Review of Singapore Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 633
Class Business
Seat 17K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 06:55
Take-off 06 May 15, 17:10
Arrival at 06 May 15, 23:05
SQ   #5 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
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Published on 17th May 2015
A bowl of thick miso ramen.


Visit to Asakusa, which was super duper crowded!

Nice stroll in great weather to Tokyo Skytree.


Sinful cheesecake platter at Cheese Garden.


Ginza evening.


World's largest Uniqlo store in Ginza! 12 storeys!!

Snacking on Takoyaki

And Yakitori


Simple meal


Kabukicho comes to 'life' in the evening.

5th May is Japan's Children's Day, which is one of the public holidays of Japan's Golden Week. On this day, some streets in Shinjuku were closed to vehicular traffic!

Chanced upon a stand-up sushi bar in Ikebukuro, offering very fresh and affordable sushi!


And Yakiniku grill on the last night in Tokyo.


Did some supermarket shopping prior to departure on the last day. It is strawberries season!

My flight back would be departing from Haneda, which is much nearer to the city centre and only entails a 30min Airport Limousine Bus ride to reach.

Some sort of arty structure while approaching Haneda.

photo 17020217194_37269c6a62_b

The bus made stops at Terminals 1 and 2 first.

photo 17642831231_00debc7d94_b

On the way to the International Terminal from Terminal 1. International terminal was not too busy at this time of the day.

photo 17022389133_88c7a3b4c3_b

FIDS in the International Terminal. Much less international departures/arrivals than Narita.

photo 17455151790_ca2292504e_b

We reached Haneda rather early, about 3hrs prior to departure. The Departure Hall is rather big, but not too busy at this time of the day. I figure it will be busier in the late evenings when the late-night bank of flights depart.

photo 17455147820_fffa619ed4_b

SQ check-in counters are located at row A, right at the end of the terminal. Total of 6 counters opened to handle check-in for the flight.

photo 17020211294_89571f5fef_b

Business Class counter.

photo 17640322302_9b1920d6af_b

Check-in agents giving the obligatory Japanese bow before opening counters. There was also a First counter, though unmanned as First is only offered on the red-eye flight.

photo 17616418546_e945032e18_b

Check-in was swift and headed to security and immigration. See the carp kites koinobori decorations to celebrate Japan's Children's Day!

photo 17022382583_7f547e6fa0_b

Departure waiting lounge was rather quiet as well. It is a long corridor with shops aligned long it.

photo 17640316452_8de0c0e452_b

Some last minute shopping for Japanese goodies!

photo 17640317302_1b80af4f72_b

Proceeded to the lounge after finishing with the shopping. SQ J Class pax are invited to use the ANA Lounge.

photo 17022369783_94c460d430_b

ANA model planes display

photo 17022370683_d18feeae38_b

As expected with the few departure flights and being a public holiday with few business travellers, the lounge was pretty empty, offering a conducive and serene environment to relax prior to the flight.

photo 17640314462_3960f03efc_b

photo 17020205204_f94c745f89_b

photo 17454888338_c4b9e2af65_b

There were 2 buffet areas in the lounge, with a smaller one offering only soup, cold selections and beverages at this hour.

photo 17454882808_3135d7910b_b

The larger buffet offers a wider selection of dishes.

photo 17642817841_ea01a09434_b

Including a Noodle Bar, whipping up a selection of hot udon or soba noodles.

photo 17020202564_98a621e16f_b

Filling up my stomach with simple but delicious dishes! I especially loved the warm soba noodles from the Noodle Bar.

photo 17454885628_e088b8f9ff_b

Rounding up with a fruit punch dessert and cold green tea.

photo 17616406746_6c8bbd8630_b

Our SQ plane arrived on schedule from Singapore.

photo 17642731275_c76481e025_b

ANA B77W arriving from a long-haul destination.

photo 17455136390_96185ba33a_b

06 May 2015
Singapore Airlines
SQ 633
Tokyo Haneda (HND) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

About 25min before STD, we headed to the gate where boarding has just commenced. Premium passengers (ie. Business Class and PPS Club) had the use of a premium boarding gate/lane 108A, which is separated from the Economy boarding gate/lanes.

photo 17456404879_ec033f8d01_b

9V-SRQ, retrofitted with the New Regional Business Class, would be operating the flight.

photo 17456405149_8b9f253e82_b


photo 17642725665_1c84d2f3ee_b

Was warmly welcomed at the door and directed to my seat at 17K, which is the bulkhead row of the smaller Business cabin after Door 2. This row offers heaps of legroom!!

photo 17616386166_f13dc71273_b

I can stretch all I want and still won't touch the bulkhead.

photo 17642807821_3b59cae6c5_b

Seated just beside the Rolls-Royce Trents.

photo 17456399969_19178b8873_b

As usual with the famed SQ service, welcome drinks were offered. I chose the welcome cocktail, Tropical Fizz. Newspapers, magazines and hot towels were also offered.

photo 17456401319_b66c3ff927_b

Boarding was completed very swiftly and no wonders, as the load was very light on this flight. Load was 14/38 in Business and less than 1/3 full in Economy!! With the very light load, we had 5 cabin crew dedicated to Business Class, making it a First Class crew to pax ratio!

Pushed back on schedule, with flight time estimated to be 6h40m. Safety video played.

photo 17456396059_7e4f4cd484_b


photo 17020186634_d4efc269a2_b

Short taxi later, we departed from Rwy16R towards Tokyo Bay and into the sunset.

photo 17022358873_99e55c50f7_b

photo 17022357653_fb124b38bf_b

photo 17616389526_2e2b8c7481_b

photo 17616387966_cc2354058c_b

photo 17455119890_8dbc2d18c2_b

Mount Fuji can be seen in the distance!! Glorious Fuji in the sunset.

photo 17456391809_8a698b1239_b

photo 17454839358_d4b8422f88_b

photo 17642770211_56fd182f72_b

Watch the taxi and takeoff below!

Shortly after takeoff, socks and eyeshades are distributed.

photo 17456389249_7caed396f3_b

The month's inflight magazines.

photo 17640291332_557149d3b6_b

Surprisingly, the headphones offered on this flight was of the older model and not the newer Phitek ones that I have used on my last couple of flights in J.

photo 17454862838_3473795801_b

Even though this retrofitted aircraft does not offer the latest IFE system, the selections are still sufficient for this regional flight. I chose to watch The Wedding Ringer.

photo 17642794231_47ca89bf7c_b

Satay was served! 2 chicken and a mutton stick each. With the very low loads, no carts were used and our satay orders were taken and served directly from the galley. My post-takeoff drink of Choya (only available on Japan flights) was also promptly delivered.

photo 17456386169_be2031fb6b_b


photo 17022348783_8b0f2535fd_b

A look at the cabin and seats. Even though the seat model is similar to the ones on the A330, I do feel that the ones on the B777s are definitely wider and offers more legroom, after having flown on the A330 just a few months back.

photo 17454857738_5cb9dbd47c_b

photo 17454856268_3db05fb26f_b

photo 17616363806_ee942470f0_b

photo 17020157524_e9b869b7cc_b

Amenities in the lavatory.

photo 17640284842_c484fe3c51_b

Enjoying my movie.

photo 17642704345_9fefd01f59_b

Sun is setting.

photo 17455104900_ef54bf9fed_b

About an hour after the satay service, dinner commenced. The timing was just right as I was still a bit full from the snacking in the lounge earlier.

The normal selection:

photo 17616397436_6fe4402c02_b

And the Hanakoireki selection.

photo 17616396136_181a8dd84c_b

Of course I went for the Hanakoireki option, which came in 2 sets. The first set was a cold set, consisting of soba noodles and cold starters. For most part, I did not know what I was eating and had to refer to the menu to find out haha.

photo 17616376006_545364ba7d_b

photo 17020171934_94d70f8817_b

Second set was the warm set, which came with a miso soup. A really unique dining experience I must say. I was totally stuffed!

photo 17020168004_3bd1ce2f91_b

photo 17456374459_955dc85103_b

photo 17642696265_b6a12a9d1a_b

As for the normal menu, the starter is Prawn with citrus salad.

photo 17642783481_f9fde116c1_b

My travel partner's Book-the-cook dish of Unagi Kabayaki.

photo 17640276102_14d531620b_b

After being totally stuffed, the Inflight Supervisor appeared with a selection of desserts on a smoking tray with dry ice! Wow! Seeing that we could not make up our minds on the dessert choices, she offered us both each, assuring us that there were more than enough to go around. Both desserts were yummy!

photo 17642696035_de8422ec81_b

Next up, the crew coerce us to have some cheeses and fruits. I did not partake in the cheese platter though.

photo 17020164974_40cf4bb655_b

I had some strawberries and a mango. Strawberries were very sweet! Pralines were also offered.

photo 17022335463_5c4ac3a5ba_b

Seeing that I had finished the fruits, the crew offered even more! Had more strawberries and a really sweet melon slice. Ok, no more food for me please! (Well, if they had offered me more dessert, I might accept it….)

photo 17020172574_a68033b158_b

After the meal service was completed, lights were dimmed to allow pax to rest. We still had about 4hrs to go and I continued with my movie.

After finishing the movie, we were nearing Philippines.

photo 17642775961_cbda9c374b_b

photo 17640268952_909d1bde80_b

Reclined my seat to the max to an inclined lie-flat bed.

photo 17616367126_70cdb298af_b

And started on a second movie, a Chinese comedy.

photo 17456368049_bdbeb9796a_b

Still almost 2hrs to go after the second movie, and took a short 30min nap.

photo 17454842988_3be224fa19_b

Soon we were approaching Changi, with arrival information shown on the screen. We will be arriving at Terminal 2.

photo 17642691715_3b57b33021_b

Nearing Singapore and cabin was prepared for landing. The inflight supervisor came around and thanks all passengers for flying with SQ.

photo 17616362586_e75d9e11f6_b

Overflying Batam on the approach to Changi.

photo 17455090190_0e5ce27ec4_b

photo 17456362069_ae47f16689_b

Video of landing into Changi on Rwy02C and taxi to the Gate F41 at Terminal 2. We only had a very short taxi to the gate and as expected, the Japanese crew could not finish making her Japanese arrival announcement. She continued after the engines were shut down and doors were unarmed.

My comfortable seat for the last 7hrs.

photo 17020160514_3710806b01_b

Thanks for reading this very long report! Your comments are very welcomed.
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

ANA Domestic Lounge


Tokyo - HND


Singapore - SIN



It was a fantastic flight on Singapore Airlines! With the very light load, the crew provided very attentive, warm and surprisingly more casual service to us, frequently checking on us on our needs, offering food and drinks till we are bursting at the seams, and even other minor details like folding blankets and setting pillows while I was away from my seat to visit the lavatory. In my opinion, the service was not Business Class, it was First Class!

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