Review of Tiger Airways flight Singapore Jakarta in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR2272
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 13 May 17, 18:35
Arrival at 13 May 17, 19:50
TR 39 reviews
Published on 13th July 2017
Hello friends! Welcome to my report.

Firstly, as usual, please apologize for my bad English, and also bad photo quality as I took all shots by my cellphone.

This report is continuing my story with KLM from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. After the overland journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan (Pahang) and Johor Bahru by express buses, I spent a night in Johor Bahru (popularly shortened as "JB"), a city located in the southernmost part of Peninsular Malaysia and Mainland Eurasia, also bordering Singapore on its southern side. Why did I stay there? Because the living cost in JB is much cheaper than Singapore. You can stay in a private room (single / double) for only MYR 30 (around USD 7.00), while in Singapore you have to pay SGD 30 (USD 22.00) for the same room.

Actually there is a direct flight from JB to Jakarta v.v. by Malaysian AirAsia, but as you know, Singapore's Changi Airport offers more facilities and better "view" (more airlines depart & arrive). That's why I decide to return to Jakarta through Singapore, and the cheapest ticket price was offered by Tigerair for only IDR 400,000 (around USD 30). Tigerair is a Singapore-based LCC which was recently acquired by Singapore Airlines Group. This was my first experience with the carrier.

A day before the trip, I did the online check in, and here is the boarding pass.
photo 35091300753_c0a732d8fc_b

May 13th, 2017. I arrived in Changi Airport from Singapore's central district by MRT train, after a transit at Tanah Merah Station.

photo 35029545943_254f222a7c_b

photo 35029545613_209f5570ab_b

Airport's MRT station.
photo 35029544163_741f1f2d25_b

photo 35450955770_015a47460f_b

The station was on the terminal 3, while our flight would depart from terminal 2. Long way to go.
photo 35029543983_0f6f82f2c8_b

photo 35798791196_28617ffffd_b

Terminal 2 check in area. I only spent less than 5 minutes here to print my boarding pass on the self-check-in computer.

photo 35798790826_48eb678199_b

photo 35450986610_ff2e0c5745_b

Entering the airside. As usual, there were safety and immigration checks.
photo 35798789946_da166ee9db_b

Still in terminal 2.
photo 35798788856_ae497b55e9_b

The terminal is mainly used by Singapore Airlines group (Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Scoot, Tigerair). That's why sights outside the window were quite boring.
photo 35798788316_72daedd160_b

There were more than 90 minutes before boarding, so I decided to move to terminal 1 for a while. To reach there, I had to take the aerotrain.
photo 35798787986_1be3e268b4_b

On terminal 1 I searched a suitable spot to see some views on the apron. Then I saw this: an A350 of Finnair.
photo 35798786366_78da960cd2_b

Another European carrier, Air France. This reminds me to my 1st experience with AF on February 2016.
photo 35670121732_1596845021_b

Other sights. I think I don't need to describe these.

Boarding time was less than 15 minutes again, so I decided to return to terminal 2.
photo 34999032204_1d25443097_b

On the way to terminal 2, there was an A350 of Singapore Airlines. It was the 10,000th aircraft assembled by Airbus.
photo 35450955530_7e6b688849_b

photo 35670121492_2e8ecbb894_b

Other sights from terminal 2.
photo 34999032084_f537201db8_b

photo 35670121072_8ac7db440f_b

Reached the boarding gate. Sorry for blurry pics, as I was in hurry to board the plane.
photo 34999031954_4f4a91062f_b

Our aircraft ready to fly to Jakarta. Its registration code was 9V-TAT, having been operated since December 2010 (according to FR24).

photo 35798778366_48a59a7808_b

photo 35798777446_90a0a7c567_b

I proceed to my seat on the last row, and the last row seats could not be reclined too far, perhaps only less than 5 degrees. But I did not have other choice, as in other LCCs, you have to pay if you want to choose your desired seats, and additional costs in Singaporean LCCs (Tigerair and Jetstar) are too expensive compared to, for example, AirAsia.

Outside the window, there was an A330 of Singapore Airlines.
photo 35798776776_90c836703f_b

The flight was at full capacity. All seats were occupied. It was Saturday, and 2 days before it was national holiday in Indonesia, the Vesak day (birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha). That's perhaps the cause. Majority of passengers were Indonesian, but 2 people beside me were Indian Singaporean and talking to each other in Tamil language.

No pictures during take-off process, as I switched off my cellphone. The process was very smooth, and thanks God, the weather was very friendly. Some minutes after take-off, the sun set.
photo 35670119902_5003b5092b_b

As usual, I did not forget to check anything inside the seat pocket.
photo 35798775716_9ba1648114_b

"Tiger Tales" magazine. This would be your primary source of entertainment of the flight (other than your own gadgets, of course) as it did not have IFE system.

"Tiger Bites" in-flight meal menu. The prices were too expensive for me, but I guess it was normal for Singaporean. What makes me more disappointed is that they don't offer cheaper price or discount for pre-ordered meal. Same price with the menu.

photo 35839117785_03440b748e_b

photo 35839117565_afeb90fbcc_b

In-flight shopping catalogue.
photo 35839117275_9704e53cf0_bphoto 35670117712_40d6b663cb_bphoto 35670117612_03888c9f56_b

A brief snapshot of the cabin.
photo 35450955100_58b8d4480f_b

The lavatory.
photo 35670116382_01a066cf7b_b

The cabin crews started to serve passengers who had buy the pre-ordered meals or want to buy meals and other stuffs. But I did not want to buy anything at that time. They also distributed a Custom Form, compulsory for all passengers entering Indonesia.

I spent rest of time listening to musics in my cellphone before landing. Some minutes before landing, the night lamps of Jakarta city could be seen.
photo 35450959880_ffc1f96e08_b

photo 35707033591_dafd5a08f5_b

The aircraft landed safely and smoothly on the southern runway of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta. The southern runway, the same runway which used by my flight with KLM 2 days before that, was closer to the domestic terminal 1. We needed about 5 minutes to reach the terminal 2.

photo 35450958740_cdcf0f8a97_b

A Citilink's aircraft ready to take-off.
photo 35707032951_0001e4d594_b

Passing GMF AeroAsia hangar owned by Garuda Indonesia.
photo 35450958240_8c49ba306b_b

Reaching Terminal 2. A 787 of Japan Airlines just landed from Tokyo. Its main rival, ANA, was in its left side.
photo 35670110402_cbb725048d_b

Time to leave the plane. This was my seat.
photo 35670116572_4213e545c4_b

photo 35839114545_4cdabb315e_b

Final shot of the plane.
photo 35839114125_eaf0c78044_b

On the other side was a Turkish Airlines just arrived from Istanbul.
photo 35839113745_b3a82c038a_b

After leaving the plane, I proceed to the immigration counter and baggage claim zone.

Public area of terminal 2.
photo 35450963130_f3423720f7_b

Finally I took an express bus from the bus stop to my lovely home.
photo 35670114552_5b107cbbf1_bphoto 35670114322_9267a7b8d3_bphoto 35670113912_6aa9b2a79f_b
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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew6.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Singapore - SIN


Jakarta - CGK



This is my first experience with Singaporean Tigerair, while I had ever tried the Indonesian Tigerair Mandala before its collapse in 2014.

It was good enough for me, but nothing special. I was unlucky to get seat on the last row, it was quite uncomfortable for my back. The seat pitch was LCC standard. No IFEs and no meals I tried, so I can't give scores for them. The cabin was well-maintained. Cabin crews were and helpful, but I don't know why, I guess they were lack of smiles.

If I need to compare the 2 Singaporean LCCs (Jetstar vs Tigerair), I will say that Jetstar is better, with wider seat pitch and more friendly crews. But the price of in-flight meals are same.

But if I must compare those LCCs with another LCCs of ASEAN, for me the winner is still AirAsia.

Then about the airports. Singapore Changi Airport is probably the best airport in the world, with lots of facilities. Here I can do anything; taking plane photos, watching TV and movies, playing XBOX games, surfing the internet, and even swimming. Its signs and staffs are helpful. I don't have problem to spend more than 5 hours here.

Soekarno-Hatta Airport? No comment.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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