Review of Sky Airline flight Punta Arenas Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2004
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 16 Feb 17, 19:20
Arrival at 16 Feb 17, 22:45
H2   #63 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 44 reviews
By 621
Published on 5th March 2017
Hey guys! This is the third leg of the trip. I hope you like it!
After the report I’ll leave some pics of the places I visited on those days

So here it goes…

Date: 16/02/17
Origin: Santiago SCL
Destination: Punta Arenas PUQ
Departure: 19.20 (19.20 real)
Arrival: 22.45 (22.30 real)

I got back to Punta Arenas after seeing Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park, El Calafate (in Argentina) and the Perito Moreno Glacier and of course Punta Arenas itself.
The day of the flight I spent it walking through the city of Punta Arenas. It was a little cloudy, it didn’t look like it was going to rain, but they the rain started..So I opted for going to the airport and waiting there warm and under the roof. I got there 2 hours before the flight on a transfer van.

Counters hall
photo 2017-02-16_17-55-53photo 2017-02-16_17-55-56

My boarding pass (I checked in online 2 days ago to pick my seat)
photo 2017-02-16_17-57-38qphoto captura

VIP Lounge after security
photo 2017-02-16_18-14-55

Boarding area
photo 2017-02-16_18-16-14

LATAM Airbus 320
photo 2017-02-16_18-16-09photo 2017-02-16_18-18-56

There is a departure lounge separated from the rest with glass panels. The door was open because they were using this gate for a national flight to SCL. But when the door is closed there is a migrations agent who checks passports because they use this gate for LATAM’s weekly service to Islas Malvinas MPN Airport.
photo 2017-02-16_18-30-43

At 18:30 the aircraft, SKY Airline Airbus CC-AIY arrived from SCL
photo 2017-02-16_18-28-04photo 2017-02-16_18-31-11

And as soon as passengers from the previous flight finished disembarking, the boarding process for my flight was started. It was in the same order ad on my previous flight from SCL.
photo 2017-02-16_18-46-59photo 2017-02-16_18-52-19photo 2017-02-16_18-53-24

My row
photo 2017-02-16_18-53-37

Rain in PUQ
photo 2017-02-16_18-54-30

At 19:15 we did push back, and while taxing the FAs preformed the security demonstration. Minutes later we took off
photo 2017-02-16_19-05-17photo 2017-02-16_19-13-12photo 2017-02-16_19-16-48

Once in the air I could catch some views of the glaciers of Campos de Hielo Sur before sunset
photo 2017-02-16_19-54-15photo 2017-02-16_20-14-56photo 2017-02-16_20-17-09

During the first hour of flight there was some turbulences, so the crew were asking all the time to remain seated with the seatbelt fasted.

Once the turbulence was over they started the buy on board meal service. I had the intention to buy a chicken sandwich with avocado and a coke…but when they were selling on the middle of the rows, a FA announced they had no more sandwiches on stock! : ( I was very upset! So I had to buy some fries and a can of coke. The prices were approximately 2 times the prices on the supermarket, but cheaper than prices at the airport.
photo 2017-02-16_20-57-40

After sunset there wasn’t anything else to see from the window. So my on board entertainment was my book
photo 2017-02-16_21-05-41

At 22:00 they announced we were about to land, and we started seeing lights from Santiago.
photo 2017-02-16_22-14-35photo 2017-02-16_22-15-32

We flew over Santiago from south to north, turned 180 degrees and landed at 22.30
photo 2017-02-16_22-34-55

Once on the ground we were taken to a remote position on the tarmac on the National Terminal side. We disembarked through a stair and a bus was already waiting for us. We were driven to the luggage belts area.
photo 2017-02-16_22-47-07photo 2017-02-16_22-50-18photo 2017-02-16_22-52-07

They took some minutes to deliver the suitcases! Then I took a transfer to my hotel.

So here are some pics from the journey:

Lake Pehoe viewpoint at Torres del Parke National Park
photo 1

Lake Grey
photo 2

Milodon Cave
photo 3

Walking to the base of Torres Del Paine
photo 4

Torres Del Paine Base
photo 5

Typical Chilean Tsunami-danger sign
photo 6

Puerto Natales view
photo 7

Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina
photo 8

Walking on the glacier and drinking whiskey with 3000 years old ice!
photo 9

Perito Moreno Glacier
photo 10

View from top of the hill in Punta Arenas
photo 11

Sunset in Punta Arenas
photo 12
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew6.0

Punta Arenas - PUQ


Santiago - SCL



The flight was ok. The punctuality was perfect. But I was really upset I couldn’t get a sandwich for dinner…At SCL all the restaurants were closing, and I still had a 30 minute drive to the hotel. So I find this very negative, taking in consideration that this flight is on dinner time. But all the rest was really ok.

Information on the route Punta Arenas (PUQ) Santiago (SCL)


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  • Comment 388778 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 766 Comments

    Hola de nuevo!

    Amazing views, and what a fantastic trip you took!

    they use this gate for LATAM’s weekly service to Islas Malvinas MPN Airport.

    That would be an interesting destination for a future flight-report. I checked latam's website and the price from pta arenas is... 818 USD!!! Quite expensive for a journey of less than 1000 kms. But I would still like to see the natural attractions of the Falk..., I mean, MALVINAS islands. heheheh Just kidding. ^^

    a FA announced they had no more sandwiches on stock!

    You can bet they are delicious! You will see one in my next report! hahahah
    One day I was chatting with a latam FA and she asked me about sky's BOB, if people really bought the stuff. And they certainly do! I usually travel from my hometown to SCL. It's a 1-hour flight, and can buy something only when I sit at the front! If not, they either run out of stock or time for selling.

    The prices were approximately 2 times the prices on the supermarket, but cheaper than prices at the airport.

    Definitely. A beef wrap and a coffee from the BOB cost less than a capuchino at the airport!

    Lake Pehoe viewpoint at Torres del Parke National Park

    fas ci nan te

    Typical Chilean Tsunami-danger sign

    Just in case! ^^

    drinking whiskey with 3000 years old ice!

    Didn't you know that that ice is tens of thousands of year old, and that scientists are afraid that global warming will suddenly free some prehistoric kind of virus or bacteria that existed before humans and that was trapped inside a bubble of that ice, and that it will destroy all humankind???? :O

    Thanks a lot for sharing these great views! It certaily is a place worth visiting!

    • Comment 389138 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 89 Comments

      Hola! Gracias denuevo!
      Flights to Malvinas are really expensive! I heared there is an Argentinan Airline that asked permision to the authorities to fly there.

      Next time i need to buy something I'll chose to seat in the front hahaha

      Thanks again!

  • Comment 388795 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this great FR with excellent aerials and bonus.

    Looks like you had an amazing time. Too bad about the B.O.B. running out of sandwiches. I find that supplying the right amount of food aboard a specific flight is a balancing act that airlines struggle with.

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