Review of SAS flight Stockholm Athens in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK1833
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 26 Feb 17, 06:05
Arrival at 26 Feb 17, 10:40
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Rl 777
By 1341
Published on 4th March 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to another small series consisting of two smaller flight reports. This series will cover a quick trip down to Athens with SAS on my sports holidays, taking place at the end of February to the beginning of March. There will be two parts in this series, part 1 from Stockholm ARN to Athens and part 2 covering the return. This is the first part, including the outbound flight from Stockholm ARN to Athens.


November 25 2016, it's a regular Friday night and the weekend is about to start. My family rarely travels during the Christmas holidays as fares skyrocket from Stockholm to warmer places during winter. Most people want to leave, flights get full quickly and fares increase dramatically. That's usually why we never travel in December/ January. Anyway, we have got one week of sports holidays in late-February to early-March and it is slightly easier to find better deals at this time to certain places. A good chunk of people here go skiing in Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy on this particular holiday. Me and dad randomly talked about these sport holidays and told me we could go away if I found something cheap. I immediately started searching the web for fares and found a fare with SAS to Athens for approximately 950 SEK/EUR 100/USD 106 between 26 February and 01 March 2017, tickets with them were at least EUR/USD 50-200 more expensive on similar dates. Aegean was faring for roughly EUR 250/USD 266 and other airlines like LH, LX were at least EUR 200-400/USD. I told my dad about these fares and thought the SK fare was good enough, none of us had been in Athens or Greece either. Sunday rolls by and the tickets are booked, a quickie to Athens had been confirmed. Aircraft types were A320NEO on ARN-ATH and B737 on ATH-ARN, I know aircraft changes happen regularly on these short flights with SK so I told myself to wait and see what we would end up on.

A few weeks pass and my mom tells me she also wants to join us, with my sister as well. I did a quick search on the web and found out that those fares on 26FEB and 01MAR still existed. A quick fill-up of passenger details and some clicks later another booking for my mother and sister has been made. Now we were four instead of two people going on this quick trip to Athens. The hotel was booked a month or two later.

My family has never been fond of SK due to mediocre experiences in the past, my dad would have preferred A3 but we were on a budget and still went with SK despite the negativity.

I live in Stockholm, the city for SAS' third largest hub but I have still not touched an SAS aircraft since 2007 so this would be the first time in almost 10 years!

NOTE: Pictures used in this FR are taken with my camera and my phone.


Part 1 - ARN-ATH, SK1833, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Airbus A320NEO, LN-RGN - You are here
Part 2 - ATH-ARN, SK1834, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Boeing 737-700, LN-RNU - Coming one day in 2017

Time quickly passed by and it was soon Saturday, the day before departure. Our scheduled time of departure was 06:05 AM, it would be a pretty early morning. SAS sent us quite a few texts reminding us of the check-in options. OLCI opened 22 hours before departure time.
photo fireshot capture 84 - billiga flygbiljetter och flygresor_ -

My family was pretty late to the online check-in party so row 24 would have to do for us.
photo fireshot capture 85 - billiga flygbiljetter och f_ -

Flight information the night before. Interestingly (or not) boarding time was listed as 05:35 on the airport app but 05:45 on the boarding pass I printed at home.
photo screenshot_2017-02-25-22-27-06li

02:45 AM local time, Sunday 26 February 2017. The alarm clock goes off and I immediately take a quick shower before completing the final checks.
photo 20170226_030442

Breakfast at 03:17 AM, oat pillows in milk, bread with root vegetables inside and some standard crispbread made out of whole-grain rye. A glass of OJ was the drink of choice, I never actually drank that drinking yogurt shown on the picture. I don't think anyone else ate much before leaving, probably because of a lack of appetite at this time of the day.
photo 20170226_031723

The absolute last final checks were done before we left our home at 03:58 AM local time, dad was waiting with the car outside. He had booked parking at the Beta long-term parking facility at ARN, basically the standard stuff for people that have been reading some of my other ARN FRs.
photo 20170226_035923_li

Driving on the E4 freeway towards Arlanda Airport at 04:08 AM local time.
photo dsc_0394

It had been snowing quite a bit in Stockholm and it still was.
photo dsc_0397photo dsc_0398_edit

Taking the exit to ARN at 04:21 AM.
photo dsc_0401

Normally you continue down this road until you reach the terminals but we took another exit towards the Beta parking lot.
photo dsc_0402

Entering the parking lot, currently 04:25 AM.
photo dsc_0403

You can get to the terminals from this parking lot using yellow shuttle buses. The nearest bus stop was stop K this time, exactly like on my previous trip with TK. A bit of a Déjà vu moment, that flight also departed at a similar time.
photo 20170226_043103

Inside the bus, a yellow MAN bus today.
photo 20170226_043210_li

The bus arrived at the arrivals level of Terminal 5 after a 5/6-minute ride. SAS' international flights depart from Terminal 5, usually from gates 1-10 and F26-F69.
photo 20170226_043742

Walking to the departures hall.
photo 20170226_043820

We are treated by a pretty sparse terminal, however this was about to change soon. 04:39 AM.
photo 20170226_043912

SAS uses check-in desks 71-90 at ARN, there is one security checkpoint located after passing desk 90. Our bookings were SAS Go light bookings, equaling bookings with just hand luggage.
photo 20170226_043935

I went to one of these kiosks and printed out secondary BPs for us (turned out to be our primary BPs). Meanwhile without me noticing, my dad walked away to one of the regular check-in desks. I noticed this after the print-out had been complete and immediately walked up to dad with mom. We told dad that we only had hand luggage with us which meant no regular bag drop.
photo 20170226_043921_hdr

FIDS, our flight was departing from gate F30 according to this screen.
photo 20170226_044404

There was not much to do before the flight at this time, therefore we all lined up for security at 04:44 AM. The line was quite short, starting right after passing check-in desk 90.
photo 20170226_044431_li

It may have been short but it was moving rather slowly, soon the queue grew and grew.
photo 20170226_044732

By 04:50 the line had extended to reach the first SAS desk, namely desk 71. The line seen to the left of the picture is for the security checkpoint. It would have been bad if our wait to join the line had lasted for a couple of more minutes.
photo 20170226_045053_li

Soon a decent line was formed for the fast track line as well.
photo 20170226_050910_li

43 minutes pass and security has finally been cleared at 05:27 AM, it has never taken so much time for me to clear security at ARN. I wonder how long it took for people behind us at the end of the line.
photo 20170226_052654

Blurry shot of the duty-free area after security.
photo 20170226_052741photo 20170226_052828

Thomas Cook Scandinavia A333.
photo dsc_0406

Dark morning/night.
photo dsc_0409

SK B738.
photo dsc_0410

Approaching the lower part of pier F, the Schengen part of pier F with gates F26-F39. The gate for SK1833 to Athens was F30. The upper non-Schengen area is often used by airlines like TG, EK, CA, QR etc and consists of gates F58-F69.
photo 20170226_053522_liphoto 20170226_053529photo 20170226_053602li

Arriving at our gate, F30. I have no idea why the screen displays the same flight twice.
photo 20170226_053617

Most passengers were already waiting around the gate, local time was 05:36 AM when we made it here.
photo 20170226_053622

Seats with charging ports and USB ports are found next to the gate.
photo rsz_20170226_053644_li

Flight information:

Airline: SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Flight no & route: SK1833 ARN-ATH

Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A320NEO

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 06:05 (06:33), UTC +1

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 10:40 (10:38), UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 3h 35 min (3h 05 min)

LN-RGN, an A320NEO delivered to SAS in November 2016.
photo dsc_0411

I was sitting by the ports before boarding was announced, there were plenty of available seats by the gate.
photo 20170226_054010_liphoto 20170226_054013photo 20170226_054045

I was seated for seven minutes before boarding was announced, priority boarding to start it off.
photo 20170226_054703_li

A minute or two later boarding is announced for passengers seated at the back of the aircraft. My family was seated at row 24 so we could board quite early.
photo 20170226_054711

Our neighbour, another SAS A320NEO heading out to Copenhagen.
photo 20170226_055013

Traffic down the jetbridge.
photo 20170226_055019

The other neighbour, another SAS A320NEO sheduled for a run to Palma (Mallorca).
photo 20170226_055048photo 20170226_055057

The nose of our ride.
photo 20170226_055354photo 20170226_055441_li

There were flight attendants greeting passengers upon boarding, I was greeted in Swedish.
photo 20170226_055442

First look at the 320neo cabin.
photo 20170226_055517_li

Overhead bins, these apparently offer more space than the overhead bins in conventional SK A320s.
photo 20170226_055522

The seats.
photo 20170226_055534photo 20170226_055538photo 20170226_055540

Legroom was good, probably the best I've seen in an A320.
photo 20170226_055756

Seatback, these seats are equipped with USB ports.
photo 20170226_055823

Boarding still underway at 05:59 AM.
photo 20170226_055929_li

The bins were filling up quickly but a major amount of seats were still vacant.
photo dsc_0413jpg

View from seat 24F.
photo dsc_0414jpgphoto dsc_0416jpg

Legroom was still sufficient with my camera bag down there.
photo 20170226_060253

Boarding for flight SK1415 to Copenhagen is ongoing.
photo dsc_0418jpg

An announcement from the crew popped up as boarding continued. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fully booked flight today. Please use the space under the seat etc". I glanced up and noticed how the bins were almost packed but passengers kept coming in. There was not enough space, even with these "larger" 320NEO bins. The issue delayed the whole process and caused a lot of extra hassle for passengers and crew. I find this really unprofessional and cheap by SAS, they were aware of the healthy load from the beginning. AF for comparison first announced the full flight before boarding and offered to check-in bags simultaneously for free so a situation like this got avoided thus minimizing delays and hassle for crew and passengers. LX did the same (like AF) on my friend's flight from ZRH to ARN last year.
photo 20170226_060418_li

Snow plows.
photo dsc_0421jpg

A Volvo de-icing truck has arrived for the CPH flight.
photo dsc_0422jpg

Meanwhile, we were still having difficulties with carry-on bags. Most of the FAs were kind and tried to to their best in this situation. However, there was one grumpy FA that was complaining for the most part. She said angrily "Why do none of you check in your bags instead of taking hand luggage, none of you need hand luggage". Another passenger replied "Well we would if you guys did not charge us 200-300 SEK (EUR 21-31, USD 22-33) for a piece". Then the FA said with a very irritating tone "It is free with SAS! Unlike other airlines, it is always free with SAS". This FA does clearly not know about the baggage conditions for the airline she works for. The FA repeated that sentence a couple of times until one passenger said "No it is not, your light ticket does NOT include any free checked bags". The FA kept it pretty quiet afterwards. A few minutes pass and the situation with the hand luggage finally restores. SK should take a look at what airlines like AF and LX do in a situation like this.
photo dsc_0423jpg

Now it was our time to get de-iced.
photo dsc_0424jpgphoto dsc_0425jpg

The 320 to Copenhagen is ready to leave by the looks of it.
photo dsc_0426jpg

However, our flight still got pushed back first. 06:23 AM local time.
photo dsc_0428jpgphoto dsc_0429jpg

Thomas Cook A332.
photo dsc_0430jpg

The crew activated mood lighting and dimmed the cabin before our taxi to the runway commenced.

Thank you very much for tracking my flight Martin1405! You really did not have to do it at 6 AM but still appreciated.
photo img-20170226-wa0058

Taxiing out to runway 19R.
photo dsc_0438jpgphoto dsc_0439jpg

Lining up with 19R.
photo dsc_0440jpg

Rolling down.
photo dsc_0441jpg

Our A320 lifts off from the ground at 06:33 AM local time, it was a rather quick roll down the runway.
photo dsc_0443jpg

Climbing out of gloomy and cold Stockholm (Northern outskirts).
photo dsc_0445jpg

Through the clouds.
photo dsc_0446jpgphoto dsc_0447jpg

Getting clearer.
photo dsc_0451jpg

The USB port, located on the seatback.
photo 20170226_063906

I did use it to charge my phone, instead of relying on my power bank. It seemed to charge up my phone fairly quickly to my surprise.
photo dsc_0457jpg

photo dsc_0458jpg

SAS Menu. SAS is BOB on European flights, only tea/coffee and water (on cup, bottle costs extra) is served free of charge.
photo 20170226_064707

Not the most extensive menu IMO but acceptable for shorter legs.
photo 20170226_064745

A320NEO safety card, written as "A320".
photo 20170226_064814photo 20170226_064826

Scandinavian traveler magazine and the inflight shopping magazine.
photo 20170226_064905

The shop was lacking in terms of products, compared to other inflight shopping stores. In case you were interested.
photo 20170226_065123photo 20170226_065312

The cloud layers have been cleared. Today's captain was named "Johan" and he provided us with information about the route, weather and more. I do not remember anything he said with my lacking memory.
photo dsc_0459jpg

Air China B789 flying by.
photo dsc_0460_li

I noticed a difference in noise levels onboard this 320NEO, it was quieter than a standard A320.
photo dsc_0462jpgphoto dsc_0464jpg

Soon the service carts rolled by, roughly 30 minutes after departure. Only coffee/tea and water in cups are free as I mentioned earlier. Everything else is for purchase. I bought the breakfast box for 70 SEK/EUR 8.
photo 20170226_070717

It contained OJ, Salami, cheese, a slice of tomato, natural yogurt, muesli and your basic extras like butter and milk for the coffee/tea. Plastic cutlery was included in the box, no metal. Thankfully the grumpy FA did not serve my row, instead a friendly and sweet FA got to serve row 24. She came with a bread basket as a piece of bread was included with the breakfast box, I accepted one but she politely told me to take another one so I did. Keep in mind, these pieces of bread were tiny.
photo 20170226_070800

Wet wipe, salt and pepper. The total fare of this return ticket to ATH was EUR 108/USD 115 with this purchase.
photo 20170226_070936photo dsc_0465jpg

The nice FA offered me more bread afterwards but I declined. My sister also spilled some milk and the FA serving our row immediately saw it and helped her clean the mess.
photo 20170226_073314photo 20170226_073318

Contents/ingredients were available on the opposite side of the box, in Swedish.
photo 20170226_073644

It was a pretty smooth cruise all the way to Athens after the service had been done, except for some mild turbulence before approaching Athens. The FAs also went down the aisles offering a second drink a while after the first offering.
photo dsc_0469jpg

Lavatory visit.
photo 20170226_074537photo 20170226_074543photo 20170226_074548

A full flight down to Athens today.
photo 20170226_074946

SK fleet in the magazine.
photo 20170226_075822photo 20170226_075900

A page about planespotters.
photo 20170226_075958

Passing Northern Hungary.
photo dsc_0473_edit

Seats by Recaro, a decent amount of A320s are installed with seats from Recaro. The seat offered a good amount of legroom by A320 standards but the seat comfort was mediocre to me. The material choices did not suit me well but it was not dreadful by any means.
photo 20170226_081205

Overhead panel.
photo dsc_0474jpgphoto 20170226_081707

Belgrade, Serbia (original photo)
photo dsc_0480jpg

Belgrade, Serbia (edited). I had no idea this was a larger city when I first glanced at the picture, the visibility improved after editing the picture.

Captain Johan initiated our descent to Athens at approximately 09:15 (Central European time) or 10:15 (Eastern European time).
photo dsc_0488jpg

It was cloudy around Athens today.
photo dsc_0489jpgphoto dsc_0491jpgphoto 20170226_091332

Tanagra Air Base, Greece.
photo dsc_0494_editphoto dsc_0495_editphoto dsc_0496_edit

Eleusis Airport (Στρατιωτικό Αεροδρόμιο Ελευσίνα in Greek). A military airport located roughly 20km from the city centre in Athens.
photo dsc_0497_editliphoto dsc_0499_editli

Port facilities.
photo dsc_0500_editliphoto dsc_0501_editphoto dsc_0503_edit

Lined up with runway 03L.
photo dsc_0504_editphoto dsc_0506jpgphoto dsc_0507jpg

Freeway 62 towards the airport.
photo dsc_0508jpgphoto dsc_0509jpg

Touchdown on rwy 03L at 10:38 AM local time. Slowing down immediately.
photo dsc_0511jpgphoto dsc_0514jpg

Taxiing to our gate in the B area.
photo dsc_0516jpgphoto dsc_0517jpg

Several A3 A320/A321s.
photo dsc_0521jpgphoto dsc_0522jpg

A3 A321.
photo dsc_0523jpg

Couple of Ryanair 738s resting on the ramp.
photo dsc_0524jpg

The activity seemed to be rather light at these gates, arrival would most likely be a breeze.
photo dsc_0525jpg

Our A320 came to a complete stop at 10:43 AM local time.
photo dsc_0526jpg

Most passengers disembarked as quickly as possible, my family had no stress today so we decided to wait for the pack to leave. Cabin picture.
photo 20170226_095537

Leaving the plane at 10:56.
photo 20170226_095633

Goodbye LN-RGN.
photo 20170226_095654

Thank you ATH, been looking forward to this.
photo 20170226_095700photo 20170226_095749

There were no bags to collect in our case, some of my family members went to the bathroom before continuing to the metro station.
photo 20170226_095837photo 20170226_095847photo 20170226_095850

Following the signs for the metro station.
photo 20170226_100805

Arrivals area.
photo 20170226_101336_hdrphoto 20170226_101339_hdr

Going up to the departures area upstairs.
photo 20170226_101416_hdr

Sofitel hotel.
photo 20170226_101524photo 20170226_101618

To the metro. The metro tickets are separate and not usually included with regular tickets for public transportation in Athens. A normal trip to or from the airport using the Metro is EUR 10 (5 reduced). A 5-day card (excluding the airport and line X80) costs EUR 9 for comparison. There are bundled airport tickets for a slightly lower price per person, a 3-person airport metro ticket is available for EUR 24. There is also a 3-day card including one trip to and from the airport for EUR 22 per person. There was apparently a public transportation strike on the day of return so there was no point in purchasing this 3-day card. We bought a 3-person airport metro ticket and one for me for a total of EUR 29 (EUR 5 for me, reduced fare). There are also express city buses to the city centre for slightly cheaper prices.
photo 20170226_101722

Metro train. There are many different types of metro trains in the Athens metro system.
photo 20170226_102447

We were headed for Syntagma in the city centre before connecting to another line to a different station followed by a walk to the hotel.
photo 20170226_102728photo 20170226_102811photo 20170226_102815

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this FR. I appreciate it. Have a good one and see you later!
photo 20170226_111654

Athens Bonus

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Cabin crew7.0

Stockholm - ARN


Athens - ATH



This flight was a tad bit better than I expected, SK is finally improving their hard product with newer short-haul planes. It has been an alright experience after 10 years of absence from SK but there is still room for improvement. Especially when it comes to handling full flights.

Cabin comfort - Good amount of legroom, best I've seen in a 320. However, the actual seat comfort was mediocre to me, the material choices did not fit me well.

Cabin crew - The majority of the crew was excellent. They were friendly, attentive, helpful and did their job well even though we had problems with hand luggage in the beginning. Unfortunately there was that one bitter and rude FA that deducted some points here. Otherwise it would have been a 9,5.

Entertainment - Window view and magazines.

Meal/catering - Tea/coffee service for free (water on cup too). Everything else is BOB, the breakfast box for 70 SEK/EUR 8 was fine but nothing more.



  • Comment 388496 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hi RI777 and thank you for sharing this nice FR.

    I think you are used to early morning flights ;). i wouldn't be able to eat anything that early in the morning.

    Overall I think ARN is a nice and modern airport that is easy to get around. Too bad that the security lines are not managed in a better way resulting in those big delays.

    I'm surprised that the overhead hand luggage situation was so neglected until bins started to fill up. Poor planning on SK's part. The grumpy FA did not help and it conveys a negative impression. It's good to learn that the rest of the crew was not like that.

    The breakfast box seems OK, but SK should follow A3's lead and provide something for free in the back. If prices are the about the same, you definitely gets more value for your money on A3.

    Gorgeous pics and the bonus was greatly appreciated. Lovely shots of the city. I hope you had a great time with your family.

    See you around. ;)

    • Comment 388506 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you very much for your nice comment :).

      “i wouldn't be able to eat anything that early in the morning.“
      - I absolutely understand, I wouldn't either normally. I can barely put anything edible into my mouth at 07:00 when I have school but for some unknown reason I can eat whenever there's an upcoming flight.

      “Too bad that the security lines are not managed in a better way“
      - I agree, the morning rush can be quite dreadful but it is usually completely empty after the morning rush until the next day! At least from my experience.

      “SK should follow A3's lead and provide something for free in the back.“
      - Yep! I am cool with drinks only for flights under 2 hours or 1,5 hours long but they should definitely provide something for flights longer than that IMO (they don't have to remove BOB). Even if the ticket would cost EUR 5 more. There has been times when I have found A3 fares for around EUR 110, those are definitely worth it compared to SK. However, they were hovering around EUR 250 this time (probably because of the holidays) so we ended up on SK instead.

      Thank you very much for the sweet comments, I appreciate it. We had a great time in Athens, thanks!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a good one, see you.

  • Comment 388537 by
    DiegoSS02 69 Comments

    Nice report. You got the chance to fly in a two-month old plane!!! I've already flew with crews that were excellent, but with one grumpy FA that poisons the atmosphere among them. SA offers a rather decent product, and their breakfast box seemed tasty. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Comment 388548 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you very much for your nice comment :).

      It was quite nice to fly in a newer A320NEO! Finally SK is starting to improve the short-haul hard product.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 388580 by
    marathon GOLD 9557 Comments

    I never get a chance to see the tarmac around terminal 5' and had not realized SAS had A320NEOs. The much larger engines are easy to recognize.

    Wow, 43 minutes for the security check ! I recently had a very unusual 39' minute wait at Terminal 2, but it is usually 10 minutes or so.

    They installed a similar white "desk" at Terminal 2 near Gate 65, a few weeks ago, but there are still empty holes where the power ports should be.

    I like these seats with a magazine pocket behind the table tray, where is does not take space much needed by the knees (granted, I am short to enough to not desperately need that space)

    That FA was a disgrace, berating the passengers without having a notion of their booking conditions. Most AF flights from ARN are full and there is always a proposal to check hand luggage for free, but I never saw anybody volunteering. There is no such announcement in CDG before boarding the equally full CDG-ARN flights.

    Great air to air shot !

    Overall, there is nothing that would convince me to choose SK over AF for my weekly shuttle (I'm not surprised, actually)

    Thanks for this (as usual) very detailed narrative and wealth of pictures !

    • Comment 388713 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      Terminal 2 is quite on the other side, isn't it :).

      “I recently had a very unusual 39' minute wait at Terminal 2“
      - Just read that FR, fantastic FR as always. That is a long wait for the smaller Terminal 2.

      “They installed a similar white "desk" at Terminal 2 near Gate 65“
      - I think I remember, seems like it was the FR from 13 January 2017. I wonder if the wires have been connected now.

      “There is no such announcement in CDG before boarding the equally full CDG-ARN flights.“
      - Now when you say it, I do not remember an announcement on my CDG-ARN flight. Instead, they stopped us at the gate and got our bags checked-in from there instead of announcing anything publicly. Still a much better resolvement than what SK does.

      Thank you very much!

      AF is definitely the better choice IMO if the choice is there, better service, actual catering and more. I would rarely recommend anyone to choose SK over most other intl airlines from ARN.

      Thank you for stopping by, appreciated!

      Have a good one, see you later.

      • Comment 388771 by
        marathon GOLD 9557 Comments

        “They installed a similar white "desk" at Terminal 2 near Gate 65
        I think I remember, seems like it was the FR from 13 January 2017. I wonder if the wires have been connected now."
        - The holes for the power ports were still empty on 3rd March !

        • Comment 389082 by
          Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

          Thank you for the information, really good to know.

          Typical Swedavia, they always start off with upgrades but then take their time until completion can happen. Unlike our neighbours in Oslo and Copenhagen.

  • Comment 388674 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Hej och tack så mycket för din fantastiska FR! Hoppas du hade en bra resa! :)

    "43 minutes pass and security has finally been cleared at 05:27 AM"
    - That's quite a lot... I'm glad I didn't have to wait for that long on both flights from ARN, haha.

    Great spotting at ARN!

    "SAS A320NEO heading out to Copenhagen"
    - Another nice plane to a nice airport

    I didn't know that SK has 5 A320neos until now, haha.

    Cabin looks clean, fresh and great. The seat pitch is pretty good, too! The USB ports are also nice and useful.

    "Why do none of you check in your bags instead of taking hand luggage, none of you need hand luggage"
    - Oh my god.... The flight attendant was sog grumpy. Anyway, there are kind and bad people everywhere.

    No problem for tracking your flight! I always try to do is as I really like tracking your flight!!!

    Amazing wing view shots! I didn't that the sunrise starts earlier in Stockholm. (06:57 here, 06:30 in Stockholm)

    Your purchased breakfast box doesn't look bad IMO. "Ekologisk" as always, haha. The flight attendant was so so so nice!!!

    What about the payment aboard? I guess you paid with card. But could you also pay cash?

    Amazing lavatory.

    "Couple of Ryanair 738s resting on the ramp."
    - Totally amazing

    Thanks for the Athens Bonus! Beautiful pictures!!!

    Thanks again for your amazing FR! I absolutely like it and I can't wait to read your next FR which will be amazing, too!

    See you! Vi ses!!

    • Comment 388715 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      “I'm glad I didn't have to wait for that long on both flights from ARN, haha.“
      - Tip, never take flight SK605 haha.

      The cabin was quite nice indeed! A fresh plane but unfortunately the seat comfort was not that good to me.

      That FA was disappointing but no one will be perfect of course, we are humans in the end. Cabin crew score would have been 9 - 9,5 if it was not for that one FA.

      “No problem for tracking your flight!“
      - It was really kind of you, even though you did not have to track it at 6 AM! Appreciated thorougly.

      “I didn't that the sunrise starts earlier in Stockholm.“
      - Sunrise may be slightly earlier but sunrise is also way earlier, until the end of April when things change.

      “What about the payment aboard? I guess you paid with card.“
      - Correct, always with card or something like that haha, I never have any Swedish cash with me. You could pay with card or cash in several currencies including NOK, DKK, SEK, EUR and some more I believe. It is also possible to pay with Eurobonus points.

      Thank you for your wonderful comments, I appreciate it!

      Have a good one, see you.

  • Comment 388865 by
    loukas SILVER 341 Comments

    Many thanks for this detailed report! Great inflight pictures. The cabin of this A320NEO looks nice, especially the seats with USB ports.

  • Comment 389089 by
    OJK 7 Comments

    I flew SAS on a 737 CPH to LHR and I also had a similar problem regarding overhead space ! I luckily never have to contend for space as I have a small bag to put under my seat ! It is a shame about the crew ! When I travel around Europe , I always find the crew to to be mixed as with when I travelled with QR but my Nok Air domestic flights round Thailand ( report coming soon-ish :-) ) always had amazing and attentive crew !

    Great trip report BTW ; thanks !

    • Comment 389451 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      SK 737 CPH-LHR? That is quite interesting, most of their 737s are based in ARN and OSL while the 320s (except for 320NEOs) are based at CPH. However, sometimes changes happen so it could have been that I guess?

      “similar problem regarding overhead space“
      - Seems to have become a regular problem after SK made their "light" fares more widespread!

      I have also had mixed crews with QR, totally understand! Good to hear that about DD, they have got some interesting liveries :).

      Thank you for stopping by! Appreciated.

      Have a good one, see you.

    • Comment 389452 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Looking forward to your future FRs!

  • Comment 390824 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR with us!

    Excellent night spotting from the terminal. They look good covered in snow.

    “Legroom was good, probably the best I've seen in an A320.”
    - Very generous seat pitch for a narrow body. The new cabins look a lot better than the older SK seats. But with increased legroom, probably comes reduced seat comfort.

    “The issue delayed the whole process and caused a lot of extra hassle for passengers and crew” <== Just like in the US where baggage fees have driven passengers to bring ridiculous numbers of carry-ons on-board.

    “The shop was lacking in terms of products” <== But they have the whole Zlatan collection!

    “I bought the breakfast box for 70 SEK/EUR 8.” <== This looks very similar to what was served as the breakfast on my CPH-NRT flight.

    “Lavatory visit.” <== The sinks are so tiny on the NEOs.

    “Belgrade, Serbia” <== My beloved home of JU^^ BEG is in the top right corner.

    Great bonus of Athens, good memories of my visit there last year. March is a good time to go, I found few crowds there and the weather isn’t blazing hot.

    • Comment 391300 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      “But with increased legroom, probably comes reduced seat comfort.“
      - That's pretty much how it was in this case!

      “But they have the whole Zlatan collection!“
      - I guess it's not too bad if you are interested in that :), but you will not find any refrigerators like you can in TK's store!

      “My beloved home of JU^^ BEG is in the top right corner.“
      - Great catch, I did not notice that earlier. I am glad to know BEG was included in the picture, thanks for noticing.

      Thank you very much! I feel the same, it was quite calm (when it comes to tourists) when we visited.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a good one, see you later!

    • Comment 391301 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      The sink was indeed tiny.

      See you!

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