn't look like an airport lounge.

Then, I found out that the Skyboss Lounge by VietJet Air is next door, connected with Lotus Lounge by lounge's restroom. There's no one in the Skyboss Lounge. I think there's not many people buying Skyboss ticket on this local route. VJ Skyboss is not so special. You will seat in the front rows of the Airbus A320 in 3-3 seat configuration. Nothing 's special. You will also have a free meal, free check-in baggage and of course lounge access. VJ's Skyboss ticket is as expensive as Vietnam Airlines business class ticket. Of course, for the same price, people will choose Vietnam Airlines.

VietJet Air Skyboss Lounge is next door:
photo vj-vclsgn11photo vj-vclsgn12photo vj-vclsgn15

Just for photography, I didn't eat them all:
photo vj-vclsgn13


The flight was on time. Passengers walk through the tarmac to board the plane. It was a Freebird Airlines. VJ wet-leased this plane from Freebird. Well, I love the plane as the seats are much more comfortable than other VJ Airbus A320s. The seat pockets were moved up so you have more space for leg rest.

For the cabin crew, there were 2 Turkish attendants and 2 Vietnamese. It was like flying a foreign airline, not Vietnamese airline haha.

Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321:
photo vj-vclsgn24

The flight took off and not long after that, the flight attendants served pre-booked meal. Of course other passengers can purchase inflight meal that was available in the menu also. I also booked the meal in advanced. Not many choices for pre-booked meals. I book the so-called "Singapore noodle". It was yummy by the way. The combo came with a water bottle.

The flight was only 1 hour. I landed at Tan Son Nhat Intl Airport on time and went outside the terminal immediately since I didn't have check-in baggage.

photo vj-vclsgn26photo vj-vclsgn27photo vj-vclsgn28

About to land in Ho Chi Minh City:

photo vj-vclsgn29

VietJet Air Airbus A320 with Panasonic livery:

photo vj-vclsgn31

Thanks for read my flight report. Here are videos about my flight and Tam Thanh Mural Village.

Bonus video about Tam Thanh Mural Village:

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Cabin crew8.0

Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge


Chu Lai - VCL


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



An experience in VietJet Air flight from small local airport Chu Lai to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). The report features simply and small CIP lounge at Chu Lai Airport as well as wet-leased Airbus A320 from Freebird. Generally, I love the flight as well as the small airport.



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    Pilpintu SILVER 780 Comments

    Thanks for this beautiful FR!

    What a handsome boarding pass!

    I go green with envy when I see all the different kinds of fruit you have in tropical countries. That frut at the Lotus Lounge looks delicious!

    The pre-booked food looks great!

    I will never complain again about the excess of advertising in low cost flights after seeing that Panasonic VietJet aircraft!!

    I loved the mural village video. I'm not a fan of street art at all, but I can see there are real artists waiting to be discovered there!!

    Thanks again! =)

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