Review of United flight Atlanta Chicago in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA5865
Class Economy
Seat 15C
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 30 Jul 16, 14:00
Arrival at 30 Jul 16, 15:10
UA   #51 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 330 reviews
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Published on 8th June 2017
Hi and welcome to the third chapter of American Vacation Story!

Gone with the Wind: American Southern Story

This series will cover my annual vacation to the US in summer 2016, which contains 4 journeys in 3 different sets of tickets with 2 alliances.

As per my practice, I will reveal the routing as we go on. The series will be broken down as follows:
Chapter 1 - CX890 HKG-EWR, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Here]
Chapter 2a - AA1615 EWR-CLT, Boeing B737-800 in Y [Here]
Chapter 2b - AA5164 CLT-BHM, Bombardier CRJ-200ER in Y [Here]
Chapter 3a - DL ATL-ATL, Boeing B767-200 Spirit of Delta in J/Y [Merge into 3b]
Chapter 3b - UA5865 ATL-ORD, Embraer E-175 in Y [You are here!]
Chapter 4a - CX807 ORD-HKG, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Flight cancelled and merged to 4b]
Chapter 4b - CX807 ORD-HKG, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Here]

This Chapter is divided into 3 parts:
1. Chapter 3a features a walkthrough at the Delta Flight Museum and covers my first “Delta flight” on the Delta’s first B762^^
2. Chapter 3b is about my United flight from Atlanta to Chicago.
3. Lastly, similar to my other US domestic flight reports, there will be the Atlanta travel bonus.

Apologized that this report is a bit complicated lol Please take time!


Another destination of American Vacation Story is Atlanta and I planned to visit my friend in Chicago next. There are a lot of cheap flights between the 2 cities. Searching on Google Flights, both AA and UA had cheap fares as low as USD39. Being an UA Premier member I deservedly chose an USA39 UA flight given that I have one free checked bag!

Continuing the Story, initially I decided to try the Amtrak from Birmingham to Atlanta. Unfortunately the Birmingham Union station was closed for renovation thus the train service was suspended. At the end I travelled to Atlanta by Megabus from Montgomery.

photo b201607_16195

I had unlimited seat pitch^^ It took about 3 hours to go there.

photo b201607_16290

Chapter 3a: DL ATL-ATL Pre-Flight at Delta Flight Museum

As Delta is Atlanta’s hometown airline, one of my goals is to visit the Delta Flight Museum which is located at the north side of airport. I took the bus to there.

There is a 20-minute walk from the bus stop to the Museum. But Delta has those signs on the sidewalk guiding you to the Headquarters.

photo dlcf9635 copy

Delta also parked their buses outside the campus so you wouldn’t get lost.

photo dlcf9637 copyphoto dlcf9639 copy

The Museum is inside the Delta World Headquarters and you have to register at the main entrance.

photo dlcf0046 copy

After registration I went straight ahead, then turned left at the 1st crossing.

photo dlcf0045 copy

The first thing you see is the Delta Queen of Skies! But at the time being the Queen was still being relocated to her permanent place and closed for refurbishment. I could only stroll surrounding her.

photo dlcf0011 copy

It is the Boeing’s first 747-400 ever made (N661US, delivered to NW in Dec 1989). Stunning fuselage shots of the Queen^^

Tugging the Queen to the Museum is a big task so the original outdoor aircrafts had to give way for it. The DL B757 was moved away temporarily while the DL DC-9 (N675MC) was relocated behind the Queen.

photo dlcf0025 copy

Now back to the Museum, which is composed of 2 former Hangars. They are Delta's original hangars in 1940s, the oldest buildings in the Headquarters.

photo dlcf0028 copyphoto dlcf0031 copy

A kawaii Delta Mini welcomed me in front of the entrance^^

photo dlcf9872 copy

The entrance has an interesting décor. Entering the Museum I was greeted by 2 receptionists. They asked if I was airlines staff which has discounted rates. In return I joked would I be dragged out being an Alaska employee and they simply smiled. I asked where I could view the Fly Delta Air Lines sign and they pointed out at the top of office building in the back but it is employees only.

photo dlcf0009 copy

I was directed to Hangar One displaying the Delta aircrafts in The Propeller Age. A DC-3 on the left

photo dlcf9874 copy

The Travel Air 6B Sedan

photo dlcf9884 copy

You can see those vintage posters and amenities

There is a Amex sponsored theater playing the history of Delta which explains why it is called Delta

photo dlcf9912 copyphoto dl201607_12540

It is Delta place, advertising own co-branded credit cards is necessary.

photo dlcf9916 copy

I passed through the tunnel to Hanger Two

photo dlcf9919 copyphoto dlcf9929 copy

It highlights the development of Delta during The Jet Age

photo dlcf9989 copyphoto dlcf9991 copyphoto dlcf9993 copy

The evolution and devaluation of SkyMiles Loyalty Program

photo dlcf9995 copy

Holy Cow!

photo dl201607_13422

Being a former history student, I could not miss the Delta family tree…

photo dlcf9952 copy

And the map of old Delta Concourse E & F of ATL. Do you know where they located? ^^

photo dlcf9948 copy

Delta is so considerate that they put a kiosk for (Delta flights only) check-in ;)

photo dlcf9930 copy

There is a B737 flight simulator for trying. But you have to pay USD425 (!) so I gave up lol

photo dlcf9958 copy

The 1st Delta B767-200 (N102DA Spirit of Delta, delivered in Aug 1982) was waiting for me and now I was ready to make my 1st Delta flight on it^^

photo dlcf9931 copy

Flight Report: ATL-ATL on Spirit of Delta

Before boarding, #airplaneporn is a must.


photo dlcf9963 copy

The cockpit

photo dlcf9965 copy

A friendly FA welcomed me with drinks^^

photo dlcf9966 copy

The first class cabin

photo dscf9967 copy

Seat pitch is good

photo dlcf9968 copy

Tray table

photo dlcf9971 copy

Safety card

photo dlcf9969 copyphoto dlcf9970 copy

Since there is no IFE, it has a LCD TV broadcasting programs

photo dlcf9972 copy2

View from the wing

photo dlcf9975 copy

Following is the Y cabin

photo dlcf9973 copy

The Y seat pitch is also generous

photo dlcf9974 copy

Nice to see the legacy Airfone on the seat back^^

photo dlcf9976 copy

The cons of this plane is lack of toilets because the rear cabin exhibits the Delta Uniforms and aircraft models

Deplaning, a nice FA welcomed me at the gate in front of L-1011^^

photo dlcf9987 copy

The next checkpoint is the gift shop to buy some Delta souvenirs. It has those unique accessories made by the recycled life vest^^

photo dlcf9944 copyphoto dlcf0004 copyphoto dlcf0005 copy

Bearing the risk of being dragged out of the Headquarters, I quietly strolled around the campus after the Museum visit.

photo dlcf0035 copyphoto dlcf0036 copy

Delta mottos are everywhere.

photo dlcf0043 copy

And I found the Fly Delta Air Lines sign which has been there since 1950s!

photo dlcf0041 copy

To conclude, despite the B762 is a bit dated with lack of individual entertainment and toilet, the seats are spacious, clean and comfortable. The FAs were very friendly :P

The Delta Flight Museum is fantastic! It has a very thorough exhibit showing the development of Delta. I highly recommend this place if you are in Atlanta! It also reinforces my thoughts that Delta is the best among the 3 legacy carriers.

Leaving the Delta campus it was time to have OLCI for my next day UA flight. I had been awaiting this moment because this was my first time being eligible for complimentary upgrades. I opened the United app to see if I could make it. Luckily enough UA automatically cleared my upgrade and put me on seat 1B! Wow my 1st time in first class on a USD39 domestic flight!

photo screenshot_201607_18452

Afterwards I grabbed an Uber to the east side of ATL for another purpose of my trip: to see the infamous neon Fly Delta Jets sign tops the Delta Tech Ops Hangar since 1968. It is stunning at night!

photo dlcf9645 copy

Last view of the neon sign from the Intl Terminal carpark

photo dlcf9648 copy

Backed to the new Intl Terminal I had a short stroll inside. It features the fancy ceiling lightening

photo dlcf9654 copyphoto dlcf9657 copy

I took the shuttle return to the Domestic Terminal

photo dl201607_21445

I was dropped at the Domestic Terminal South and here is the first part of flight report

photo dlcf9664 copy

Chapter 3b: UA5865 ATL-ORD Pre-Flight

On the day of departure, I took the MARTA to the airport 2 hours prior to take off as more than one Atlantan told me clearing ATL security is very fast…

photo ds201607_12060

On my way to airport, suddenly one of my friend called and told he would get married and invited me to attend his wedding in Sep. As in Atlanta, I changed my way to the CNN Center instead of ATL for buying him a very Atlanta gift (which later proofed that it was a BAD idea).

photo dscf9520 copy

This side incident means I would arrive ATL late

photo dscf0055 copy

At a result I arrived at the airport at a very tight 50 minutes before departure and I rushed to the north side

photo dscf0057 copy

In ATL both departures and arrivals are on the same floor. To get to the check-in counters from the MARTA station, you have to pass the baggage claim.

photo dscf0062 copy

The United counters. My first time using the Premier Access lane and it was very fast

photo dscf0065 copy

According to UA website, the domestic min check-in time with checked baggage is 45 minutes. Sadly when I did my kiosk check-in, I should have just missed the min time and the system denied my check in!!!

The only thing I could do was to seek help from the UA agent, but she was battling with a messy couple which I had to wait for minutes

My turn and I told her my situation. She typed my reservation in the system and it was locked as expected. She explained I had passed the check-in time and then blamed it was my fault arriving so late and added she would not help me lol

Knowing that the agent was not in good mode, I changed my strategy by kept saying sorry and explained my English was very poor and 1st time in US lol She said since today the flight arrived and would depart on time, she could not override the system.

Ultimately my “poor English” worked, the agent became sympathy to me and helped me to reschedule a flight. She mentioned the next available flight departed at 19:50 where my baggage could board. She checked and tagged my baggage with a "Star Priority" tag ironically @@

But for passenger she could only put me standby on that flight since all flights to Chicago were full tonight. Besides she put me on the earliest flight next day departed at 5am. She handed me the BPs for tonight and tomorrow flight.

photo ds201607_20280

As my situation became fait accompli, I texted my Airbnb host subsequently and asked if I could stay for an extra night (glad they provided unlimited support!!). I also informed my friend I could not arrived Chicago that night. My friend was shocked and googled my flight. Live from Chicago: I was the only one standby on tonight flight

photo ds201607_20184

Although I made myself in trouble, going outside and having a break to relieve myself was necessary

photo dscf0068 copy

It was time to go airside for standby. Passing the American counters

photo dscf0067 copy

The atrium landside

photo dscf0070 copy

The TSA lines were very long. A lot of passengers attempted to cut the lane and claimed that they were going to miss their flights (what???) During queuing I had a brief pray to Mr. Oscar for granting a seat. Awkwardly in my turn the front passenger’s backpack stripes were accidentally stuck inside the scanner during the inspection and the scanner was eventually broken down lol The TSA staffs had to crawl into the scanner for rescuing the bags which caused extra screening time.

Once cleared the security, you will see these exhibits along the hallway

photo dscf0071 copy

The tarmac view. The DL MD90s line-up at Concourse T South

photo dscf0073 copy

I walked towards north. The Concourse T North is mainly housed for AA and UA

photo dscf0075 copy

An AA E175

photo dscf0076 copy

Live from Chicago again: my friend googled out there was another ORD flight which had been delayed for 5 hours. He believed many original passengers should have changed their flight thus it should have seats available. He suggested me chasing the agent to board this flight

photo ds201607_20185

OMG ATL has smoking rooms!!! :D (Girls you are too small to enter except 18 :P ) I did not visit it as it was more important to go to the UA gates for standby then

photo dscf0078 copy

The UA gates are located at the North end of Concourse T. Passengers sat aside and waited

photo dscf0080 copy

I found my gate and approached the gate agent. She took my standby BP, typed and searched in the reservation system. I hadn’t ready to voice out the seriously delayed flight, the agent interrupted and asked if I was willing to take that flight. Absolutely! I only wanted to be in Chicago tonight so why not.

photo dscf0082 copy

I was given a new BP and the nice adjunct gate agent directed me to board. Aha I now flew ahead of my baggage!

photo ds201607_20273

Flight Report: ATL-ORD on United


photo dscf0085 copy

It was another E175 (N106SY) with 2 FAs on duty. They welcomed me at the door

photo dscf0086 copy

The cabin was less than half full. How many of them were the original passengers? ^^

photo ds201607_19102

I found my seat 15C

photo dscf0087 copy

View from the wing

photo dscf0088 copy

The overhead lights

photo dscf0092 copy

IMO seat pitch is always good on an UA E190

photo dscf0091 copy

The seat back materials

photo dscf0117 copy

The half-empty flight means I would not have a seatmate. I slid to the window seat once door closed

We pushed back at 19:25. Following was preflight safety demonstration

photo ds201607_19220

Taxiing. Passing the Delta Hangars we had seen before

photo dscf0096 copy

Pilot made announcement with apology for the serious technical delay. He then introduced the first half of flight would be stable, but we would experience turbulence in the second half.

photo ds201607_19332

We were ready… A DL MD90 was about to land

photo ds201607_19372

And took off! Bye bye the Delta Queen!

photo ds201607_19400

We immediately turned north and flew outer edge of Atlanta

photo dscf0109 copy

Beverage services started once levelled off and I requested OJ. A snack mix was also distributed.

photo ds201607_20011

After that I went to the toilet. The door shot outside the toilet

photo ds201607_20224

The toilet was clean and tidy

photo ds201607_20205

I connected to the United Wi-fi which was work. Standard programs selection.

photo screenshot_201607_19481

Time to flip through the seat back materials

It was interesting to see United provided each passenger a phone card holder (but now they cutback lol). I asked the FAs for more packs to my friends’ children hereafter during deplaning

photo dscf0130 copyphoto dscf0131 copyphoto dscf0137 copy

Flying over Indy. The FAs walked through the cabin giving the water.

photo screenshot_201607_20300 2photo dscf0146 copy

Cabin snapshots

photo ds201607_20473photo dscf0150 copy

Jokingly the United app popped up that I got upgraded for my tomorrow standby flight lol

photo screenshot_201607_20573

Soon we were descending. We had a U-turn over DPA for approaching ORD from the West

photo dscf0155 copy

Eventually we touched down on runway 10C at 20:12. The pilot made another announcement that Chicago was now 70F and we had to wait awhile on the tarmac since the gates were full.

photo dscf0159 copy

During taxiing UA texted me that my baggage would arrived late and informed me to seek help at ORD.

photo dscf0179 copy

We arrived at Terminal 2 10 minutes later.

photo dscf0185 copy


photo dscf0187 copy

Passing the first-class seats

photo ds201607_20225

The FAs gave me a goodbye and thanked for flying with United. They also advised me to go to the CS counter for tracing my baggage.

Compared with Terminal 1, 3 & 5, the Terminal 2 airside looks a bit compacted thanks to its low ceiling.

photo dscf0191 copy

The Delta Sky Club

photo dscf0192 copy

My baggage had not touched down yet, so I walked around ORD. Terminal 2 airside

photo dscf0200 copyphoto dscf0202 copy

I headed to Terminal 1 through the airside connector.

photo ds201607_20444photo dscf0207 copy

Concourse B airside

photo dscf0210 copy

I met Ms. Dinosaur finally :)

photo dscf0212 copy

I took the escalator downstairs. United was already pumping the Polaris advertisement albeit it was not launched until Dec.

photo dscf0215 copy

United should be very proud of being the official airline of Team USA

photo dscf0216 copy

The famous Light Inside at Terminal 1.

photo dscf0222 copy

I went landside. It was so few people and quite at Sunday night

photo dscf0231 copyphoto dscf0232 copy

I went down to the baggage claim. I followed the FAs’ advice heading to the CS counter.

photo dscf0228 copy

A friendly agent with heavy Latin accent greeted me and I showed him my mobile text message. Based on the city name he advised my baggage would arrived on carousel no. 3.

photo ds201607_21050

I reached to that carousel while my baggage hadn’t shown up as expected. I went outside to recharge myself. Meanwhile an UA agent came and asked for a light, and we chatted. Hearing my story, the agent said I was very lucky as the ATL-ORD flights are always full on Sunday night.

photo dscf0230 copy

My “priority” baggage was finally rolling out 30 minutes later…

photo ds201607_21225

I picked my baggage, took the escalator up and grabbed a Lyft to my hostel.

photo dscf0238 copy

Bonus: Hotlanta

Atlanta is a special place to me which I had desired to visit there long time ago. This is the first US city I knew since my birth because HK won its first Olympic Gold medal there in 1996. 20 years later I travelled and spent 4 days here.

Stunning day and night view from my Airbnb apartment

photo b201607_18561photo b201607_21081

Atlanta is home to Coca-Cola. The World of Coca-Cola

Atlanta is also the world headquarter of CNN. The CNN Center

As Atlanta is MLK’s hometown, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site could not be missed. I had not imagined I would stand in front of Mr. and Ms. King one day!

The Georgia Institute of Technology

Walking and eating around in the city

This is the third chapter of flight report and thanks for reading! Here is the glimpse of next report: There's an east wind coming

photo dscf0317 copy
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Cabin crew8.5

Atlanta - ATL


Chicago - ORD



Another standard domestic flight on UA which is smooth and comfortable. The cabin and toilet are clean. Good seat pitch with standard seat back materials. The crews are friendly and informative. We arrived within the rescheduled flight time.
For ATL, security lane could be very long. The Terminals are clean and smoker friendly since it has smoking rooms.

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