Review of KLM flight Kuala Lumpur Jakarta in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL809
Class Economy
Seat 39E
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 16 Nov 16, 17:25
Arrival at 16 Nov 16, 18:00
KL   #27 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 996 reviews
By 2515
Published on 23rd November 2016
Hello friends!

This is a report of my long journey from Jakarta to Medan, Aceh, and Malaysia. Here is the parts:
NOV 13, 2016: Jakarta (CGK) - Medan (KNO) by Citilink QG836 Airbus A320: click here
NOV 13, 2016: Medan - Banda Aceh overland by bus
NOV 15, 2016: Banda Aceh (BTJ) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) by AirAsia AK422 Airbus A320: click here
NOV 16, 2016: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Jakarta (CGK) by KLM KL809 Boeing 777-200ER: you are here

As usual, there will be pictures than words, as I'm not fluent in English and don't know too much about aviation terms. Any suggestions and feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks.

November 16, 2016

I spent a night in Malacca city from November 15, and this was the lovely place where I stayed, Sayang Selalu Guest House. ("sayang selalu" in Malay/Indonesian means "always love").
photo 30321392413_0c7d26dd24_bphoto 30321400203_d0da8c7573_b

While enjoying my breakfast at the guest house, I checked the Flightradar24 to know the position of the KLM aircraft taking me to Jakarta today. Then I knew that the registration code was PH-BQD "Darjeeling Railway", delivered December 2003.
photo 31027126502_3956f1f902_b

In the morning, I took some snapshots of the historical Malacca city.

The replica of Malay Sultanate palace. (The sultanate was defeated by Portuguese army in 16th century).
photo 31091473796_2a9fe5c2b0_bphoto 31091472306_8fdd7d412f_b

"Stadthuys" (city hall, built by Dutch colony), and the Christ Church.
photo 30307230694_87b474eca0_bphoto 30321348803_81621b2b48_b

Independence Memorial.
photo 30760466690_928fb4232a_b

Jonker Walk.
photo 30321238203_809f5546ce_b

Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade, 2 large shopping centres facing each other.
photo 30320947693_461349f52e_bphoto 30320943523_5d9ed1dc64_b

Having lunch at Asam Pedas Selera Kampung, a tradiitional Malay restaurant.
photo 30306872784_2969f75af0_b

From the Dataran Pahlawan, I took the city bus to Melaka Sentral, Malacca's main bus terminal, to hop the bus taking me to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The bus arrived in KLIA at 3.50 p.m, 50 minutes before boarding.
photo 30984524752_06bf7cc7ee_bphoto 31091206046_43d1537310_bphoto 31091205056_639f04ab02_b

The departure hall with check-in counters.

photo 31091197276_7af83f09ae_bphoto 30320817043_84f67434aa_bphoto 30760057780_d5892bceed_b

KLM's counter. For this trip, I did not done the online check in. Why? Because the KLM's boarding pass was special for me, so I had to have it printed at the airport.

Then I proceed to the immigration and safety checks. After that, we were welcomed by these unique miniatures.
photo 31091145796_585d4a9be7_bphoto 31127713805_445f77216c_b

The main terminal.
photo 30760021170_3aee7174ef_b

We would board the aircraft through gate C3, and it was in the satellite building. So we had to take the aerotrain to reach there.
photo 30760022720_238c8f815c_bphoto 30984402882_4fac471c7c_b

Here are some snapshots taken from the aerotrain.
KLIA was the main hub of Malaysia Airlines, national flag-carrier, and Malindo Air, while AirAsia was operating from KLIA2.

Then we arrived at the satellite terminal.
photo 30306671734_2a693732b9_bphoto 31127658505_a549a40d96_b

Gate C3 had been opened to all KL809 passengers. There was a long queue for security check.
photo 31127647615_55ae185ff6_b

At its left side was gate C1, boarding gate of Saudia to Jeddah.
photo 31127649345_b961f8da1b_b

Our aircraft had landed from Amsterdam. It was waiting for departure to Jakarta, final destination of KL809 flight.
PH-BQD "Darjeeling Railway", Boeing 777-200ER.
photo 30759959640_994574592d_bphoto 30306658454_fd8a976f5b_b

Passengers waiting for boarding. Some of them departed from Amsterdam. There were also Indonesians (like me) returning home from Malaysia, and also some Malaysians.
photo 30759951680_72ffdb1df3_b

Time for boarding. We were welcomed by friendly cabin crews.
Passing the business class. I wonder when will I have a chance to sit there.
photo 30759937850_08d9cbddb3_b

The economy class.
photo 31013359811_18a442db8e_bphoto 31013350061_e11a240b29_bphoto 31013341381_6b4c772667_b

My seat, 39E. At my left side was an Indonesian lady, while my right side was vacant.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take picture of the seat pitch.
photo 30759930290_bac6b6879b_bphoto 31127592535_503b2b4fea_b

I was surprised that this aircraft was 13 years old but it was really like 1 or 2. Very fresh and well-maintained. All equipments and facilities were working well.

All passengers had embarked, and the safety instructions video was shown through the IFE screen. An interesting animation video.
photo 30759915610_a35cfe4db0_bphoto 30759909740_797609f925_b

The aircraft then started to fly at 5.25 p.m. (GMT+8). The take-off process was very smooth and without any turbulences. The IFE was switched off until around 5 minutes after the take-off. It was different with my KLM experience on July 2016, where we could enjoy the IFE while waiting to take-off.

Let's check the stuffs inside the seatpocket.
Safety card.
photo 30306599264_d51708aaa0_b

An unique disposal bag.
photo 30759890040_abf6e39bf7_b

"Holland Herald" magazine.
photo 31091032646_020941af0e_b

"Sky High" shopping catalogue.
photo 31091030156_bb6cc1383e_b

The audio headset.
photo 30759883580_a7d001382d_bphoto 30759876830_59b2999273_b

Cabin condition was very clean and fresh.
photo 31013199361_a6d80dd6e6_b

Then the IFE was switched on.

I connected my flash drive to the IFE, and it successfully read and play MP3 files in my drive.
photo 30306572234_95b7dcb649_b

Then the cabin crews started giving me and other passengers a snack. I don't know the name until today. The snack's paper bag only showed that it was "Veggie".
I also requested a cup of orange juice.
photo 31127524415_552e655b52_b

Not so long after that, the aircraft entered a bad weather condition for around 5 minutes. The location was at the southern side of Bangka Island.
photo 30759795530_3d31b142cb_b

After that brief small scale turbulence, the condition turned back to normal, then I checked the lavatory. Very clean.
photo 31013257391_f1063323fc_b

34 minutes before landing.
photo 31013214261_e7a178aed3_b

Smoothly and safely, our Boeing 777-200ER aircraft landed at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. While landing, the IFE was not turned off. I also did not realize that the aircraft had landed.

Time to say goodbye. It was really short trip, only 1 hour 40 minutes.
photo 31013252381_cab54fdea9_bphoto 31013245611_2897c315ef_b

KLM was parked at the left side of Turkish Airlines.
photo 31013240431_8b39879121_b

There was also a Boeing 777-300ER of Garuda Indonesia, just landed from London (Heathrow).
photo 31013241741_e336758e9c_b

Way to the main terminal area.
photo 31013238991_e442608691_b

After the immigration checks, we proceed to the baggage carousel.
photo 31013234981_14ca3dcb52_bphoto 30320588363_a431516d63_b

Outside the arrival area.
photo 30320581583_04a783b7c6_b

Finally I left the airport by bus to Gambir Station.
photo 31013201071_6c200ce43c_b
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Cabin crew8.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Jakarta - CGK



Second experience with KLM (after this: ), I was satisfied and surprised that KLM could maintain its 13 years old aircraft very well. Cabin crews were great and friendly. The IFE system was interesting with variaties of contents, while we could also connect our external drive to it (unfortunately, it can only play musics and photos, not videos). During this short trip, we only got a "Veggie" snack and a drink, as it was not on lunch/dinner time.

Today, KLM is my first choice on KUL-CGK sector, while for CGK-KUL the schedule is not suitable for me (arriving too late in KUL at 10.00 p.m.), and I'm still curious about their newest Boeing 777-300ER (PH-BVR). I have arranged a plan to visit Kuala Lumpur on January 2017, and onboard with KLM is a must.

Kuala Lumpur's KLIA airport was large and clean, but did not show any extraordinary improvement since last time I departed from the airport before 2010.

Jakarta airport? No comment.

Thanks for reading my story. Any feedbacks are appreciated.

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