Review of Japan Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Business

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL35
Class Business
Seat 10K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 14 Jan 18, 00:05
Arrival at 14 Jan 18, 06:45
JL   #10 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 174 reviews
By 3240
Published on 6th March 2018
Greetings Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by. I am sharing a recent trip to Asia with JAL, Thai Airways, and ANA. The trip came about because I parked a return leg (NRT-ORD to be specific) of an ANA ticket on a random day in January, having used the outbound USA to Japan ticket back in August. When I booked the round trip in July the January return seemed so far off. Time flies when you're flying in premium cabins so January came before I know it. I could pay $50 to Virgin Atlantic to move the flight to some other date or find a way to Japan and use the ticket. The timing worked out with work and home life that I decided to use the ticket as is.

I had some Alaska Miles and some Krisflyer miles on hand in sufficient amounts so I started my search for a way to Asia using those currencies. Nothing on SQ excited me except for SQ25 but that wasn't even available for wait list on the day(s) I needed so I turned my attention to JAL and CX by way of Alaska Mileage Plan. Cathay didn't look very encouraging and JAL had space on both JFK-HND and JFK-NRT in F on the day I wanted to travel. Perfect! The Haneda departure is later so I opted for that one to allow more time to get to JFK. With Mileage Plan another 5k miles gets you an onward flight with JAL so why not keep going. HND-SIN with new (to me) business class seats was available so I tacked that one on too.

I have two holes now: Southern California to JFK and SIN-TYO. The first was easy 25k Alaska miles for Virgin America LAX-JFK. I could have done NRSA but I didn't want to sit in coach for a red eye flight. Starting out a long trip, with little to no ground sleeping time planned, already sleep deprived didn't seem like a good plan. Even though the Virgin America product is far from competitive on this route I figured I could get some sleep.

The second hole has many options. I have a small orphan balance of AA miles so that's where I started. Lots of Oneworld choices on the SIN-TYO route but I was drawn to MH. I have a soft spot for Malaysia Airlines and wanted to try them again. SIN-KUL-NRT was available at the times I wanted so I booked it. Or so I thought. You will see from map below of my final routing the flights didn't go as planned…

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Carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method:

Virgin America - LAX-JFK - A320 - First - Alaska Boardroom - Alaska Mileage Plan (No Report)
Japan Airlines - JFK-HND - 777-300ER - First - Air France Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan
Japan Airlines - HND-SIN - 777-200ER - Business - JAL First Class Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan (This Report)
Thai Airways - SIN-BKK - 777-300 - Singapore Silverkris Lounge - United Mileageplus
Thai Airways - BKK-NRT - A330-300 - Business - Royal Silk Lounge - United Mileageplus
ANA - NRT-SFO - 777-300ER - First - ANA Suites Lounges - Virgin Atlantic Flying Club (Coming Soon)
United - SFO-SNA - 737-800 - First - United Club - Cash (No Report)

Tokyo International Airport Observation Deck and JAL First Class Lounge Haneda

I returned to Haneda via the Tokyo Monorail. The winter decor in the International Departure Building is quite striking.

photo 20180113_032558photo 20180113_032603

The frigid winter temperatures (look, I live in Southern California) isn't going to keep me from a visit to the observation deck.

photo 20180113_033024

Various "downtowns" of Tokyo in the distance.

photo 20180113_033343

50 787s in the fleet. That's very impressive.

photo 20180113_033540

JAL 787.

photo 20180113_033009

The Japanese operate lots of 787s.

photo 20180113_033014

The cold air and the promise of a lovely fist class lounge led me back indoors after about 15 minutes.

I walked up to the "Premium" security line and presented my boarding pass but was turned away. A lowly J passenger on JAL is not eligible. In my mind I was still a First Class passenger. The queues for security and immigration were minor.

A left turn after clearing passport control and we find the JAL First Class Lounge, among others.

When I entered the lounge I was greeted by name before handing over my credentials. It turns out that I left something on board the aircraft on the JFK-HND sector, which I had yet to discover, and the staff had been waiting all evening for my return. I was admitted to the lounge and told someone would be along to return my item. Again, fantastically focused and extensive service.

I made my way into the lounge and down the lovely hall flanked by Japanese shoji screens.

photo 20180113_035303photo 20180113_035318photo 20180113_035321

The lounge is very spacious and offers a diversity of seating options. Of course Oneworld First Class lounges have to be huge as everyone has access ;)

The central part of the lounge is the dining area with buffet and teppan station.

photo 20180113_035725photo 20180113_035804photo 20180113_035808

I was not desirous of food but I cannot pass up a freshly prepared beef dish off the teppan. The meat was tender and flavorful, as always. I helped myself to some of the pickled items from the buffet as well.

photo 20180113_053934

There are two beverage stations, on in the buffet area and one at the far end of the lounge. As far as I can tell they are similarly equipped. The Hibiki 17 is a fantastic whiskey to stock on a self serve bar.

photo 20180113_035708photo 20180113_035714photo 20180113_035956

For me the highlight of the lounge is the "Red Suite". It's a beautiful alcove made up of several rooms. The style is very different from the rest of the facility and very elegant and striking. It is reminiscent of bygone era of style and travel. I also very rarely find other passengers enjoying the space. On this day an Australian family was enjoying the game room. It was nice to see and hear their enjoyment of the space that I normally find empty.

The Red Suite is also the place to go for Sake and Champagne. There is a striking anteroom to the right of the Red Suite entrance that has a beautiful display of LP Champagne and several chilled sakes.

I frittered away the remaining time in the lounge enjoying the Hibiki 17.

photo 20180113_062612


Off to the gate then. It's just steps from the lounge today. Business class is the second group to board after JAL and Oneworld status flyers.

photo 20180113_063209photo 20180113_063202

Left turn.

photo 20180113_063834

This was my first time experiencing the Sky Suite III business set. First impressions are favorable as reverse herringbone configurations in J are usually fairly good.

photo 20180113_065612

This is 10K. There was an amenity "bag", headphones, pillow, slippers, and blanket on the seat.There is a small storage compartment for headphones. I really dig the JAL logo on the bag.

A rather dated looking IFE controller.
photo 20180113_064157

The foot well is decent size.
photo 20180113_064958

Privacy is decent although there is no one next to me to compare with.

photo 20180113_065013

IFE screen is the stationary variety with sharp resolution.

photo 20180113_064950

I am greeted by an exuberant Singaporean flight attendant and welcomed on board. She is beaming with smiles and energy even though our departure time is in the wee hours of the morning. It's quite infectious and quickly I find myself excited to be here, by association. Champagne is offered and accepted.

The menu and drink list is distributed for this overnight flight. There are a couple of snack options and then a breakfast.

photo 20180113_065033
photo 20180113_065041
photo 20180113_065059
photo 20180113_065102
photo 20180113_065109
photo 20180113_065115
photo 20180113_065120
photo 20180113_065130
photo 20180113_065135
photo 20180113_065143
photo 20180113_065149
photo 20180113_065152

A breakfast order card is also distributed. I checked to wake me and opted for the Japanese breakfast.

photo 20180113_064345

I have a look at the operation of the tray table. This mechanism is new to me and works well.

photo 20180113_065239

photo 20180113_065245

photo 20180113_065251

Before we took off the dynamic flight attendant asked what I would like after we take off. Wanting to experience everything I opted for some Champagne and the "Amuse" dish from the anytime menu.

Soon we were aloft and the mood lighting was in full effect.

photo 20180113_072528

Seemingly very quickly I am offered Champagne and tray delivered. I assume most of the cabin just goes to sleep so service is prompt for those who desire it.

photo 20180113_075329photo 20180113_075358

After that I put the seat back and have a good 4 hour nap. I borrow a pillow and blanket from an empty seat to round out the bedding. The flimsy pillow and blanket that one would expect for a short day flight are completely inadequate for a 7 hour overnight flight. They're shockingly bad.

I awake as the lights begin to brighten for breakfast service. We're passing Palawan and approaching the island of Borneo.

photo 20180113_120328

Juice and hot towel are promptly delivered.

photo 20180113_120325

The jam packed Japanese breakfast tray is delivered. There is quite a lot of flavor packed on to this tray. I manage a taste of every dish. Highlights to me are the pickles, beef and burdock, and crab meat. The yellowtail was also nice. I'm on approach to Singapore and it would be a major tactical error to arrive with a full belly!

photo 20180113_121557

Green tea is offered and refilled.

photo 20180113_123510

I also enjoy some coffee after breakfast. Old habits die hard.

photo 20180113_125604

We're getting close now and the cabin is prepared for arrival.

photo 20180113_125635

For fun we do some acrobatic loops over Bintan and then head in to Changi.

photo 20180113_140212photo 20180113_141111

Our 777 resting before tracing steps back up to Japan.

photo 20180113_155456

Eating the day away in Singapore

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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

JAL First Class Lounge - International


Tokyo - HND


Singapore - SIN



The Ground Service: JAL J class doesn't even get you into the priority screening line at Haneda.

The Lounge: I'm a fan of the JAL First Class Lounge at Haneda. The design is attractive, the buffet is thorough and the teppan is a great add. The Red Suite is stunning.

The Cabin: It's a dense J product but overall it's a massive improvement over other regional JAL J cabins I've tried. I was able to sleep well for several hours so that's a fairly good endorsement.

The Crew: A delightful FA working in my section. Excellent service and I was always addressed by name.

The Food and Beverage: Not the best flight times to showcase the JAL culinary aptitude.

Overall: The new JAL Skysuite III is a comfortable way to travel. I'm pleased they are using this configuration on the long regional routes a la SIN. An upgrade to the bedding is definitely in order. Even Delta offers the plush pillow and duvet like you would find on an international long haul flight for this route.

Thank you for reading and happy flying.

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  • Comment 435553 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6829 Comments
    Thanks for this next report in the series and for braving the cold to get those awesome planespotting shots! I know being from So Cal you must have been freezing your a$$ off!

    "It turns out that I left something on board the aircraft on the JFK-HND sector, which I had yet to discover, and the staff had been waiting all evening for my return."
    - Sooo Japanese. The same thing happened to me flying DL through NRT one time. My items were brought straight to the Sky Club. Such amazing service!

    The cabin and catering look great. JAL's long-haul J products confuse me. Some 777s have APEX suites and some have these seats. Don't really understand the need to have 2 different long-haul J products on the same aircraft type.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 435769 by
      Moonlin 62 Comments
      jal sky suite III are available only for long regional routes as Bangkok, Honolulu , Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapour, Kulua Lumpur (789) , Delhi (789) and Dalian (789). APEX suites are deployed for long international routes as Paris , New York etc and some routes in Asia.
    • Comment 436637 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Thanks for the note KévinDC and thanks just in general for all that you do keeping the English site alive for us to enjoy.

      "Sooo Japanese. The same thing happened to me flying DL through NRT one time. My items were brought straight to the Sky Club. Such amazing service!"
      -Totally agree and it's a pleasure to be on the receiving end.

      "JAL's long-haul J products confuse me. Some 777s have APEX suites and some have these seats. Don't really understand the need to have 2 different long-haul J products on the same aircraft type. "
      -I know and it's not like they are different generations of products. They're both "new".

      Thanks again Kevin and happy flying.
  • Comment 436303 by
    Rewardflying 493 Comments
    Hi Christian. Nice report, nice flight.

    The Red Suite is stunning.

    -Amazing, This lounge makes the NRT JL first class lounge look like a United Club

    I really dig the JAL logo on the bag

    -Me too, I used the bag to hold all the misc crap in my shoulder bag.

    The flimsy pillow and blanket that one would expect for a short day flight are completely inadequate for a 7 hour overnight flight. They're shockingly bad.

    -Agreed, the only thing worse are these in the Neo Shell recliner seats

    I'm not sure how you can hit the streets of Singapore at 7AM after THREE overnight flights. More power to you!
    • Comment 436639 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Greetings Mark, thanks for stopping by.

      "Nice report, nice flight."
      -JAL is so consistently nice.

      "I'm not sure how you can hit the streets of Singapore at 7AM after THREE overnight flights. More power to you!"
      -Will work for food? :) I really love it there and while I live in Southern California and can frequent restaurants that serve the exact same dishes (Haven't looked for a mutton murtabak restaurant yet) there is something so magical about experiencing the aromas and flavors there.

      Happy flying Mark.

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