Review of Rwandair flight Dubai Kigali in Business

Airline Rwandair
Flight WB301
Class Business
Seat 2H
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 08 Nov 16, 06:45
Arrival at 08 Nov 16, 11:15
WB 22 reviews
East African
Published on 2nd December 2016
Greetings to you all,

According to, fledging East African carrier WB is set to launch London Gatwick within the next 3 months, also before the fall 2017 its CEO John Mirenge expects Mumbai to welcome one of the 2 brand new A330 recently delivered along with New York for 2019 (plus Mars for 2025, surpassing the NASA….) to "connect the Universe to Africa" and "Africa to the Universe" through Kigali future airport; the New Bugesera International.

Obviously, I could not wait for such a long time because even in developping countries, let alone in Africa, you are never guaranteed when an airline will go bust and its aircrafts seized. So, the sonner you fly the better… :-)

photo accueil%20anet_zpsb0i4e4sm

On short notice, an Air France return ticket was bought 1 week prior the date of travel for a dire EUR 685. The easy to navigate RwandAir website suggests Dubai-Kigali-Dubai for EUR 1100, nevertheless a multi - city ticket all in business costs only EUR100 extra with, at that time, higher chances to catch the sleek heavy!

The entire routing:

1. Air France AF7689, Montpellier – Paris CDG, A320 – Y: no report
2. Air France AF662, Paris CDG – Dubai, B77W – Y: no report
3. RwandAir WB301, Dubai – Kigali, A332 – J: you are here
4. RwandAir WB402, Kigali – Nairobi, B737 – J: click here
5. Kenya Airways KQ670, Nairobi – Kisumu, E190 – Y: no report
6. Kenya Airways KQ657, Kisumu – Nairobi, E190 – Y: click here
7. Kenya Airways KQ608, Nairobi – Mombasa, E190 – Y: no report
8. RwandAir WB301, Mombasa – Kigali, A332 – J: click here
9. RwandAir WB300, Kigali – Dubai, A332 – J: click here
10. Air France AF655, Dubai – Paris CDG, B77W – Y: no report
11. Air France AF7688, Paris CDG – Montpellier, A320 – Y: no report

Without my luggage left in Paris by AF, it's with bitterness that I discovered the 3rd Terminal in DXB at 1:30 am after a quick AED 35 taxi ride from T1 (Since no bus or metro service links it to T1/3) as, sadly RwandAir relocated here from T1 in March 2015.
T2 is a single-storey passenger terminal which has been recently renovated and refurbished with all necessary facilities such as bars, restaurants, cafes, duty free and lounges. It houses low cost airlines and third world carriers like Eritrean Airlines, Iraqi Airways, Turkmenistan Airlines.
At 2 am near zone 2, the typical African crowd was gathered with an average of 3 large bags per person when the station manager came to inform the desks would open at 2:45 am.
The friendly Asian agent confirmed the most important information of the day: the "big aircraft is on its way" and allocated seat 2H.

Dubai Terminal 2 curbside at 1:30 am photo DSC00765_zpsuiibfc7v

A low cost terminal
photo DSC00768_zpsaofzlo4g

photo DSC00769_zps9zgk2j9u

No carpet, no flower at the J class counter (left)photo DSC03629_zpsopy35k53

Despite being entered in the UAE well past midnight, the passport was stamped the day before, which was a good thing as it would have been very hard to justify to the immigration officer the present 2 hours and half stay here :-) . Yeah I love visiting airport terminals… lol

RwandAir JCL guests (not sincerely sure about the future Premium Eco) can use the Marhaba lounges right after the passport control. Past the reception desk, this blind facility includes 2 rooms of different size and amenities, however the mayor disappointment is the lack of shower. Interestingly both dinner and breakfast food items were on display of the main lounge room.

Marhaba Lounge entrance
photo DSC00772_zpsh09jjy7p

Computers and printing station at the left
photo DSC00775_zpsputtfjfx

The main room
photo DSC07730_zpswqbj2qna

F&B (soft/hot only) buffet
photo DSC00778_zpsgjbgvs4k

Cold food stuffs
photo DSC00776_zps7ko99uvm

Hot food items
photo DSC00784_zps2fzaahoi

The second (smoking) room with a staffed bar
photo DSC00786_zps0kgseqlb

Sampling a bit of everything
photo DSC00785_zpslhyzfgzw

Lounge stamp from the 6/11/16 (???)
photo DSC00783_zpszxaodz1s

Thankfully only a few meters separated the lounge from the correct gate. T2 doesn't have any jetbridge at all, hence passengers are bussed to the aircraft after a rather useless priority boarding call for business and frequent travellers.

A busy hall even at odd hours
photo DSC00789_zpsimh7nqcn

Call for priority boarding respected
photo DSC00788_zpsueuzfybm

photo DSC00790_zpskm4eq6ap

"The Dream of Africa", christened Ubumwe (=Unity), a 3 months old ship
photo DSC00798_zpskegxahrg

Adrenaline surge
photo DSC00805_zpspgodsu24

At door 2L, a well groomed male greeted and checked the stub to direct the flow of passengers. The first impressions of the brand new cabin were extremely positive! Much better than the hideous eccentric colour scheme mixing 70's style orange and grass green that render had unveiled last year!
One feels a more soothing and conducive atmosphere for resting.

photo DSC00810_zpsito4kgtx

Imigongo design, a classy art made from cow dung and dirt!
photo DSC00827_zpsbjbgripk

Notice on the bulkheads, the Mounts Karisimbi at the right, and Bisoke at the left.
photo DSC00813_zpsefr6bfqy

photo DSC00818_zpsvpcgiz9v

The seat (more details in the Kigali – Dubai segment)
photo DSC00811_zpsfeburrde

The senior stewardess offered the cloakroom, then handed over some newspaper and when boarding was completed, as often, a service of hot towel and PDB (passion/orange juice or water) followed.

Guess who's the boss here?
photo DSC00826_zpst6iiclfp

Flight happened a Tuesday morning…
photo DSC07735_zpsmeg3lux1

Piping hot towel
photo DSC00828_zpsamx4azbk

Orange, passion juices and water
photo DSC00829_zps9bsvi0ur

photo DSC00832_zpsazhpssqt

Since RwandAir flies to a growing network in French-speaking African countries – annoucements were made in French and English from the flight deck, Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda from the the cabin crew sounded very just logical when they were heard, who then apologized for the 40 min delay at push back.

Take off video:

photo DSC00839_zpsefdoa7db

photo DSC00851_zpsqvglnm4m

photo DSC00859_zpsdjnzyaja

photo DSC00864_zpspzdsntq2

Since the inflight entertainment was operational as soon as boarding, an opportunity to flick through the channels on the standard sized touchscreen (for JCL) appeared during the climbing. No much room for improvement here, the overall content rivals with the likes of ET and KQ. The movie and series selection focuses mainly on Western (US only??) stuffs. Too bad for a country whose mountainous landscape has earned the moniker of "Hillywood" omits to support local, Nollywood and African blockbusters, clearly its bread and butter so far!

To begin photo DSC07746_zps8aje49zr

photo DSC00861_zpsblhkp9aj

photo DSC01090_zpsnydck1kg

CAN should welcome soon WB's wb!
photo DSC00883_zpsbugtg5ut

Sharp resolution (the pic does not do justice to it)
photo DSC00881_zpsxsxb3mw2

photo DSC00876_zpszpjoksqd

29 movies
photo DSC07748_zpsktndlsmu

15 series
photo DSC07749_zpsdmnwlcha

8 kid programs
photo DSC00875_zpslqrtvnfh

10 games
photo DSC00870_zpski000d7w

7 music styles (only these nonstop compilations – no album)photo DSC07750_zpsrnpc6eo3

Excellent new noise cancelling headphones!
photo DSC00869_zpse634slxv

The second Airbus, an A333, landed yesterday 1/12/16 at Kigali.
photo DSC00936_zpshzxp76k6

Approximately 60 min after the push back, the cute cabin attendant orally suggested for breakfast an omelette with (chicken) sausages or sausages and a last option that I fail to remember. The visible menu on the IFE was purely embellishing.
The reasonably portionned brekkie served in one go, increased the time to catch fourty winks after the crew lowered all window blinds, even if ET expresses more class on a similar flights to/from JNB with a 2 course breakfast. Not a big deal though!

Nice new idea from WB
photo DSC00871_zpsrw5u0duh

Looks yummy!
photo DSC01153_zpsffu8uu61

photo DSC00886_zpstzuqxlxs

photo DSC00885_zpsx8kjrg53

Breakfast tray contents and menu description are alike ;-)
photo DSC00888_zpsosgknj7y

Nothing exceptionnal though it would have been nice from the crew to verbally mention the mushrooms
photo DSC00891_zpsqglmvup5

photo DSC00890_zps9jt7xven

Rwandan tea, nice to get sweetener photo DSC03631_zpspeagao1z

The fully extended position of the seat does not guarantee an optimal digestion and rest, unless one activates the massage function – or it may just be a personnal feeling.

photo DSC03630_zpstv8ihyus

Just soap – hand/body lotion and/or perfume would be nice additions.
photo DSC03632_zpsqrvtupo3

As of now, an adorning (=useless) W class it's not loaded yet on DSC00893_zpstozvoekf

Fully reclined
photo DSC00895_zpswgqza3ou

photo DSC00896_zpso5mrpsnr

As stipulated on the wifi leaflet, over Ethiopia (1/3 of the total trip distance lol) wifi doesn't work so, let's finish off the night. New blanket and of better quality.
photo DSC00930_zpscw0kz6wf

photo DSC00932_zpsl7l4qf7b

10 MB offered
photo DSC00897_zpskfxktslz

photo DSC00901_zps4vgnahj9

photo DSC00903_zps4krnvebh

My bad, I have forgotten the English version :-(
photo DSC00905_zpsqvfuvj5j

(Fast forward)
Captain Marcel came into the blower for enquiring of our well being, giving our current position and annoucing the beginning of "the end". A minute or so later, the friendly Rwandan stewardess brought over a glass of bubbly along with a bottle of still water!Service hard to fault !

Kind of second "service" minutes away from decreasing altitude.
photo DSC00916_zpsxzcpwcnf

photo DSC00919_zpsyite7u5w

Jackets were handed over, cabin got prepared and secured and "Ubumwe" touched down runway 28 at 11:15 am, meaning a wee 40 minutes late.

Video of landing at Kigali

Slightly disappointed as you can not view the current route flown
photo DSC00920_zpsy9kt7sp6

photo DSC00946_zpssqfm5zmh

photo DSC009462_zps0ehminkh

National Road 3 leads to Tanzania.
photo DSC009569_zpsrmrqyaqi

Kigali Free Trade Zone
photo DSC009567_zpseiittjgu

photo DSC00956_zpsif2riio2

photo DSC00960_zps82ptecie

The 6 months old taxiway
photo DSC00963_zpsjl1n2u9n

Have you noticed the tail of an Antonov 24?photo DSC00968_zps5o6zjmwt

Passenger terminal building
photo DSC00972_zps9tzvr9qq

Coastal Aviation charter
photo DSC07753_zpst0u22si5

photo DSC00976_zpsic5bcpsu

A short walk on a wet apron enabled half the pax to enter in Rwanda or the other half to continue the journey elsewhere in Africa.

The next flight showcases my first international transfer at my home airport on a short leg to NBO.

photo DSC03634_zpsj7iyw7kp

RwandAir title should have been bigger imo
photo DSC03636_zpsyjo0w95a
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Cabin crew7.5

Marhaba Lounge - 2


Dubai - DXB


Kigali - KGL



An outstanding product, probably the best seat in Africa, some details could be changed and improved like menu, playlist IFE and bathroom toiletries to name but a few.
Crew was professional and caring.

Many thanks for reading, comments and corrections always valuable.



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