Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Singapore in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK54
Class Economy
Seat 26K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:45
Take-off 09 Jan 17, 06:35
Arrival at 09 Jan 17, 21:20
TK   #12 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 672 reviews
By BRONZE 3531
Published on 31st January 2017
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IST - CDG TK Y / A321-200: Link
CDG - IST TK Y / A330-300: Link
IST - SIN TK Y / A330-300: HERE

The final leg of this journey. The light snow which was reported was now much heavier. Owing to the fact my flight from Paris was delayed for an hour and my connection time was listed as 75min, I was fearful I would miss my connecting flight. However, upon landing and inspecting the FIDS, I found out that my next flight would be delayed for 2 hours, giving me ample time to connect.

Turkish Airlines
TK 54
Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) - Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)
Economy Class
Gate 304

Making my way to the next gate. Passengers are stranded as flights are delayed or cancelled.
photo img_6639

People swamped around the gate areas. We took up any seat we could get.
photo img_6640

The entire terminal is crowded.
photo img_6641

One of the food outlets in Ataturk.
photo img_6642

Shot of the boarding pass for this flight.
photo img_6644

Finally, boarding is called for the flight after the 2 hour delay. No aerobridge, the aircraft is parked at a remote stand. It was absolutely freezing out there. Luckily, I didn't pack my coat into my check-in.
photo img_6645

Boarding the bus for the plane. Some passengers didn't manage to board the bus and they couldn't re-enter the terminal so they were stuck out in the snow.
photo img_6646

The snow was starting to get heavy now. The plane was blanketed in a layer of snow. You couldn't barely even see the Turkish Airline logo.
photo img_6647

Climbing up the steps. Maybe it was a mistake to rush onto the plane instead of waiting in the bus.
photo img_6648

It was quite a beautiful sight though.
photo img_6649

From the top of the steps.
photo img_6650

And I'm almost in!
photo img_6651

TK's previous generation cabin. Not the latest one but still very comfortable.
photo img_6652

My seat for today. In fact, both seats were mine. I got a sky bed!
photo img_6653

A view outside from the seat. Vintage TK livery!
photo img_6656

Let's have a look at the IFE.
photo img_6657

And my POV from the seat.
photo img_6658

Looking across at the empty seat beside me (Happily, I must admit).
photo img_6659

View of the front of the cabin from my seat.
photo img_6660

And the view of the back of the cabin.
photo img_6661

Information of the flight in Turkish.
photo img_6662

Flight map.
photo img_6663

Safety card of the plane.
photo img_6664

Seat-back literature. In a Turkish Airline folder.
photo img_6665

Zach King safety video.
photo img_6667

At this point, I must admit the we pretty much sat on the tarmac for another hour or so as the de-icing of planes delayed everyone. Evidently, Ataturk was not prepared for this flurry of snow.
photo img_6671photo img_6673

Oshibori-service by Turkish. No lokum on any of the flights, I was mildly disappointed.
photo img_6675

Finally, we took off for Singapore. After a grand total of four hours of delays.
photo img_6676

Menu for this flight. You can refer to this for any of the meals below.
photo img_6678

By this time, the sun was rising.
photo img_6679

And the first meal was served. I picked the beef option with beer and Sprite. Amazing meal from Turkish, everything was tasty.
photo img_6682

Obligatory toilet visit. Clean and dry.
photo img_6684

More flight information. I watched a movie till I fell into a deep sleep.
photo img_6689

When I finally roused, breakfast was served. It was delicious and filling.
photo img_6690

And the sun is setting. So I had supper in the morning and breakfast in the evening. Also I spent an entire day in the sky.
photo img_6694

Looking down at somewhere in Malaysia.
photo img_6697

And now we are preparing to land.
photo img_6698

ETA, 10 minutes.
photo img_6700

Landed! Time to disembark. I'm finally home although I may not be too pleased about it.
photo img_6702

Changi Airport. Home sweet home.
photo img_6703
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Istanbul - ISL


Singapore - SIN



Turkish Airlines has been a wonderful carrier. I'm glad I managed to snag this flight at half the price of what Singapore Airlines was offering. The service and food were excellent. The cabin and entertainment were above expectations. The bonus free seat was certainly the icing on the cake. I had a wonderful flight and I can't want to fly with them again.

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