Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Toronto in Business

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO45
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 08:30
Take-off 27 Feb 16, 17:10
Arrival at 27 Feb 16, 19:40
LO   #63 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
By 3083
Published on 2nd September 2016
This series of flight reports chronicles my journey from Europe back to North America. The first portion of the flight was purchased from a cheap LOT fare sale between Zurich and Toronto, with a continuing flight to Vancouver on AC on a separate ticket. Like my previous TR, the journey can also be read in my blog for the original format.

The flights for this journey was as follow:
LX1348 ZRH-WAW - Please read it here
LO045 WAW-YYZ - Current Report
AC149 YYZ-YVR - Please read it here

photo 26117056474_f627159398_b
Magazine shelves in the Bolero Lounge

There are 2 lounge for Business class passengers to use while transiting with LOT in Warsaw Chopin airport. One is the LOT Polish lounge before the Schengen passport check and another is the Bolero lounge after passport check for international departures. Since I had plenty of time before my connecting flight, I checked into the LOT Polish operated lounge first, and with the review of this lounge conducted once before, I would not write about it again, though would add some new photos of the LOT Polish lounge and its food offerings.

photo 27515479810_48eba487b5_b
Inside the LOT Polish lounge within the Schengen departure area

I had some snacks in the LOT Polish lounge and decided to head over to the Bolero lounge, where there is another passport check before leaving the Schengen region for an international flight. Fortunately there was no queue though the immigration guy seems confused about my travels. It took a while before he figured it out and cleared me through.

photo 26450859790_69f047ae31_b
Entrance to the Bolero lounge for international departures

The lounge was easy to find with signs and located one floor down. This meant a different view from the LOT Polish lounge which is located one floor up from the main floor. In fact the LOT Polish lounge has no view whatsoever. And the Bolero lounge also functions as a contract lounge to several international airlines flying into Warsaw.

photo 26697529556_10014f5a86_b
Airlines using the Bolero lounge

There is a lounge reception by the door of the lounge and I was let in after showing my boarding pass. Next to the reception counter there is several workstation cubicles with a green wall.

photo 26630028112_ab587bb81e_b
Workstations with a green wall

Compared to the LOT Polish lounge, the Bolero lounge is definitely smaller. There is a bar area right beside the workstations with the lounge chairs spread across from the bar.

photo 26119912033_9bf312b908_b
Lounge foyer from the workstation

photo 26630025842_503716bfd4_b
Bar counter

The lounge area can be split into 3 sections with the main central section located between the tarmac and the windows. By the windows there is another lounge section.

photo 26117050474_5cdcdfacb4_b
Lounge interior

Finally, there is another section at the end close to the bathroom and shower area. This section has some dining tables and another bar setup. There is a flight information display in the middle section and the lounge was generally quite full in the afternoon with not much free seating space. Lone travellers would probably need to share if heading to this lounge in the afternoon.

photo 26450866150_c119b8cc18_b
Central lounge section with flight information display

As I mentioned, there is a shower area and bathroom at the end of the lounge. The area is nicely appointed with the bathroom sinks being the first space upon entering. There is natural light in the bathroom sinks as it faces the tarmac.

photo 26117039504_e5d3198ec8_b
Bathroom sinks

Beyond that there is a shower room that offers guests privacy. I like the shower room here better than the one in the LOT Polish lounge. It just seems brighter with a spacious walk-in shower equipped with a rain shower. It also has its own sink and toilet.

photo 26450848650_4004fd69d0_b
Shower room in the Bolero lounge

In terms of food, I think both are about the same in terms of quality and variety. There are a couple of hot food like quiches and bacon rolls along with one type of soup. Given that the timing is between lunch and dinner, there was enough for a snack.

photo 26630031912_4cf4ded67e_b
Quiche and bacon roll

photo 26723531385_da15ac5d8f_b
Soup pot and condiments

This lounge also has the sweet chocolate wafers and other snacks which was more or less similar to the one in the LOT Polish lounge.

photo 26117061654_227c25157d_b
Chocolates and snacks

For beverages there are the usual juices, iced tea and water in a jug along with some salad and yogurts in the fridge.

photo 26723531765_ba18342839_b
Juice and tea

A selection of wines and liquors are displayed by the bar and free for guests to consume. There is also chilled beer and soft drinks in the fridge below the buffet counter.

photo 26117061004_1ebf27cce5_b
Wine and liquors

photo 26657367491_5a6950890d_b
Beer in the fridge

Compared to the LOT Polish lounge, the Bolero Executive Lounge feels more or less similar. With more guetss in the smaller footprint, it can get quite crowded inside. The fact that it is a contract lounge serving multiple airlines and open to pass users, they offer adequate food and beverage but it can be a bit of a squeeze and for that I suggest passengers with a long layover to head to the LOT Polish lounge instead since the food and beverages are about the same.

photo 26630035272_9a96f0b34b_b
Dining section at the end of the lounge

Considering the small Bolero lounge and I was getting quite bored, I head to the gate earlier than usual. Since the gate in Warsaw is such that passengers cannot get a nice direct view of the airplane, I was lucky to capture a nicer photo of the 787 in the sunset before reaching the gate. I got seated beside the boarding counter and noticed that they have yet to start boarding at the time listed on the boarding pass.

photo 27693408272_eb375b325c_b
LOT 787 in the sunset at Warsaw Chopin airport

In fact, the agents were proactively offering passengers waiting by the gate if they wanted to upgrade to business class. There seems to be some delay here for boarding, as it was a good 10-15 minutes before they got around to board the Business class, HON Circle, Star Gold and Premium economy passengers at the same time. It was fortunate I was close to the entryway so that I manage to be one of the first to few to board.

photo 27694397652_6c607c5336_b
Waiting to board by the gate

LO045 Warsaw Chopin WAW - Toronto Pearson YYZ
STD-STA: 1650-2020
Actual: 1711-1942
Boeing 787-8 SP-LRE
Gate 23 Seat 3F

photo 27183130024_f8a6cd9653_b
Small Business class cabin onboard the 787

LOT Polish has a standard lie-flat Business class which is quite small as it comprises of only 3 rows of seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. The airline is positioned in the mid-tier and the service was basic for Business class passengers. On the seat itself, there is that 'table cloth' looking thing that functions like a bed sheet, a blanket and an amenity kit.

photo 27516579250_d4303f0513_b
Business class seat 3E and F

Beverages of water, champagne or orange juice were offered and the crew were just doing their routine service with no small talk in between. Instead of the usual hot towel, there is a small pack of refreshing towel. There was no special greeting for any of the Polish passengers either. Cabin crew also came around with tray of newspapers and magazines, though the magazines are all in Polish language only.

photo 27794778175_69cd8426ce_b
View from seat 3F

Next, an amuse bouche of coconut prawn with spicy sauce was offered while passengers were still boarding. This was no issue as the boarding for Economy class was done on the door behind row 3. The amuse bouche tasted not bad at all. Menus for the flight and and dinner orders were taken after that since the boarding process took a while. With the time on the ground, I checked the contents of the amenity kit, which was a lot nicer than the one I received on my last LOT flight into Warsaw. It seems flights out of Warsaw gets the nicer amenity kits with more generous contents.

photo 27794778815_97ae9c415b_b
Amuse bouche onboard LOT Business Class

photo 27719925851_244b1af75a_b
Inside the amenity kit

After all the passengers have boarded,the front cabin was more than half full but I got an empty seat beside me, giving me both aisle and window access.

photo 27516583870_8b08715534_b
Legroom shot

During the taxi, the safety video was screened for business class and then separately afterwards for the back cabin. That was certainly a weird process and LOT was one of the airlines I have seen this before.

photo 27516582600_ba542ea9e0_b
Seat back monitors

While the take-off was quick which was expected of a smaller European airport like Warsaw, the Captain announcement upon reaching cruising altitude was very long and slow. The captain did indicate an expected arrival time of 7:50pm which was earlier than expected even with out slightly delayed departure.

photo 27516595580_b662240937_b
Sunset take-off

Immigration forms and hot towels were then distributed after the seat belt signs are turned off.

photo 27760577806_003e21485e_b
Immigration form to Canada

Aperitif orders were taken though I was surprised they did not take it with the meal order while on the ground. The full beverage menu is as follow:

Since I am onboard a Polish flight, I ordered the mead, only to discover it taste a bit like cough syrup if I must say. Thus I was glad to have the drinks served with a ramekin of cashews, since needless to say, I did not enjoy the mead at all. Fortunately, I also ordered a blackcurrant juice to go along with snack.

photo 27183829763_144688157c_b
Nuts, mead and blackcurrant juice

photo 27719926711_d57321069a_b
Over the ear headphones

With a shorter trans-Atlantic flight, the meal was served shortly after that and the menu for the flight was as follow:

photo 26657387531_e0c64ba99e_bphoto 26117081314_7423860488_b

Bread was offered from the basket and the sesame roll was tasty and recommended. There was whole wheat slices too. Salad was served as starters and it came with olives and pine nuts while the other plate held the salt and pepper shakers with butter and olive oil.

photo 27794783515_364394cf63_b
Salad and bread

I had the tomato soup for my appetizer, and the soup was fresh and hearty. Garnished with tortilla chips and spinach, the soup has excellent texture and flavour.

photo 27694411842_25c3060279_b
Tomato cream soup

Service and menu orders starts from the A rows from front to back and that meant I was served last, though I did not really have to wait a long time. Main course of Gołąbki was recommended by the crew member as a Polish specialty and it was the dish that I ordered. The main course was a bit like meat balls and I would appreciate more gravy but the dish was good. As the portion was not large and I was feeling hungry, I cleared the plate.

photo 27760585566_36d97f309a_b
Meat stuffed cabbage in mushroom sauce

Dessert tray has a selection of cheese, fruits and cakes. There was tiramisu, chocolate mousse and cheesecake on offer and I had the tiramisu with some fruits and a chocolate covered strawberry on the side. The dessert tray was good though the portions of the meal could have been better in my opinion.

photo 27794785215_cbc5493c26_b
Dessert and fruit

After the meal, I head off to the lavatory to clean my teeth and amenities inside the lavatory was decent, which is comparable to other second tier carriers. That means there are the usual lotion and refreshing towels with the lavatory maintained well enough. Do not expect any premium brands inside.

photo 27183139554_6b013e3116_b
Lavatory amenities

Back at my seat, I had to prepare my own bed as I switched my seat to the lie-flat mode. This is after all, Business class! Though I was not yet feeling sleepy and I continued to watch my movie and asked for a cup of tea. A lie-flat seat and a decent inflight entertainment with some movies and TV shows is all it takes to make a flight comfortable but to make a flight great, there are obviously other things at play.

photo 27794785605_8da3ff0fb2_b
Lie-flat seat for the journey

photo 27183138914_a9f6260ed8_b
Tea service

The flight continued on and I was still able to see some sunlight as we cruised past Iceland. This allowed me to take some nice shots from the air. I always enjoy seeing things from up in the air as I wonder about the people living in these parts and maybe plan for my next adventure. Being night time, I was also able to spot the settlements as it was lit up!

photo 27719941291_3386f8cabf_b
Town of Siglufjörður

Eventually with the cabin light already dimmed, the majority of the passengers have gone to sleep though some were still awake and that is one of the drawbacks of this cabin. The lack of privacy also meant the light diffuses easily onto the rest of the cabin. A herringbone cabin design adds more partition that cocoons each passenger, though not this one.

photo 27694417162_fda2192212_b
Dark cabin for sleeping

I had a couple of hours of sleep that was adequate since it would be night time in Toronto when I arrive. I woke up in time for the crew to offer snacks and drinks before they served dinner. Though I noted that some passengers were still asleep at this time. A blackcurrant juice and another small ramekin of cashews were placed on the table.

photo 27183143144_e36f7c09ec_b
Pre-arrival snack

Shortly after a light dinner meal that was carb-heavy was served. There was no choice for passengers and a tray consisting of the salad, appetizer, a main course, a fruit salad and 2 chocolates was placed on the table. The dish was cafeteria grade and nothing exciting. Though it did keep me from becoming hungry and I was able to survive the night without any more dinner, since I just wanted some sleep after the trans-Atlantic flight.

photo 27694419872_a67e8959ab_b
Dinner service before landing

After the dinner service the crew cleared the tray and it was a bit chaotic with the crew busy preparing for descent and passengers hurriedly heading to the lavatory to freshen up. It was appreciated when the crew came around with candies to thank every Business class passenger as we started our descent into Toronto. The landing was smooth as we made a short taxi into the gate. Even the immigration was not that long as Business class passengers had priority disembarking. However there was a wait for the luggage and I did not notice a crack in my luggage until I arrived at the airport hotel.

photo 26450896900_5e2a6a457f_b
Candy before arrival

For this flight, the nicer amenities and tastier food onboard made it a good flight. Especially with the prices LOT offers, the flight seems to be a good value. There was really nothing to complain about for this flight, since their customer service agent handled my request for the damaged luggage promptly and I was reimbursed fairly since the luggage was beyond repair. However I have nothing really good to say about LOT Polish as an airline either and would probably rank them on par with China Eastern and Malaysia Airlines, amongst the airlines I have tried. That means fly with them if the price is cheap, otherwise give them a pass.

photo 27516615060_95e699d7a7_b
Flying with LOT
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LOT Polish

Cabin crew7.0

Polish Airports State Company Bolero Executive Lounge (Non-Schengen)


Warsaw - WAW


Toronto - YYZ



A nicer amenity kit and tasty catering out of Warsaw (which is LOT's home base) meant the flight on LOT was not bad at all. There was a lie-flat seat and the price for their flight to North America is quite worth it for the seat and the space. A less-crowded cabin made the experience more pleasant too. I would still continue to fly them if their prices remains the same though if their competitors have the same fare, I am inclined to try other airlines as well just for the experience. Overall, it was an average flight with nothing bad but nothing outstanding either.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LOT Polish avec 7.1/10.

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  • Comment 365445 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6921 Comments
    Beautiful report as always. With the lower prices, LOT Business is a good option across the pond, but the lack of aisle access may be a deterrent for the more discerning business travellers. I've tried these seats on other airlines in Business and found them quite comfortable with lots of space. These are perfect when travelling with someone else. When flying alone for business, however, not so much. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 365505 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      These business class seats seems to be quite common on the 787s. CZ, MF (Xiamen), and Ethiopian, I think, uses them on the 787s. Like you said, it is spacious and nice when travelling as a couple, but not alone. In my case, I had no one seated on this flight next to me so it was great too.
  • Comment 365485 by
    757Fan 633 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report of your flight with LOT in Business Class. It looks like a pretty good product! The food presentation look quite nice, and the seats look to be comfortable. Also, you get to be on a Dreamliner which is an airplane I would like to fly on sometime soon.

    Great pictures as always as well too!
    • Comment 365507 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      Yes, I was quite pleased with LOT on this flight, though their flight in the opposite direction (ie. WAW to YYZ) was quite disappointing. Having taken the Dreamliner a couple of times, I can't say it is my favourite aircraft to take since I found it to be over-hyped. The A380 on the other hand is probably the best aircraft to fly on, and is certainly worthy of the hype, so it is a shame not many carriers are buying them anymore
  • Comment 365508 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    A previous report on LO's J class was more flattering.
    As you say, with an basic seat and a basic meal, if you don't have a great it will not make for a special experience.
    But if the price is right...

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