Review of LATAM flight Santiago Iquique in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA162
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 11 Jan 17, 06:50
Arrival at 11 Jan 17, 09:20
LA   #81 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 123 reviews
Published on 25th January 2017

The driest place in the world?

If you studied English as a foreign language at school, you probably heard this question in that lesson about superlatives:

"What is the driest place in the world?"

And you might remember when the teacher's pet raised his hand and replied "The driest place in the world is the Atacama desert".* And you felt miserable when he added a new praise sticker to his collection.

Never mind. He might be making millions now leading some international corporation, but you are the one who will visit this land of superlatives right now, as you read about my flight to Iquique (IQQ), a beach city in the north of Chile, surrounded by the driest desert in the world.

This is leg 2 of 7 of this trip:
photo mapa  viaje 02
If you like, you can also read the reports for legs 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

The most sluggish website in the world - Getting my ticket

Talking about superlatives, several months before the flight I type "" into my web browser, press enter, and go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee while their homepage finishes loading.

Yes, LATAM's website drives me nuts, but the prices are still great. 95 USD—fees, taxes, and checked baggage included—for a 1500km round trip to a popular summer destination in the middle of the high season sounds OK, doesn't it?

I am allowed to choose my seat immediately. This is an early morning flight and I'm heading north, so I choose a window on the left in order to avoid the intense sunlight from the east. I'm afraid I won't see much more than the ocean this time, though. Will be different on the way back. ^^
photo seat2b

Here's the complete seat map for this A321 flight one month before ETD.
photo seats
The seat next to me is still empty. Stay like that, please!!

The most hated passenger in the world - Checking in

48 hours before ETD.

I'll use my cellphone to check in this time.

Even though I am registered with LATAM, I still have to enter all my personal information on LATAM's app. Due to security concerns, I suppose.
photo details

The app is outdated. There are no long distance calls within Chile now. All calls are local. A box for a city code is redundant.

I can change my seat or keep the one I chose when I bought the ticket. Let's see the seat map.

Wait… what?! I can't believe it!
photo seatmap01photo seatmap02
Noooooo!!! Someone has taken 4B next to me!!!

Who on earth takes a middle seat when there are dozens of other free seats available on a plane, huh? WHO!!

But he will pay dearly for his audacity! I will go to the restroom every ten minutes!


Er… my boarding pass:
photo bpiqq

The reddest eyes in the world - Night at the airport

I still regret my decision to spend the night at the airport. If you read my previous report, you know that I am making a stop at SCL because there are no direct flights from my hometown to Iquique. The thing is, I thought I would be able to sleep like this lady…
photo dsc08239

…and like dozens of others who spent the night in a dedicated area of the airport, which, in spite of being "dedicated", has nothing to make it more comfortable. It's just a corner of the airport from which the guard won't shoo you away if you decide to sleep there.

The thing is… the floor was too hard for me and the seats, so comfortable to sit in, turned out to be terrible as beds.

I wanted to go landside, where the floor is carpeted, but I had a bag to check. Long story short, this was a sleepless night.

Besides talking to an Argentine couple and sitting next to a Peruvian guy who was making strange noises (like humming, but in a scary way and for hours) I had all the time in the world to walk around the premises.

I found this touchscreen where you can leave your suggestions.
photo dsc08243

I suggest they provide charging outlets for cellphones…
photo dsc08241

…and the machine replies that someone will read my suggestion. Can I trust a machine?
photo dsc08242

Well, someone does read my suggestion. Two weeks later I receive an email from the airport's "communications coordinator" explaining that this kind of improvements are included in their plans for the airport.
photo mail
But other small Chilean airports have already found a solution, as you will see in my next report.

I pay a visit to the bathroom. Changing boards are available in men's and ladies' restrooms. I never saw this blue sign before.
photo dsc08235

I don't trust people in this regard. I obsessively avoid touching anything in public restrooms, even door handles! Yes, I know there are doctors for this.
photo dsc08236

04:06 a.m. I'm so sleepy that I can hardly make out the words and numbers on the screen. In some minutes I'll be able to register my bag and go airside at last.
photo dsc08255

I am confused. According to this I have to check in my bag in counters 105-108.
photo dsc08249

But this is what counters 105-108 look like at the moment.
photo dsc08252

Oh, I see. This is where I must go. Don't ask why. I can't think. I walk (in my sleep) to the counters.
photo dsc08250

LATAM really appreciates that I'm not changing it for another airline. Thanks for flying with us, they say.
photo dsc08248
From there to security check.

Airside. Almost all shops are closed.
photo dsc08256

Airports don't respect circadian rhythms at all.
photo dsc08257

Something tells me that this will pose a threat to my diet.
photo dsc08259

04:30 a.m. I wish I could sleep as soundly as they do. I could really use some sleep. I wonder if I will be able to take a short nap before boarding…
photo dsc08258

I wonder…. yaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnn…. If I could……
photo dsc08258b

photo dsc08258c

Yikes! What time is it? Did I miss my plane?

Phew! The door is being prepared for boarding. I think I slept for an hour or so, but that was enough! Flight status: On time.
photo dsc08260

Computer reboot.
photo dsc08263

There we go.
photo dsc08264

CC-BEF is already waiting for us.
photo img_0095

I'm not the only one eager to leave!
photo dsc08262


The competition has taken over the jetbridge!
photo dsc08265

I'm pressing the shutter button when this FA suddenly jumps into the scene out of nowehere. Later he will do something incredible. Keep reading! BTW, I love that flooring…
photo dsc08266

…and the colors in LATAM's newer aircraft. I wish they had come up with an equally beautiful livery. Nothing is perfect. :(
photo dsc08267

My seat. Ouch! I will have to stretch and twist to take good pictures.
photo dsc08268

The view out of my window. The sun will soon rise from behind the mountains.
photo img_0096

The seatback pocket.
photo dsc08276

I love this cover.
photo dsc08271

Welcome to Melbourne! LATAM has recently opened its longest ever route: SCL - MBW
photo dsc08272

The art is beautiful in this issue, depicting some traditions of the south of Chile and Argentina.
photo dsc08273

Safety instructions, both sides.
photo dsc08274photo dsc08275

The charging outlet. Great! My cellphone was needing it badly!
photo dsc08279

I love these seats. They are thin and leave a lot of legroom.
photo dsc08280

The overhead panel.
photo dsc08288

Costanera Center peeks from behind San Cristóbal hill.
photo img_0102

This lady drives the jetbridge away. From the depths of my sleepy brain emerges a question: Can women drive a jetbridge in Saudi Arabia?
photo img_0104

The flight

Meanwhile, the FAs are trying to troubleshoot a problem with the safety video. The video starts three times, but we can hear the sound only. The screens remain blank. They eventually give up and play an alternative safety instructions recording. The screens will remain blank for almost the whole trip, until around half an hour before our arrival at Iquique, when the flight map will displayed.
photo dsc08287

We taxi to the north end of the runway past some emergency vehicles…
photo img_0107

…international departures…
photo img_0113

…doubtfully lawful LAW Airline… (oh, my. They are painting a former Alas Uruguay aircraft. This is heartbreaking)
photo img_0119photo img_0120

…and some military aircraft.
photo img_0126
photo img_0135
photo img_0137

Takeoff towards the south…
photo img_0140

…over the waking city.
photo img_0145

Early commuters are on their way already. The daily Transantiago nightmare is about to start.
photo img_0149

Here comes the sun, do do do do…
photo img_0153

Steep turn to the west. Please forgive the quality of the photographs. It was a hazy morning.
photo img_0156

Now we're flying towards the sea.
photo img_0158

There's the sea! Santiago is less than 100km from it.
photo img_0162

Turn to the right again. Now we're flying north. Hey! What's down there?
photo img_0163

Surprise, surprise! It's Valparaíso and Viña del Mar! I was wondering if I could see them from the air, but I never expected it would be this clear!
photo img_0172

East of Viña del Mar are the towns of Villa Alemana (upper left) and Limache (bottom center). I climbed those very hills next to Limache in July 2016 and wrote a tourism bonus about it!
photo img_0168

The town of Quintero (on the peninsula) and GNL Quintero, a gas company.
photo img_0175

Rivers La Ligua and Petorca reach the sea.
photo img_0180

Ten minutes later, this is the last portion of land I will see until we arrive in Iquique.
photo img_0199

In the meantime, the snack service has started. As mentioned in my previous report, LATAM has improved its snack service and you can pick two snacks out of four listed in a menu. My selection this time is the same as before, because I fell in love with their…
photo dsc08284

…cheese scone…
photo dsc08283

…and their nut mix is better than their cereal bars.
photo dsc08285

I also add creamer to my coffee this time.
photo dsc08286

BTW, who was the hideous passenger who took the seat next to mine? It was a lady who was going to visit her elderly mother for her 84th birthday. She was almost in tears when she thought about her. We had a nice chat and she gave me some advice on how to relieve my mother's pain caused by her arthrosis using natural remedies. I personally prefer the doctor's prescriptions, but I'll let my mother know. I didn't have the heart to take revenge and go to the restroom every ten minutes. ^^

A surprise invitation!

Almost two hours later we are arriving at our destination.
photo map

U-turn to the right. This is my first view of Iquique.
photo img_0211photo img_0212

Zoom in.
photo img_0213

We leave the city behind us as we head south along the coast towards IQQ airport.
photo img_0215photo img_0216

Camping tourists.
photo img_0218

A fisher's town. BTW, you have no idea how expensive the land is down there. Flanked by high hills, the only direction Iquique can grow is south, towards the airport.
photo img_0221

Almost there.
photo img_0223

photo img_0224

Control tower.
photo img_0226

The terminal is farther ahead.
photo img_0229

New runway?
photo img_0231

The terminal.
photo img_0235
photo img_0236
photo img_0237

Chilean Airways, a charter airline. CC-CVI is a B737-200. My first flight ever was on a B737-200! I'd love to fly on one of those again!
photo img_0238

And here we are!
photo img_0240

I wait until most passengers have disembarked. The antimacassar. Nice design.
photo dsc08297

Then the most surprising thing happens:

I walk to the exit and say goodbye to the FA that I unintentionally photographed while boarding. He says: I saw you taking a lot of pictures. Would you like to photograph the cockpit? My jaw drops and the world seems to switch to slow motion. I have never been inside a cockpit! Really? Can I? I don't want to bother the pilots, I say. Just wait a moment until he leaves, he says pointing at a guy who was talking to the captain. I wait in a corner and take this picture of the galley while the FA says goodbye to the passengers.
photo dsc08298

Then he comes back to me and tells me to go into the cockpit. I walk slowly and quietly, as if entering a temple. And there they are, Captain and First Official. I don't talk to them. They are going through some checklist, I think, and the sun on their faces is enough annoyance for them. I take the photograph and walk backwards as silently as I entered. I'm about to faint, or piss my pants. I thank the FA. I want to kiss his hand!
photo dsc08299

I walk along the jetbridge thinking about this unexpected experience…
photo dsc08300

…and emerge at this open section of the jetbridge. Why isn't it completely covered? Remember we are in the driest desert in the world. It never rains here!
photo dsc08302

It's the Empire of Sunshine, to the right…
photo img_0243

…and to the left.
photo dsc08303

A last shot at CC-BEF.
photo img_0245

I breathe in the salty breeze coming from the sea. It's wonderful! And the temperature is at a constant 25°C. This is paradise! We enter the boarding room.
photo dsc08304

Boarding room to the left…
photo dsc08305

…and to the right.
photo dsc08306

Stairs to baggage claim.
photo dsc08307

Transfer stands are inside baggage claim but, unlike PMC, there's no way you can overlook them.
photo dsc08309

Who - on - earth flies in stilettos!!
photo dsc08310

I used to think my English was bad… until I saw this translation. They suggest you use the official transportation only.
photo dsc08311

My long-unseen cousin Cecilia is waiting for me outside. Before we get in the car I take this photograph of the terminal.
photo dsc08312

I have a great feeling about this trip: So much light, the delightful weather, the visit to the cockpit… good vibes from everywhere.

Feel the vibes in the following tourism bonus! ^^

Tourism bonus: Iquique

Iquique and its airport lie on a narrow plain between the sea and the cliffs of the Cordillera de la Costa (coast range).
photo img_0986

The airport is linked to the city by a well kept higway. There's a toll (1600 CLP = 1.5 USD)
photo img_0987

See those dark lines on the hillsides behind Iquique? That's the main access to the city. It's a long, long way up, and a long, long way down.
photo img_0988

Access to the city from the airport.
photo img_0992

Going downtown.
photo img_0993

The city has a nice looking costanera (sea front)…
photo img_1010

…with manicured gardens.
photo img_1309

A major achievement when you're in the middle of the driest desert in the world!
photo img_1293
photo img_1289
photo img_1305

Even these cacti are introduced. They can't live in the Atacama desert, either.
photo img_1298

Slava park. These geese are made of stone. It's a memorial to the real ones, that died of thirst.
photo img_1273
Just kidding! ^^ It's a memorial to immigrants from former Yugoslavia!

You can go swimming on Cavancha beach.
photo img_1290

You can feel safe there. There's always a watching eye. BTW, where did he go??
photo img_1292

Don't swim on Brava beach. Bravo/brava means fierce, ferocious, violent. Get the idea?
photo img_1313

Even though we are in the desert, the water is cool because of the Humboldt current. Nevertheless, water as clear as this is something unusual for me, coming from the south, where the Pacific Ocean is not as pacific as you might expect.
photo img_1283

This is a replica of an old ship called Esmeralda (Emerald). It's historically meaningful for Chileans, since the original Esmeralda was one of the ships in a battle of the War of the Pacific. In that war, in the late 1800s, Chile took a big portion of land from Bolivia, and another big portion from Peru, including Iquique. As you might guess, Chile is not the favorite neighbor in this neighborhood.
photo dsc08315

I wouldn't really care if someone took some barren land from me. The problem is that this barren land was full of mineral resources such as a nitrogen-rich stuff called saltpeter. Its extraction meant an economic boom for the country, until some smarty-pants German invented artificial saltpeter during World War I. A lot of mineral products, especially saltpeter, were exported through Iquique. The city still preserves some testimonials of that era, like these façades on Baquedano street.
photo img_1213
photo img_1220
photo img_1223
photo img_1225
photo img_1228
photo img_1229
photo img_1231

These wooden sidewalks were made with Douglas-fir wood (Pseudotsuga menziesii) brought from North America. The ships left the wood and took the mineral away.
photo img_1235

This guy has some very interesting stuff.
photo img_1234

Prat square. That old tram is only a tourist attraction.
photo img_1236

The Municipal Theater opposite the square. A show of traditional music and dances was being set up. I didn't stay for it, but you will see the participants in the photographs below.
photo img_1237

The clock tower in Prat square.
photo img_1247

The tram is taking some performers to the beginning of the parade.
photo img_1253

The parade begins. Huasos (country men) from central Chile.
photo img_1256

Representatives from Sumaq Inti Native Art, from Peru.
photo img_1258photo img_1260

I lose track at this point. The signs show that some performers are Chilean teachers, and some are from the Sangre Cruceña Ballet, from Bolivia.
photo img_1261

And Patagonian gauchos.
photo img_1263

Hope you had fun. Thanks for reading! ^^
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Cabin crew2.0

Santiago - SCL


Iquique - IQQ



The airline's new cabins and improved snack service make them climb to the top of my list of favorite airlines. Well, my list consists of two airlines only, but that's enough to turn me into an authority within the Chilean context of commercial aviation.
I'm sending all my appreciation to that FA that let me into the cockpit.

Do we really have to wait until 2020 to have a lousy USB charging outlet???
Inhumane conditions for night travellers, especially airside. "You can relax at our dedicated sleeping area" = "Go lie like a dog in that corner, you Y traveller."

Didn't see much of it this time, but it looks large and comfy, and everything went quite straightforward.

* Some say the Dry Valleys. in Antarctica, are even drier. But at least there is some water nearby in the form of lakes and glaciers. Atacama is dry as a bone.



  • Comment 383339 by
    Drewj21 21 Comments

    Another great report, Nelson!
    It was nice to see the FA let you into the cockpit.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Comment 383401 by
    jetsetpanda 2296 Comments

    Hola Nelson.

    I think you are living proof that interesting FR's do not necessarily have to be about luxurious travel or expensive destinations, but rather those that are told with enthusiasm by passionate travelers.

    "Who on earth takes a middle seat when there are dozens of other free seats available on a plane, huh? WHO!!"
    - You'll be surprised. There are some that rather sit in an uncomfortable middle seat in the front than a window or aisle in the back. Either these people have a superiority complex of some sort who think that the back is for "peasants" or they are in a hurry to get off the flight once they arrive.

    "But he will pay dearly for his audacity! I will go to the restroom every ten minutes!"
    - That sound scarily diabolical. :P

    "Yes, I know there are doctors for this."
    - But there are also alcohol pads, disinfectant sprays, sanitizing gels and masks.

    "Something tells me that this will pose a threat to my diet."
    - Not if you stick to salads. ;)

    "BTW, I love that flooring…"
    - A classy touch.

    Gorgeous aerials of SCL and vicinity.

    "I didn't have the heart to take revenge and go to the restroom every ten minutes. ^^"
    - Life is full of surprises, isn't it?

    "Would you like to photograph the cockpit? "
    - And all of a sudden this trip has become very special. What a nice treat to be invited inside the cockpit.

    Very nice bonus of iquique. Looks like a great place to visit and spend some time.


    • Comment 383469 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 670 Comments


      interesting FR's do not necessarily have to be about luxurious travel or expensive destinations

      I couldn't agree more! Well, "hay para todos los gustos", right?

      I do enjoy the simple activity of going from point A to point B. Must be in my genes! I was surprised to read this on CNN:

      Thanks a lot for your comment!! ^^

  • Comment 383464 by
    SMilano 1269 Comments

    Thanks for this super nice report !
    I can get a idea for what I'll have in October when I'll go to Chile :)
    If you want we can arrange a meeting ?!
    Gorgeous and amazing aerial view at SCL and IQQ :)
    Chile look just so beautiful !!
    Gracias :)

    • Comment 383471 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 670 Comments

      Hi there, SMilano!

      You're coming in October! That's a great time of year to visit Chile! Everything is more beautiful in spring. Besides, by that time the area around Santiago will have recovered from the terrible wildfires we are having these days!

      What places are you planning to visit? I live in Valdivia, some 800km south of Santiago.

      You'll have a great time here. Transportation and accomodation are safe and very easy to find. Just make sure to learn some Spanish to make the most of your trip, and be wary of taxi drivers in Santiago. They might be scamming you.

      Thanks for your comment! ^^

      • Comment 383493 by
        SMilano 1269 Comments

        Yeah I saw that ! That's terrible !!
        And yeah I hope that the area will have recovered to her beauty :)

        I don't know exactly which place I'm going to visit, but I'll will try to stop to your city, will be nice ! :)
        I start to learn Spanish to be good on all the trip jaja :)
        Thanks for the advise ! Most of the time I try to never take the Taxi ^^

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