Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Jakarta Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K202
Class Economy
Seat 24C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 18 Jan 17, 09:45
Arrival at 18 Jan 17, 12:00
3K 49 reviews
Published on 12th August 2017
Hello friends! Welcome to my report.

Firstly, as usual, please apologize for my bad English, and also bad photo quality as I took all shots by my cellphone.

I just want to do a brief flashback to January 2017, when I, once again, visited Singapore during my campus break. This time I chose Jetstar Asia, a LCC and subsidiary of Australian Jetstar based in Changi Airport, Singapore. Jetstar is one of carriers operating on Jakarta-Singapore v.v. route, together with Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia AirAsia, Lion Air, Batik Air, and Tigerair (recently re-branded as "Scoot"). Previously I've reported my first experience with Jetstar Asia on January 2016 (click here).

January 18th, 2017. From my dad's apartment in Depok, southern side of Jakarta, I took an express bus to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. I reached the airport at 6.30 a.m. There were still about 2 hours before boarding.

photo 32422706544_aa1b885042_b

photo 33224503976_a1b95cd9a2_b

The LCD TV displaying flights, including my flight, Jetstar 3K202 to Singapore. There were also Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and others ready for boarding.
photo 33224336386_3b435a89d7_b[

The Qatar Airways' check in counter filled with umrah pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.
photo 32422702484_d0bdf6b850_b

Jetstar's counter. Actually I had done the online check in, but Jetstar needed to verify travel documents (passport, visa, etc) of all passengers. Then they gave me the new boarding pass. So the pass which I had printed at home before was useless.
photo 33224335086_af199ec87a_b

photo 32422700894_729b45b3e7_b

From the check in counter, I proceed to immigration counter, then the authorities stamped my passport.

While walking to the boarding gate, there was an Airbus A330 of Lion Air seen outside the window, ready for departure to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
photo 33224502086_3905586046_b

An Emirates fleet waiting for boarding to Dubai.
photo 33224334906_3d295cd72b_b

Garuda's A330.
photo 33266036905_ce184cd4e0_b

Gate D4, the boarding gate of Jetstar 3K202, but still not shown on the LCD. Yeah, I was too early to reach the gate, more than 90 minutes before departure.
photo 33110170502_c4785b80e3_b

While waiting for boarding, I took some sights outside the window.
photo 33266036335_8bbb0b0e22_b

Cathay Pacific stowed before flying to Hong Kong.
photo 33266035255_8ed7b6288d_b

AirAsia and Thai Lion Air (a subsidiary of Lion Air, the Indonesian largest airline)
photo 33266034925_b3813567d8_b

Singapore Airlines preparing to take off.
photo 33224334696_a4078cf6c0_b

Then the Jetstar with reg code 9V-JSM arrived from Singapore.
photo 33266033785_d57c0c1886_b

Time for boarding. We were greeted by cabin crews, consisting of a Singaporean steward and 2 stewardess, from Hong Kong and Japan.
photo 33266032495_53d3a74ab2_b

The seats. Personally for me the Jetstar's seats were more comfortable than the AirAsia's.
photo 32422710264_4711e7ecec_b

All passengers have embarked, then cabin crews started the safety instructions. As usual, the congestion of Soekarno-Hatta Airport's air traffic made us have to wait around 15 minutes to take-off.

At 9.45 a.m. (UTC+7) the aircraft started to fly smoothly without any turbulences. After the seat-belt sign switched off, I inspected the toilet. Clean and well-maintained.
photo 33266029085_65a33c131a_b

photo 33110162362_0e9b39e1fe_b

I also checked anything inside the seat pocket.
The safety card.
photo 33265897835_128c9c79de_b

Here you could buy the Starhub SIM card on board, but they offered only the SGD 32 card (not suitable for anyone staying in Singapore less than 7 days), while you could buy the SIM card in Singaporean local stores starting from SGD 7.
photo 33266030695_17e40cfb1d_b

The meals menu, with also expensive prices. SGD 12 for a chicken rice? You could buy a large portion of Indian briyani rice with muttons in Little India at the same price.
photo 33266030575_eeeabef311_b

photo 33266030185_0f19ce3296_b

The Jetstar Magazine (without any unique titles like AirAsia's "3Sixty" or Garuda's "Colours"), full with Chinese New Year attributes. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
photo 33224334416_2f95467ca2_b

All flight routes of Jetstar and its subsidiaries shown on the magazine.
photo 33266029625_2916e677ea_b

Flight schedules also displayed.
photo 33266029215_5e7e1141e0_b

Finally the 9V-JSM aircraft landed in Changi Airport at 12.00 p.m. (UTC+8). Sadly, the situation was not suitable for me to take the last picture of the aircraft.

Passengers then proceed to a security check before immigration. But before that, I took some snapshots.

The Airbus A350-900 of Singapore Airlines. One of my dream.
photo 32422709374_545914872f_b

Indonesian AirAsia (QZ) with "WOW" livery.
photo 32883136670_053c49b2e1_b

Air Zimbabwe. Is this Mugabe's private jet?
photo 33110160422_b91357d46f_b

Airbus A350-900 of Thai Airways, and a Jetstar at its right side.
photo 32451420473_a6cdb53c51_b

Cathay Pacific B-KPI. Their 777-300ERs are rarely seen in Jakarta.
photo 32883132770_d1e56f24ca_b

The airport's Terminal 1.
photo 32883132700_7897ce5897_b

photo 33265897125_21ccef92c6_b

Then I proceed to the immigration counter without long queues. From there, I reached the baggage belt.
photo 33266023225_134d725416_b

It was time to leave the airport, but I had to reach the Terminal 3 by people mover because the MRT station was there.
photo 32883128950_d951f8459b_b

photo 32883128270_9421f8b810_b

photo 33266019975_190df55037_b

photo 32883127790_22902b0eb0_b

Terminal 3, the newest terminal of the airport. More than 50% of Singapore Airlines' flight, especially to Europe and USA, boarded from here.
photo 33110015512_4be8900e21_b

photo 32422685964_24741e2627_b

photo 33266019235_7d73095cdf_b

photo 33266018585_0acba2bb64_b

As a Pokemon Go player, I was very amused to see a huge Pikachu here, with decorations for upcoming Chinese New Year (a widely celebrated festival in a Chinese-majority Singapore).
photo 33110014812_4b307ccf1f_b

photo 32422684574_ce45919acd_b

Way to the MRT station.
photo 32883122590_8db3bdcfd2_b

photo 32422684064_c2a49f3187_b

photo 32883121650_03062431a2_b

photo 32422683164_792a84f9a2_b

After a transit at Tanah Merah Station, I reached Bugis Station and started my adventure in Singapore for about 12 hours.

Then I left Singapore by express international bus to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and stayed there for a night.

photo 32451341013_6c92827572_b

From Kuala Lumpur, I went home and flew with my favorite Dutch airlines, KLM. You can read the report here.
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



I'm satisfied again by nice service of Jetstar Asia. The cabin was clean and well-maintained. The best thing was the seat pitch; I guess it was the widest compared to other LCCs serving Singapore-Jakarta v.v. Cabin crews were young, talented, and helpful, but I hope that it can provide more Indonesian/Malay-speaking crews on this route, as most Indonesian speak little English (Singapore Airlines and SilkAir always use this strategy). The cabin crews' name tags also displayed flags of their native countries, making me understand that 2 stewardesses I met were from Hong Kong and Japan.

The minus thing is on-board meals: very expensive. It also didn't provide IFE on-board, while some LCCs have started to provide IFE through Wi-fi network that can be accessed by our gadgets.

My comment about Jakarta's international airport are still similar with my previous reports, while Singapore Changi Airport is currently my favorite airport, and I don't have any problem to spend more than 5 hours here.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestion and feedback are appreciated.

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