Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Punta Arenas in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2007
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 10 Feb 17, 08:00
Arrival at 10 Feb 17, 11:45
H2   #54 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 36 reviews
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Published on 2nd March 2017
Hey everyone! This is the second part of my trip to Chile last weeks.
At the end of the report I included some pics of Santiago. I hope you like it!

Date: 10/02/17
Origin: Santiago SCL
Destination: Punta Arenas PUQ
Departure: 08.00 (08.10 real)
Arrival: 11.25 (11.10 real)

On the day of the flight I had to wake up at 3 am! Because the transfer I took, picked me up at 3.45 am -_- I imagined that we’ll pick up more people, and that would be the reason for the early pick up. But no, when I got on the van there was only one more passenger, and we were the only 2. So we went straight to SCL Airport. I ended up arriving at 5.30, like 2 hours and a half before the flight.

National Departures
photo 2017-02-10_05-23-54

Airlines counters
photo 2017-02-10_05-24-34

I went straight to SKY check in area (5 or 6 counters) where they were checking in passengers for all the airline’s flights. There were a lot of people and it was moving quite slow. I had already checked in for the flight through their website. That was the only way I could pick my seat (25A).

Finally it was my turn at the desk, and I still had to wait standing there because the previous people that dealt with this agent had a mistaken boarding pass or something like that. When she was with me I handed her my Argentinean ID Card (no need for us Argentinean citizen to travel to most of South American countries with a passport), but she couldn’t find me on the system. So I handed her my Iphone with the digital boarding pass (you are supposed to print 2 copies of this, but I had no printer and I had read somewhere that you could just show your Smartphone screen and it was ok)and it made things easier for her. I left my luggage and I went straight to security controls and national flights boarding area.
photo captura

National boarding…So early!
photo 2017-02-10_06-02-06photo 2017-02-10_06-02-10

National departures
photo 2017-02-10_06-08-16photo 2017-02-10_06-08-41

LATAM Boeing 787 preparing to depart to Easter Island IPC (I felt so envious for the people who will board that flight!)
photo 2017-02-10_06-12-13

On the lower floor you can find shops
photo 2017-02-10_06-15-49photo 2017-02-10_06-15-55

As I hadn’t had breakfast yet I grabbed some at Dunkin Donuts
photo 2017-02-10_06-44-30

When I finished my tea, I saw that my plane (an Airbus 320 registration CC-ABW) had arrived the gate. It had the logo of Banco de Chile, because SKY Airline has an alliance (Travelsky or something).
photo 2017-02-10_07-16-56

At first the gate was another, then it was changed to number 22
photo 2017-02-10_07-17-52

Sunrise at SCL
photo 2017-02-10_07-30-48

At 7.30 the boarding was started. First passenger’s clients of Banco de Chile, then passengers on the back side of the aircraft (me) and finally passengers on the front side.
My row. I noticed the strange location for the reclining button.

photo 2017-02-10_07-32-55photo 2017-02-10_07-33-13

This kind of decoration makes you notice the low-cost carrier strategy SKY adopted.
photo 2017-02-10_07-35-29photo 2017-02-10_07-35-20

View from my window
photo 2017-02-10_07-35-41

Reading material: Safety card, buy on board menu, and the monthly magazine
photo 2017-02-10_07-40-58

At 8 we made push back and while taxing the FAs made the safety demonstration
photo 2017-02-10_08-04-21

Finally 5 minutes later we took off heading south
photo 2017-02-10_08-15-21

So as I had woken up at 3 am for this flight, I slept just a few hours. I ended up sleeping during most of the 3-hour flight. In some moments I woke up, stared at the view from the window and fell asleep again. As I was on the left side of the aircraft we were facing east and the sun was rising, so I left the window down almost all the time. Most of passengers were sleeping during this flight. Some times when I woke up I saw the FAs were selling items from the buy on board menu, but I had no intentions of buying anything so I continued sleeping.
Some views
photo 2017-02-10_08-21-25photo 2017-02-10_09-21-03photo 2017-02-10_09-34-38

When we were flying near Puerto Natales (I could see it far away) the captain announced (I don’t even remember hearing anything of him during the flight) we were descending. There was still some time to land.
After some turnings over the sea, we landed at 11.10. The captain nailed the brakes very hard!
photo 2017-02-10_11-03-05photo 2017-02-10_11-09-31

Iphoto 2017-02-10_11-09-52

I don’t remember which aircraft is this
photo 2017-02-10_11-14-11

We disembarked on the air bridge SKY Airlines is assigned on PUQ flights, straight to the boarding area. There was a mechanic escalator to the lower floor where the luggage belts are.
photo 2017-02-10_11-25-10photo 2017-02-10_11-32-01

There were announcing Aerovias DAP flights to Antarctica!
photo 2017-02-10_11-33-51

Finally I found some seats to relax and wait for my Puerto Natales bus, near the chapel where some Jehovah Witnesses girls were handing some flyers.

Here I’m posting some pictures of Santiago:

Chilean Government House: Palacio de La Moneda
photo 2017-02-08_10-24-36

Santiago City Hall
photo 2017-02-08_10-57-51

Paris-Londres Neighborhood
photo 2017-02-08_11-33-28

Museo de Bellas Artes
photo 2017-02-08_12-11-13

Mercado Central
photo 2017-02-08_12-55-16

Lastarria District
photo 2017-02-08_16-34-42

Costanera Tower, the highest skyscraper in Latin America
photo 2017-02-08_19-31-17

Views from Sky Costanera
photo 2017-02-09_20-19-21photo 2017-02-09_20-27-00
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew2.0

Santiago - SCL


Punta Arenas - PUQ



Nice flight, but I slept most of the time!

Information on the route Santiago (SCL) Punta Arenas (PUQ)


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    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

    I am green, GREEN, with envy!!! This is the only part of the country I have not seen from an aircraft yet!! (And, curiously, the lakes between Valdivia and Puerto Montt. I'll have to solve that next spring)

    I liked those seats. Too bad Sky has chosen sewer-mouse-gray for their upholstery and antimacassars.

    I don't think this is the best place for the recline button. What if your neighbor is a fat, fat woman with a big, big booty, and she finds you squeezing your hand between your leg and hers. Will she believe you were just trying to recline your seat?! And believe me, some Chilean women have a booty as large as a house. I don't want to think about it!

    Do you know where the name of the government building, La Moneda, comes from? That building used to be the Chilean mint, where money was made, in Spanish: "casa de moneda". People called it simply La Moneda, for short.

    Glad to know that someone appreciates Santiago. Cough, cough, cough.

    Thanks for sharing. Y felicitaciones por tu viaje!! ^^

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