Review of Zoom Air flight Kolkata New Delhi in Economy

Airline Zoom Air
Flight ZO301
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 19 Mar 17, 10:05
Arrival at 19 Mar 17, 13:10
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By 3670
Published on 24th March 2017
So this is a flight report on board the newest indian carrier ZOOM AIR. They are operating with their fleet of five(currently 2) CRJ-200LR between CCU-KNIA- DEL sector.Before starting the fr i will like to thank @kevin for adding ZO to the list promptly at my request. Also pardon me as the pics are clicked with mobile.


As it was the vacations all the flights were very highly priced with an lcc offering lowest prices at 4200 inr, so while bookin ticket i just thought of booking on this new Full service premium carrier. And guess what they were giving introductory offers at inr 3000 only and that to in premium class(read just their pitch is premium,nothing else). SO booked the tickets on their very shitty website, my card,net banking got rejected twice before finally getting a ticket. After booking i was directed to seat selection an chose seat 9F on this 2*2 seat arrangement on the crj

photo screenshot 17photo screenshot 18

airport and boarding

for a 10:05 flight,i booked a cab anticipating an one hour journey but i guess nobody was awake at that time and reached within half an hour. Entered the domestic side of the terminal and after checking my ticket the cisf personnel let me enter. Going to isle E which ZO shares with AI i realised that the counters were still not open and that they will open 2 hours prior to departure. As i waited for the counters to open i checked the fids and found and interesting thing, the SI codeshare with VISTARA and as a result there were two SI/*A flights to DEL and BLR at that time. Countersopened around 8 and i was one of the first to check in. Next proceede to security, which can be really long at times but it was a holiday and a day after a big festival and 8 in the morning,so it was quite light. My flight was to depart from gate 23E which was a bus gte and i had never been to that part of the terminal. As i proceede towards gate 22 and then took the escalator i saw a few flights at the gate. Mostle there were 6E A320s apart from G8A320, VTA320, AI A319s ,the 787 dreamliner,9W37 and a few ATR72 at the remote bays. The bus gates waiting area was long but freakishly empty as very few planes use bus gates. Finally around 35minutes prior to departure boarding started for this 50 seater plane and it was handles by airindia ground handling services.

while going by bus i saw another biman bangladesh B737 and indigo A320 at the international and caught a glimpse of BHUTAN airlines A319 and regent B737 at their international gates

seat and departure

the plane as one can see is very bright in red and golden. The interior is also very soothing . I recieved a warm welcome from the hostess and was directe towards my seat though it is a narrowbody. The hospitality of the hostess wa sreally encouraging in a country where the flag carrier is air india. Thes seat was kind of narrow,dressed in red and black but oh ny the seat pitch was awesome. It even beats air india's dreamliner. Beside us was an 9W ATR 72. Another bus came shortly and boarding finished on time. Then the pilot came on PA and announced a flight time o KNIA of 25 minutes. Gates closed we started taxxing and took off after 3 planes.Each seat had a newspaper the inflight magazine. Load was very high and almost 100%

[photo img-20170319-wa0079
b]brief journey to KNIA and again to del

service started as soon as the seat belt light was turned off. Since it was a very small flight ,like really really small there was no choice. A mushroom and cheese sub was served along with a small bottle of coke. Within 5 minutes as soon as service ended the seat belt lights came back on. We descended into KNIA and then reached the small terminal. Though it is a non military airport we wereadvised not to click pictures. Almost 90% passengers got down and we were hardly 5 left..oh the math works out. Then a police and the cleaning staff came and checked the hand luggages . After 25 minutes of landing reboarding started for del which was completed in 10 minutes. Load was again a 100% with no empty seats,zoom was doing well.
photo img-20170319-wa0066photo img-20170319-wa0067photo img-20170319-wa0070
Sphoto img-20170319-wa0071
iphoto img-20170319-wa0072
nice. there is no other flights out of KNIA, we just we just taxied and took off. After a few minutes we were cruising and a flight time of !hour and 30 minutes was announced. I visited the lac=v and it was really clean but it was really short and claustrophobic. Service again started with an option this time and i chose the chicken wrap over the veg wrap. The chicken wrap was pink in colour, why god knows. They also served a lime drink in a weird bottle and a chocolate. Another bottle of packaged water was provided.

finally we approached delhi and landed without any hassle and taxiied to a remote parking bay

photo img-20170319-wa0091
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Zoom Air

Cabin crew9.0

Kolkata - CCU


New Delhi - DEL



So ZOOM being the newest entry to the indian aviation sector delivered in some areas and failed to deliver in some sector.
PROS:- 1. Staff were well groomed
2. Seat pitch was nice
3.Food taste and quality was good

CONS:-1. Really nothing premium except seat pitch
2. No on board entertainment and even the magazin was not up to the mark
3. Expected a full meal on the longer sector

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