Review of American Airlines flight Chicago Boston in First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1503
Class First
Seat 4F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 21 Nov 16, 13:00
Arrival at 21 Nov 16, 16:00
AA   #52 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 335 reviews
Published on 14th January 2017
photo aa 1503 checkin

Traveling from O'Hare on a busy pre-holiday I decided to arrive a bit early which gave me a chance to check out the American Airlines Admiral's club up on the 3rd floor of Terminal 3. It's a spacious club with nice views of the airfield.

photo aa1503 view ord 3

Fun for some plane spotting.

photo aa1503 plane aa787

I'll be seeing this one in a few hours.
photo aa1503 other plane 2

Free food was sparse and unappealing at lunch time.

Paid food was plentiful.

photo aa1503 lounge 2photo aa1503 lounge 4

Saving my appetite I wanted to go to Boston. Time to board,

I stand in the First Class priority line.

This is a pre-boarding announcement. Anyone needing special assistance or traveling with children may board now.

photo aa1503 pass dog

Obviously the little guy isn't so sure about this.

The cabin on this 737-800 just seems a bit drab. Dark and gloomy.

photo aa1503 cabin 1

American's first class seats are decent. They offer a good amount of legroom. I just wouldn't want them transcon or more than say 2-3 hours.

photo aa1503 seat 1photo aa1503 seat 2

The laptop/tablet holder under the armrest is useful (albeit you aren't supposed to use it on take-off and landing) while the electronics are not easily accessible. But then again, they have electronics.

photo aa1503 seat 3photo aa1503 seat 5

And away they go.

photo aa1503 view ord 2

The flight crew was Miami based. The pursuer stayed in the galley for the most part while his assistant served the cabin. He was a young man, in his 20's and looked like he was asleep. He was nice, just VERY quiet. He came around to take lunch orders. I had pre-ordered using AA's website which is a nice feature. (They send you an email 2 weeks out so you can choose then if you want.)

The young flight attendant asked the lady next to me what she'd like for lunch. Then he asked me what I'd like to drink, which confused my neighbor. I assured her everything was fine as I had pre-ordered. Lunch was served to all the passengers, except me. Then the young man appeared and asked if I'd like a cookie. I said I'd prefer my lunch first.

He looked confused. Returning to the galley he was back moments later with lunch and apologized profusely, many times. No big deal. It actually was pretty good.

photo aa1503 food 2

This aircraft had American's personal device entertainment. While I didn't watch anything I used to American website to look something up, it was very slow. Pretty expensive too, unless you plan on flying American all month.

photo aa1503 ife 1photo aa1503 ife 2

Next stop Boston and the long anticipated Qatar A350 trip.
photo aa1503 view boston 2
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Cabin crew4.0

American Airlines Admirals Club (Concourses H/K)


Chicago - ORD


Boston - BOS



I wish Qatar flew the A350 from ORD



  • Comment 381831 by
    Nick 165 Comments

    Quite a contrast between the O'Hare Admirals Club and the Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha, huh?

    Too bad you didn't get the newer AA 737 cabin with seatback IFE, but I guess this was a pretty short flight.

    Did that dog owner have a carrier? If not, I'm assuming it was a fake emotional support dog. I personally think airlines should only allow service dogs and not "emotional support" dogs.

    • Comment 381839 by
      SKYTEAMCHC 4921 Comments

      Thanks for this report. Most US lounges are not really worth going except for being away from the crowd.
      As you mention the cabin looks drab and old, not the latest cabin in teh AA fleet.
      The meal looks quite ok for the length of the flight but the fact that the FA forgot you is not very professional ven if this can happen. As a european I think this thing around emotional support animals is going a bit too far !

      • Comment 381846 by
        Rewardflying AUTHOR 293 Comments

        Thanks for reading Skyteamchc. BTW, I enjoyed your AF 787 report. Looks like a nice product to fly long haul. Tell them to send it to O'Hare and not Atlanta. I got the newer seat on an A321 back from LAX on this trip. Nice IFE system but still domestic first class. Wait until to you see that meal!

        As mentioned to Nick, no carrier and 2 other occasions same thing. The couple with the dog on this flight didn't need any emotional support. A guy and a girl in their 20's. I just think, without knowing for sure, AA is allowing dogs on their planes. I'm sure for a fee however. UA used to charge $150, I think its more now.

    • Comment 381845 by
      Rewardflying AUTHOR 293 Comments

      Thanks for reading Nick. It's typical US domestic first class experience. Nothing like you will see in next weeks report. This was my first time on AA in a long time as I have status with United. In fact I've taken 3 domestic flights over the last 2 months with them. Each one of them had small dogs, uncaged on leases like the one in the photo. Clearly not service dogs. Maybe AA has a policy that allows this. I know UA doesn't. The little guy was pretty cute though!

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