Review of Sriwijaya Air flight Sukarata(Solo)-Java Island Jakarta in Economy

Airline Sriwijaya Air
Flight SJ215
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Boeing 737-300
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 17 Mar 17, 17:00
Arrival at 17 Mar 17, 18:00
SJ 12 reviews
By 1109
Published on 30th March 2017
Hello friends!

Welcome to one of my reports. Firstly, as usual, please apologize for my bad English, and there will be more pictures than words.

Here is the story of an Indonesian domestic flight on March 2017 with Sriwijaya Air. The name "Sriwijaya" was derived from an A.D. 6th century Buddhist kingdom founded in South Sumatra. It is one of Indonesian private airlines, with more than 50 domestic routes, 2 international routes (Medan-Penang & Denpasar-Dili), and chartered flight from/to China. If Garuda Indonesia is full service carrier, while AirAsia is low cost carrier (LCC), well, I don't know what Sriwijaya Air is to be categorized as. Its ticket prices are almost similar with local LCCs, but in long-distance flights (> 2 hours) they do serve meal sets, something you won't find in LCCs.

The flight route of this story was Solo (Adi Sumarmo Airport) - Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Airport). Solo, or formally called "Surakarta", is located in Central Java Province and also its 2nd largest city. Together with Yogyakarta, Solo is well-known as "heart" of Javanese culture, as it was the political center of 2 kingdoms: Surakarta Hadiningrat and Mangkunegaran (both of them declared as part of Indonesia after Indonesian independence in 1945). The palaces of both kingdoms are now main tourist attraction. Solo is also famous as centre of "batik" industry. I personally can't forget Solo's traditional foods like "bakso" (meatballs with noodles and soup), "tengkleng" (a kind of goat soup), "nasi liwet" (rice dish with coconut milk), and many others.

I arrived in Solo from Jakarta by intercity bus, so there is no flight report on Jakarta-Solo sector. After spending a night in this medium-size city, I had to go back to my hometown in Jakarta on March 17th of 2017. Currently there are 6 operators of Solo-Jakarta flight route: Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air, and Nam Air. Then I decided to buy Sriwijaya Air ticket for only IDR 370,000 (around USD 29).

Before to the main story, I will show you some snapshots of Solo city.

Slamet Riyadi Road, the main road of Solo, with the statue of Brig. Gen. Ignatius Slamet Riyadi, an Indonesian army member died during the combat with Moluccan separatists.
photo 33701138605_4dcfae61bf_b

Pasar Gede (big market), one of Solo's main markets.
photo 33701138215_d4b1d2d8fd_b

photo 32887794603_652a550708_b

Taman Sriwedari, one of community parks in Solo.
photo 33701137735_fb9fc04135_b

Loji Gandrung, the official residence of the "Walikota" (Major) of Solo. One of its former "Walikota", Mr Joko Widodo, is now President of Indonesia.
photo 33544810892_a41349730f_b

Church of St. Paul, a Roman Catholic church.
photo 32887792483_66305f2179_b

My breakfast: Soto Triwindu. "Soto" is a popular Indonesian-style soup.
photo 32887795553_7b325f6f44_b

photo 32887795303_4be92a908e_b

My lunch: Bakso Alex. In other cities of Indonesia "bakso" is usually served only with noodles, but here in Solo "bakso" is served also with rice.
photo 32887763223_e7c4488894_b

photo 32887794703_24f7e5b4fa_b

From the Slamet Riyadi Road, I hop a city bus to Adi Sumarmo Airport. The fare system of the bus is quite confusing. If you alight at any bus stops before the airport, the fare is only IDR 4.500, but if you alight at the airport terminal, the fare jumps dramatically to IDR 20.000.
photo 32887792253_e2cd117b85_b

*The man with shirt in front of me and his son were also going to Jakarta with Sriwijaya Air SJ 215, same flight with me. He just told me some minutes before reaching the airport.
photo 32887791743_b605fbb778_b

Entering airport area. An Airbus A330-300 of Garuda was seen from the far.
photo 32887791773_7017363d51_b

photo 32887791063_9c045cf4b4_b

OK, now we are entering the main part of the story.

Sriwijaya Air
Solo (SOC) - Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (CGK)
March 17th, 2017
Flight no: SJ 215
Reg code: PK-CKI ("Kebaikan")
Type: Boeing 737-300
Dep: 5.00 p.m. (UTC+7)
Arr: 6.00 p.m. (UTC+7)

The city bus reached a bus stop at around 200 m from the airport. I didn't want to pay the unusual fare of IDR 20.000, so I alighted there. Then I walked to the airport area. This was my first time visit to the airport.
photo 32887790823_2dfc798d13_b

The airport's building was resembling the "Joglo", traditional Javanese house.
photo 33544785162_0c8c5047be_b

Check in area.
photo 32887790643_22502cb5c4_b

photo 32887790133_a31c6131c3_b

Our flight: SJ 215, scheduled to depart at 4.50 p.m.
photo 33571882431_34d2eefda7_b

Garuda's counter, with usual Skyteam identity.
photo 33571882881_72dcd4834a_b

photo 33571883421_fd98a4338f_b

Lion Air's banner promoting their new route from Solo to KL. Unfortunately it has been terminated after 3 weeks. I think their promotion was not effective. Currently the sole operator of the route is Malaysian AirAsia.
photo 33571883131_8a5d238979_b

Check in counters of Sriwijaya Air. Here I got my powerful paper to fly. Yes, the boarding pass was printed on a simple paper, reminding me to grocery stores' receipts.
photo 33660154396_cc54cbee22_b

photo 33660401366_b87135ec4b_b

After the check-in, I proceed to the waiting hall. While on the way to it, there was a calendar of tourism events that would be held in Solo.
photo 33571882301_226fe9eea6_b

photo 33571881991_b433d15256_b

The waiting hall. Not too crowded.
photo 33571881661_52916a3610_b

photo 33571881421_2e83cdb6d6_b

The waiting hall was equipped with charging outlets. Wi-fi was also available.
photo 33571880461_31b81cab5c_b

No international flights for that day, so the immigration counter was closed.
photo 33571880601_7aaf5fd333_b

Sights outside the window were more interesting. Citilink ready for departure to Jakarta-Halim Airport.
photo 33571881201_e0c295149c_b

photo 33571881081_aa46208fb4_b

Lion Air.
photo 33544784332_b2313c5076_b

The A330 of Garuda Indonesia, ready for departure to Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta. The passengers were lucky to get this wide-body jet, while usually the flight was served by B738.
photo 33571880181_1b341b0251_b

photo 33571879731_dbeda4b95a_b

Batik Air, also to Jakarta-Halim.
photo 33571879581_a13691e6f6_b

Then the Sriwijaya Air's aircraft bringing me to Jakarta arrived. It was Boeing 737-300, with registration code PK-CKI, titled "Kebaikan" (kindness / virtue). The details on Planespotters shows that the aircraft was 25.1 years old, having been operated by TAESA Mexico, Sobelair Belgium, Air One Italy, and KrasAir Russia, before handed to Sriwijaya Air in 2010.
photo 33571879421_c5d900e8e8_b

photo 33316952890_52db57ceb8_b

Time for boarding through an aerobridge.
photo 33571879291_05ae037138_b

photo 33316952540_e20c1a2c35_b

photo 33571878581_21b4a25bbc_b

While boarding, a Lion Air aircraft was ready for departure to Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan.
photo 32887761763_756994ee13_b

Entering the aircraft, as usual, we were warmly welcomed by cabin crews, young cabin crews.
photo 33571878241_5b0720a87c_b

photo 33316952030_bb56bc1c82_b

My seat.
photo 33571877901_a3795f3efc_b

On the eastern side, Batik Air was still waiting for departure.
photo 33316951730_b3b5a5ffd8_b

All passengers had embarked. Cabin crews started the safety instructions. Fortunately, there were no queue to take-off. The aircraft left the runway and flew smoothly at about 5.00 p.m.
photo 33544783802_03d5136bca_b

Passing the Waduk (lake) Cengklik, shortly after take-off.
photo 33571877601_cdabc048b7_b

*The "curve" at upright side of the picture was part of Solo-Surabaya Toll Road project.
photo 33571877081_ccbee4f8fe_b

Clouds at an hour before sunset.
photo 33571876921_2ed62e3bd9_b

Seatbelt sign were switched off, and we could move freely. Time to check any stuff inside the seatpocket.
photo 33660166306_ed1552599c_b

Safety card.
photo 32887779373_0b8d402dbe_b

Inflight shopping catalogue.
photo 33571866071_d49244e83c_b

*I was more focusing to the models than the products. Hahahaha.
photo 33660166156_3789367f2e_b

"Sriwijaya" magazine.
photo 32887778333_b5b3f735c2_b

photo 33660165116_b0d79ab6d2_b

On this "short" flight (< 2 hours), there wasn't any meal set. The cabin crews gave us only a "Tango" wafer and a cup of mineral water.
photo 32887777433_bdde1faf16_b

As there was no IFE, I used my cellphone as source of entertainment, listening musics and watching some videos.

About 10 minutes before landing, Java Sea was seen outside the window.
photo 33660164416_d6a88e6b07_b

Industrial zones around the airport.
photo 33544783182_7b886053ea_b

Finally the aircraft landed safely and smoothly in Soekarno-Hatta Airport at about 6.00 p.m.
photo 33660163496_960c2ff87d_b

Sriwijaya Air used the Terminal 2F (formerly used by Garuda before moving to the new Terminal 3), adjacent to international terminals of 2D & 2E. That's why we could easily see international airlines' fleets from our aircraft.

Garuda and ANA.
photo 33571874721_61c502e0f5_b

Qantas just landed from Sydney, with Singapore Airlines at its right side.
photo 32887776023_fde4254119_b

Garuda A330. There was also a plane of Thai Airways behind it.
photo 32887773413_ee079ca792_b

Garuda 777 could also be seen, just arrived from London.
photo 32887772173_23c4488268_b

The Sriwijayas.
photo 33571872181_65ae6d5de7_b

KLM just landed from Amsterdam through Kuala Lumpur. I checked the FR24, its registration code was PH-BVN.
photo 33571871951_11ee183d2c_b

Reaching the gate. Our aircraft was parked beside the Nam Air, Sriwijaya's subsidiary.
photo 33571865891_99950a8b73_b

photo 32887770903_ba8710ebb6_b

Time to leave the aircraft. This time we were not using aerobridges/
photo 32887770233_4dab3f9075_b

Way to terminal building.
photo 33571871201_fa9387718d_b

photo 32887769473_6f0cf34143_b

photo 32887765863_00e5235af8_b

Baggage claim area. I didn't check any bags, so I didn't have anything to claim here.
photo 33571868481_173217b45a_b

photo 32887764393_543fd9b784_b

The belt was used together with AirAsia flight from Yogyakarta.
photo 33660152426_86ab2920a9_b

photo 33571867411_af1486720b_b

Then I went straightly to the bus station, to hop the express bus to my lovely home.
photo 32887763733_cbc1970692_b

photo 33571867071_92850f1b62_b

photo 33544782232_5c27618de1_b
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Cabin crew7.5

Sukarata(Solo)-Java Island - SOC


Jakarta - CGK



The Sriwijaya Air flight SJ 215 departed at punctual time without any delay, but I can't guarantee that there won't be delays on other flights of Sriwijaya Air. The PK-CKI "Kebaikan" (kindness, virtue) aircraft was clean and well-maintained, not showing any signs of "aging" aircraft (25.1 years old). The seats were comfortable and provided enough seat pitch, at least for a man with 180 cm tall like me. Cabin crews were polite and friendly. For the meals, I got only a pack of "Tango" wafer and a cup of drink, but personally I think it was enough for a flight in similar ticket price with LCCs. No IFE systems, the only entertainment provided by the airline were "Sriwijaya" magazine and shopping catalogue.

As my first time visit, I was so glad that I could embark the airplane from Solo's Adi Sumarmo Airport. It was nice and clean. Its architecture was heavily inspired by Javanese culture. The staffs were friendly and helpful. Charging outlets and Wi-fi were operating normally at the waiting hall and could be your source of entertainment before boarding.

Soekarno-Hatta Airport was good. As usual, no further comments about this airport. But Terminal 2F was the airport's best domestic terminal. Sriwijaya Air, Nam Air, and Indonesia AirAsia are so lucky to occupy the terminal after Garuda moved to Terminal 3.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestion and feedback are appreciated.



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  • Comment 391958 by
    marathon GOLD 10197 Comments
    Excellent report - I see nothing wrong with your English ;)
    My only flight on Sriwijaya was severely late; your experience with them was much better.
    Thanks for sharing !
  • Comment 391967 by
    Razza_Pr 217 Comments
    Hello, Anaknegeri, and thank you for this FR!

    I second Marathon, no need to apologise for your English :)

    Wow. Your experience with Sriwijaya is a complete 180 degree to the one I had years ago. I remember flying to Bali on a very early morning flight with them, delayed by an hour with no notice, and once on board, the aircraft smelled like urine. The crew didn't feel like they at least tried (though understandable, given the circumstances), but it left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

    "Its ticket prices are almost similar with local LCCs, but in long-distance flights (> 2 hours) they do serve meal sets, something you won't find in LCCs."
    -Perhaps it is like Malindo, a "Hybrid" airline?

    "If you alight at any bus stops before the airport, the fare is only IDR 4.500, but if you alight at the airport terminal, the fare jumps dramatically to IDR 20.000."
    -Smooth move by alighting in front of the airport and taking a short walk. I'm guessing it is a common strategy to those in the know

    Solo airport has come far from when I last came there! Kudos to the airport authorities :)

    Late evening arrivals at CGK looks very crowded! Thinking back, I was very lucky to pass through immigration when it was dead empty.

    Thanks again. Cheers!

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