Review of Air India Regional flight New Delhi Kulu in Economy

Airline Air India Regional
Flight AI9805
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 03 Oct 16, 06:35
Arrival at 03 Oct 16, 07:50
CD 2 reviews
By 754
Published on 28th January 2017
Welcome to this Air India Regional flight AI9805 from Delhi to Kulu in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in the north west of the country in the footlhills of the Himalayas. This is the 5th flight of 8 on my India trip:

The flight was an early morning departure at 06:35. We were staying in a hotel in the airport city district of the city only a few minutes taxi ride away from the airport. We arrived outside the departures hall and as is customary in India before you can even enter the building a security guard checked to see if we had booking reservations. Entering the departure hal we heading towards the Air india desks at the E check in area.

There was a queue for check in which didn't last too long and the check in staff seemed polite and friendly.

We headed through the security checks smoothly and into the departure lounge. Our flight seemed to be on time today.

photo img_0505

It was early and I hadn't yet had breakfast so I headed to the food court and to my favourite McDonalds!

photo img_0506photo img_0507

This morning I ordered a Maharaja Mac, the Indian version of a Big Mac.

photo img_0508photo img_0509

Soon enough our gate was announced and I headed off to Gate 42C

Gate 42C was a gate on the lower level which we would to use to board a bus to take us to the aircraft.

Here's our plane today. An ATR 72-600.

photo img_0518photo img_0519

From the tarmac we had a good view of the other aircraft

photo img_0520photo img_0521

We boarded via the rear stairs

photo img_0522

and I took my window seat in 9A. The cabin was modern and the leg room plenty for this flight.

photo img_0523photo img_0524

In the seat pocket was the safety card and a newpaper (unfortunately I couldn't read it!)

photo img_0525

I would have a good view of the engines today.

After the safety briefing we were off. We were soon served with a small snack, not quite the full meal served on the full Air India Jodhpur flights. The sandwich was a kind of slightly spicy vegetable mix.

photo img_0530

The flight was relatively short and soon we were making our decent into a deep valley were Kulu airport is situated. We came out of the clouds and were surrounded by mountains. This made for quite a dramatic scene with the mountains being above us and the valley bottom below. I couldn't help but take quite a few photos!

And touch down!

photo img_0539photo img_0540

The airport is possibly the smallest I have visited, being just one small building with this flight one of only 2 that lands here.

photo img_0541

The view of the plane in the valley was quite beautiful

Entering the terminal

photo img_0546

and the baggage carousel

photo img_0547photo img_0548

Leaving the airport

photo img_0549
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Air India Regional

Cabin crew8.0

New Delhi - DEL


Kulu - KUU



The DEL airport experience was smooth and the staff friendly.

Most impressive was the view on arrival into Kulu surrounded by the mountains



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