Review of China Eastern flight Beijing Xi'an in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU2106
Class Economy
Seat 56J
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 15 Jul 16, 10:50
Arrival at 15 Jul 16, 12:55
MU   #62 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 164 reviews
By 1128
Published on 29th August 2016
Welcome to this short report, the third leg of my recent trip to China.

This flight takes takes me from Beijing Capital to Xi'an with China Eastern. Below is the list of flights for this trip

MAN-AMS KL1082 - see here
AMS-PEK CZ346 - see here
PEK-XIY MU2106 - this report

This was my first trip with colleagues where I have taken photos for a report. I was a little embarrassed about doing it and hence I didn't take as many photos as usual - sorry. To make up for it here's a few tourist bonus pictures of Beijing and the Great Wall of China. Beijing has plenty to see and I hope to go back there soon to have a look at a few other sights if I get the chance. I'll try not to go in July again as it was a little too hot for me at 38C. The only other problem is the large number of tourists where ever you go in the city. Luckily we chose a spot on the wall around three hours from Beijing which meant we had the place almost to ourselves which was fantastic.

Back to the flight report.

We arrived at the airport sing the metro and the airport express dropping us off at the terminal. Unfortunately, we weren't flying from the impressive Terminal 3, instead our flight was from the older Terminal 2.

I used the VIP check-in counter as I am Skyteam Priority, so check-in and security passed without too much hassle (sorry I was too embarrassed and busy sorting everyone out at this point to take photos).

Airside there are a number of restaurants including McDonalds.

photo img_6066

There wasn't much for me to eat being vegetarian so I ended up with a (pretty rubbish) sandwich.

photo img_6068

Here's the view

photo img_6067

After a few more minutes our gate was called. We would be bussed to out lane for this flight.

When we arrived the gate was already showing final boarding. You have to be on the ball in this place.

photo img_6069

Off we went

photo img_6070

Here's our aircraft for today.

photo img_6071photo img_6072

The welcome on board wasn't anything special.

I took my seat in 56J. They have a strange system of seat numbers. After two rows of "first class", the economy seats begin with row 30 seats A,B,C & ,J,K,L

photo img_6073photo img_6075

The usual magazines and safety card were provided.

photo img_6074

The safety information was given on a recorded video in Chinese and English

photo img_6076

Take-off was approximately on time. Once we were up in the air the meal service began. The meal was of a decent size for such a relatively short flight. Unfortunately, the China Eastern website is almost impenetrable and I was unable to order a vegetarian meal (or pick seats) online. The only option would have been to call the airline in China, which I couldn't be bothered to do knowing the price of the call and potential lack of english spoken.

Here's the (meaty) meal which I passed to my colleague in exchange for another bread roll

photo img_6077photo img_6078photo img_6079

The remainder of the flight passed without particular note, arriving on time in Xi'an

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China Eastern

Cabin crew5.0

Beijing - PEK


Xi'an - XIY



A pretty standard flight with China Eastern, the crew were average.

Terminal 2 at Beijing is ok, but could do with a wider selection of services.

The meal looked ok, but due to the terrible website I was unable to order a vegetarian meal so ended up with bread

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  • Comment 365045 by
    Scott05 564 Comments

    Thank you for this FR !
    Very nice pictures of your trip.
    No need to be embarassed, it's a way of advertising our strange passion for travel ;)
    The terminal in PEK is unimpressive, it's a shame all the operations aren't grouped in the large T3.
    Nice A321 with sharklets and modern cabin.
    As usual Asian airlines provide a much better soft product with a proper meal. You couldn't do much about the lack of veggie options.

  • Comment 365103 by
    KL651 TEAM 4505 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Nice bonus. Beijing is city to visit in the fall or spring I guess.
    Chinese airlines all have impossible websites for non chinese speakers...
    Nevertheless the catering is good for such a flight.

  • Comment 365641 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5363 Comments

    Looks like a pretty complete FR to me! Everything is there that should be :-)
    Seems like good service for Economy, overall.
    Nice bonus pics. Seems like the weather was nice with no smog ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 365781 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Thanks for the comment, yes the service was quite good for this short haul flight.

      I was quite lucky with the weather, the day I arrived was a little smoggy, but there was some early morning rain the next day which cleared the air.

  • Comment 365648 by
    marathon SILVER 9604 Comments

    Which section of the Great Wall did you visit ? I do not recognize it.
    You were right not to go to the always overcrowded Badaling section, anyway.

    So-called "Final boarding" can last quite a long time in China, in my experience.

    Economy seats starts at Row 31 (not 30) in quite a number of Chinese airlines. My uneducated guess is that it helps the staff know at a glance if the seat is Economy or Business, no matter the type of aircraft.

    I don't know if you can order a vegetarian meal on domestic flights. (I agree that MU's website is terrible)
    The one which was served was typical of a Chinese domestic flight.

    Thanks for sharing !

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