Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Auckland in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX117
Class Business
Seat 18K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 10:50
Take-off 11 Mar 17, 15:45
Arrival at 12 Mar 17, 07:35
CX   #4 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 451 reviews
By SILVER 2769
Published on 9th May 2017
This is the 2nd leg of my trip.

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1st leg – ORD - HKG

We took the free shuttle bus over to the Novotel Citygate and got there in 10 minutes. Check-in was smooth and we were headed up to our room in no time. Snapped pics right away before freshening up. The room was a good size compared to the Sheraton in Kowloon that we stayed at in 2013. Woke up early next morning and decided to check out, check-in for our flight to Auckland and head into town.

photo 33683300752_98d8546cd7_bphoto 33025803603_90a0891f6d_b

View from the room in the morning:

Checking in for our Auckland flight - waited a minute before we were helped. We were connecting the same day into Queenstown and unfortunately Cathay indicated that all bags has to be collected for customs and could not be checked all the way through. Bummer!

photo 33709869931_f8763c54bc_b

First Class check in:
photo 33709867961_eb244b0493_b

Some day, I will have the opportunity to check in there:
photo 33029577513_d1b77d1187_o

After the check in, we took the Airport Express over to Hong Kong Station:
photo 33709865251_5237b168f3_b

Where we would catch the H1 bus to Pacific Place where the PYE store was located:
photo 33798301556_0780bf8ed4_bphoto 33798299426_e31c75d569_b

We parted with some nice T-shirts after using our free gift coupon from Cathay.
photo 33025763203_a41b2b3d4d_b

We then headed back to Hong Kong station to hit up Tim Ho Wan. I knew the line was going to be ridiculously long for sit down. We could have come here at 9am but asking the wife to get up early is tantamount to murder.
photo 33454650860_3d683514d0_b

Ended getting take out which took 15 minutes. Forgot to take pics but you can see the bill and figure out what we ordered. :D
photo 33025762923_01f3603980_b

Took the Airport Express back to get some relaxing time in at the lounge. Pic of the Novotel from the outside:
photo 33454644790_09588aa9ea_b

Back in the comfort of HKG. Proceeded straight through customs and security and got through in 10 minutes. Made the long trek over to gate 65 where the Pier lounge was located. We mistakenly walked into the first class lounge and the agent indicated to walk one gate over to the business lounge. We would not be allowed in even though we came off a F flight the previous night.

photo 33029577513_d1b77d1187_ophoto 33709856141_e41cc7fcaf_b

As we walked, I detoured to take some pics of planes.

I will be seeing you very soom Mrs.Whalejet:
photo 33454636880_41ca206109_bphoto 33454624630_388d50d3e1_bphoto 32995792514_98ccc1b8ac_b

Spotted our bird that would be taking us to AKL. First time flying the A350-900 and was excited.
photo 32995791224_346fbe94bd_b

God, we are still walking:
photo 32995787264_76d6cc984e_b

After an eternity, we made it:
photo 33025731333_4723387439_bphoto 33839074905_3af80db5b7_b

Comfy business centre:

Plunked ourselves in the comfy chairs by the windows:
photo 33798253706_29acd78520_bphoto 33798253126_71e5b8b32c_b

The lounge is pretty long and divided into 5 sections - 1 main buffet dining area, bar, noodle bar, tea bar, spa

Pretty good planespotting:
photo 33709828971_dc8dcb37e6_bphoto 32995770754_2a710df123_b

Decided to get some food after our drinks. Tasty stuff.
photo 32995770034_ac293863ff_b

I am a pig:
photo 33709828061_47bd2271f7_b

Ah-murrican departing for home:
photo 33454597660_224b5aa8d0_b

BA pulled in next door:
photo 33454596360_22bc3822ca_b

Oh yea, you're a dirty girl. You like it when your windows are dirty.
photo 33683215142_ebfde156ee_b

30 minutes to departure, we left the lounge and made our way to gate 15 where our bird would be departing from. As we passed a monitor, I noticed that the status said Final Call. WTF. We ran to our gate and by the time we got there, we had a good sweat going. This would be the 1st of 3 mad dashes during our adventure.

Initially, we selected the last 2 seats in the main cabin. During check in, the agent put us into the mini cabin which was only 2 rows. Sweet!

Nothing unusual about this seat. Have been in it twice before and knew what to expect.

Forward cabin.
photo 32995756374_70330360f6_b

PE and Y class beyond:
photo 33798233386_4cbc09a8db_bphoto 33798232506_b1bafcd691_bphoto 33683200672_a5dbb483b5_b

So this goof and his wife were annoying. They were playing home vidoes on their phone for the entire cabin to hear and was pissing the crap out of me. Luckily, a flight attendant came by and requested to turn down the volume and switch to airplane mode. The man asked when they could turn wifi on and the flight attendant said once we take off and there would be a charge. He did not expect the last statement and became quiet. I know a certain FT-er who loves people who display their feet in F or J class … no names but it rhymes with 787. :P
photo 33798229156_fb31f166f4_b

Forgot to take a picture of my glass but here is a pic of the bottle. Worst. Champange. Ever! Turrible!
photo 33454581210_55f901ee55_b

Time for the menu pics.

We pushed back on time and started the long taxi to the runway. Pics of birds as we passed by:
photo 33798195186_9ab4e20746_bphoto 33798192986_89af7fe3f7_b

AC just landing:
photo 33798190296_604cae4cd1_b

And we are off!
photo 33798186376_ca523e21de_b

Bye bye HKG! See you … sometime soon?
photo 32995719474_251ce27809_b

Pic of the amenity kit:
photo 33838996535_9407aee3b1_bphoto 33683162192_dd03656085_b

Warm nuts and an apple juice to start:
photo 33683161932_93f0717dfd_b

Lunch service started with the apps. Really tasty salmon:
photo 33683161262_1d46452ef0_b

Yummy garlic bread:
photo 33683161142_dc1d47d106_b

I liked the cart service that Cathay has for J class. I went with the Lamb Korma.
photo 33454549160_61d0be2451_b

Tasted better than it looked.
photo 33683160442_b419fa978b_b

Followed by a barely palatable chocolate mousse. I dont understand why its called mousse when its just cream filling.
photo 33683160362_3560162287_b

Went to bed right after and conked out. Woke up to see where we here on the map which was about 2 hours out. The breakfast service was about to begin.
photo 33454547950_4ff8f46d3a_b

Flipped through to see what was on. The clarity of the screen is excellent:
photo 33683160182_ca3c17ab7c_bphoto 33683158842_bb5bd95844_b

Quick shot of the main cabin:
photo 33683158142_55a5b7100b_b

Behind my seat:
photo 33709738361_1e6ae52e1d_b

Breakfast is served … almost …
photo 32995692194_8036216c2a_b

Yummy dim sum:
photo 32995689414_9ec4bc3fc3_b

Totally forgot that the A350 had a nice tail cam and turned it on. Wonderful to watch the landing:
photo 32995687754_59062367b5_b

Cabin crew, please be seated.
photo 33838966755_4acededd3d_b

Gloom and doom in Auckland.
photo 33683144662_d04914a448_b
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The flight was not overly spectacular. The crew were efficient in the service but was generally lacking compared to Cathay First. I would assume that it was due to the number of J class passengers and it was full for the flight. Then again, the upcoming Singapore J class flight was equally full and the cabin crew were amazing. I find that the level of Cathay J service has gone down over the years. Also, maybe it was just me but I noticed that the plane rattled a lot during take off. I’ve read TR’s indicating how quiet the cabin was during take off – maybe I was the exception. 
Overall, it was a good flight and we arrived safe and sound.



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    eminere™ 274 Comments

    In New Zealand (as in Australia) you must always clear customs and immigration and collect your checked bags at the first port of entry into the country, even if your final destination is another domestic city.

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    Rewardflying GOLD 494 Comments

    I'm enjoying your journey Injian13 as it is timely for me. Just yesterday I cancelled this CXA350 flight but from AKL to HKG and then 777 FC to ORD. I had also selected row 20 in the mini cabin. I decided to take AA first class from Sydney to LA. Call me crazy. Anyway I'd done the CX aircrafts and the AA flight is difficult to get so I switched. Your report confirms CX in business is just ordinary these days. The catering just doesn't look appetizing for an international flight. The other thing that puzzles me about CX and their A350 is they don't use the mood lighting. They didn't on my flight and doesn't appear they did on your flight other than dim the lights. Was there any?

    Then I'm taking NZ A320 up to Wellington. Doesn't look too bad, especially for a $61 flight. And I'm on the NZ787 across the Tasman as well. I like NZ.

    Also thanks for the Novotel pics, they wanted $375 for that room the day I needed to stay. The Marriott wanted $490 and this is months away. Must be sold out due to something. One of the reasons for my change. Looking forward to the rest.

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    Lounge Food MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Plane Food, typical for CX. CX has nothing other than its lounges, I wouldn;t fly them, they do not deserve 5 stars.

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