Review of LATAM flight Santiago Buenos Aires in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA4503
Class Economy
Seat 22L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 18 Feb 17, 20:05
Arrival at 18 Feb 17, 22:10
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Published on 9th March 2017
Hello everyone! This is the last one of the series of reports on my trip to Chile last month.
I hope you like it!

Date: 18/02/17
Origin: Santiago SCL
Destination: Buenos Aires – Aeroparque AEP
Departure: 20.05 (20.30 real)
Arrival: 22.10 (22.10 real)

Again I got to SCL on a transfer that picked me up from y hotel some hours before. A couple of nights before, I received an email from LATAM offering me to check in online, which I did. I had already chosen my seats when I booked the flights.

Entrance International Departures
photo 2017-02-18_16-10-14

Counters Hall
photo 2017-02-18_16-18-06

I went to LATAM check in counters. The agent dispatched my luggage and printed a boarding pass. She asked me to fill a survey on a tablet they have on the desk.
photo 2017-02-18_16-18-14

I had plenty of time, so I wandered around on that area. I discovered they have a separate desk for checking passengers flying to Easter Island IPC…I don’t know why that is…
photo 2017-02-18_16-18-32

Then I went through migrations and then security check. I don’t remember if I’ve been to another airport that has this order too. After that I found myself in a large duty free shop.
photo 2017-02-18_16-24-02photo 2017-02-18_16-53-12photo 2017-02-18_16-57-00

Restaurants area
photo 2017-02-18_16-45-05

photo 2017-02-18_16-46-33photo 2017-02-18_16-50-57

International departures
photo 2017-02-18_16-46-39photo 2017-02-18_17-00-26

LATAM Boeing 787
photo 2017-02-18_17-35-44

My boarding pass
photo 2017-02-18_17-21-20

British Airways Boeing 787, they started operations in SCL a little time ago. I was watching the whole boarding process and It called my attention that like 80% of passengers were very old people (like 80/85 years old!).
photo 2017-02-18_17-41-23

LATAM Boeing 787 departing to FRA via MAD. I read that they are won’t be flying the route MAD-FRA anymore. Apparently FRA will only be served from LATAM hub Sao Paulo GRU.
photo 2017-02-18_18-06-18

photo 2017-02-18_18-40-50

At 18.50 my plane arrived. It was LATAM Argentina Airbus 320 (LV-BOI), coming from AEP
photo 2017-02-18_18-53-40

A while later I searched for my boarding gate which will be gate number 15. At 19.20 the agents came to star boarding process. First passengers with special needs, then passengers with preferred boarding, after that passengers seating on the back side of the aircraft (me) and finally passengers on the front part.
photo 2017-02-18_19-09-20

View from the air bridge
photo 2017-02-18_19-38-41

This looks quite old
photo 2017-02-18_19-40-28

photo 2017-02-18_19-42-16

Reading material
photo 2017-02-18_19-42-42

Leg room
photo 2017-02-18_19-43-30

Some bigs TVs are being loaded. This is because Chile is the "New Miami" for argentineans. It's the new shopping destination because it's very close and because prices in Argentina are much higher.
photo 2017-02-18_19-46-10

Sunset in SCL
photo 2017-02-18_20-05-36

At 20.05 we did pushback and headed to the runway. There were 3 planes ahead from us. The LATAM Boeing 787 bound for MAD and FRA, a LATAM A320 and a SKY A319.
photo 2017-02-18_20-09-38photo 2017-02-18_20-12-58photo 2017-02-18_20-17-15

At 20.30 we took off heading south with a beautiful sunset on the windows.
photo 2017-02-18_20-32-19

We turned east over the Andes Mountains
photo 2017-02-18_20-41-36

Heading into the night
photo 2017-02-18_20-43-55

Some minutes later the FAs started meal service, which was the same as on the EZE-SCL flight: a cheese and turkey ham sandwich, a bonobón and 2 drinks. Some minutes later they came to collect the trash. Again, I must say I think they should serve a better meal on lunchtime or dinner time flights. Because at the time I was at SCL waiting to board it was too early to eat dinner, but at the time I arrived AEP (and after collecting my luggage, migrations and all that) it was late!
photo 2017-02-18_21-16-56

At 20.50 we were flying over Greater Buenos Aires Area from north-west and we were descending.
photo 2017-02-18_22-01-19photo 2017-02-18_22-04-24photo 2017-02-18_22-06-10

The brighter road on the picture above is Avenida 9 de Julio.

Finally at 22.10 we flew over the Port and immediately landed. Minutes later we were taken to a remote position and disembarked on buses. We were taken to migrations control.

Migrations and luggage delivery were fast.
photo 2017-02-18_22-38-56photo 2017-02-18_22-55-24

Then I went outside to wait for my transfer back home
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Cabin crew7.5

Santiago - SCL


Buenos Aires - AEP



Well, this was the last part of the reports series. This was a good flight, but as I mentioned above they should serve a better meal. The crew was nice, and we arrived on time (the captain made an announcement about the punctuality).
I hope to see you again soon!

Viajero 90



  • Comment 389356 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments


    Lamento que tu viaje haya llegado a su fin. Espero que lo hayas disfrutado mucho!

    they have a separate desk for checking passengers flying to Easter Island IPC…I don’t know why that is…

    Being Chilean territory, flights to Easter Island from SCL should be considered "domestic", but the flight continues to Papeete, Tahiti. I wonder if it has something to do.

    I found myself in a large duty free shop.

    "Mejillones"?! LOL. That's the "oficial" name. You find exactly the same product under the name "choritos" (the Chilean word for mussels) at any supermarket for a third of that price!!

    "Cachai Chile Huon?"

    No creo que mucha gente cache eso!! XDDD The standard spelling on the internet (for comments and the like) is simply "wn". Serves the same purpose. :D

    It called my attention that like 80% of passengers were very old people (like 80/85 years old!).

    That's our national policy. In order to keep our economy healthy, when you run out of retirement money you are sold as food for kangaroos.

    Chile is the "New Miami" for argentineans.

    Tell me something I don't know!!! I was in La Serena last January and sometimes I thought I was in Argentina!! The only one I found with a Chilean accent was a taxi driver. We were so thrilled to meet that we exchanged telephone numbers and he invited me over to a barbecue!!

    we took off heading south with a beautiful sunset on the windows.

    You see? Smog has a good side.

    I must say I think they should serve a better meal on lunchtime or dinner time flights

    Really lousy for an international flight. As far as I know, LATAM is implementing a hybrid service, something between an LCC and a legacy airline. Their catering has improved a lot in domestic services, but I see this is not the case with all their flights.

    Migrations and luggage delivery were fast.

    I hope that's a constant at AEP!! I'll be in transit to MVD next July. Any tips? This will be my first time at AEP.

    Muchas gracias por compartir!

    PS: I was kidding about old people! XDD

  • Comment 389362 by
    Drewj21 21 Comments

    Thanks for this FR! Is that a United Tulip on the boarding pass??

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