Review of Shanghai Airlines flight Busan Shanghai in Economy

Airline Shanghai Airlines
Flight FM830
Class Economy
Seat 44L
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 21 May 17, 18:25
Arrival at 21 May 17, 19:20
FM 29 reviews
By 730
Published on 19th June 2017
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PUS - PVG MU Y / B737-800: HERE
PVG - SIN MU Y / A330-200: Link

It's time to return home after our week long stay in Busan with my family. Busan is a wonderful city to visit with its many historical sites and fresh seafood everywhere. If you intend to visit Korea on a budget, Busan is a better choice than Korea as the costs in general are lower.

Shanghai Airlines
FM 830
Gimhae International Airport (PUS) - Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
Economy Class
Gate 4

Gimhae International Airport is easily accessible via light rail straight into Busan city. The departure terminal is above the arrivals and MU uses check-in counters C which also seems to be sponsored by Hyundai. The air-conditioning in the terminal seemed like it was turned off and it felt very hot and stuffy in the terminal.
photo img_7364photo img_7372

FIDS of Gimhae as we prepare to check-in. We arrived slightly too early and I spent some time wandering around the terminal.
photo img_7370photo img_7366

After checking-in, we decide to get a bite to eat at Lotteria. Here's a picture of my boarding pass from inside Lotteria.
photo img_7374

After a small meal, we prepare to cross airside.
photo img_7368

Once we're airside, we're greeted by a large Lotte Duty Free with a FIDS above it.
photo img_7380

More pictures of Gimhae from airside. It's a small but efficient terminal with F&B outlets and various Duty-Free shopping.
photo img_7382photo img_7385

It seems like we're going to be delayed. An announcement follows that the delay is due to the late arrival of the incoming flight. Just as it's announced, I spot our plane arrive in the distance.
photo img_7383photo img_7388

Since we're going to be delayed, I decide to do some plane spotting from near our gate. KE, CZ and BX.

Our plane rolls in to the gate and the passengers on the PVG-PUS route disembark.
photo img_7392

The staff worked quickly to turn the flight around to reduce the delay and boarding is soon announced.
photo img_7400

An Aurora plane, presumably from Russia.
photo img_7402

And another flattering shot of our plane.
photo img_7403

It takes some time for the passengers to board this small plane.
photo img_7405

Boeing's new Sky Interior with cabin mood lighting.
photo img_7406

FM's 737 Y-cabin is arranged in a 3-3 configuration, just every other Y-cabin.
photo img_7407

I settle into my seat and take a look outside.
photo img_7409

Reading materials on this flight contain a Eastern Mall shopping magazine and a Aircraft Safety Card.
photo img_7412photo img_7415

Passengers slowly trickle into the cabin as the crew look for places for passengers to place their carry-on in the overhead bins.
photo img_7417

As the cabin doors are closed, the safety video plays and the plane begins pushback.
photo img_7418photo img_7421

The screens are retracted for take-off.
photo img_7427

And we're off, taking a last look at Busan from the air.
photo img_7435

The lighting is changed as the meal service began.
photo img_7441

I was surprised at the meal served on this short hour-long hop. I expected something light but to be served stewed beef with white rice accompanied by a cold peanut salad, a bun and an orange slice. The meal certainly exceeded expectations on this flight.
photo img_7437photo img_7438photo img_7440

Obligatory post-meal toilet visit. Small and clean toilet on this B738. It's also helped by the fact that the plane seemed very new.
photo img_7448photo img_7449

After the meal, the plane begins its descent into PVG.
photo img_7458

And we taxi to one of the many remote stand at PVG.
photo img_7460

The PVG staff work quickly and the plane soon begins disembarkation.
photo img_7461

Waving good bye to this tiny bird.
photo img_7463

Welcome to Terminal 1.
photo img_7464
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Shanghai Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Busan - PUS


Shanghai - PVG



Being a subsidiary of MU, FM gave us an exemplary flight with its catering and service and provided a flight comparable to many other carriers on this short hop. It's not the best flight but I've definitely flown on worse. I would be okay to fly on FM if the price is right.



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