Review of Delta Connection flight Des Moines Minneapolis in Economy

Airline Delta Connection
Flight EDV 6263
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 19 Apr 17, 15:30
Arrival at 19 Apr 17, 16:45
DL   #82 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 136 reviews
By 707
Published on 21st April 2017


This is the third in a four flight trip to Des Moines for my April break. We start the trip at Des Moines Airport, I just having completed my vacation.
BOS-ATL- link
ATL-DSM- link
DSM-MSP-Here Scheduled departure 3:30 p.m. (3:23 actual) scheduled arrival 4:43 (4:48 actual)
MSP-BOS-Coming Soon

Our trip to DSM from my aunt and uncle's house was uneventful, traffic was non existent, and we arrived long before departure time.

photo img_2658

I never pass up on a spotting opportunity, so I was sure to get a pic of this bird. Security was fast, and we soon found ourselves in Des Moines well maintained, but old, terminal. after reaching our gate and finding it plane less, I went for a walk around the 12 gate terminal. I found some stairs and went down them to find this extra seating/ground gate-probably the nicest part of the terminal.

photo img_2668

I took that opportunity to take a picture of this United Express E 175.

photo img_2671

I saw a few other planes, including this American CRJ 700.

photo img_2690

When I went back to the gate, our bird, a 2 1/3 year old Endeavor Air (for Delta Connection) CRJ 900 was pulling up to the gate.

photo img_2676photo img_2687

Upon boarding the gate agent told us that we didn't have to gate check our full carry on size rollerboards if they fit into the bins. Surprisingly, they did!

photo img_2715

After that, I decided to explore the seat. Width was fine for my small 28 inch waist, and pitch left some room with my 5 foot 10 height.

photo img_2702photo img_2706

The captain announced we would have a 20 minute delay due to congestion into Minneapolis. We taxied to the runway and waited out the delay while other planes took off.

photo img_2719

The wait was soon over, and we took off over Des Moines before making a sharp turn north toward Minneapolis.

photo img_2722

As we reached our cruising altitude, the FAs announced that, due to the flight being just under 250 miles, there would be no service on the flight, but that requests would be taken. More on this later.

photo img_2727

I settled down in my seat and watched a movie on Delta's free streaming.

photo img_2735

I visited the lav but forgot to take a picture. Noticeable features included the short 6 foot ceiling and a sink that didn't require one hand on it at all times. The cabin felt fairly spacious inflight.

photo img_2709photo img_2724

As we began our gradual descent and the flight attendants came around to collect trash, I decided to test my luck and ask for a cup of water. The flight attendant considered it and told me she would try. I
profusely thanked her and was rewarded.

photo img_2745

We began our descent into rainy Minneapolis. Gear down.

photo img_2755

Touchdown was five minutes late.

photo img_2760

We ended up at gate C 17, away from the small RJ terminal and next to a company CRJ 900.

photo img_2764

And so ended our short hop to Minneapolis.
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew8.5

Des Moines - DSM


Minneapolis - MSP



I have no complaints with this flight. The fact that Delta isn't requiring gate check for carry ons is a big plus and I was very happy our 5 regular sized carry ons all fit. The larger CRJs are truly a different plane than the CRJ 200, and the LED lighting and comfy seats made a difference. Huge props to the FA for giving me water during the top of the descent too. Allin all this was a satisfying flight on Delta Connection, and I would definitely do it again.



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