Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Singapore in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 778
Class Business
Seat 18G
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 12:25
Take-off 06 Jul 15, 21:45
Arrival at 07 Jul 15, 16:10
LH   #71 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 24th October 2016
Date : 8 October 2016
Airline : LH- Lufthansa
Flight : LH 778
Class : Business Class
Itinerary : Frankfurt (FRA) - Singapore (SIN)
Aircraft : A380

Check In - Transit :

I was coming from a Swiss flight LX1076, I check in already in ZURICH :
The flight was so short less than 40 minutes, I did not have time to do a flight report between the champagne glasses.
But too make a short summary : the Senator lounge in Zurich was a bit mediocre with not even a proper hot dish to eat, and as I keep saying : No champagne in the lounge.
The flight was short (40min) but manage to have a meal with a dessert, and champagne Duval Leroy was offered.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge - FRA - Z Gates:
The lounge was pretty full with a lot of Asian departure :
photo img_2875photo img_2879

Food and drink choice :
Also the LH Senator lounge doesn't serve champagne only German sparkling wine.
I think they should improve the offer by offering at least champagne and premium liquor: very low quality drinks (Alcohol)
only Gordon Gin and Smirnoff Vodka
photo img_2878

Sandwich station was available :
photo img_2877

The rest of the food offering was alright much better than Zurich lounge. Choice of 2 hot dish and some deserts.

The resting area of the lounge :
photo img_2876

Boarding :
Walking to the gate : I am quite a big fan of the A380 and find the aircraft so big and massive I took some picture :
photo img_2881

the boarding is done with 3 bridges :
photo img_2883photo img_2884

time to board :
Boarding was fast but the queue was so long : even for Business and first class :
photo img_2885photo img_2886photo img_2887

Getting on the upper deck
photo img_2888

My seat 18 G :
photo img_2889photo img_2890

Some amenities kit offered (Sponsored by Bree) :
photo img_2891

Sleepers :
photo img_2892

A380 Security Card :
photo img_2893 - copy

Welcome drinks : Choice between water and white wine, no champagne offer : quite disappointing for a major carrier from their home base :
photo img_2894 - copy

Seat pitch : alright for the length but very narrow for the feet :
photo img_2895 - copy

Time for pushback : I like the 3 cameras live :
photo img_2896 - copy

Menu were distributed :
photo img_2898 - copy

Starter :
- Beef,
- Salmon
- Salad

I choose the Salmon

Main :
- Cod
- Beef
- Pork belly

I choose the Cod

photo img_2899 - copy

Wine list : the champagne and wine selection is pretty basic : not the top of range let say :
photo img_2900 - copyphoto img_2901 - copyphoto img_2902 - copy

Drinks were offered after Take off : I had finally a real champagne :
photo img_2903 - copy

Starter : the taste and quantity was alright
photo img_2905 - copy

Main : a bit overcooked and no veggies offered on the side.
photo img_2906 - copy

Dessert : was not very nice , taste was not very good and way too sweet.
photo img_2907 - copy

Mid- flight snack :
went to the Galley around mid - flight and nothing was offered except glass of water or orange juice.
I was expecting at least some snack for a 12h flight.

Breakfast before landing :
I skipped as I was not very hungry.

Landing camera :
Approaching Changi airport:
photo img_2909 - copy

Touchdown :
photo img_2910

Arrival :
Custom and luggage delivery was quick :
photo img_2912

Welcome in Singapore : View from Conrad Hotel
photo img_2914

Thank you Lufthansa and Auf Wiedersehen.

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Cabin crew8.5

Lufthansa Senator Lounge Z50 - Z


Frankfurt - FRA


Singapore - SIN



The Lufthansa business class doesn't distinguish itself by his hard or soft product :
- Hard product is alright but the seat configuration (2-2-2) is bit squeezed on the A380 upper deck. the seat comfort is good, offering full flat but small foot rest.
No massage option on the seat, very small armrest.
- Soft product is average : choice of drinks is not very premium : just basic alcohol / juice is offered and no snack on a 12h flight : come on.

Also for a big plane like the A380, no space to grab a drink or relax, like other airlines have done (AF, QR, EY,EK...).

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Information on the route Frankfurt (FRA) Singapore (SIN)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 23 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Frankfurt (FRA) → Singapore (SIN).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 55 minutes.

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  • Comment 371740 by
    Razza_Pr 217 Comments
    Hello, Canadair2001, and thank you for this FR.

    I must say that although FRA's lighting on the A380 as highlights the exterior of the aircraft nicely. The interior of LH's A380 although admittedly sub-par compared to its rivals from outside of Europe, is arguably the best when compared to that of other European A380 operators (AF/BA) - well, safe for the room for your feet when lying flat, but even Singapore Airlines has that problem.

    Presentation of the food looks like they're not even trying, if I'm honest. At least the butter looks nice, and it seems that the taste of the meals served made up for what the presentation lacked.

    How was the LH flight crew?

    Thanks again, and happy flying!
    • Comment 371775 by
      canadair2001 AUTHOR 25 Comments
      Thanks Razza,

      LH business class doesn't try to get the little spark, you want to remember, unfortunately.

      the crew was alright, very dedicated, not much smiley or chatty, but typically LH. Professional with no flavour.
  • Comment 371773 by
    757Fan 633 Comments
    Thanks for your report. I've heard and seen mixed things about Lufthansa's Business Class product. It's almost like they put all their focus into their First Class product which looks incredible, but not as much attention is paid to Business.

    Nice to get on an A380 though! Thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 371776 by
      canadair2001 AUTHOR 25 Comments
      Thanks 757Fan,
      the gap between business and first, I feel is much bigger than the gap between business and premium economy.

      LH business class doesn't have the little plus you will remember and comeback for, unlike other carriers.
  • Comment 371800 by
    BDANY38 832 Comments
    Thks for the report. I hope you enjoy this trip in a "grouper" (that's the nickname of the a380, it has been given by the french members of the site)
  • Comment 372926 by
    Raoul 1 Comments
    Sincere thanks for the comments and pictures regarding your experience FRA to SIN. I completely agree that LH business has an opportunity to wow their business class customers and with the competition such as Singapore and Emirates one would think they would try a bit harder? Again...Danke!

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