Review of Thai Airways flight Hong Kong Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG639
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 25 Feb 17, 18:55
Arrival at 25 Feb 17, 20:40
TG   #19 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 382 reviews
Published on 7th March 2017
In 25 Feb 2017, it was my first trip start. The destination is Bangkok, I will take THAI to there. Due to the special price of TG, I was
booked the ticket last year. It was my TG trip after 2005, it was more than a decade. Let's look if there are any improvement or downgrade.

I was arrived Terminal 2 around 1600, you can see no queue for check-in.
photo img_9269
There is the Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport.
photo img_9271photo img_9273
The way before to the immigration and the customs.
photo img_9274photo img_9276
After 2 min, I finished the immigration and the customs.
photo img_9277photo img_9278
The train which connect to Gate 1-80 and Gate 201-230.
photo img_9279
Before the flight to Bangkok, let's enjoy the buffet in PP Lounge.
photo img_9284
The famous fishball noodles in PP Lounge.
photo img_9287
The western food.
photo img_9289
Some dessert.
photo img_9290
The drink bar.
photo img_9293
I can see my plane now, the reg is HS-TEN. Which is the first TG's A330-300 using Rolls Royce
Engine .
photo dsc_3590photo img_9324photo dsc_3599
The FIDS of TG639.
photo img_9326photo dsc_3601
If you are the passengers of F and J, or the SA Gold members. You can enjoy the priority
of boarding.
photo img_9331
Start for boarding now.
photo img_9336
The direction of Business Class and Economy class.
photo img_9337
The friendly crew greet the passengers.
photo img_9338
The nice A330 cabin.
photo img_9339photo dsc_3610
The normal seat of A330.
photo img_9342
The 4:3 9 inches PTV.
photo img_9343
The magazine, safety card and the duty-free booklet.
photo img_9344
The 33 inches legroom, which is really generous in nowadays.
photo img_9345
The view of 32A.
photo dsc_3612
The cup holder.
photo img_9352
The washroom.
photo img_9357photo img_9422
Due to the low loading of the flight, I decided to change the seat to 31K from 32A.
Which is the bulkhead seat and no extra charge if you seat here.
photo img_9361
The flight map.
photo img_9368
The view of 31K.
photo img_9371photo img_9374
The special video about THAI Airways.
photo img_9372
The Japanese interface of the Entertainment guide.
photo img_9380
The old style of AVOD remote.
photo img_9387
I can enjoy both PTV.
photo img_9398
The cabin light was dimmed for the take-off.
photo img_9400
The flight use 07R for takeoff.
photo img_9403
The flight map of another view.
photo img_9416
I really surprise that TG639 was relax, because I heard that lots of friend who travel with TG.
Their flight was full and loudly.
photo dsc_3616
The generous legroom of 31K.
photo img_9420
The overview cabin.
photo dsc_3618
The table which stored in the armrest.
photo img_9425
The plane just took of from HKG and we now in South China Sea.
photo img_9432
The nice drawing in the cabin.
photo img_9498
The rear cabin of the HS-TEN.
photo dsc_3634
The catering service will start soon.
photo img_9445
The western dinner,
photo img_9446
The beef with mashed potato.
photo img_9447
The bun.
photo img_9448
Custard Pudding.
photo img_9449
The salad.
photo img_9450
I can enjoy the meal like this.
photo img_9453
Let's enjoy a cup of white wine.
photo img_9459
The large TV which show the flight information.
photo img_9467
The rear galley.
photo dsc_3629photo dsc_3630photo img_9474
The seat which not include the tray table.
photo img_9479
The rear cabin in this nice view.
photo dsc_3636
After the dinner, I chatted with the crew. They are friendly and let me try the
dessert of Business Class.
photo img_9505
The raspberry cake with mango sauce.
photo img_9506
The corner of the galley.
photo img_9507photo img_9508
The R2 door.
photo img_9510
Another view of the flight map.
photo img_9524
The seat-belt sign on.
photo img_9528
The socket which located under the seat.
photo img_9535
The life jacket.
photo img_9536
The plane start landing,
photo img_9543photo img_9560photo img_9569
Some photo of the Business Class.
photo dsc_3648photo dsc_3649photo dsc_3651
Take the luggage and go to hotel soon.
photo img_9580
The arrival hall of Bangkok Airport.
photo img_9584
The ticket of the airport express.
photo img_9585
The train of the airport express.
photo img_9625
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew10.0

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited The Travelers' Lounge (West Hall)


Hong Kong - HKG


Bangkok - BKK



To sum up. TG639 it was a nice flight after 4221 days when I took TG606 to HKG in 2005. 12 years ago, it used MD-11 on the flight.
Nowadays, TG using A330, A380,B747-400 and B777 in HKG-BKK.
The inflight entertainment it looks so so, but it feel outdated now. It is fine for 2 hr 30 min flight.
The food it looks like Business Class standard, this is the attraction of THAI Airways. However, the metal
tableware which was replaced by the plastic one.
The crew is friendly enough, if you have any needs. The willing to help you in smiley way.
It is nice to find out the smooth as silk in this flight.

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