Review of JetSmart flight Santiago Temuco in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA281
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 09 Oct 17, 13:25
Arrival at 09 Oct 17, 14:40
JA 21 reviews
By 2902
Published on 31st December 2017
Can you imagine a flight-reporter leaving an airport on foot only to be, moments later, tresspassing on private property and wandering around a roadside dump as he desperately looks for a way back to civilization along a never-ending dirt road lined with nothing but bushes as far as the eye can see, fearing to become dinner for stray dogs or the victim of some hidden thief, and then ending up stranded for hours by a highway as the night falls and it begins to rain… and all of this on his birthday?? CAN YOU???

Well, if you can't, keep reading. :'''(

A good start

But let's focus on positive things first.

What better birthday present for a flight-reporter than adding a new airline to his list and to's database?

A lot has been happening in my country in the commercial aviation market in the last years. With the crumbling monopoly of our former flag carrier LAN-turned-LATAM, and new local airlines ushering in the low-cost model, the national air travel industry has been turned on its head.

Back at the beginning of this year I learned that Indigo Partners, the owners of several airlines like Wizzair, Volaris, or Frontier Airlines, were creating JetSmart, the first Chilean ULCC.
photo 2017-12-26-175047_1366x768_scrotb
From El Mercurio Online (see link above)

I was sort of sceptical at first. Chile is a small market and other projects, like Paravai, have been in the making forever or have quickly gone belly up.

So you can imagine my excitement when JetSmart eventually took off towards Calama (article with photos here) in the north of the country as its first destination…
photo 2017-12-26-180521_1366x768_scrot
From ModoCharlie (see link above)

…and when, weeks later, they announced they would sell tickets at 1000 CLP!!! (1,5 USD) I was drooling like Homer Simpson.
photo 20258167_1507152016030064_2122781466298803453_n
From JetSmart's Facebook account. (luca = slang for 1000 CLP)

You had to subscribe in order to be notified when the tickets would be available for sale.
photo jetsmart001

So the present flight is the result of that promotion.

Getting my ticket

JetSmart won't be flying to my hometown until January 2018. I have to fly to Temuco, some 200km north of my home.

The total amount includes the airport fee.
photo price

I'm quite sure this will cause some angry episodes at the airport. JetSmart has set a negligible difference of 10cm in height between what they call a bolso de mano (hand bag), which is free of charge, and equipaje de mano (hand baggage), which is not. They give examples of items in the bolso de mano category: a hand bag, a briefcase, or a backpack. So, what I understand here is that you will pay if your bag is stiff and/or it has wheels. Period.
photo baggage
On the bright side, you pay only 5000 CLP (8 USD) for your checked baggage. LATAM charge twice as much.

You can be assigned a random seat for free, or you can choose one for as little as 2000 CLP (3 USD). Silly me, I didn’t take a screenshot of the seat map. :(
photo seat

Finally, just like any modern airline worth the name, JetSmart gives you the chance to keep your boarding pass on your cellphone or pay to have it printed it at the counter.

A spotless spotting spot

Heeding the words of the renowned US philosopher, it's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'm a live my fantasy, I will indulge myself in a long session of plane spotting. So I get to the airport early.

The roof of the new west pier is taking shape. According to the concession's holder, those wavy structures are supposed to resemble the waves of the sea…
photo img_2234

…and the tops of the Andes.
photo img_2236

photo img_2237

photo img_2238

On the other side of the road, I can see the first structures…
photo img_2240

…of what will be the international departures hall.
photo img_2241

That corner outside the access to national departures is a good place for spotting.
photo img_2242

The airport, however, takes no responsibility in case of an accident. They warn: This place has not been designed as an observation deck. The risk of accident is your own responsibility. Watch your children.
photo img_20171009_114725

Even though this is the domestic side, there’s some international movement, too, like this Venezuelan Conviasa Embraer.
photo img_2243

It might be the time of day, but I am amazed at the number of Conviasa aircraft I can see around here.
photo img_2244

CC-ANS is one of Aerovías DAP's BAe. You can fly to Antarctica with them!
photo img_2245

Where else can you spot planes inside and outside?
photo img_2246

At that moment an Alitalia takes off…
photo img_2247

…followed by a local Sky Airline…
photo img_2248

…and a large KLM.
photo img_2249
I’d better go in and enjoy the show from the boarding room, much closer to the runway.

Crowded main hall! Thank goodness I'm not checking any bags this time.
photo img_20171009_120911

Small new airlines are usually confined to this corner.
photo img_20171009_120937

My intention is to watch the activity from the far end of the boarding room…
photo img_20171009_153135

…over there, you see?
photo img_20171009_153226

Lucky me! Nobody is sitting here! I have such a superb view on the runway that I hardly notice how the hours fly by! I only make a pause at lunchtime to get a hamburger from McDonald's, barely five meters away.
photo img_20171009_132853

I chose my favorite 70 photos (or so) for the next section.

Spotting at SCL

Coincidentally, the first plane in sight is JetSmart's very first aircraft.
photo img_2254

Brand-new CC-AWA arrived in Chile last July 15.
photo img_2255

JetSmart invited its Facebook followers to give it a name.
photo 18893438_1457461910999075_1103920388047186446_n

Eventually, it was called Akori, which means falcon in Mapudungun.
photo img_2257

Taxiing Iberia A340. We’ll see it again later.
photo img_2259

As I said before, lots of Coviasa Embraer 190s around here this morning.
photo img_2260

I wonder if this is normal…
photo img_2261

…or if the current crisis in Venezuela…
photo img_2262

…has something to do with this.
photo img_2264

LATAM got rid of its A340s. To save fuel, they say.
photo img_2267

I wonder why Iberia keeps them.
photo img_2268

There goes YV2851…
photo img_2269

…to Caracas.
photo img_2270

CC-AWC was called Violeta…
photo img_2275

…as a homage to Violeta Parra. (Told about her in my previous post)
photo 2017-12-24-222306_1366x768_scrot

The bird on the tail is a loica. JetSmart came up with the idea of featuring Chilean birds on the tails of their planes…
photo img_2276

…a nice way to identify themselves as a Chilean airline, even though it’s a foreign investment. The colors of their livery, red, blue and white, are the colors in our flag. Take that, LATAM!!
photo img_2278

Speak of the devil.
photo img_2279

Fun fact: Did you know that maduro is Spanish for ripe or mature? I find that guy rather immature, though.
photo img_2282

CC-BBE coming from Lima, Peru.
photo img_2284photo img_2287

Its cousin CC-BGG has arrived from Sao Paulo, and will leave for Madrid this evening.
photo img_2289photo img_2290

Brazillian LCC Gol…
photo img_2292photo img_2294

…and its Chilean counterpart.
photo img_2295

At 1:40 Akori leaves…
photo img_2299

…for La Serena
photo img_2300

Will be back before I leave.
photo img_2301

PR-GUH boasts of being…
photo img_2302

…the oficial carrier for the Brazillian soccer team.
photo img_2303

The TAM part in LATAM
photo img_2305

…won’t score well in the cabin section in the coming report of my last trip to Brazil.
photo img_2306

Horribly cramped, dark, and unlike former LAN’s traditional imitation leather upholstery…
photo img_2307

…they chose a sort of woolen textile that looks nice… only mite-infested.
photo img_2309

We’ll see more of F-GSPL in a moment.
photo img_2310

Look! That’s good ol’ CC-AIB!! It took me to Copiapó last July for my winter holidays. Oh, beautiful Bahía Inglesa, and delicious papayas in La Serena!!
photo img_2311

CC-AVL, one of Latin American Wings’s 737-300.
photo img_2314

LAW is the only Chilean airline sticking to a sort of legacy tradition, with free checked baggage and free food. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to appreciate this, and LAW’s market share has remained minimal.
photo img_2320

There comes F-GSPL!
photo img_2321

In spite of being a plump 777 lady…
photo img_2322

…she floats in the air like a plume.
photo img_2323

Au revoir!
photo img_2324

CC-BGI follows suit…
photo img_2325

…and flies off to cover LATAM’s new route…
photo img_2326

…to Melbourne, Australia.
photo img_2327

Another acquaintance of mine…
photo img_2328

…CC-AQL. You can see its inside…
photo img_2329

…you can see my report here.
photo img_2330

There it goes.
photo img_2331photo img_2332

Old and new liveries. Which one do you prefer?
photo img_2335

And there comes CC-AWB! One of JetSmart’s three brand new A320.
photo img_2336

Along with Akori (the falcon) and Violeta (the loica)…
photo img_2337

They make up the whole JetSmart fleet at the moment.
photo img_2343

It's weird. There was no competition to choose a name for CC-AWB, which has a martín pescador (kingfisher) on its tail. So I contact JetSmart on their Facebook account.
photo img_2345

They reply immediately: It's name is Martín. I should have imagined!
photo 2017-12-28-162017_1366x768_scrot

At the time of this flight, JetSmart has a humble three-aircraft fleet. However, some time later they announce that Indigo Partners have signed a deal for over 400 planes with Airbus. Seventy of those planes will go to JetSmart, turning it into the second largest Chilean airline! From Airbus’s website:
photo indigo deal

An aspirin? XD
photo img_2350

PR-GUJ is coming a bit late from Sao Paulo.
photo img_2352photo img_2354

Just in case you have wondered, gol is Spanish and Portuguese for goal.
photo img_2355

That gives you an idea of how soccer-crazy Brazilians are!
photo img_2356

Did you know that some airlines haven’t been able to come up with a decent livery?
photo img_2359

There comes Avianca, for example.
photo img_2362

What could be uglier?
photo img_2363

Well, two Aviancas. What makes airlines believe that simply adding oddly oriented ribbons to their liveries will make their aircraft look cool?
photo img_2364

But please, show some respect. Did you know that Avianca, Colombia’s flag carrier, is the second oldest airline in the world? Only KLM is (only a couple of months) older, but the latter ceased operations for several years during World War II, so Avianca is the oldest continuously running airline.
photo img_2365

To finish with, LATAM boasts this hybrid LAN/OneWorld livery.
photo img_2368

Will alliances save legacy airlines like LATAM?
photo img_2369

According to El Mercurio, the most important Chilean newspaper, LATAM lost 5.5% of the market share to LCCs this year alone. Since 2010 it has lost 11.4%. Meanwhile, Sky Airline reached 27%, and JetSmart - in less than six months in operation - already has 6.7%.
photo latam market share


You can't imagine how much I enjoyed this long spotting session. Unfortunately, it's time to head to gate 31. That's on the first (ground) floor, and it means that we'll board by bus! What else could I ask for?!
photo img_20171009_154454

View from the bottom of the steps. I don’t have to wait. The passengers are already lining up over there, at the far end.
photo img_20171009_154351_1

There’s only one line. I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to board by sections.
photo img_20171009_154553

The line is so long that it goes all the way from the gate to the other side of the room and continues around the back of this desk. Now you know that AirportConnect Open is the solution of choice for SCL operations.
photo img_20171009_155003

It’s great when the bus is waiting for you at the gate. Right, AEP?
photo img_20171009_155011

Everything goes smoothly, but I think that that little citizen whose cheeks you would like to pinch would agree with me that a little more information should have been given at the gate. You’ll see why.
photo img_20171009_155557

How exciting! Will Martín be our bird for today?
photo img_2371

Nope. Will it be Akori (which has returned from La Serena by now)?
photo img_2372

Neither. We continue our ride around this One Airline aircraft, which serves the mining industry…
photo img_2373

…and around the DAP BAe we saw earlier…
photo img_2374

photo img_2375

photo img_2376

And here is where you see the lack of information:
photo img_20171009_160424

Everybody crowds together at the front door!
photo img_20171009_160435

Yes, using the rear door is a matter of common sense…
photo img_20171009_160437

…but passengers are not supposed to know that.
photo img_2377

Nobody is telling us at the foot of the stairs, either.
photo img_2378

So only a handful…
photo img_2379

…head for the rear door.
photo img_2380

Chilean birds are not particularly colorful. At least not like some tropical ones. (Our “national bird” is a vulture, for God’s sake!) So a loica’s red breast is something unusual. You can see the ones I photographed some time ago in the tourism bonus for this report.
photo img_2382

Great! Nobody hurries me and I can take some photos of the fuselage.
photo img_2385photo img_2387

The cabin

This is the brand new cabin of this brand new A320.
photo img_20171009_160636

The seat pitch is all right for me.
photo img_20171009_160933

I love the sleek design of the seat back. Nothing invades your space. The table tray is embedded in the seat.
photo img_20171009_160944

I’d say the table is a bit on the small side, but then again, what are you supposed to place on it on a ULCC flight?
photo img_20171009_161025

The magazine pocket is designed to not bother your knees.
photo img_20171009_161100_1

Even this hanger is out of the way.
photo img_20171009_161003

The space between the window and the seat seems to be better than Sky Airline's, the other airline that I usually fly. The top of the window seat in Sky is angled in order to fit the shape of the wall.
photo img_20171009_174026

The safety instructions come in the form of a three-fold.
photo img_20171009_161119photo img_20171009_161151

“Amaraje.” First time I see this word. I only knew amarizaje, which has the same meaning. You live, you learn! :D
photo img_20171009_161252photo img_20171009_161325
photo img_20171009_161338
photo img_20171009_161354
photo img_20171009_161408

This modernized version of the overhead panel is in step with the times. The No smoking signal has been reduced to a sticker, and replaced with No electronic devices.
photo img_20171009_174252photo img_20171009_174257

I'm missing a USB charger here. I think it's something essential in a modern aircraft cabin.
photo img_20171009_173937

The Flight

According to…
photo img_2388

…we depart with an acceptable 18-minute delay.
photo img_2389

Some details of this trip.
photo info

There goes the tow. We are left on our own.
photo img_2391

The rest of JetSmart’s fleet waits at the gates…
photo img_2392

…of the domestic departures area. The loica is reflected on my spotting corner.
photo img_2393photo img_2394

Taxiing away from the terminal building…
photo img_2395

…and the control tower…
photo img_2396

…towards the hangars. I can’t get enough of that livery! XDD
photo img_2398

I described this one in a previous report. It’s a copy of the plane that flew to Easter island for the first time.
photo img_2399

These are… who cares.
photo img_2401

LAW’s hangars always have some surprise.
photo img_2402photo img_2403

This time it’s this 767 wet leased from Dynamic Airways for the summer season and for the increased activity since it opened a route to Miami… via Caracas, Venezuela!
photo img_2404

See it here taking off from JFK.

If you have read this report, you already know that Latin American Wings has been controversial because of their ethnic traffic between Haiti and Chile, which seems to be a cornerstone of their business model. Have they succeeded in their new route to Caracas? According to, they have!
photo law caracas2

Old CC-CZU has been kept here for a while, with its wheels, engines and cockpit windows covered. No idea what the problem can be. I don’t think it’s being repainted here, is it?
photo img_2405

I found a 2009 report of an incident involving CC-CZU. A bird was seemingly sucked by one of the engines, which twisted some of the turbine blades during take off from SCL to LAX. This produced level 5 vibrations, but nothing more serious.
photo img_2406

Conspiracy theory: I’m convinced that the Chilean army is testing some kind of secret camera spoiling device here. I have never been able to take a decent photo of those military planes! They’re always blurred!
photo img_2408

The ILS, I presume?
photo img_2413photo img_2415

After we take off…
photo img_2416photo img_2420

…I have to recognize…
photo img_2423

…that Santiago can be…
photo img_2421

…an interesting city to see on days like this…
photo img_2422

…when the smog is at its lowest levels.
photo img_2427

Ruta 68 is the way to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.
photo img_2428photo img_2429

Ruta 68 meets the west end of Santiago’s main street, the Alameda.
photo img_2431

All those neighborhoods at the foothills are new. The first time I was there, there was nothing but cultivated fields.
photo img_2434

Lower left, El Bosque airbase, and the rectangular patch of green a little beyond is the Agronomy Faculty of the University of Chile.
photo img_2435

It’s only about…
photo img_2437

…80km to the next city…
photo img_2438

…Rancagua, the capital city of the O’Higgins region. Chile is divided into regions, the regions into provinces, and the provinces into comunas.
photo img_2441

I already told about Requínoa, where I spent much of my childhood.
photo img_2447

Then comes Rosario.
photo img_2448

And Rengo, where I spent my high school years. <sigh> Can you imagine a plump teenager with zero social skills, wearing braces and big glasses, hating Physical Education, listening to his Madonna and Michael Jackson cassettes on his Walkman all day? That was me!
photo img_2452

And in spite of everything, you keep such nice memories of your teenage years, don’t you? So many new, strong emotions. And Rengo is such a nice little town. I would gladly move back there. Who knows. Maybe one day.
photo img_2450

And finally, before we leave the Panamerican Highway and fly closer to the mountains, Pelequén. Hello, family! You see the road that goes out of the town and around the hill towards the upper left corner of the photo? I went for a walk along that road and across the hill and left pictures in this report.
photo img_2454

The FAs come and offer a copy of the BOB menu to each passenger. They take it away after the BOB has ended. A smart move, I think, that prevent greedy airline item collectors (like me!) from stealing their menus!!
photo img_20171009_161501

If you ask me…
photo img_20171009_161524

…it's a bit expensive. Compare JetSmart's sandwiches and their prices…
photo img_20171009_161538

…to these in Sky Airline's menu.
photo img_20170818_173013_1

And compare the prices of some products like the alfajor chileno in JetSmart's menu…
photo img_20171009_161550

…to those Sky Airline's menu. Besides, Dilmah tea is much better quality than Lipton.
photo img_20170818_173313

So JetSmart is falling a little behind Sky Airline…
photo img_20171009_161601

…in the BOB department.
photo img_20171009_161610photo img_20171009_161621

Another smart move was having two trolleys for the BOB. They start at the first and last rows…
photo img_20171009_164914

…and meet…
photo img_20171009_165141

…in the middle! It is much faster than Sky Airline and LATAM.
photo img_20171009_165752_1

But I'll skip the sandwich for now and concentrate in the landscape. No idea where we are at the moment, but that looks like a landslide, doesn't it?
photo img_2460photo img_2461

The mountains…
photo img_2463

…and volcanoes…
photo img_2464photo img_2465

…still look gorgeous…
photo img_2468

…with the last traces of snow…
photo img_2470

…from last winter.
photo img_2471photo img_2473

Ah! We're flying above Colbún dam.
photo img_2476photo img_2475

Maule lagoon, on the border with Argentina, is where Maule river is born, of course. :D
photo img_2477photo img_2478

South of it, Fea lagoon. What an unfair name! Feo (feminine fea) = ugly!!
photo img_2479

I don't seem it's necessarily ugly, is it?
photo img_2480

Ancoa dam. Damned dam! First time I hear about it and it took me ages to find it on Google Maps!!
photo img_2481photo img_2482

This area in central Chile is not well prepared for tourism, but the last scarce remainings of native forest make it worth seeing if you like camping and backpacking. Some nice views of Ancoa dam here:

A bit to the south is…
photo img_2484

…Bullileo dam. Just like Ancoa, ideal for adventurers.
photo img_2487

Found some drone views of the area.

Fo the rest of the trip I enjoy the always-changing shapes and shadows of the mountains…

Until we reach Laja lagoon.
photo img_2511photo img_2512

Antuco volcano, partially covered by clouds, stands on the south-west margin of the lagoon.
photo img_2513

The lagoon and the volcano are part of Laja National park.
photo img_2514

There’s an interesting tourism video on the website of the local municipality, subtitled in English.

And here's a very well done video with amazing views of the lagoon.

West of the national park is Manco lagoon. This one was also difficult to find on the map! Looks like a beautiful hidden corner, ideal for trekking, judging from what I found on YouTube.
photo img_2520

We leave the lagoon, the volcano, and the valley of river Laja behind…
photo img_2521photo img_2522

…to reach…
photo img_2523

…Angostura hydroelectric power plant, where the small river Huequecura meets the larger river Bio Bio.
photo img_2525

Before we bank a little to the west…
photo img_2526

…Conguillío lagoon announces…
photo img_2528

….that we will soon start descending…
photo img_2531photo img_2535

…over the fields north of Temuco.
photo img_2537photo img_2540

River Cautín winds through the fields…
photo img_2545

…close to the Panamerican Highway, aka Ruta 5 Sur…
photo img_2546

…past some tiny villages like Pillanlelbu…
photo img_2549photo img_2548

An at the north access to the city…
photo img_2551

…the town of Cajón.
photo img_2552photo img_2554

We follow the river and the highway…
photo img_2556photo img_2557

…over the east neighborhoods of the city.
photo img_2559photo img_2562

We glide quietly and smoothly…
photo img_2563

…over the fields between the city and the airport.
photo img_2566

River Vilcún is right north of the terminal…
photo img_2570photo img_2573

…so we’re…
photo img_2576photo img_2578

photo img_2579photo img_2580

photo img_2582photo img_2583

photo img_2585

Welcome back to ZCO.
photo img_2586photo img_2587

A short taxi…
photo img_2589photo img_2594

…to the jetbridge…
photo img_2595

…and everybody hurries to get off.
photo img_20171009_173819

I wait till the last minute to take a shot of the seats…
photo img_20171009_174352_1

…and the cabin. It's a ULCC cabin, but doesn't it look neat and tidy? And look at the FA's expression. FAs were very polite and smiled all the time.
photo img_20171009_174420

Mmm!!! It’s a beautiful day outside. Perfect for playing detective.
photo img_20171009_174527

I had so much fun…
photo img_20171009_174516

…planespotting at SCL and flying on this new airline…
photo img_2596photo img_2597

…that I’m completely sure…
photo img_20171009_174613

…that nothing could ruin such a nice day. NOTHING! Let’s see the time table. More flights are coming later, so the transfer service will be available until late.
photo img_20171009_174753

That’s important in case my exploration along the gravel road goes wrong and I have to come back.
photo img_20171009_174759

But nothing could go wrong… I think.

The worst explorer ever

As I explained in my previous report, I intend to prove that it's possible to go from Temuco airport to the highway on foot using a nearby gravel road, instead of paying the expensive transfer to the city. Let's go! Click here for background music.

Let’s go out of the terminal building…
photo img_2598

…across the parking lot towards the airport exit.
photo img_2599

The access to the gravel road is over there.
photo img_2600

Why does this queltehue have red eyes?
photo img_2601

I guess he’s thinking “You again? We could use some peace around here!”
photo img_2602

Here we are. The wooden gate is open. And the metal gate is…
photo img_2603photo img_2604

…CLOSED!! Nooo!
photo img_2605

But wait! There a little open space here, made specially for these cases! Woo hoo!
photo img_2606

I’m in!! Strange people. Who on earth places a huge metal, electric gate on a PUBLIC road?
photo img_2607

Let’s begin our adventure along the gravel road. Free access to the highway, here I go!
photo img_2608

Whoa! This is a nice road. Lined with large trees…
photo img_2609

…some farm buildings…
photo img_2610

…many farming tools… Gosh! Who on earth leaves machinery and other expensive tools unattended by a PUBLIC road?!
photo img_2611

Let’s keep walking. I don’t see a soul around here. I can only hear what sounds like a very big dog barking in the distance.
photo img_2612

This is getting interesting. No more houses. Only fields.
photo img_2613

Yes! I think I can see the end of the road in the distance!
photo img_2614

The gravel road stretches…
photo img_2615

…across beautiful fields.
photo img_2617

It’s so peaceful here.
photo img_2618photo img_2620

No fences? Again, who on earth leaves their crops unattended by a… er… PUBLIC…? road?
photo img_2621

I get to the end of the road, and this is when it dawns on me. This is NOT a PUBLIC road!!! Oh, my! I have been trespassing on private property for the last half hour!! They could have… SHOT ME!! Or at least, arrested me!! And now this gate is closed!!
photo img_2622

Luckily, I can go around it, but when I come to the other side…
photo img_2623

…there’s no way a bus will stop here, or anywhere near! There’s no place for that here! The only options I have are going back to the airport (which I will not do unless I want to end up in jail) or… Keep walking to the next town, Freire. But that’s some 5km to the south! I’m gonna faint. I have no choice. I must keep walking.
photo img_2624

I walk… and walk… and walk.
photo img_2625

Suddenly the pavement comes to an end and I end up in an illegal dump with old tires and car pieces. God, what have I done to deserve this!!
photo img_2629

Now there’s only a dirt road that stretches ahead of me for what seems like endless kilometers! I come across a tramp living by the road in a hut made of cardboard and pieces of wood. I say hello, but he doesn’t reply, and his dogs growl and bark at me. I think my time has come!
photo img_2630
I keep walking trying to act “normal”. If someone asks me what I’m doing here, I will say “Oh, I’m just coming from the airport and wanted to stretch my legs a little.” That’s sooo normal :’’’(

Then I see this man with his bike there. Is he hiding something? Does he have a knife or a gun. GULP!
photo img_20171009_183752
But no. He is messaging someone, and he kindly shows me the way to the town.

That way, across the railway. Pavement again!
photo img_20171009_184058

Little by little, I see the first signs of civilization. I’m so relieved. The shadows are getting longer and longer as the sun sets.
photo img_20171009_184201photo img_20171009_184210

But it doesn’t mean I’m close to the town. I have to keep walking.
photo img_2631

Just outside the town this house draws my attention. There's a wrecked train in its backyard!
photo img_20171009_185108

It must have been left there when the street was built on the railway. Welcome to Freire.
photo img_20171009_185131

I keep walking up to this park.
photo img_20171009_185726

Look! They have their own leaning tower!
photo img_20171009_185802_1

I find a kind lady and a boy here who advise me to go to the office of the only large bus company in town, JAC. I do that. Here’s a view of the main street of the town.
photo img_20171009_185945

There go the lady and the boy.
photo img_20171009_185956

When I arrive at what would be the commercial center of Freire…
photo img_20171009_190411

…JAC office is closed! Today is a holiday. How am I supposed to get back home, now? :’’’(
photo img_20171009_190417

The only solution is to walk to the highway (at last)…
photo img_20171009_190639

…wait here and pray that a big bus will stop. But that’s very improbable, and the small ones only go to nearby towns. Will I spend the night here?! And now it's beginning to rain!!
photo img_20171009_190842

Then I remember, from my university days in Temuco, that a big bus to Valdivia leaves from Temuco at 7:30 pm and stops at small towns. Is it possible that this bus still runs?
photo img_20171009_191124

It does!! I'm beside myself!! But the oddysey does not finish here. I don't have a ticket, so I don't have a seat. I have to stand for two and a half hours. My feet are killing me. My whole body is falling into pieces.
photo img_20171009_202044

My sister has been messaging me and, in the hustle, I have not replied. I tell her about my "adventure" now and she replies "But I wanted to go and fetch you in the car! That's why I was messaging you!"

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Santiago - SCL


Temuco - ZCO



The first Chilean ULCC is quickly taking flight, as it has reached 6% of the share market in less than six months, bringing air ticket prices to new lows in Chile and LATAM to their knees.
BOB a bit on the expensive side.
Nice cabin and crew.

I promise I will pay for the transfer in silence from now on. :'''(

Information on the route Santiago (SCL) Temuco (ZCO)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 5 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Santiago (SCL) → Temuco (ZCO).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Sky Airline avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 14 minutes.

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  • Comment 425034 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Hola Nelson!

    Qué manera de pasar tu cumpleaños! Felicidades aunque sea un poco tardío. ;) Lo importante es que gozaste a tus anchas y al final llegaste ileso.

    Gorgeous plane spotting at the beginning of your flight and that empty spot was just waiting for you. The excitement of flying a new carrier is always a highlight for an aviation geek. Nothing like the anticipation of a new experience.

    I too find it surprising that IB is still using the A340. Most airlines have discarded this particular airplane from their fleet in favor of savings over fuel consumption.

    "And Rengo, where I spent my high school years. "
    - We never forget those years. I too hated P.E. but swimming not that much. I guess a good teacher made all the difference. ;)

    Amazing aerials shots as usual. Too bad that the BOB on Fly Smart is a bit on the expensive side.

    I guess you fulfilled your exercise quote through your adventure after your arrive. :P You live and learn, right?

    Feliz 2018 y te deseo lo mejor.
    • Comment 425146 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 999 Comments

      Gracias!!! :D

      I guess a good teacher made all the difference. ;)

      Lucky you. Mine only traumatized me. For example, the goal to get the best mark was 60 sit ups in a minute, or so. I did 3!! And every time my classmates made up the teams for games of soccer or basketball, I was the one who nobody wanted!! XDDD

      Feliz año, y que tengas un excelente 2018 también!!
  • Comment 425089 by
    RafaelTHE 11 Comments
    Hi Nelson,

    How are you? I was really looking forward for this report, but not even in my wildest dreams I could imagine how it would end. OMG!!!! What an adventure!!!! You have a history to tell for the rest of your life!!!

    It’s nice to see new airlines flying around here in South America. Latam and Avianca, besides Gol and Azul, are really bad nowadays... let’s hope for better days with more competition.

    I really hope that you have a wonderful 2018, and many more reports and flights to come!

    Be safe!
    • Comment 425147 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 999 Comments
      You have a history to tell for the rest of your life!!!

      Or to try to forget for the rest of my life!! LOL

      I really hope that you have a wonderful 2018

      Você também! Espero que você tenha um excelente ano 2018, com muitos vôos... e seu primeiro report!!!
  • Comment 425132 by
    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    Charging passengers to get a printed BP at the airport does not make an airline modern, but stingy.
    For the time being, the structures of the new west pier look more like floatsam than waves.
    Bets are stil on how long AZ will take off from SCL, or wherever, for that matter.
    CDG-SCL (and back) is incidentally the longest non-stop flight operated by AF.
    I disagree about Avianca's livery. It's not ugly, simply bland. At least, the name is legible.
    I note that the (presumably) male and female figures take turns for taking care of a child in case of emergency in the safety card.
    The Corpflite twin prop seen during taxiing is a Dornier 228 - I guess here are two of them.
    I wonder if they provide a wooden "plate" with the sandwiches as displayed in the BOB's menu ? Interesting comparison of the competing menus !
    Wonderful landscapes, as usual from the author.
    Interesting adventure out of the airport. Would you consider using a GPS navigator next time (or alternatively read your text messages ? ;)
    Best wishes for 2018 and many thanks for sharing your travels !
  • Comment 425462 by
    loukas 341 Comments
    Hi Nechus, what a report to begin a new year! JetSmart liveries look fantastic with those bird tails. Great spotting shots and beautiful landscapes as always, but it was the end of it I waited for the most. Your adventure was so funny! I think that I would rather risk and come back to the airport than walk 5 km to the next town but, as you said, it's good to stretch your legs after the flight :) All the best in 2018!

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