Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Jakarta Medan in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG836
Class Economy
Seat 16E
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 13 Nov 16, 12:50
Arrival at 13 Nov 16, 14:45
QG 19 reviews
Published on 22nd November 2016
Hello friends!

This is a report of my long journey from Jakarta to Medan, Aceh, and Malaysia. Here is the parts:
NOV 13, 2016: Jakarta (CGK) - Medan (KNO) by Citilink QG836 Airbus A320: you are here
NOV 13, 2016: Medan - Banda Aceh overland by bus
NOV 15, 2016: Banda Aceh (BTJ) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) by AirAsia AK422 Airbus A320: click here
NOV 16, 2016: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Jakarta (CGK) by KLM KL809 Boeing 777-200ER: click here

As usual, there will be pictures than words, as I'm not fluent in English and don't know too much about aviation terms. Any suggestions and feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks.

November 13, 2016

After joining a Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta, I walked a little bit to Gambir Station. From there, I hop a Damri bus to the Terminal 1C of Soekarno-Hatta Airport. I arrived at the airport at around 10.45, 90 minutes before boarding.
photo 30308511494_654a7242ce_b

My flight, Citilink QG836, was scheduled to depart at 12.25 PM.
photo 30322536113_b3dd08ac44_b

The 1C terminal was occupied by Citilink, Batik Air, and Aviastar. When I arrived, the check in counters were very crowded, but I did not join the queue as I had done the online check in before.
photo 30308501034_b5642a7050_b

Here is my boarding pass.
photo 30349108474_676f707f9b_b

From the check in counters, I went upstairs to the large waiting hall (before the gates).
photo 31015243271_9076e075ba_b

There was also a food court, but like on majority of world airports, the price was expensive.
photo 30308466824_78e31527e1_b

At the security check, there was an announcement forbidding passengers to bring their Galaxy Note 7, after some accidents on board involving it.
photo 31015225021_cbf70aa994_b

The way to boarding gates. I would board the aircraft through gate C4.
photo 30322495313_e23c80c093_b

photo 30322490493_21ceb73ff7_b

Gate C4's waiting room.
photo 30322485803_ab6065e8e7_b

photo 30986239192_1278373a54_b

Waiting for boarding, time to snapshot some interesting sights outside the window.
photo 31015208431_af7481f1cb_b

photo 30986229862_6682578825_b

photo 30986223392_07aa212df1_b

Citilink with a special "Kapal Api" Coffee's ad.
photo 30986211002_494ea0cd6a_b

Finally it was time for me and other passengers to embark. Here is our aircraft bringing us to Medan, with registration code PK-GLO. Better pictures would be captured at Kuala Namu Airport, Medan.
photo 30986233912_33e16d557f_b

photo 30986209462_53d39a713f_b

photo 30986207482_905b899b13_b

photo 30986199032_32fdc525ac_b

photo 31015071551_cae467acbd_b

The seat pitch was not really wide, but comfortable enough for 120 minutes flight.
photo 30986123882_24556a7e69_b

Actually I got the 16E seat, at the middle side. But I requested to a female passenger to move to my seat, as the 16D was also occupied by a woman. Finally, I could seat at the window side.
photo 31015166641_ec6a82101b_b

Our aircraft left the Soekarno-Hatta Airport at around 12.45 p.m. The take-off process was really smooth, without any turbulences. Around 15 minutes later, the seatbelt sign was switched off, and I could move anywhere easily.

Time to check interesting stuffs at the seatpocket.
The safety card.
photo 31092930306_e5739f1787_b

The "Linkers" magazine.
photo 31015165121_fec0cd36b1_b

photo 30986138972_8a4ff0c04b_b

Inflight shopping catalogue.
photo 31015123911_7e73253c4c_b

Meals catalogue, with food prices and complete explanation of the ingredients and calories. The main big meals priced IDR 50,000 (about USD 3.70) each.
photo 31092922046_4b868b9956_b

photo 31015131931_17e6657bb5_b

The cabin was full by ads, as usual as in other LCCs.
photo 30308372744_1848d98381_b

Then I spent rest of time before arrival watching an episode of Korean drama on my smartphone.

Finally at around 2.45 p.m. the aircraft landed smoothly and safely in Kuala Namu International Airport.
photo 30761605590_b3e7c2fd06_b

photo 30761600140_0e9ac470cb_b

photo 30761594700_82cfd85474_b

There were 2 small aircrafts. Can you tell me what types are they?
This was operated by Susi Air, a small-scale carrier owned by current Minister of Maritime Affairs, Mrs Susi Pudjiastuti.
photo 31015077401_6817e88a88_b

photo 30322368063_8f298a17d4_b

Nam Air, Lion Air, and Indonesia AirAsia.
photo 31015076171_3eb952ab93_b

photo 31015073921_5160675382_b

A Bombardier CRJ of Garuda Indonesia. As I remember, the aircraft serves Medan-Sibolga-Jakarta route.
photo 31015066201_d03081483d_b

ATR 72s of Wings Air and Garuda Indonesia.
photo 31015061061_9193585fa4_b

And finally we left the Citilink aircraft and it was time to say goodbye.
photo 31092791826_882a9c6136_b

The way to the airport's main area.
photo 31015060411_6b20efbbd0_b

photo 30761561980_d7c2ed248d_b

Luggage carousel. Well, I did not have any item to claim here, as I did not check any luggage.
photo 31092768726_598886f2cc_b

photo 31092761826_1cbc34c6f5_b

photo 30986060412_9acba9b3d6_b

Other snapshots of the airport terminal. Personally for me, the airport was far better than Soekarno-Hatta Airport.
photo 31092757136_1d64cdc51b_b

photo 31129285705_0997b11307_b

photo 31129267155_67fd6c02da_b

photo 31014991841_b68589d0fd_b

Then I took a bus to the central area of Medan city.
photo 31014989121_779aa5418a_b

photo 30761476970_47c9d4a0bb_b

Finally I boarded a nice double-decker bus to Banda Aceh at 9.00 p.m. The journey took about 10 hours.
photo 30322193563_7714089ea9_b
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Jakarta - CGK


Medan - KNO



This 2nd experience with Citilink was very nice. I always pick Citilink as a recommendation to my clients, and most of them until today don't have any bad experience with the carrier. Cabin crews were friendly, but as usual I did not have too much interaction with them. No IFEs, and I did not buy the meals on board, so I can't give scores for them.

Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminal 1C was good enough. Surprisingly, Kuala Namu Airport was soooooooooooooooo much better than Jakarta's main airport.

OK, thanks for reading. Any feedbacks are appreciated.



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