Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Singapore Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH610
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 10 Dec 10, 21:20
Arrival at 10 Dec 10, 22:20
MH 203 reviews
By GOLD 1227
Published on 21st October 2016
Flight Details :

Airlines: Malaysian Airlines
Flight No : MH610 SIN-KUL
Reg: 9M-MLH
Aircraft : Boeing 737-8FZ
Departure [Singapore Terminal 2] :2120
Arrival [Kuala Lumpur Main Terminal Building (MTB)] :2220
Total time: 1:00 hrs

In this report, I was travelling from Singapore to Shanghai on Malaysian Airlines for some personal work. Flight departed from Singapore Terminal 2. Arriving in Main Terminal Building at Kuala Lumpuer.

Full flight Video

I won't be writing a trip report on KL- Shanghai flight, it was an evenful flight personally. Below is a video and flight details.

Malaysian Airlines MH386 Airbus 330-300 Kuala Lumpur - Shanghai(Pudong)

Flight Details :

Flight No : MH386
Aircraft : Airbus 330-322
Reg: 9M-MKI
Departure :0140
Arrival :0640
Total time: 5:00 hrs


Arrived at the airport about 2 hrs before flight. Check-in was completed in no time. I had baggage tagged all the way to Shanghai.


Immigration was quick as I has visa for China.

Air side

Soon was on the airside, with time to spare. I indulged in the hobby.

Airside view

Soon was time for departure.

Towards Gate

photo dsc_0320_resize

On arriving at the gate, boarding had commenced.

Queue for Security with flight details

photo dsc_0321_resize

View of the aircraft

photo dsc_0322_resize

Boarding had commenced

photo dsc_0323_resize

Closer to board

photo dsc_0324_resize

Side view of MH Boeing 737-800

photo dsc_0325_resize

First Class

photo dsc_0326_resize

Seat view

photo dsc_0327_resize

Cabin view

photo dsc_0328_resize

All on board, it was time for pushback. Took a long taxi to runway. Being a short flight, take off was quick, reaching cruise altitude.

Cabin view

photo dsc_0329_resize

On reaching cruising speed, it was time for cabin service.

Cabin service

photo dsc_0329_resizephoto dsc_0330_resizephoto dsc_0331_resize

Time for Malaysian Hospitality. Drinks options were soft drinks, apple juice, orange juice. I opted for guava juice,


photo dsc_0336_resize

Guava juice

photo dsc_0337_resize

Safety card

photo dsc_0333_resizephoto dsc_0334_resize

Reading material

photo dsc_0335_resize

Cabin view

photo dsc_0338_resize

Window view

photo dsc_0339_resize

Soon it was time for landing.

Window view

photo dsc_0345_resize


photo dsc_0346_resizephoto dsc_0347_resize

Malaysian Boeing 737-800 at Kuala Lumpur

photo dsc_0348_resize

Exit was through Aerobridge

photo dsc_0349_resize

Arriving at the MBT

Schedule for Shanghai flight

photo dsc_0355_resize

Heading towards gate

photo dsc_0356_resize

Inter-terminal train

photo dsc_0366_resize

To gate

photo dsc_0352_resizephoto dsc_0353_resizephoto dsc_0357_resize

Flight to Shanghai

photo dsc_0370_resize

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Malaysian Airlines service on this short trip was good, flight departed on time, arriving at the destination on time. There was no entertainment, meal was peanuts and drinks. Being a short flight wasn't having expectations. MH will fly again.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


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