Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Ho Chi Minh City Siem Reap in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight 3821
Class Economy
Seat 16E
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 15 Apr 17, 16:05
Arrival at 15 Apr 17, 17:45
VN   #38 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 212 reviews
By 895
Published on 27th May 2017
Hi everyone

This flight is part of the following itinerary:

CDG-DXB le 28 mars 2017 AF 662Not reported
DXB-CAN le 30 mars 2017 CZ 384 Not reported
CAN-HAN le 30 mars 2017 VN 507 Under construction
HAN-HUE le 8 avril 2017 VN 1547 Not reported
DAD-SGN le 13 avril 2017 VN 117 Not reported
SGN-REP le 15 avril 2017 VN 3825 by Cambodia Air Services It's here
REP-CAN le 19 avril 2017 CZ 3054 Under construction
CAN-DXB le 21 avril 2017 CZ 383:
DXB-CDG le 23 avril 2017 AF 655 Not reported

Frankly, this flight was rather pointless, but something unusual about that trip encouraged me to make a Flight report

At every stage of our Vietnam-Cambodia tour, our private chauffeur dropped us off at the airport; Than Son Nhat international terminal seems brand new and much larger and more modern than the domestic terminal which was probably the former unique airport building

photo img_3874photo img_3873

Very hot outside so let's get inside, outside FIDS may be useful particularly at rush hours

photo img_3875
Bright and cool inside

photo img_3876
Yes, even buddhist monks travel

photo img_3877
Check in is announced in K zone

photo img_3878
Empty at that time

photo img_3880
But getting busy soon

photo img_3879
Yes it's here. We are first on line so quick and easy

photo img_3881
Let's go! To the loo? No to the departure area

photo img_3882
Not too many people

photo img_3883
Fast and easy for emigration

photo img_3884
It seems there is a long line for security check in the background

photo img_3885
More and more people as we get closer to control, but always on the move

photo img_3886
Just a short wait for everyone at last stage

Before entering a long winding line for security

But always on the move here as well and a lot of employees to make things easier and faster

photo img_3896
Some views along the way

photo img_3898
No liquid check but take off your shoes at security

photo img_3899
Gaye 10 must be this way

photo img_3900photo img_3902
Almost 1h and 1/2 till boarding, plenty of time

photo img_3904
Getting down to ground level with large windows airside

photo img_3908
Is that it?

photo img_3903
Yes it is

photo img_3906
VN aircraft being prepared for departure

photo img_3909
Refueling QR

photo img_3910
We wait, seated

photo img_3916
After tea…

photo img_3917
Clean place

photo img_3920
Back to my seat to wave good bye to VN aircraft

photo img_3907
QR still refueling

photo img_3922
BR has just arrived

No doubt we are in asian pacific area

photo img_3924
I did not expect that one! I considered The Airline of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but eventually selected Balkan Holidays while wondering what this "guy" was doing here. I'll understand later.

photo img_3927
But it's now time to go

photo img_3928
Bus transfer, very hot inside

Cambodia Air services has been turned into
photo img_3930
…Small Planet Airlines!

photo img_3911

It's a small world after all, isn't it? So here is a touch of Lithuania

photo img_3932
Some westerners boarding with us

photo img_3933
Lots of asian; aircraft will be full

photo img_3936
A bit basic

photo img_3934photo img_3935
Pitch is ok but could not be smaller

photo img_3941
The only bonus on this flight: pushback 5 minutes under schedule

But after taxiing 100 meters or so, we stop; guys go round the aircraft; we here some noise, landing gear? door of luggage compartment?
FA or captain will give absolutely no information during the 30 minutes waiting time; eventually, the employees on ground take their bicycles (yes they had come with bikes) and ride back to the terminal and we go on taxiing; late in line so new long waiting time at runway

Take off, at last

photo img_3945photo img_3946
Bye Bye Saigon; yes I prefer Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City, like many Vietnamese in private conversation

photo img_3937
A rich library for entertainment on board

Catering = Nothing, not even a glass of water or a glucose sweet; I believe I have never seen that in 50 years of flying experience

photo img_3947
Anyway we arrive at Siem Reap.

I had chosen Visa on line before departure; good choice; crowd is going to Visa on arrival area

photo img_3948
For us it will be quick and easy, smiling and pleasant immigration officer

photo img_3949
Then customs as a breeze

photo img_3950
Then going thru the "wall" of tour operators staff waiting for their customers

Thanks for having read this report, I offer you a bonus:

photo dsc_0054 2
Hue : pagoda of the Celestial Lady (not sure this is proper english name)

photo dsc_0123 2
Hue: inside the citadel

photo dsc_0152 2
Hue: a gate to the citadel

photo dsc_0303
Hanoï: pagoda Tran Quoc

photo dsc_0646
Paddy fields north of Hanoï

photo dsc_0620
A traditional village house

photo dsc_0461photo dsc_0546
Street life in Hanoï

photo dsc_1017photo dsc_1047
Halong bay

photo img_4375
Same under sunshine

photo img_3861
Hello granny

photo dsc_0913
Tribal zone: Hmong woman in the fields

photo dsc_0808
Red Dao woman

photo dsc_0703
Taking goats to the market

photo dsc_0925
Nice shoes to walk in the paddy fields along steep hills

photo dsc_0690photo dsc_0691
Mountain market; how about the butcher's. I promise it's not dog meat

photo dsc_0695
Hmong woman at market

Sorry, someone said he would like some dog meat?

Just a second, it's on its way:
photo dsc_0864photo dsc_0391
Trafic jam on the road close to Hoi An/Hue

photo dsc_0325
Hoi An, the so called japanese bridge

photo dsc_0366
Street restaurant like everywhere in Vietnam

photo dsc_0520 2
On a sampan , following arroyos of Mekong delta, in mangrove swamps

photo dsc_0469 2photo dsc_0478
The main Post office in Saigon and its famous iron cast ceiling

Let's finish with wonder of wonders:

photo img_3992
Great temple of Angkor Wat, east side

photo img_3958
But you may prefer west side at sunset

That's all folks! No need to say this was an amazing trip
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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


Siem Reap - REP



Like a charter flight in the late sixties; just a more modern aircraft. They will carry you from A to B and that's all.

Information on the route Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Siem Reap (REP)


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