Review of Cathay Pacific flight Chicago Hong Kong in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX807
Class Business
Seat 12A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:50
Take-off 03 Aug 16, 15:35
Arrival at 03 Aug 16, 20:25
CX   #4 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 457 reviews
By 3539
Published on 14th September 2017
Hi and welcome to the final chapter of American Vacation Story!

The Final Problem: CX J Inbound to HK

This series will cover my annual vacation to the US in summer 2016, which contains 4 journeys in 3 different sets of tickets with 2 alliances. Here is my itinerary:

Chapter 1 - CX890 HKG-EWR, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Here]
Chapter 2a - AA1615 EWR-CLT, Boeing B737-800 in Y [Here]
Chapter 2b - AA5164 CLT-BHM, Bombardier CRJ-200ER in Y [Here]
Chapter 3a - DL ATL-ATL, Boeing B767-200 Spirit of Delta [Merge into 3b]
Chapter 3b - UA5865 ATL-ORD, Embraer E-175 in Y [Here]
Chapter 4a - CX807 ORD-HKG, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Flight cancelled and merged to 4b]
Chapter 4b - CX807 ORD-HKG, Boeing B777-300ER in J [You are here]

This is my 2nd time flying on this route while 1st time in J. This report will cover a walkthrough of BA Terraces Lounge and review of the CX mini J cabin. Besides, there will be travel bonus of Chicago in the end.


Time flied and it was time to clear my annual leaves again (Operation AL Burning). This vacation was planned immediately after my US trip in Jul 2015. At that time I had some Asia Miles going to be expired which were enough for redeeming a RT long-haul J ticket. US would be my preliminary destination which Chicago was mandatory. Initially I planned to redeem it as oneworld multi-carrier award. As a big fan of AA (…livery), I desired to try the AA/JL B77Ws on HKG-DFW/ORD-NRT. But AA, JL and CX seem not to be friends that AA/JL TPAC awards are not available to Asia Miles. Whatever how many times I searched online or called MPC, there were still no availability. Well… think positively taking CX J was not a bad idea^^

CX's HKG-ORD seems not doing well after MU and BR entered the ORD market where searching online it had lots of J seats available. But I preferred an open jaw instead of doing a RT to O'Hare again. In order to maximize the value of AM, I kept an eye on the East Coast. Finding those J awards was a challenge because CX always holds the seats. BOS had no availability while JFK only had 1 F seat opened. I kept monitoring and one day HKG-EWR accidentally released a seat. I promptly called MPC and job done!

For the return ORD-HKG flight, CX uses a 4-class 77H which features a 2-row mini J cabin behind the F cabin. During booking I asked if I could sit in the mini cabin, the MPC agent checked and assigned me to the 12A window seat. Bingo! Being a no-beef person, I pre-ordered the special non-beef meal since I believed it might be better due to its separate preparation.

Chapter 4a: CX807 ORD-HKG (flight cancelled)

The day before departure I visited the Art Institute of Chicago 2nd time with my friend because it had a special exhibition.

photo bdscf0312 copyphoto bdscf0314 copy

It was time to have my OLCI while I was re-appreciating the American Gothic.

photo dscf0317 copy

When I opened my reservation online, OMG my next day flight back to HK was cancelled…

photo screenshot_201608_16013

Because the East Wind had arrived HK!

photo screenshot_201608_17293

Just like Edward's wife in New York Movie, we got out to the museum lobby and called the CX North American hotlines respectively. Sadly all hotlines were busy and no rep picked our call.

photo bdscf0330 copy

The painters should have known my feelings. They convinced me that although my situation was in a mess, appreciating their artworks was necessary.

photo bdscf0319 copyphoto bdscf0332 copyphoto bdscf0334 copy

Visiting the museum afterwards my friend and I had dinner nearby. I texted my company that I would take extra 1 day AL and we continued calling CX. This time I contacted the HK office. It was 530 at HK time.

Eventually an agent got my call and I requested rebooking for my cancelled flight. Still hoped to fly on AA/JL I asked if they could rebook me on other oneworld partners. The agent instantly turned me down that rebooking could be made on CX metal only lol Checking my reservation, she said she would try rebooking on the next day flight. She held the line for minutes for checking but later on she cut the line lol What the heck?

I called back several times but failed and finally got to another agent 20 minutes later. The much nicer agent typed my reservation and confirmed the previous agent had successfully rebooked on the next day flight. She asked if I want to choose the seat then and in return I asked if I could get the same seat with the cancelled flight. She worked out and I not only kept my mini cabin seat but also my no beef meal!

Chapter 4b: CX807 ORD-HKG (flight not cancelled)

On the actual day of departure I woke up early and went to buy some famous Chicago chocolates.

photo bdscf0561 copy

Drawing lesson from last year that I nearly missed the same CX flight, I took the CTA to the airport 3.5 hours before departure.

photo bdscf0570 copy

On my way to O'Hare my mobile popped up that my flight would delay a bit to 1550

photo screenshot_201608_11575

I arrived ORD around 1330. The CTA middle platform reopened finally!

photo dscf0573 copy

To get to Terminal 5, the most direct way is walking to Terminal 3 and took the ATS. But I had many time so I walked through the tunnel to Terminal 2.

photo dscf0579 copy

The T2 Delta baggage claim has an angel question: Will it give your bag in 20 minutes?

photo 201608_13471

I took the escalator up to the departure level. A White F-15 in the T2 airside telling the story of O'Hare

photo dscf0584 copy

The AC counters in landside

photo dscf0582 copy

I went outside to recharge myself :P

photo dscf0586 copy

Once upon a time, the mysterious Terminal 4 was there

photo dscf0587 copy

Now heading to the ATS station

photo dscf0588 copy

Unlike last time, I was chill for the train coming

photo dscf0589 copy

Riding to T5, a VX A320 probably to LAX/SFO

photo 201608_14035

Terminal 5 was closer

photo dscf0594 copy

Getting off from the train I went upstairs to the departure level.

photo dscf0596 copy

O'Hare International Airport Terminal 5

The check-in lobby. A long queue at the EI counters to DUB

photo dscf0598 copy

The FIDS. Our flight was showing a 15:50 departure at Gate M11 on the upper half of the left FIDS.

photo dscf0611 copy

The CX counters. Only few people here

photo dscf0601 copy

Same with last time, all the lines were empty but this time it was because the passengers had not shown up yet

photo dscf0604 copy

Spotting me walked to the J line, the F counter agent welcomed and guided me to his counter. I handed over my passport and we had a short chat during check-in. The agent said I made the right choice of not coming to airport yesterday since the CX counters were closed

Guidelines for the carry-on baggage

photo 201608_14144

The agent checked my bag and handed my boarding pass and lounge invitation (sorry I forgot take the photo of Lounge invitation)

photo 201608_14495

Still had time, I went outside again for the last break

photo dscf0608 copy

I was ready to the other side

photo dscf0599 copy

There was a queue for the TSA but it was very smooth where I just waited for less than 5 minutes. During the screening the TSA staff again thought I was taking meth which was the 2nd time happened in T5!!! Nothing I could do on it, I comforted myself I was SSSS and obeyed the staff lol I was ordered to stand aside and pat downed by 2 officers. One of them kept groping my butts and chest, while the other one dumped all my belongings from my backpack and checked…

I was released 20 minutes later. Cleared the security you have to pass the duty-free jungle to the airside.

photo 201608_14424

After the duty free jungle is the food court maze

photo dscf0614 copyphoto dscf0623 copy

My Gate 11 is right here once exit the food court maze

photo dscf0618 copy

It looks like CX must depart at Gate 11 while HU depart at Gate 10

photo dscf0619 copy

My bird today (B-KQU) which was delivered in Dec 2014

photo dscf0622 copy

CX agents were preparing at the gate

photo dscf0621 copy

The Hudson News

photo dscf0667 copy

I strolled around the airside and did some plane spotting. An AA B772

photo dscf0629 copy

The East atrium which houses the SK lounge

photo dscf0633 copy

iPads were placed for use

photo dscf0632 copy

Walking along the east concourse

photo dscf0634 copy

An AZ A330

photo dscf0635 copy

A NH B77W from NRT just landed

photo dscf0644 copy

Ryan Murphy should consider this for next next season of Feud: Emirates and Qatar (both are B77Ws)

photo dscf0638 copy

Visiting the T5 toilet which is spacious and clean

photo dscf0639 copy

I had a brief pray to Harry Caray and wished Cubs wins^^ (they won finally!!!)

photo dscf0636 copy

It was time to visit the BA Business Lounge which is located between Gate 11 and 12

BA has a separate First class Lounge which is also reserved for CX F passengers

photo dscf0645 copy

The BA Terraces Lounge is across the concourse from the F Lounge

photo dscf0626 copy

British Airways Terraces Lounge

A young CX agent at reception desk greeted me. He collected my Lounge invitation and welcomed me to enter the lounge.

photo 201608_14520

The Lounge is located at the inner area of terminal so it neither has windows nor natural light. The sitting area was a bit crowded due to the CX and BA passengers

photo 201608_15083photo 201608_15085

The computer stations

photo 201608_15090

The dining area

photo dscf0649 copy

The food offerings. No hot food available (I do not consider the soup as food)

Drink offerings

Maybe I kept taking photos too obviously inside the Lounge, the attendants became anxious and skeptical if I was the inspector. One of them came and greeted me and asked if I needed help. I politely declined and said I would help myself.

I grabbed some food and took a bar desk seat. My offerings

photo 201608_15124

Not only the attendants, but the businessman sitting next to me also looked curious and asked if I was the hidden staff. I smiled and joked it was my 1st J flight^^

The Lounge provides password for Wi-Fi access and it was fast. On and off the attendant checked me and asked if I wanted anything else.

photo dscf0662 copy

The toilet was clean.

photo dscf0664 copyphoto dscf0665 copy

At 1530 the CX agent at reception walked around and announced that boarding would start in 15 minutes. I left the Lounge and there was a survey kiosk for rating the Lounge. What is your vote?

photo 201608_15252

I returned to my gate. The same check-in agent recognized me and welcomed me again. In O’Hare CX merges the F and J into 1 line

photo dscf0670 copy

While I was queuing, the guy behind accidentally hit me. He immediately said sorry but it got us started chatting. He was going to BKK for vacation. He was also the victim of the East Wind and was rebooked to this flight.

The Y passengers sat aside and waited. It seemed there would be high load after the typhoon day.

photo dscf0673 copy

Flight Report

Yet boarding did not begin until 1555 and it started in order. I tried to use the mobile BP but not available lol I desperately took out my BP and witnessed the gate agent ripped my BP into 2! Noooo!!!

photo dscf0676 copy

The newspaper cart at the entrance. This was an inbound flight so no Oriental Daily (東方日報) available

photo dscf0677 copy

The used amenities were waiting Uber to the laundry

photo dscf0678 copy

A purser (aka the golden lady 金姐 who I later found that she is Korean) greeted me at the door and guided me to the left. I felt prestigious when other passengers turned right :P

photo dscf0679 copy

I found my seat 12A and the chatty guy was my front seatmate

photo dscf0680 copy

A toilet is behind my seat but it did not distribute me throughout this flight

photo dscf0692 copy

View of mini cabin. It has 2 rows of total 8 J seats where the 1st row is exclusive for Diamond and ow emerald members. It was full today

photo dscf0690 copy

A glimpse of the F cabin

photo dscf0684 copy

The 15-inch touchable IFE screen. Our route today

photo dscf0703 copy

We had a long way to go

photo dscf0699 copy

Seat pitch always looks good

photo dscf0685 copy

An oshibori was offered

photo dscf0702 copy

The back view of my seat. Y was boarding

photo dscf0691 copy

The seatback materials with the rebranded safety card

photo dscf0793 copy

PDB was offered and I took the apple juice

photo dscf0695 copyphoto dscf0696 copy

I was addressed by name as the FA offered me the menu even I opted for special menu. Confirmed I kept my special meal option, she told me I could change my mind anytime as they had the leftovers due to the 20% load in J. I was surprised about the low load after the typhoon day. The FA had the same feeling because today PEY and Y were full. Meanwhile I asked the meal time because dinner was served mid-flight on this flight last time. The FA replied today would be normal meal services.

photo dscf0782 copyphoto dscf0783 copyphoto dscf0785 copy

The wines and drinks list

Windows view of my seat

photo dscf0686 copy

Although it is a young 1.5 years old B77W, you could see the seat scars made by the cart

photo 201608_15481

Boarding was quick. The jet bridge retracted and we pushed back sharply at 1620

photo dscf0706 copyphoto dscf0707 copy

The new safety video was played and showing how the 2% of passengers prepare for their departure

photo dscf0712 copy

Nora Durst’s husband looks like he is flying United lol

photo dscf0716 copy

Long live the UA Queen!

photo dscf0715 copy

The Terminal 5 line up

photo dscf0721 copy

The pilot came on the PA to welcome us aboard. He apologized for the delay due to the late aircraft arrival and introduced that our flight time would be 15 hours and 6 minutes.

A 5X A300-600 was landing

photo dscf0731 copy

The HU B788 went ahead of us to PEK

photo dscf0737 copy

Aligning to runway 10L. We were ready…

photo dscf0741 copy

And took off! A KL Queen to AMS

photo dscf0745 copy

Bye O’Hare! See you later!

photo dscf0751 copyphoto dscf0752 copyphoto dscf0757 copy

We left Chicago by turning North and towards the Northwest

photo dscf0766 copy

Once we levelled off, a bottled water and the “new” amenity kit were distributed

photo dscf0778 copyphoto dscf0780 copy

The amenity kit is different from my outbound which is taller and slimmer but more practical

photo 201608_23393photo 201708_23411photo 201708_23412

The sky was so blue!

photo dscf0771 copyphoto dscf0777 copy

It’s yoga time^^

photo dscf0773 copy

Aperitif service and the Korean purser served my aisle.

photo dscf0796 copy

I asked for the CX signature drinks. Unfortunately she coldly replied those drinks were not available on this flight. What??? They were shown in your menu! As a result I requested OJ.

photo dscf0797 copy

The ISM knelt and greeted the seat 11D & G passengers which are probably MPC Diamond members. Their conversations revealed that they are the bosses of a famous fashion brand (not Donatella^^). Both had the same situation with me which were rebooked to this flight! Aha at least half of the mini cabin was rebooked from yesterday^^

photo 201608_17024

Lunch services started when we were over Duluth

photo dscf0801 copy

The linens were laid.

photo 201608_17050

Same as my HKG-EWR flight I was the first to be served. The salad and starter was brought out and it looked totally not sound appetizing. It was merely vegetables put in 2 plates. They were ice-cold and bland. On the other hand the other passengers had the salmon starter!

photo dscf0800 copy

Buttonholes in the napkins

photo 201608_17082

The CX metal tableware

photo 201608_17085

The entrée was served which was cod with broccoli and mash potato. Portion size was somewhat smaller than the outbound. The cod was very good and flaky. I asked for Baileys.

photo 201608_17372

The entrée parade. My right seatmate chose the beef. He cut a piece and put into his mouth, suddenly his face turned like King Joffrey (glad that no wedding on this flight lol). He subsequently left the entrée untouched.

photo dscf0809 copy

The FA came through with the cheese and fruit cart.

photo dscf0817 copy

I went for both.

photo dscf0818 copy

I had the same dessert with normal meal.

photo dscf0819 copy

It was green tea tiramisu which was tasty

photo 201608_18205

The purser passed the pralines box. I picked one and saved it for later

photo dscf0825 copy

Lunch wrapped up with another oshibori.

photo dscf0824 copy

Another FA came and took my after lunch drinks order. I asked for the HK style milk tea. But it was disrupted by reasonably heavy turbulence so the FA said she would give it after seat belt sign was off

The turbulence lasted for a while and I went into food coma. When I sobered up, the milk tea was waiting for me. It was powdered milk tea thus personally its taste was not truly in HK style

photo 201608_19095

The galley curtain was closed after the lunch

photo dscf0828 copy

Browsing the IFE. Decent entertainment selections as usual

photo dscf0852 copyphoto dscf0853 copy

Time to visit my seat back toilet. It was clean and tidy as usual

photo 201608_19295

Changing diaper is a woman job on this B77W

photo 201608_19304

The hand lotion was cut wef Jul 2017

photo 201608_19301

I took out my Surface and continued my UA Queen flight report writing. But I was dishearten when describing how the rude UA FA shamed on me in front of the Y passengers lol I stopped and got some sleep.

I changed my clothes before sleep but the J toilets were all full at that time. So I used my blanket to create a mini changing room at my seat. Oh no the blanket was dirty inside!

photo dscf0860 copy

The beautiful sky outside

photo dscf0893 copy

I made my bedding. Too bad my seat did not work properly which could not be fully flat lol

photo dscf0833 copy

Luckily the issue was not serious and I still slept well

photo dscf0836 copy

2 hours later I was awoken by the sudden noise when we were flying over Alaska. The 12G passenger did not wear his earphone while turned the volume in the loudest. All passengers in the mini cabin were awoken. The front bosses were extreme annoyed and complained to the purser. The Korean purser then transformed herself into a United crew and walked to that passenger and seriously warned him not to disturb the others. That passenger obeyed immediately, might be he did not want to be another doctor…

photo dscf0848 copy

I want to go back to sleep… Sound and color…

However I could not sleep anymore at this moment. I turned on my Surface and continued watching the super hit Stranger Things! 11!

I felt hungry and time to have snacks. A bit nervous regarding the notorious O’Hare food, I hit the call button and asked for the cup noodles (the safest option imo). The FA was stunned and asked why not trying the J rice vermicelli. I simply replied I really wanted the cup noodles.

photo dscf0878 copy

Several minutes later, the cup noodles was here. It was served with a bowl instead of the usual paper cup as in Y. I was surprised and asked why not served in paper cup. The FA seemed lost and not known how to response. She went away but 90 seconds later the purser came and explained it is their services stand which the company thought paper cup is not visually appealing in J @@ BTW the cup noodles tasted good deservedly

photo 201608_23054

Ain't life just awful strange? Sound and color…

Next I ordered the chocolate Haagen-Dazs ice cream which was delivered in a minute. As expected, another brick.

photo 201608_00322

Flipping through the CX Discovery magazine featuring the new Pier J Lounge which I had visited in Chapter 1

photo dscf0931 copy

There is a miles chart showing that you will earn 7 more miles when flying to JFK rather than EWR

photo dscf0864 copy

The purser came to check me and asked if I want some drinks. I went for chamomile tea.

photo 201608_05061

I went to the accessible toilet between the 2 J cabins. It was as clean as the first one.

photo 201608_00175

I then grabbed some galley snacks

photo 201608_00184

My offerings

photo 201608_00295

I dozed off again and later interrupted by another turbulence over the Shikoku. The purser saw me awake and gave me another chamomile tea.

photo 201608_05071

You wish you never gave it all away… Sound and color… No more to see the setting of the sun… Sound and color…

photo dscf0908 copy

Soon the dinner commenced 2.5 hours prior to arrival

photo dscf0914 copy

Mood lighting was on

photo dscf0913 copy

Oshibori was offered

photo 201608_05161

Linens was laid. A fruit plate (same with outbound breakfast) and a bread were served. I requested OJ for drinks.

photo dscf0918 copy

Following was the entrée which was the chicken rice in Hindu style. The chicken was super dry which I could neither cut nor bite it. I only finished the rice and the vegetables.

photo 201608_05383

During dinner my right seatmate seemed forgotten to buy something in ORD, he called the FA and made the duty-free order.

photo 201608_05400

The FA wheeled out the dessert cart.

photo dscf0924 copy

It was blueberry cheesecake and again tasted very good

photo 201608_05593

In summary, the J catering on this flight was mediocre (except the desserts) and worse than my HKG-EWR flight.

After the dinner I was asked to fill a CX survey attached with an inflight voucher and a CX pen as token. The FA whispered to me that as instructed by the ISM, she really wished me to complete and return the form. The survey covers my travel pattern and rating the CX services. There is one question at the end asking if I would consider CX for next trip. Sorry I had no say on my next trip thus I immediately ticked “NO”… (cough)

photo dscf0925 copy

The pilot announced that we would expect arrive at 20:54

Connecting information was screened

photo dscf0927 copy

The F curtain reopened for landing

photo dscf0939 copy

Almost there now

photo dscf0943 copy

Life in Sound and color… Love in Sound and color…

photo dscf0944 copy

Our plane touched down on the North runway 30 minutes behind scheduled arrival

photo dscf0949 copyphoto dscf0950 copy

Eventually we arrived at Gate 50 which is the end of Southwest Concourse, one of the farthest Gate to the immigration

photo dscf0956 copy


photo dscf0957 copy

Passing the F cabin

photo 201608_21052

The FA gave goodbyes at the door and I stepped on one of the longest jet bridges in HKG

photo dscf0958 copyphoto dscf0959 copy

A long walk to the immigration

photo dscf0962 copy

The first priority task after a 15-hour flight was recharging myself!

photo 201608_21251photo 201608_21262

Cleared the immigration within minute, I headed to the baggage claim. It was very slow as my baggage carousel handled 5 arrived flights tonight. I waited nearly half an hour for my baggage despite being a J passenger

photo dscf0968 copy

Retrieving my bag, I took the Airport Express to back home. All good things came to an end. I returned to my working hell…

Since I had brought my travel insurance, I sent an email to CX requesting the delay certificate next day and about 3 weeks later I received the letter for my claim.

photo 201708_23415

Sound and color… Sound and color… And this concludes my American Vacation Story

Bonus: The Windy City

Visiting the Delta Headquarters before, why not go to the United? Oscar is at the 11th floor of the Sears Tower^^

photo bdscf0497 copy

No I went to Skydeck Chicago actually;)

photo bdscf0516 copy

Beautiful night view of Chicago

photo bdscf0535 copy

If you look carefully, you can also see the Boeing Headquarters. Could you find it?

photo bdscf0545 copy

Food tasting in the town

photo b201608_21080photo b201608_21332photo bdscf0260 copy

American Horror Story: fried Sarah Paulson (Lana!)

photo bdscf0239 copy

Cubs’ Centennial Celebration at Wrigley Field in the Union Station

photo bdscf0466 copy

The new Chinatown library

photo b201608_21582

The Dark Knight v. the Transformers: Chitown at night

The Theatre District

This is the end of my flight series in 2016 and thanks for your reading. Good Goodbye!

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

British Airways Terraces Lounge


Chicago - ORD


Hong Kong - HKG



How to rate this flight? Um… a standard but unimpressive TPAC experience with CX. As a 5* and my hometown airline, I expect CX would have consistent products and services for both legs. This flight has a noticeable contrast compared with my outbound J where the latter is far better, but overall it is still a comfortable flight. Catering is a problem. BTW now this route has changed to dine on demand and hope the food has improved. I am happy that the CX CS can rebook me the same flight next day with the same seat and menu options albeit it is somewhat difficult to contact them. As a redeemed flight, I could not complain much.

Cabin comfort: Good. The mini cabin is full but quiet mostly. My seat has a toilet behind but intrusion is minimal. Privacy in this cabin is very good. Toilets are clean throughout the flight. My seat has technical issue which cannot be fully flat but it is still cozy and does not border my sleep too much. No slippers provided.

Cabin Crew: Good. A Korean purser served my aisle. Despite having the language barrier thus being less engaging and personal, she is attention to details and able to solve the problem (noisy passenger). The rest of the crews were efficient and nice, but also less enthusiastic compared with my outbound.

Entertainment: Good. Newspapers are available on the jet bridge (still no Oriental Daily). Standard seatback literature. The touchable IFE is fast and responsive. It has a variety of programs (more local side). The frequent pop-up ads in StudioCX is annoying. I mostly entertained by my own device so it does not bother me too much.

Meal and catering: Not so good. Standard catering procedures are followed. Why no CX signature drinks again??? This is an ex-ORD flight (UA kitchen lol). The lunch starter is very meh while the cod is very good. The entrée of dinner is very United. With the same special meal option chosen, the portion size on this flight is smaller than outbound. IME the NH Y food is even better than this J. Galley snacks are mostly the same as Y and are available throughout the flight.

The BA Terraces Lounge is satisfactory. It is small and windowless. Toilet is clean. Still it has adequate beverages and food selection. The staff are nice and helpful. In general it is not as good as the Plaza Premium Lounge in HKG, but better than the United Clubs in US.

For ORD, waiting for the security in Terminal 5 is fast. The terminal is new and less crowded than the others.
For HKG, the arrivals procedure is efficient as always expect the baggage claim.

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) Hong Kong (HKG)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 7 reviews of 1 airlines on the route Chicago (ORD) → Hong Kong (HKG).


The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 15 hours and 43 minutes.

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  • Comment 412984 by
    JW19 121 Comments

    Good report, and it cements CX's dropping reputation. For god sake change the serving dish of J class and the presentation.

    Agree with you that soup should not be considered hot food and neither should oatmeal.

    Try crediting your miles earned with CX elsewhere instead where it allows you more flexibility.

    • Comment 415263 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 224 Comments

      Thanks for your comment JW19! Sorry for late reply lol Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
      Actually mine is the special meal option, so the serving dish might look worse than the others. The appetizer of normal meal is good.
      HAHA I also do not consider oatmeal as food, my definition of food is you need to chew^^

      “Try crediting your miles earned with CX elsewhere”
      - Actually I am now a *A person and I took none of OW flights this year…

  • Comment 412989 by
    arturo1989 110 Comments

    Great trip report
    Could you scan your boardingpass, delete the barcode and the private details and send me the tickets without private details?. i collect all transport tickets
    Thanks and apologize

  • Comment 413136 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hi Ashley.

    Thank you for sharing this great FR. Looks like you made the most out of your visit to ORD.

    Too bad that CX did not have its signature drink aboard this flight I'm a bit surprised by that to be honest.

    Overall the catering looks acceptable but nothing really exceptional. Personally I have not been impressed by what they serve in the premium cabins and I think its reputation precedes it.

    • Comment 415265 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 224 Comments

      Thanks for your comment Adan! Sorry for late reply lol BTW Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

      “Looks like you made the most out of your visit to ORD.”
      - For my vacation, yes. But for business matters, your hometown^^

      Not only you, but I am also surprised by the lack of signature drinks onboard. I understand they are now undergoing cost cutting. But the most annoying things is if you do not provide them, please do not show it on menu!

      “I think its reputation precedes it.”
      - Totally agreed. CX’s hard product of premium cabins still looks good, but the soft product deteriorated rapidly these years. As my hometown airline, I am a bit disappointed about their changes due to huge loss from oil hedging.

  • Comment 413599 by
    Rewardflying GOLD 494 Comments

    Hi Ashely, Thanks for sharing this CX business class experience. And I'm glad you enjoyed my hometown. You got some great photos. You also got to experience the second rate international lounges at ORD terminal 5 (which by the way is 25 years old!) The new United Polaris lounge is very nice. Onboard the CX catering does look dismal. I'm currently looking at a CX business class trip and think ANA might be the better route from ORD..

    • Comment 415266 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 224 Comments

      Thanks for your comment Mark! Sorry for late reply lol BTW I am at your hometown now! Greetings from Wicker Park^^

      “You also got to experience the second rate international lounges at ORD terminal 5 (which by the way is 25 years old!)”
      - Oh I haven’t thought of T5 is so old so its renovation is very successful lol BTW the Lounges are so unimpressing in T5, but better than non-existence.

      “The new United Polaris lounge is very nice.”
      - I really want to go there and this is on my top of Lounges visiting list! I passed it few days ago and a notice outside stating the Polaris is expanding while the C16 UA Club will return by the end of the year. It sounds great because imo it is panic to use the UA Clubs for flights departing Concourse C…

      “ANA might be the better route from ORD.”
      - Totally agreed. Personally the main reason for ANA over CX is the food. ANA can maintain its food quality so good even it is ex-US.

      • Comment 415339 by
        Rewardflying GOLD 494 Comments

        Hi Ashley,

        I'm way out west by the fox river in Kane country, where aircraft turn east to land on 10C.

        They definitely need to expand Polaris. When I was there it was late and all the international flights had departed except a couple. The place was still crowed. I can only guess how crowded it is at 4PM before the Europe flights depart. Anyway, hope to see you there!

  • Comment 415496 by
    aussenrist AUTHOR 224 Comments

    Thanks for your reply Mark! I am not in Chicago now lol I am at the LAX UA Club waiting for a delayed flight to elsewhere^^ BTW the UA Club there is very nice and spacious (except for the food). I will travel to Chitown every year. Maybe we can have a meetup next time when I am there!

  • Comment 415548 by
    Rewardflying GOLD 494 Comments

    Haha, I guess I misread. Anyway you had great weather and departed before the rain. Safe travels and def stay in touch when back in Chitown!

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