Review of Singapore Airlines flight Denpasar Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ943
Class Business
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 11 Jul 17, 13:05
Arrival at 11 Jul 17, 15:45
SQ   #2 out of 132 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 547 reviews
By 1324
Published on 29th July 2017

Welcome to the third installment of my series of trip reports.

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2. SIN DPS - SQ948 - 08 Jul 2017 - Airbus A330-300 - Follow this link
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So after exciting (and gloomy) two days in Bali its time to head back home. I know two days in Bali is far less than ideal but I had some work commitments.

My hotel offered free shuttle to the airport.

photo dsc00425photo dsc00428

Statue of the local war hero Ngurah Rai who fought against the Dutch. The airport is named after him.

photo dsc00429

I love the architecture of this new terminal building.

Still few minutes until check in opens for my flight.


I had to use this entrance, where it leads to SQ check-in counters.

There were few people ahead me, but none of them were for my flight!

photo dsc00480

There is another SQ flight about an hour before mine.

photo dsc00482

Check-in was done in no time. The nice lady handed me boarding passes and a lounge invitation.
She also informed that my flight is delayed by 20 mins. Didn't mind since I had long layover in SIN.

photo dsc00492photo dsc00491

Heading towards immigration. The new terminal is modern and spacious.

photo dsc00488

Dominance of the budget carriers is clearly visible here.

photo dsc00497

Clearing immigration and security took about 10 mins.

The inevitable duty free area with banks offering bad exchange rates.

SQ offers access to Premier Lounge for the biz class pax, which is located in the mezzanine floor.

The lounge seemed bit less spacious but had enough seating. Limited hot breakfast offering was there.

My breakfast selection.

photo dsc00531

Snacks and Drinks on offer.

You can order alcoholic drinks at the bar counter. I requested a Bloody Mary.

photo dsc00538

Some snacks to go with it.

photo dsc00540

Seating at the balcony.

photo dsc00541

Even 11.55am SQ flight (which was delayed just like mine) is still showing last call.
FR24 showed that my flight is about to land. So it was time to head for the gate area for some spotting.

photo dsc00552photo dsc00553

Here are the other lounges located at the same level.

photo dsc00554photo dsc00559

The control tower located between international and domestic terminals.

photo dsc00562

Here comes my ride while SQ939 is about to push back.

photo dsc00563

The departure concourse.

photo dsc00565

Malaysian rivals.

photo dsc00569


photo dsc00575

Another A333. This time its of GA.

GA CRJ-1000 used for regional operations. First time spotting this type.

photo dsc00594

Members of the Lion Group!

photo dsc00597

Boarding was called so I started to move towards my gate.

There is still some time before boarding begins.

9V-STZ as SQ943 to Singapore.

photo dsc00606

More time means one thing… more spotting! Not many heavies in action at this hour.

Malindo in Batik Air livery. There was a rumor that Malindo was to be renamed as 'Batik Air Malaysia' but it never materialized.

photo dsc00614photo dsc00616

Smallest member of the Lion Group.

photo dsc00619

SQ939 on take off roll.

A real Batik Air jet. While Batik Air has A320s its Malaysian counterpart has 737s as their main fleet .

photo dsc00632

Cute Boeing 737-500 of NAM Air which is ideal for shorter runways in small regional airports such Dili, East Timor.

photo dsc00641photo dsc00643

Yet another Garuda A333. Its the only wide body type I saw yet for the day!

photo dsc00649

A GA 738 with skyteam livery taking off.

photo dsc00658

Ok, its time for boarding. The priorities are strictly followed.

My seat 14A.

Menus for the two sectors.

photo dsc00671photo dsc00672

Seat Pocket Contents.

photo dsc00677

Leg room.

photo dsc00679

IFE Controls.

photo dsc00681

Pre-departure drinks of champagne and juices were served. I opted for pineapple juice.

photo dsc00684

Seat controls.

photo dsc00687

Oshibori is also handed over.

photo dsc00689

Push back started at 1.50pm, after 45mins from the scheduled departure time.

photo dsc00691

Safety video being played.

photo dsc00692

Socket outlets at the seat.

photo dsc00695

Views of the domestic and private jet terminals.

There goes another one!

photo dsc00716

Adjacent seat will be empty for his flight as well.

photo dsc00720


Finally the take off, at 2.00pm.

We took off towards east before turning turning back inland.

Airport in sight.

photo dsc00762

Soon we left Bali skies. I'm determined to come back here anytime soon.

photo dsc00766photo dsc00776

Baluran Volcano in east Java.

We reached the cruising altitude of 40000 ft and the cabin crew started distributing lunch.
First they served from the right aisle and later came towards us.

photo dsc00812

I had the salmon as my main. It was good with the lentil-carrot stew base.
Regarding appetizer, Smoked duck breast was nice but cranberry salad was too sour for my taste.
Dessert was not too sweet but on heavy side.

Garlic bread to compliment.

photo dsc00820

No SQ meal is complete without Singapore Sling.

More Singapore Sling after lunch. Two packets were served but I was content with one as I was stuffed after the meal.

photo dsc00840

After that, I had a little chat with the purser, Christine. She had over 20 year experience with SQ.
I enquired if they had any A350 souvenirs and she brought me a pack of playing cards and couple of post cards.
She asked me to give a feedback of their service which I did happily.

photo dsc00841

As usual, we encountered some turbulent weather and had to tighten up.

By the time clouds cleared we were descending over Batam island.

photo dsc00856photo dsc00857


photo dsc00865

Final approach and touchdown.

While taxiing…

Lilliput in the Gulliver' land…

We docked at the Pier F at 4.22pm. The delay at the gate was 37 mins.

I thanked lovely Christine and her wonderful crew before exiting the aircraft. I had little more than 6 hours to kill.

Going landside? Not today!

photo dsc00903

I think this is where I should head first :)

photo dsc00902

That concludes my trip report. Hope you enjoyed.
See you again with the last episode of this series!
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I was a really comfortable flight despite the delay which had no effect on my transit. The cabin crew was great and the service was excellent. Meals and IFE were also good. Bali Airport was nice and clean, and it was easily accessible. The lounge was ok.

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  • Comment 406053 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 498 Comments

    Thanks for this great flight-report in this series.

    The airport in Bali is really lovely, although the lounge doesn't exactly impress. Some great spotting in DPS as well. I especially like the SQueue. Seems like something one should see at the end of this sector, not the beginning.

    The SQ A330 seat is probably my favourite angle-flat seat ever.... I find it quite comfortable. And the fact that it comes with SQ service and catering doesn't hurt either.

    • Comment 407241 by
      Thurya AUTHOR 77 Comments

      Hi Hometoyyz,

      The new terminal at DPS looks great and allows great views for spotting. Two SQ flights leave about one hour apart, so arrival of one with departure of the other should be a common sight there. SQ A333 hard product was adequate for a short flight like this.

      Thank you for the comments.

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