Review of China Southern flight Guangzhou Dubai in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight 383
Class Business
Seat 2D
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 08:15
Take-off 21 Apr 17, 19:00
Arrival at 21 Apr 17, 23:15
CZ   #17 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 133 reviews
By 1927
Published on 26th May 2017
Hi everyone

This flight is part of the following itinerary
CDG-DXB le 28 mars 2017 AF 662Not reported
DXB-CAN le 30 mars 2017 CZ 384 Not reported
CAN-HAN le 30 mars 2017 VN 507 Under construction
HAN-HUE le 8 avril 2017 VN 1547 Not reported
DAD-SGN le 13 avril 2017 VN 117 Not reported
SGN-REP le 15 avril 2017 VN 3825 by Cambodia Air services on a Small Planet Airlines aircraftUnder construction
REP-CAN le 19 avril 2017 CZ 3054 Under construction
CAN-DXB le 21 avril 2017 CZ 383: This is it
DXB-CDG le 23 avril 2017 AF 655 Not reported

A few lines of explanation.

First, our plan to visit Vietnam.

Then, how to spend as few FBlue miles as possible while travelling business on the longest legs.

Solution is to fly from an asian city, as close as possible from Europe; TLV is considered as being in Europe!! Don't ask me why; Beyrouth offers flights to Vietnam with airport change in Moscow, not easy. There comes DXB with CZ flights connecting in CAN and onwards to HAN.

What's left? how to get cheap tickets to DXB? We had a long delay on an AF domestic flights, absolutely no inconvenience for us; however we got vouchers from AF.

And with these vouchers we could pay most of a cut return fare from CDG to DXB in Y; Not travelled long distance in Y for ages, but I should survive.

So here we are with CDG-DXB, 35€ per person et DXB-CAN-HAN and return CAN-DXB business paying taxes, about 200€ pp and 150 000 miles used instead of 200 000

Ice on the cake, when checking in on line, AF offers an upgrade to Premium economy for 140€ pp; never been in this class, good opportunity to try and we'll appreciate the difference.

Domestic flights in Vietnam as well as flight to Cambodia was bought in Vietnam, very cheap; and I bought the REP-CAN flight on CZ website, Y fare quite affordable, and enough comfort and good service for just over two hours.

Here comes the report itself:

We had a 48 stop over in Guangzhou, with Visa on arrival before flying back home.

Long but cheap and fast trip with underground from downtownGuangzhou to the airport.

Quick and easy access to the terminal, thru a first security check.

photo img_4115
Let us get upstairs

photo img_4116
Are we already in DXB? Palm trees!

photo img_4118

Check in seems to be in zone F

photo img_4119

But eventually, business check in is in G zone opposite First class welcome and check in lounge.

photo img_4121photo img_4124
We have plenty of time, pleasant and english fluent staff, few people in line and …red carpet

photo img_4126

Bye bye , see you in DXB, at least I hope

photo img_4127

A first check, what for? that will remain a mystery; then quick and easy security and emigration.

photo img_4128

My 3rd time in CAN; rains every time

photo img_4130

I love the lines and volumes of this terminal

Let's get to the lounge.

photo img_4131

CZ PAX can go upstairs, with a nice view over the noodles bar; I love it

photo img_4132photo img_4133
And I ove the noodles too; I'll have a second one actually

I won't use the showers but I did appreciate them last times I was in transit here

Lounge is quiet at this time

photo img_4134photo img_4135
Then boarding downstairs; A03

photo img_4139
This boarding room looks a bit mean
photo img_4137photo img_4140
But biz PAX can wait seated in a separated area.

photo img_4141photo img_4142
Special bus for biz PAX; plane is parked miles away; it seems a second terminal , as large as he first one is being completed and should open soon

photo img_4143


Welcome onboard

photo img_4144photo img_4145photo img_4151

I like the pale colors of the cabin; I selected both seats in the center as the flight will be mostly night flight so each of us can move out easily
photo img_4146

Very pleasant and efficient FA

photo img_4147photo img_4148photo img_4150

Menus are handed over, and at the same time they take order for pre take off drinks and shortly afterwards order for meals; very quick!
I do apprenante that FA asks if se may wake us a meal time. Good idea because I'm so tired after more than three weeks travelling, heat wave, that I fall asleep shortly after take off

photo img_4152photo img_4153photo img_4154
My home for 8 hours

photo img_4156
Settling down in the most comfortable, if not elegant way!

photo img_4157

Already drunk out my glass, day in Guangzhou was so hot

photo img_4158

Pushback on time

photo img_4161

Safety video

photo img_4160

Safety instructions

photo img_4162

Strange way to fly west

photo img_1563
Lovely warm nuts to start with

photo img_1564photo img_1570
Then comes garlic bread

photo img_1568

To start with, a nice plate but I'm not very fond of starters

photo img_1572
Ht dish was nice, beef; but I was not really hungry because of the noodles bowls ordered in the lounge

photo img_1575
There comes the trolley for cheese and dessert

photo img_1580
I'll have fruit and an ice cream will be offered

Sorry, I must go the loo. But…WAIT! Overtime I went there, a FA skid me to wait and she went to clean the place! I did appreciate that

photo img_4164
I like the cups

photo img_4168
and mouthwash

photo img_4165
Of course it has ben cleaned

photo img_1581
nighty night

photo img_1587
FA wakes me for breakfast; I selected the western style; nothing fantastic but I appreciate the little jam jars

photo img_1584photo img_1588
We are miles away from CAN now and getting close to destination

Landing some minutes under schedule

photo img_4169photo img_4170
Automatic train to main building

photo img_4171
Staff at immigration is very relaxed

photo img_4174
A good flight so far, but we'll wait our luggage for so long; priority luggage will arrive on belt 70 minutes after the aircraft has come to complete stop, which is unacceptable
It's a shame to finish a good flight with such inconvenience

So, this was a long story; thanks for having read it thru; you deserve a bonus; here it is:

photo dsc_0658photo dsc_0659
Wonderful Shamian island where french and english concessions first settled down

photo dsc_0688
Walk at medicines market

photo dsc_0687
Yes it's a medication!

photo dsc_0721
Entrance to the Orchid garden; Moon gate I presume

photo dsc_0713photo img_4079
Nice pavilion in the garden

photo dsc_0694photo dsc_0698photo dsc_0700
Orchid hot house

photo dsc_0720
Tea pavilion where we spent lovely hours
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China Southern

Cabin crew9.5

China Southern Business Class Lounge


Guangzhou - CAN


Dubai - DXB



Another great experience with CZ; a bit of a rush from FA to take orders for drinks and meal, but very efficient; bad mark for luggage delivery.
Always impressed by CAN airport



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