Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Copiapo in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 116
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 11 Jul 17, 16:10
Arrival at 11 Jul 17, 17:40
H2   #38 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 34 reviews
Published on 31st July 2017


Thursday, August 25, 2010.

A poorly maintained copper mine collapses near Copiapó, 670km north of Santiago, Chile. 33 miners get trapped some 700 meters underground.

The Chilean government, corporations from around the world, and even NASA get to the task of rescuing them, digging boreholes in a desperate effort to hit the exact place where the shelter is located. After two agonizing months, when the hope of finding them alive has almost vanished, this note is found taped around the bit of one of the drills:
photo bien

"We are OK in the shelter the 33 (of us)" That was the day when truly yours - as the rest of my country's population - was sobbing uncontrollably in front of the TV set. For the last two months we had been following the rescuing efforts closely. Each failure was disheartening. nerve-wrecking. Finding those people alive sounded like just delusional thinking. So when the news came… it was like a miracle unfolding in front of our eyes! We were all ecstatic, beside ourselves!

I took the picture above at the Atacama Regional Museum, in the (goddamn ugly) city of Copiapó, where the current flight is taking me.

I hope you enjoy the report. And don't you miss the tourism bonus, with terrific views of Bahía Inglesa and Caldera, two beautiful places on the coast, barely one hour away from Copiapó!

This is leg 2 of 8 of this trip. You can also read the reports for legs 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Pre-flight: A stroll around the barrio alto (“high neighborhood”)

I have some time before boarding my flight. Where to go in a city that’s not precisely a tourist hot spot? Well, I wonder what the mountains look like after the last snowfalls. I will visit the area of Santiago that’s closest to the mountains, the so called “barrio alto”. The name alludes to geography (it’s the highest area in the city) and to its socio-economic status (it’s the most affluent part of the city).

I take the Metro and get off at the last station on the east: Los Dominicos. I emerge at a beautiful park that surrounds the Catholic church of the Dominicans, a religious order that used to be part of the Inquisition in the Middle Ages.
photo img_9722
There's a handicraft market inside, but I know I might get stuck there and I don't have much time, so I keep moving.

Oblivious to shameful human history, these little guys eat near the church.
photo img_9710photo img_9718

And their black cousins, too.
photo img_9728

This street is called Apoquindo Avenue. If you keep walking, it becomes Providencia Avenue, and then Alameda, which is the main street downtown. Line 1 of the Metro runs along the three of them.
photo img_9736

I see some funny-looking buildings.
photo img_9737

I think architects should take the opinion of window cleaners into account before unleashing their creativity.
photo img_9739

Even here, far from the city center, the smog cloud is evident.
photo img_9743

If you're not afraid to be run over by a "micro" (city bus) you can go for a ride on them.
photo img_9750

Well, I was not very lucky this time. I will have to go even farther east next time if I want to see the mountains closer. I only see buildings here.
photo img_9748

I'd better get on my way to the airport. Back to the Metro. That's the entrance to Manquehue station.
photo img_9751


First thing first. How's the building work doing? Ahh… loking good! Find detailed information about this project in this report.
photo img_9752

Also what used to be the parking area behind the hotel is a construction site now.
photo img_9754photo img_9753

Inside, the terminal is not really crowded. I check my bag in no time…
photo dsc09516

Let’s check if the flight is on time…
photo dsc09519

No remarks. Gate 21. I have been to that door before. It’s on the third floor.
photo dsc09521

I think it’s precisely the gate by the red number 3 here.
photo img_20170711_141714

I have to walk up to the small white square (access to security check), go through security check, and then turn left towards the black square. You might notice that gate 21 is in an enclosed area. The white section below is part of international departures, but the gates in this enclosed area are used for both national and international departures, as needed. In fact, I will be visiting door 21 again in a few days, when I board my flight to Buenos Aires.
photo img_20170711_141719

Much easier to understand: just follow the red line. I placed that yellow dot there for a reason.
photo img_20170711_141719b

Wonderful! A very short line.
photo img_20170711_141924

New video explaining the screening procedure while you wait.
photo img_20170711_142030

Gate 3 is on the third floor, but I walk straight to the place marked by the yellow dot on the second floor.
photo img_20170711_142837

McDonald’s!! I know I shouldn’t, but it’s lunchtime!
photo img_20170711_142945

I am amazed at how this waiting area has changed! All this used to be rows and rows of hard, red seats. Now look at it!
photo img_20170711_151131photo img_20170711_151246

Who needs a lounge here?!
photo img_20170711_151413

I still have some time for a little spotting after my double bacon and fries. Ooh! An elegant British lady is coming my way!
photo img_9756

I wonder how I should say hello. I’m so shy!
photo img_9758

I know! “Air – hair – lair!! “
photo img_9761

And now, a much less refined ”bird”, but not less important…
photo img_9764

…because CC-AIB will be taking me to my destination today.
photo img_9767

So it's time to go upstairs to the third floor. I've seen a lot of these guys carrying their tools around the terminal today.
photo img_20170711_143442

Here's the "enclosed" section that I mentioned above.
photo img_20170711_152856

And here’s gate 21.
photo img_20170711_153028photo img_20170711_152955


I don’t need to wait long. Boarding call as soon as I arrive.
photo img_20170711_153848

As we descend towards the jetbridge, I read Banco de Chile’s invitation to travel first class on British Airways.
photo img_20170711_155402

We keep going…
photo img_20170711_155412

…and going…
photo img_20170711_155503

…and going. It’s a long walk.
photo img_20170711_155520

A severe-looking FA. Just to remind me that I’m flying Sky Airline.
photo img_20170711_155535

The cabin as we board.
photo img_20170711_155616

I start my routine inspection at once. Tray-table, barely acceptable.
photo img_20170711_160615

Inflight magazine: I will be seeing this face for the whole month.
photo img_20170711_160639

These are Sky Airline’s destinations at the moment. I wonder if they will be opening new routes soon. I’ve heard that LAW (report here) might start flying to Miami very soon.
photo img_20170711_160716

The contents of the seat pocket.
photo img_20170711_160819

Backseat advertising.
photo img_20170711_173037

The view out of my window. Those green stickers peel off easily.
photo img_20170711_160941

The flight

Pushback. An Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800 in the distance. That will be the second part of my holidays!
photo img_9772photo img_9773

Whoa! JetSmart! The new Chilean airline! They just started flying this month! I already have tickets for October and February! Stay tuned for the reports!
photo img_9776
We move away from the terminal. See that tail with the word “one” on it? They transport mine workers from Santiago and Concepción to the north of the country.
photo img_9780

Ready to go.
photo img_9783

We take off towards the south, but soon bank to the right…
photo img_9787

…until I see the Andes.
photo img_9789

They look much better…
photo img_9792

…from here…
photo img_9794

…than from…
photo img_9796

…the Barrio Alto!
photo img_9797photo img_9799

North of Santiago the snow has even covered the lower hills…
photo img_20170711_164849_1

…closer to the coastline.
photo img_20170711_165548

I make a pause to buy this wrap from the BOB. It's great, but I seriously think they should serve it warm.
photo img_20170711_165644

The flight continues peacefully…
photo img_20170711_171243

…over more…
photo img_9811

…and more snow-covered mountains.
photo img_9813

Hey! I've seen that somewhere!
photo img_9817

Tololo Observatory! We are flying above La Serena! Ahh… my summer holidays last January.
photo img_9819

Right north of the observatory is the valley of river Elqui.
photo img_9822

Vicuña is in that valley. When I was in La Serena I wanted to visit that town, but I took the wrong bus. Duh!
photo img_9824

A little…
photo img_9827

…farther north…
photo img_9828

…is another observatory…
photo img_9829

called La Silla.
photo img_9830

And finally, a little south of the town of Vallenar…
photo img_9832

…is Las Campanas observatory.
photo img_9837

Vallenar lies in the valley of river Huasco.
photo img_9844

Some minutes later we should be able to see Copiapó somewhere down there, but that fog…
photo img_9847

…is covering all the area.
photo img_9849

We descend into the fog, and find…
photo img_9851

What's this?
photo img_9853

photo img_9855

The scarce waters of river Copiapó…
photo img_9857

…flow in the middle of the Atacama Desert.
photo img_9856

The dark surface of a road in sharp contrast with the desert.
photo img_9862

Touchdown. My first view of Atacama Desert Airport terminal (CPO)
photo 0001

Turning round at the end of the runway.
photo img_9863

The flight, as seen by flightradar24.com:
photo flightrep

The terminal is an interesting building. I think it represents the modelling effect of the dessert wind. (?)
photo img_9867

No jetbridges at all. I guess they are considered redundant in such a rainless weather.
photo img_9871photo img_20170711_175031

A view of CC-AIB on the tarmac…
photo img_20170711_175041

…before heading forthe arrivals section on the right end of the building.
photo img_20170711_175141

Ariivals and baggage claim.
photo img_20170711_175221

Chile es tuyo ("Chile is yours") is a government's effort to promote domestic tourism. Many people complain that spending their holidays abroad is much cheaper than travelling within the country.
photo img_20170711_175240

If you are using a transfer service, you heget the ticket from some people catching customers as they leave baggage claim.
photo img_20170711_175346

Then you give the ticket to one of the drivers outside. It's 8,000 CLP (12 USD) to Copiapó.
photo img_20170711_175451

We leave the terminal. You will see more of it in much more detail in my next report.
photo term

Heading for Copiapó. To the left is Caldera, on the coast. The name doesn't mean much to me at this moment, but it will be a nice surprise the next day!
photo 002

It's barely after 6 p.m., but the night will soon fall over CPO as we leave.
photo 003

Tourism Bonus: bahía Inglesa and Caldera


Early the day after my arrival I take a bus to Bahía Inglesa. I have seen some TV reports about this beautiful beach town. Also, scallops are a local delicacy. Well worth a visit.

But the bus does not go from Copiapó to Bahía Inglesa. It takes you to Caldera, a town about 5 minutes north from it. In Caldera you have to take a colectivo (shared taxi) that will take you to Bahía Inglesa for 1000 CLP (1,5 USD)

Thie view at Bahía Inglesa is amazing! The white dome on the left is a restaurant.
photo img_20170712_130736

I get there before 10 a.m…
photo img_20170712_120801

…so it's very peaceful.
photo img_9957

I can't decide…
photo img_9938

…which is the best angle…
photo img_9946

…for my pictures.
photo img_9947

Lots of sea birds.
photo img_9964

The water is a bit cold, but you get used to it quickly.
photo img_9967

By midday a lady is selling cheese and shrimp empanadas. Yummy!
photo img_20170712_125034

But let's get real lunch. I go to the dome.
photo img_20170712_134515

They have parmesan scallops.
photo img_20170712_134519

I think the scallops are served on their shells…
photo img_20170712_141558

…but this is what they look like. It's a sort of cheese soup (like a kilo of melted cheese)…
photo img_20170712_135924

…and the scallops are floating in it. Not bad, but I feel like I have eaten a whole cow afterwards.
photo img_20170712_140132

When I finish my lunch, more people have gathered on the beach. I stay for a while, but I am intrigued by wat I saw in Caldera. It looked like a nice little town. I want to have a look a it.
photo img_0017

BUT… before I leave, I visit these handicraft shops and get some presents for my family. And there is something for one of you, too. Interested? You will find more info at the end of the report!
photo img_0016photo img_0015


The driver of the colectivo kindly leaves me here, at the dock of Caldera.
photo img_0020

It's a fishing town. A very active one, it seems.
photo img_0024photo img_0046

There are some restaurants near the dock, like that pink building on the right.
photo img_0023

This is the seafront.
photo img_0025

A very nice open space.
photo img_0026

The houses look well kept and nicely painted in vivid colors.
photo img_0028

I love this facade.
photo img_0031photo img_0029
photo img_0032

I keep walking along the seafront.
photo img_0039photo img_0040

Pizza from Il Fuoco anyone?
photo img_0041

Kids racing rented cars. The youngest one stopped and cried because he couldn’t keep up with the other two.
photo img_0044

So cheerful!
photo img_0050

It seems like nothing can break the peace and quiet of this place… until I hear a loud bang, and then a terrible metallic noise. A driver has crashed against that metal thing (don’t ask me about the technical name. I don’t know it even in my own language!) and drags it for several meters! Some tramps (there are several around) run to offer help.
photo img_0051b

I’m looking at the scene when bang! A taxi driver has followed suit! What are these people thinking?! (or drinking?!) He laughs and says "I was coming to help!"
photo img_0052

I can’t help but laugh as I leave.
photo img_0053

I walk up to the town center.
photo img_0056

Nothing disturbs that dog’s sleep…
photo img_0059photo img_0058

And this one is not interested in barking.
photo img_0068

The little main square is pretty…
photo img_0061photo img_0077

…and has some abstract sculptures.
photo img_0062

Everything is so neat and tidy. This might be normal in your country, but not in Chile. Chilean cities are usually defaced by grafitti and vandalism.
photo img_0085

Caldera is certainly an outstanding little town. They even collect their plastic bottles!
photo img_0086

How about a home made ice-cream before leaving?
photo img_20170712_155206

What will it be this time? Yum! Maní (peanuts)
photo img_20170712_154945

While truly yours waits for his ice-cream cone, the time has come to say goodbye. Don't miss the next report of this series. We'll look at every corner of Atacama Desert Airport, and we'll learn a little more about the rescue of those 33 miners in a visit to the Atacama Regional Museum.
photo img_20170712_155040
See more


Sky Airline

Cabin crew8.0

Santiago - SCL


Copiapo - CPO



Sky keeps doing a good job. As for their prices, this trip was the last one I purchased at their "first stage" low cost price. No more free checked baggage or preferred seat with them.

Better every day.

Beautiful architecture. Will see more in the next report.



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    Nicely put. Great effort in making this TR is evident. Thanks, I enjoyed reading it. Those empanadas!!!! :)

    • Comment 406014 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Hi, Manuel!

      Great effort in making this TR is evident.

      Aw, thank you very much. I'm really happy to know you liked the report. I just try to imitate what I have read in other reports written by heavy weight flight-reporting "masters" like marathon, jetsetpanda, and the like, but they have a lot more experience and knowledge of the aviation world. I hope I will write like them one day.

      Those empanadas!!!!

      LOL, yes, they're good! As far as I know, they are common to many countries and cultures, under different names. Their advantage is that you can use any kind of filling, from beef to vegetables or mushrooms and cheese... You name it.

      Hey! I have just realized that I didn't read your reports, and they look very interesting. I will be reading them soon. Do you really live and work on Malé?? Wow! That sounds like a wonderful place!

      Your name sounds Spanish!

      Thanks for dropping by! ^^

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    Hi Nechus,
    Thank you for the wonderful trip report. I never get bored with your long trip reports because South America (especially Chile) is the most most unlikely destination for us South Asians... though Easter Island will be always in my bucket list. LOL!

    The mine rescue story is really touching. Only after reading your narration I got to know they have made a movie about it. Well, they really deserve one!

    Backdrop of SCL and the aerial views (as always) are breathtaking. Enjoyed the tourism bonus as well.
    Keep posting!

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      Hey Thurya!

      South America (especially Chile) is the most most unlikely destination for us South Asians

      Yes, that's quite a ride, actually. But if you can get to Australia, LATAM has direct flights to Santiago from Melbourne and Sydney, and they have some good offers sometimes.

      they have made a movie about it

      I have not seen it!! LOL I hope it's good!

      Thanks for commenting! ^^

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