Review of Singapore Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 633
Class Business
Seat 20K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 23 Jan 17, 16:40
Arrival at 23 Jan 17, 23:20
SQ   #7 out of 80 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 644 reviews
By 2876
Published on 1st February 2017
Went to busy Shinjuku on next day.



Checking out the food halls.







Yoshinoya lunch. Excellent quality for japanese fast-food chain.


Checking out Pokemon Center at Ikebukuro. It is basically just a huge store selling Pokemon merchandise.





A very filling Tonkatsu dinner at Ikebukuro Parco.


Headed to Tsujiki Market the next day.









Office buildings of Shiodome.


Heading across Tokyo Bay towards Odaiba for some shopping.






And the stuff we had.






The last morning in Tokyo. View from the room.


Walked to a temple near Daimon, with the Tokyo Tower in the background.


Temple grounds.



Cheap, delicious and satisfying lunch before heading to the airport.


With the luggage in tow, we took the Airport Limo bus from Conrad to Haneda. Costed more but saved the hassle of the 15min walk with heavy luggage to the monorail station.

Arrived at Haneda international terminal 2hrs prior to departure. Check-in counters were not too busy. A First Class counter was also opened even though there was no F sold on this flight.

photo 32587305295_5febca9c04_b

photo 32546660556_ed5151e462_b

Checked in by very friendly agents and went through immigration and security with little wait as it was the non-peak. After a but of shopping for some snacks at the duty-free stores, we went to the ANA lounge.

photo 32546659116_03782e178e_b

Having been to and reviewed the lounge before a couple of years back, not much photos were taken of the louge, though it has all the frills of a quality lounge.

Dining area.

photo 32208271680_2d73407d96_b

Great tarmac view from the lounge.

photo 32587304595_8830828e68_b

Buffet offering

photo 32587303945_68d299f01c_b

photo 32208270690_0f9d4f83e9_b

photo 32587303135_46738a4100_b

My choice of food. The ramen is from the made-to-order Noodle Bar.

photo 32208269290_e017d748e2_b

A serving of udon with kakiage from the noodle bar.

photo 31743593044_376e4f68b2_b

Cheese, crackers and desserts.

photo 31743592334_ed547182f4_b

LH B748 pushed back for departure.

photo 32587302185_92c1dce399_b

Our A350 arriving slightly late from Singapore due to bad weather in Singapore earlier. SQ's first A350, 9V-SMA, would be operating the flight. With the late arrival, boarding and departure was also delayed for 10min.

photo 32208268470_d4b60d3512_b

photo 32587300955_9cd43bc80d_b

ANA's Star Wars and CX's World City special-liveried aircraft.

photo 32208266240_de5c603e81_b

Boarding announcement was made in the lounge and we proceeded to the gate where boarding was already in progress.

photo 32208265020_9416b33ced_b

23 January 2017
Singapore Airlines
SQ 633
Tokyo Haneda (HND) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 7H15M

Boarding SQ's first A350 aircraft.

photo 31743591574_48e8c68af2_b

photo 32208264440_d1da0a9bc3_b

photo 32587298525_bbfae6a054_b

Took the Business Class entrance and proceeded to my seat at the rear Business cabin, which was less full compared to the forward cabin.

photo 31743590224_e0dd14007f_b

photo 32587297155_5ccb987835_b

My allocated seat, 20K, for the flight, though I would also be claiming the bulkhead 19G midflight.

photo 32587297635_0ecbe69a46_b

Cabin ambience.

photo 32208255450_f68ec27be2_b

Just beside the engine.

photo 32464655231_d9c1677251_b

The usual hot towels and beverages were offered. I had a champagne to start. Having flown on the new J seats on the B773ER, I thought the ones on the A350 are a tad narrower, but with slightly more seat pitch. Newspapers and magazines were also offered.

photo 31743588474_1595576938_b

Menu for the flight. Dinner would be served on this sector.

photo 32464654951_d3ff45ba8c_b

photo 31775363273_bfefae3caf_b

photo 32208258170_e161954a29_b

Menu of the incoming SQ632 sector.

photo 32208257320_7c91bd4888_b

photo 31775361723_755b48c2a3_b

With Japanese efficiency, boarding was rapidly completed and we soon started to pushback.

photo 32464651701_77d46123fa_b

Safety video and engine start-up.

It was a rather long taxi to the runway.

photo 32464650991_724471490d_b

photo 32587290735_d671e45130_b

photo 31775357263_666bd3f8b7_b

And we rocketed away from the rather short 2500m Rwy05 towards Singapore.

photo 32587290075_b9ac004569_b

photo 31775355853_8294f756fa_b

photo 31775355403_68deb8549e_b

photo 32587289045_c33b7a7e0e_b

Flight map

photo 32434520052_0eb5ba7e08_b

Our routing after departure took us very near the magnificent Mt Fuji!

photo 31775352143_c1b2a9eebc_b

photo 32587287935_b4bbfb1db8_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, it was a quick visit to the lav. As mentioned earlier, the waste bin beside the sink is not sensor operated on SMA, unlike SMF onwards.

photo 31775350243_96a7bc145d_b

photo 32208241310_1061d801de_b

photo 32546635106_8d37a0b018_b

Slippers, socks and eyeshades were distributed. Headphones were the newer Phitek-branded ones.

photo 32208240350_7671371384_b

Stretched out and relax.

photo 32208238510_2eb32ddf97_b

My post-takeoff beverage of green tea was served.

photo 32587286635_07e088c936_b

This was followed by the signature satay service.

photo 32587286325_cb0f2b3dd2_b

I then decided to move over to claim 19G as it was empty. 19D/G offers the most space of all the J seats, and I think of equivalent spaciousness as a F seat. However, there could be some disturbance from the galley ahead (there were whirring sounds from the galley once a while).

photo 32208235970_bef48e77d8_b

Peeking into the galley ahead.

photo 31775339593_39092c01a2_b

Towards the rear.

photo 32208233480_2530702843_b

Dinner was served about 1hr into the flight. I went for the international selection. Appetiser platter and breads were served. The starter was not too exciting, and the breads were quite dry and tough.

photo 32587286015_4252ab459a_b

photo 32208234810_916f0f9e19_b

For the main, I went for the salmon as I wanted something lighter. It was a bit dry but passable, and definitely not the best salmon dish I had onboard a plane.

photo 31775341363_e04d4e3f3c_b

My friend had ordered the Hanakoreiki selection, which looked and tasted better.

photo 32208237100_c8706332a7_b

photo 31775343823_886fbb99b8_b

Yuzu mousse cake dessert. Was interigued by the "droplets" on top of the cake. It was light and creamy, very good!

photo 32546625116_9492fdcfe9_b

Vanilla ice-cream, which, unusually, was served rock hard. Had to wait for some time for it to soften.

photo 32208230660_2b0b5baf5a_b

While waiting for the ice cream to soften, I started on the cheeses and fruits. Pralines were also offered by a crew following behind the cheese/fruit cart even before coffee/tea orders were taken. To be honest, meal service felt a bit uncoordinated and rushed on this flight even though there was plenty of time to complete the service. It seems that a couple of crew were also sent from Y to help out in J (economy was not full it seems) as I counted at least 6 cabin crew, which might have contributed to the "rush". Some of the stewardesses in J seemed very junior and lacked the personality and touch of the senior crew. Overall, service was very average by SQ standards, though they did get the job done and requests fulfilled.

photo 31775338653_015873f8f4_b

photo 31775338033_16c84aef7f_b

Earl grey tea to end.

photo 31775337333_9946584396_b

Folded down my seat to a bed and spent the rest of the flight in bed. With the full length and width bed in 19G, no other Business class seat comes close!

photo 32546622806_3341171067_b

Spent the rest of the flight watching movies and taking a nap, and we were soon approaching SIN. Cabin lights turned on the bed was converted back to a seat.

photo 31775336153_a6ed72b075_b

photo 32546622216_d0ec7e0c8b_b

Went back to 20K for the landing. Our flight routing.

photo 32208226670_aac9e1e475_b

Approaching Changi.

photo 32546621486_9e010acd1a_b

Landing on Rwy02L right on schedule.

Thanks for reading and your comments are welcomed.
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Cabin crew7.5

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Tokyo - HND


Singapore - SIN



Overall, this was a very average flight on SQ. Hardware was excellent on the new A350 (go for row 19), but the service and catering was quite unmemorable. However, it was still a sweet way to end a short holiday, so no complaints.

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