Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Jakarta in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ956
Class Business
Seat 11A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 02 Sep 18, 09:25
Arrival at 02 Sep 18, 10:10
SQ   #7 out of 80 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 644 reviews
By 1700
Published on 24th September 2018
Hi guys,

Welcome to the second installment of my series of trip reports.

1. CMB SIN - SQ469 - Airbus A330-300 - 02 Sep 2018 - Follow this link
2. SIN CGK - SQ956 - Airbus A350-900 - 02 Sep 2018 - You are here

After deplaning we checked the FIDS located right next to the arrival gate.
The gate for our flight has been already allocated and F50 is the first gate of the particular concourse, so we can come back leisurely.

photo dsc00469

I've mentioned in the previous report that we are heading to Bali. So the optimum connection for our arrival from CMB would be SQ942 at 9.15am but we are not taking it today!
This is where the avgeek aspect of this trip starts to kick in. Being a big fan of A350 I had the urge to ride one for a long time.
Unfortunately none of them come to Colombo and most of the flights with a connection are long hauls to Europe, Aussie or America.
From the few regional ones operating, the most sensible choice was SQ956.
As it matched our itinerary, we were happy to detour a bit :)

The plane which brought us in from CMB.

photo dsc00470

Towards the lounge.

photo dsc00471

Me too, dear. Me too… :D

photo dsc00472

Still some more to walk.

photo dsc00473photo dsc00474photo dsc00476


photo dsc00477

Our boarding passes were scanned and let in to the Business Class section of the lounge.

photo dsc00478photo dsc00480

It was really crowded as there were many departures at this time of the day.

photo dsc00481photo dsc00482

We sat down and after getting refreshed, it was time for some light breakfast.
Standard breakfast buffet was on offer with Western, Chinese and Indian options.

Char Siu Bao (Steamed bbq pork buns) is one of my favourite Chinese breakfast dishes.

photo dsc00483

I was hoping to have a Laksa at SKL but they have changed their soup to Mee Siam for this week.
I'm ok to try anything new when it comes to food but regretted after having one spoon of this.
It was really pungent and had a deep dried shrimp taste, which I didn't like it at all.

photo dsc00484

With having less than a hour for departure, we decide to head for the gate.

photo dsc00491photo dsc00492

Security at the gate was a breeze.

photo dsc00494

The moment I have been waiting for a long time had come! I was so excited!!

photo dsc00498photo dsc00503photo dsc00509

It is beautiful from any angle you look at it!

photo dsc00515photo dsc00517

Boarding was called around 25 mins to the departure.

photo dsc00519photo dsc00537

We were welcomed and directed to our seat by the leading flight attendant.

Newspapers on the offer at the front galley.

photo dsc00539

Today I will be seated on 11A and my wife will be taking the seat behind me.
I doesn't sound romantic for a couple on honeymoon trip to sit apart, right :D
Can't help when both are window seat fans!

photo dsc00521

The seat looks so spacious. Compared to other rows, bulkhead seems to have more leg space.

photo dsc00523

The cool IFE screen.

photo dsc00528

IFE Controls.

photo dsc00529

The small stowage compartment.

photo dsc00531

The ottoman. I didn't have the time to check the flat bed due to short flight time.

photo dsc00533

Welcome drink and hot towel were offered. I chose apple juice.

photo dsc00540

Wifi was on offer but I couldn't connect to it either.

photo dsc00542

No overhead bins on the middle making the cabin looks spacious.

photo dsc00545

Middle seats.

photo dsc00548

Safety information card.

photo dsc00549photo dsc00550photo dsc00551

Menu for both onward and return legs.

photo dsc00554photo dsc00555

IFE was responsive enough.

photo dsc00565photo dsc00567photo dsc00568

Push back on time. The Tigers have become little Scooties now.

photo dsc00570photo dsc00573

Safety video is being played while we wait for taxiing.

photo dsc00574

Our plane from Colombo, yet again.

photo dsc00575

Singapore's weather can change pretty quickly. It was sunny when we were boarding but now it has become really gloomy.

UA2 which should have departed 40 mins ago, still at the jet bridge.

photo dsc00576

It was lighting at this moment but no rain!

photo dsc00580photo dsc00584

After a slow taxi run we were at the edge of the runway 20C. There was some traffic ahead of us.

photo dsc00590

SQ32 to San Francisco, which departed right before us.

photo dsc00591

It was only after 24 mins from the STD, we took from Changi.

photo dsc00593photo dsc00598

The cloudy sky was making some nice patterns.

The iconic wingtip of A350.

photo dsc00605

The sudden change of weather meant that there was some heavy turbulence which hampered the in flight services.
Flight time was only 1 hour and 20 mins thus crew had to rush through the meal service.

The dessert was served first. The young Singapore Girl politely informed me that I can enjoy it if I like until they come back with my special meal.

photo dsc00608

The Panna Cotta was delicious.

photo dsc00611

We both ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice from the Book the Cook menu and it was delivered piping hot.
Pastries were also offered with the mains.

photo dsc00614

Due to turbulence, hot beverages were not offered. I had a Singapore Sling while watching the flight map.
41000ft was the cruising altitude for this short flight.

photo dsc00617

More clouds…

photo dsc00623

Cabin crew did an efficient job to conclude the meal service in quick time.

When I mentioned the leading flight attendant that I really like this aircraft he told me to try their new 787-10 Dreamliner too. I said I'm looking forward to do so ;)

photo dsc00624

Just as the tray tables were cleared, we were already descending to Jakarta. The city looked quite hazy.

photo dsc00628photo dsc00630

We landed on Runway 25R with the views of Terminal 3.

photo dsc00635photo dsc00638photo dsc00640

The short taxi run to the Terminal 2D.

photo dsc00641photo dsc00642photo dsc00644

Lion Air 747-400 PK-LHG, mainly used for Hajj flights plus in high density domestic routes such as CGK-DPS.

photo dsc00645

We docked to the jet bridge, 5 mins before the scheduled arrival time.

The long walk towards the immigration…

photo dsc00648photo dsc00649photo dsc00651

The line at the immigration was short and after few standard questions about our trip details, we were let in with Visa Exemption stamps on passport.

Baggage took an eternity to arrive. Even the first baggage with priority tags came out only 30 mins after the arrival.

photo dsc00654

I would have like to spend more time in Java with a train ride to Jogja and a visit to Borobudur.
Unfortunately time constraints prevented us from doing so. May be next time with a dedicated trip for it!
We had to continue to Bali on the same day with the next flight departing in four and half hours, so it was time to move to the domestic departures in Terminal 2D.

This ends the onward journey to Indonesia with SQ. Await for the domestic flight and return journey reports. Thanks for reading!
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Another wonderful flight with Singapore Airlines. Transit was smooth and the lounge was a great place to get refreshed after a red eye. Cabin was impressive with nice and comfortable hard product which seemed perfect for a long haul flight. Cabin crew gave their best effort to carry out the services efficiently admits the turbulence and but they did that in a really friendly manner. Meals were high quality and IFE was great in responsiveness. The only hiccup was the delayed arrival of baggage.

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  • Comment 466906 by
    aaqib67 51 Comments

    Hi Thurya!

    Ahh SQ's A359!
    This has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now

    Overall, the service seems on point for a short-haul flight, definitely going to fly with them the next time I head East
    In terms of fleet, SQ definitely has the best in the Asia Pacific region.

    Even though CGK can get a bit chaotic at times, it's a great airport to spend sometime at.
    Spotting a 747-400 nowadays is gold! I believe LionAir is probably the only carrier in Indonesia operating the 747 as of now since Garuda retired theirs last year

    Here's a platform I recommend that you can keep track of all your flights

    Happy Flying!

    • Comment 467079 by
      Thurya AUTHOR 78 Comments

      Hi Aaqib,

      Thanks for the comments.

      "In terms of fleet, SQ definitely has the best in the Asia Pacific region."
      - Can't complain when they have an all wide body fleet.

      "Even though CGK can get a bit chaotic at times, it's a great airport to spend sometime at."
      -Surely it is. A great place for spotting too with lots of movements.

      Spotting a 747-400 nowadays is gold! I believe LionAir is probably the only carrier in Indonesia operating the 747 as of now since Garuda retired theirs last year.
      - Indeed, it was an eye candy. Now TG is the only major operator of the type in this region I guess.

      "Here's a platform I recommend that you can keep track of all your flights"
      - Thank you for the information. I have already been using that for sometime now and it is really helpful. :)

      Thanks again for stopping by!
      Happy Flying!!!

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