Review of SriLankan Airlines flight New Delhi Colombo in Economy

Airline SriLankan Airlines
Flight UL196
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 16 Dec 16, 18:35
Arrival at 16 Dec 16, 22:10
UL 58 reviews
By 2265
Published on 27th December 2016
Hi guys,

Welcome to the trip report of the second leg of my return journey between Colombo-Delhi-Colombo.
You can find the first part right here -> UL195 CMB-DEL 10-Dec-2016 A321.

After thrilling six days in northern part of India, we were ready to head back home.

We used the same method used to reach the city, to go back to the airport.

After a document check by the security, we were let inside the check-in area.

Lot of Sri Lankan Buddhist pilgrims lined up for check-in. Pilgrimage tours are usually concluded with lot of shopping. You can see it from the amount of luggage here.
photo dsc09125

As we checked-in online, we stood up in the baggage drop line. Just as we approached our turn, a young gent from the airport staff greeted us and asked how are we doing and our trip details. It soon turned out that he needs a favor from us. The flight is overbooked and he'd be glad if we can stay another night in Delhi at their cost and obviously some other compensation as well. We could have taken the offer but we were too tired and wanted to reach home as soon as possible, so had to reject his proposal.
photo dsc09129

Check-in was done by a friendly lady and it was quick. But the next stop was not so. The immigration had long queues and the officers were not in a hurry. It took more than 45 mins to clear immigration and security.

Into the duty free area. With more than one and half hours remaining for our boarding time, we spent some time here before leaving for the departure pier.
photo dsc09135photo dsc09145photo dsc09146

My boarding pass, after being stamped by both immigration and security.
photo dsc09140a

Gate No. 10… a long walk!
photo dsc09148

The sun sets in a hazy Delhi evening.
photo dsc09152

A replica of Qutb Minar, an ancient monument in Delhi blended with Christmas deco.
photo dsc09156

On to the departure pier…
photo dsc09161

The elegant sculpture of "Surya", the sun god located just at the entrance of the pier.
photo dsc09164

The biggies of Jet Airways and Saudia.
photo dsc09168

Our flight has just landed and taxiing to the gate.
photo dsc09169

Not there yet…!
photo dsc09175

View towards the less used Terminal 2.
photo dsc09179

Few more steps…
photo dsc09188

Finally, we are there. But we still have plenty of time to kill.
photo dsc09196

So I decided to walk further to get a snap of our flight's tail. It's 4R-ABQ the other original (non ex-MJ) A321 of UL.
photo dsc09201

Neighbours, literally!
photo dsc09204

Air India Express jet arrived to a gate on the otherside. I like their unique tail designs.
photo dsc09226

Boarding commenced about 30 mins prior to departure time in an orderly fashion.

While walking through the jetbridge…
photo dsc09233photo dsc09235

J class seat.
photo dsc09237

I settled to my seat, unsurprisingly my neighbours were two pilgrims heading back home.
photo dsc09246photo dsc09252photo dsc09256

Departure time passed, but still there is no sign of moving. Then the captain came in PA and announced we are almost ready and waiting for few late passengers.

photo dsc09259

photo dsc09275

Meanwhile crew distributed headphones and menus.
photo dsc09283photo dsc09291

At last… It's 6.55pm and we started pushing back with the safety video being played.
photo dsc09295photo dsc09303

Nepal Airlines 757 as RA218 to Kathmandu.
photo dsc09312photo dsc09317

Cabin lights dimmed and we are taxiing…
photo dsc09322photo dsc09325photo dsc09328

We have to wait till our turn with many landings and take -offs are taking place.

SV765 to Riyadh waiting for its turn ahead us.
photo dsc09351

It was 7.20pm when we started our take off, 45 mins behind the schedule.
photo dsc09359

Bye bye Delhi… see you again someday!!!
photo dsc09365

As we leveled off, crew started the meal service.
photo dsc09379

It was much similar to the onward flights. Choices of beer, wine and juices. I opted for a Carlsberg.
photo dsc09384

and chose the mutton option for the mains.
photo dsc09388

UL cutlery! One of the best things about them!!
photo dsc09390

Salad and dessert. Both were disappointing. The salad consisted of too many pieces of bell pepper which I don't like the taste and the papaya in the dessert was rock solid and tasteless.
photo dsc09392

The main was great. The mutton was moist and spicy.
photo dsc09395

Bored without moving map, turned on "Slumdog Millionaire".

Oh look! A train!! I simply cannot get enough of them, just like aeroplanes :)
photo dsc09402

It was just three days after the full moon…
photo dsc09429

Leaving Indian skies over Chennai coast.
photo dsc09461

The calm cabin interior.
photo dsc09482photo dsc09483

At least I know which program they have installed!
photo dsc09489

Announcements were made as we entered Sri Lankan airspace and we are ready to land soon.

Approaching CMB from the lagoon side (Runway 4).
photo dsc09496

Flying over the lagoon…
photo dsc09507

and touchdown!
photo dsc09511

It was 10.25pm and we were only 15 mins behind the schedule.
photo dsc09517

Deboarding… the exit row (row 8). The row 7 is windowless.
photo dsc09519

As usual an EK 777 is parked, behind it is a Thomson Airways charter 787. Charter flights are common at CMB during the European winter.
photo dsc09523

The short walk to the immigration…
photo dsc09524photo dsc09525

Dang! This is the one of the major weak points in CMB… long long immigration queues. Luckily few more counters opened up and crowd started moving quickly.
photo dsc09527

10 mins in the queue and we are land side. We did the customary duty free shopping and luggage was still on the way when we reached the belt.
It was bit chaotic as bags from CAN flight were loaded to the same belt.

So that concludes my trip report and hope you enjoyed. Below are some bonus pics that we took during our trip to Himachal Pradesh.

Bonus : Click here display
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SriLankan Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

New Delhi - DEL


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A nice flight with UL, pretty much similar to the onward one. Overall it was pleasant.



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