Review of Ukraine International flight Kiev Warsaw in Economy

Flight PS801
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 26 Feb 17, 14:45
Arrival at 26 Feb 17, 15:25
PS 81 reviews
By GOLD 394
Published on 11th August 2017

Last segment of my weekend in Istanbul


photo waw-kbp-ist

PS802 : waw-kbp :
PS713 : kbp-ist :
PS716 : ist-kbp :
PS801 : kbp-waw : here

I had a wonderful idea to check my luggage to Kiev and not Warsaw (which is my final destination)

Once I get my cigarettes I can return

Before this I need to check-in and send my luggage

photo dsc05239

Then security / immigration

photo dsc05240photo dsc05241

Once airside I have to pass through duty-free

Who wants a mini B735 or a mini embraer ?

photo dsc05242photo dsc05244

Here is the price

photo dsc05243

Today I don’t wanna sit on benches , so I decided to trry the MassterCard's lounge 

photo dsc05245photo dsc05246

There are two lounges close to each other , better to try the next one , more spacious 

photo dsc05253photo dsc05254

News papers available , few but they are available not only in Russian/Ukrainian

photo dsc05247photo dsc05248

This lounge is exactly the same as in domestic terminal , one floor below

photo dsc05249photo dsc05252

Took something to eat , then slept like a baby for one hour

Ok now its really crowded , time to go

photo dsc05256

My favorite place in KBP

A Dutch is leaving

photo dsc05258photo dsc05259photo dsc05260

….  and a parisian will take his place

photo dsc05261

Meanwhile our gate changed , now it's D7 .

photo dsc05263photo dsc05265


photo dsc05267photo dsc05271photo dsc05274

Today we will fly with a dinosaur , a B735 , first flight for AF in 1993

photo dsc05275

.photo dsc05279photo dsc05280

Older members of this forum will for sure be happy to see this plane

photo dsc05281photo dsc05282

We will be delayed , by 20 mins . Therefore I will be late at work 

AF et LO , exactly the same gates as last week

photo dsc05278


photo dsc05284

Oh , Nordica to TLL ??? 

photo dsc05286

Takeoff , and we can fly west

photo dsc05287photo dsc05288

Goodbye Boryspil , see you next time , maybe in March

photo dsc05290photo dsc05292photo dsc05293

Something to read while waiting for landing , as this flight is so short , 1h , if you remove the 30mins for descent+landing

First magazine is from the Havabus

photo dsc05295

Nothing really exciting

Then Anadolujet , low-cost of TK

photo dsc05294photo dsc05296

Something new (for me at least) now AnadoluJet operates only domestic flight , mostly from SAW and ESB

photo dsc05301photo dsc05303

Anadolu Jet's , around 30 planes and same model

photo dsc05304

We can start our descent to Chopin , today is shaky because of winds

photo dsc05308photo dsc05310
photo dsc05312

Nothing new here this afternoon

photo dsc05313

One pax was in such hurry that se jumped out of her seat before everybody , took her bag and seat in business class before gates opening

photo dsc05315photo dsc05319

As usual in WAW

photo dsc05323

However this is not as usual

photo dsc05325photo dsc05326

2 flights from KBP and one from MSQ arrived in the same time

photo dsc05327

It will be shorter than I expected however I missed my bus

photo dsc05328

Maybe in 2017 I will be FB gold

photo dsc05331

Such a nice bunch of flights today

photo dsc05333

I'd like to return to LWO but the question is when ???

photo dsc05334

No , I was there but couldn’t leave the plane

photo dsc05336

Too fast she was

photo dsc05335

That’s the correct city and the correct flight

photo dsc05337

So much people blocked in the queues , the system is blocked because of detectors cant find free slots in order to deliver luggage 

photo dsc05338photo dsc05340

Cant see mine , so it mean I will need to enjoy worldtracer

Alleluia , my baby is there

photo dsc05341

Ok , iam free to go and run 

photo dsc05342photo dsc05343


photo dsc05344

That's all folks
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew6.0

Business Lounge MasterCard Intl


Kiev - KBP


Warsaw - WAW



KBP = normal
Lounge Mastercard = nothing special , its ultra basic lounge
PS = today we had a 20 mins delay , because of this i was late at work
WAW = when more than 2 flights from eastern europe land in the same time , for sure passports control is crowded

Information on the route Kiev (KBP) Warsaw (WAW)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 17 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Kiev (KBP) → Warsaw (WAW).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LOT Polish avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 37 minutes.

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  • Comment 408086 by
    loukas 341 Comments
    Hi, many thanks for the series of UIA reports to IST and back. I'm flying them tomorrow to MSQ with a day long stopover in Kiev to see the city. A little bit afraid of an old 737-300 operating the WAW-KBP leg (it should be E190 but they have just changed it), I hope these "dinosaurs" are well maintained :) Have a nice weekend! Bye!
    • Comment 408092 by
      fiftytwo GOLD AUTHOR 1459 Comments

      Enjjoy MSQ and minsk , i also wanted to go there in nov 2016 but i was sick so i cancelled !

      About e190 i noticed the change last week , you will see it in my next reports , then i will need to translate them in english

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